Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

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The Raghavendra swamy mutt at Delhi Moti bagh ,is constructed on a land actually allocated to German Embassy In India . German abassador in India used to everyday have a strange dream of a saint clad in saffron early in the morning and instructing him to relieve the land. THis was an incident the diplomat could not relate to anything in his surroundings , But his experience was there everyday . Once he happened to visit PM’s house in New Delhi , Prime minister then was known to be a ardent devotee of Shri Raghavendraswamiji , He had a large photograph at his PM residence at the entrance . The diplomat immediately recognised the saint as the one who appears in his dreams and instructs him to relieve the land . PM also surprised by the fact summoned the endowments officials to enquire about any mishaps or lacuna that has occurred with regards to mutt . After many a file search it was found that the land allocated to German embassy  was many years ago reserved for the construction of mutt to the Mantralayam trust . Immediately steps were taken to replace the land papers and permission to grant the construction of mutt was accorded . Sushameendra teertha performed holy yaga at this mutt and to this day it is a very bright pleasant,vibrant place to visit .

Years later I and my Vidyagurji had a small argument [ vada  between two learned people to enhance knowledge is encouraged in our philosophy ] . Th debate was when encountered with abhichara , [ deadly incantation ] , a bramhin can resort to ” maran ” this was my view . I had manusmriti verses backing me ;

My vidyaguruji was of the opinion , I being Simha lagna , was making this statement else , bramhin [ especially madhva] should not resort to ” maran ” . [ Prior to  using mantra , I was making statements like we must shoot people to death ,when faced with opposition , after initiation into mantra , my opponents dwindled automatically , I had no necessity to use harsh words either ] citing my own experience , my vidyaguruji opined , maran should never be employed ,Ahimsa is a must .

My nature was not accepting this , I was finding hard to digest the fact that we should be forced to meek submission before abhichara .[ even as a child , my uncles and father and relatives used to play chess without employing exchanges , idea was to conquer the enemy with all his forces intact , but I preferred a violent game ,  a fact that later enabled me to win intra university chess]  Again my teacher dismissed it as the compulsions of LEO ascendant and aspect of mars on lagna in navamsa .

I was looking for injunction and not opinion . SO my vidyaguruji suggested lets take direction from Sushameendra teertha . Swamiji as we approached him , he without speaking a word pointed to the MoolVrundavana . I did not understand . Then I learnt a new thing in my life , my teacher explained , everybody just visits Brundavana froa distant , even the most influential also just gazes the brundavana by a two or three feet distant even inside garbha griha . But stepping onto the brundavan is a divine experience , one cannot think even for a second anything wrong or mithya or fictitious ,[ the logic is Rayaru Shri Raghavendra swamiji being in asampragyat samadhi for more than 300 years now , as we ascend his Brundavana ,his TAPAS vibration creates a definiteness of thought ] .

SO my vidyaguruji said , i make a sankalpa of our question as ” whether one should resort to maran ” then he rectified , ” i will never , but can i allow my disciple [myself]  to resort to maran ” !” then I will ascend the moolbrundavan and chant 10000 times the moolmantra  , then whatever i get the answer , i shall relate it to you .”

meanwhile I sat by the Vadeendra brundavana gazing amazingly at this new phenomenon ,rather new methodology of getting answers .

After 10000 japa , my guruji came out , Sushameendra teertha had a peculiar smile on his face , my vidyaguruji was very serious , he took me to Tungabhadra ,at sunset , BY then BHeeman Katte Swamiji had also come for chaturmasa , Swamiji and my vidyaguruji were classmates at SUdha lessons ,At the behest of my teacher Bheeman katte  Swamiji initiated me into maran mantra ” saying , “I could resort to in extreme danger ”

Later my vidyaguruji confided that his guru late archaka of panchamukhi temple was and expert in maran vidya.


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  1. Guruji in which year was Shri Rayaru mutt in delhi constructed?

    Shri Sushameendra teertha Guruji performed holy yaga at this mutt, this is so nice to hear 😀 🙂 and indeed it is true that to this day it is a very bright pleasant,vibrant place to visit . . 🙂


  2. Pranaams Acharya,

    For the benefit of all of us here, Hari Darshana and Sri Rayar mutt pooja under the guidance of Shree Sushameemdra Teertha.



  3. respected sir,
    can you please throw some light on the adent of JEEVOTTAMA MUKHYAPRANA as SRI PANCHAMUKHA HANUMAN JI?

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  4. Saurabh Garg said:

    “Extreme danger” cannot be danger to body, wealth or relatives because these things are going to get destroyed one day automatically. Extreme danger is danger to Dharma. And so when dharma is in danger, one should resort to whatever ways possible to protect it because Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah.

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  5. shreenivas r. deshpande said:

    a job well done. keep it up


  6. chiraan said:

    I was just reading your site as I find all the articles interesting and learn from them, etc. I read the news about your Guruji that you have published and paying my respects.

    I am truly sorry & sad to hear that, you are a great help to all who approach you (without asking for nothing in return), with your Guruji being a big influence in your life and you helping and guiding others, no doubt he has helped others indirectly,
    I am very thankful to God that I have come across you, and words are not even enough to say thanks.

    Referring to your blog,


    When I read the news about your Guruji, it did cross my mind about being selfish, and being engrossed in own problems, realising the world doesn’t just revolve around that. We should be grateful there are great people showing the correct way of life, etc rather than being only concerned about selfish motives.

    Thanks for sharing the information and personal experiences, the information is very interesting. Before I came across you I could not even answer a simple question despite comming from a fairly cultural background. Once a friend of a different religion asked me who is the main God in Hinduism, I was blank and embarassed my answers were not confident.

    It would be very interesting to know anymore stories, if theres anymore, about your Guruji (special moments, key highlights), his influence on teaching religion, etc.

    Thanks in advance

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