Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Generally a mantra should not be disclosed or its effect should not be made public as it reduces the efficacy of the mantra . But as indicated in previous posts , mantras are of three types , Satvik , Rajasik and Tamasik . I had also dabbled in some tamasik mantras ,results of which made me shun them , precisely since I no longer use them , I write their effects and experiences , hiding sevral more which I cannot disclose . THis post is only to make people aware of the shastra and restore in them the faith in the age old tradition of using shlokas ad mantras to alleviate evil .

As every astrologer and daivagnya never fails to prescribe a mantra or jap or shloka to alleviate the evil or undesired . It is neccessary to examine whether these really work ? My experiments with these though were childish at sometimes , but result made me very curious to explore the field further . Before venturing I must remind the readers that a mantra is as effective as the Upadesha and teacher , If teacher has not made siddhhi of the mantra , then upadesha is of no use , and mantra is just few words . At the same time mantra is a personification and hence personal purity is paramount is getting the desired results . Thirdly mantra is most effective when used without desires.

In the initial phases of my spiritual journey I felt no neccessity to use mantras . Although the field always fascinated me , I was afraid of learning or using them and morover I had a firm belief that they wont work . So I felt  leaning them or using them was only a ego boosting [ rather bashing] exercise . Hence I resorted mostly to shlokas to attain my results .

{here I must add what I could never figure out all my life  was , My father always had a excellent interpersonal relationship with elders or juniors etc  , in bad days and good days as well , he was immensely popular . He used to use numeral vibrations to keep the bad vibes of a bad day at bay , and He was always successful , He used to do some calculations and then write a number on a piece of paper and keep it in a pocket , and lo his day would go always eventful ; I always thought there is no point in going behind the logic of this  , as My fathers’ Venus was exalted in fifth house aspected by moon , this gave him what Sages called a s Vichitravidya visharad . Once a couple came to my father with  their girl child ; they had no horoscope ,My father without looking at anything  made some rough calculations on a piece of paper and declared , this girl would marry and even after the husbad’s death will remain a daughter in law to her husbands’ parents . Many years later we met the couple in Jhansi , The couple said  the girl had been married to a friend’s son , a year later the boy died and the girl was again married to the younger brother . How he had predicted that is not known to me ,perhaps vichitravidya ;  But it fortified one thing certain formulations defy logic . }

Once in class eight ,I had skipped for a long time and suddenly physics teacher known to be very viloent [ he had a practice of hitting on knucles or on a head with hard objects ] was in punishing mood . He wanted entire class to be taken to the task ,I was the first person on the first bench . As soon as he made his intentions clear , I started reciting a shloka ; He came to asked me to stand aside for a while , and then gave a stern look at me and asked me to fetch  a glass of water .  I went out and then by time I came back each and everyone was cooling his knuckles . WHen someone protested as why I was the only one spared , He openly declared I was his favorite . { this was no mean miracle for me at that age}. Later the teacher confided his hands always tremble looking at me .Somehow I always escaped bad day at school .

Year later , a statewide essay competition was announced , and every school had to send a representation . The topic was announced well in advance and one month preparation was allowed to each students all through the state schools .Lazy as I was , never cared to even apply for it , nor bothered to know which topic was being discussed . A month passed by on the day of actual competition , our school Principal grew wild looking at meagre representation from our school , so she stormed into my classroom , and randomly picked 10 guys and then pointed towards me to go and write the essay .We neither knew the Tpic on which to write nor were prepared .  SO reluctantly went into the competiton , looking at the huge number of students , my nerves were really getting onto me .

I looked at the topic , And then as usual practice recited a shloka and started writing ex-tempor  whatever I had known by then . All the 30000 students were pre written essays , illustrations etc with sketch pen etc .  Suddenly my pen gave way , I borrowed one from the invigilator , but Lo it was a black one , I had written uptill now with blue , never mind who’s watching here , But then i wrote a paragraph and had a change of heart again , i picked up my blue pen again , it started writing .

When the results were announced a month later , I had topped the entire state and my paper / essay was photocopied and displayed at all the schools as the best essay wriiten . And WHAT , the paragraph written in black ink was considered as best highlighted point . The prize was a loads of books and free voucher at popular supermarkets .

…………………………………………………. I spent most of days predicting through palmistry . But once I was in a converstaion ” the querist wanted to spend some time alone and was worrying about a probable meeting that would hamper the discussion, I as an amusement used what is known as Sthanban , and lo! the other person called up and said he had no intention of meeting ”

When I confided this to my uncle he chided me what a cheap use of power ! ANd I was ashamed too but it fortified these things work !


Then came the time when I was introduced to mantras ! I was adept at using shlokas , My enemies had entered my chamber and wanted to have straight talk and rather intimidating talk . These people had utter contempt on my ways and never hid their dislike . BUT as they entered with anger the chamber , a surprising calm discerned them, Yet that person claimed , I had come ti fight , but my senses are not with me , Look I am having cool drinks with You . I must admit I have a dislike for you , just outside I had planed a complete verbal  attack on you , but as I sit here my lips are locked . Surely you have done something . ”

Later after this incident I faced a series of difficult days and I was unable to control these events , this was the first time in my life I was facing resistance and I was on the brink of failure . This surprised me , I ran towards Mantralayam . I fell at the feet of  a learned Man , looking at me he said ” RAhu is at your back today , you are facing extreme resistance [ the word he used was “GHARSHAN” ] I asked him I have a feeling to wage a violent war ! The learned man said , You are not introduced to mantras , so you say so , learn mantras , You will find never such a reason to be violent ! ”

Then I said mantras should be given by a guru , in olden days you can go to forest to search for a guru , now where shall I go ? ”

The wise man laughed , whoever gives vidya is also guru , Like I give you now this mantra “………rm …………….hum …….phat ” now I am your guru .[ I like this confidence of a person and I readily accepted him as guru]

I practised this for a whole day . There were loud cries all the night by my room . The cries stooped at wee hours of morning

Next day I went to my guruji , I said I feel lighter now , but I could not understand the loud noise the whole night . Infact the noises were so loud that entire village had given a complaint about it to local police station . Incidentally , the cries were of a pig , a dof and a donkey . All the three had died a terrible death by morning , their bodies were burst into pieces like they had been blown up . They all had suffered a lot .

I was surprised , my guruji explained , I was under the effect of abhichar  from three sources , as these were very powerful abhichara , my mantra were not allowing it to pierce me but at the same time , mantra used by them were no mean, it had to accomplish something ,returning empty handed would mean annoying the masters , thus frustrated these mean mantras , fall upon a weak animal by the vicinity . All the animals had a mark of brutal killing .


Then subsequently I learnt many mantras , Once when I felt I had  lost the midas touch , My guruji gave me mantra suggesting it will make people listen  to me . I wanted to test it , Once while in a train a serious looking person was sitting opposite me , I thought  ” can I induce this person  to talk to me without making any efforts on my part  ” I recited the mantra . The serious looking person , suddenly turned towards me , with a broad smile ,broke into conversation no stop for twenty minutes .” I could not help smiling all through at the prowess of mantra ”  .

Then Mumbai has a menace of ” Chhakkas ” , They disturb you at the traffic junction , in the trains etc . Once a Chhakka{ shand} peeped into the vehicle and demanded money obscenly , I felt how dare he does this before me ” ,  But you cannot scold him ,neither threaten him , so I muttered a few words mentally , He exclaimed a great pain in the chest and then cursing me fled away . In another incident While the train had passed LOnaval , everyone in the compartment had descended ,and I was the lone traveller . Then came this Shand , immediately I resorted to mantra ,but last time it was sharper , so i used a milder one ” the shand exclaimed, Oh Panditji ! please tell will I get married in my next life ! I said you will get a very good bride in the next life . ” He was so happy that he left giving me a hundred rupee note as dakshina .

To be continued ……………..

Comments on: "Effects of Mantra – My experiences!" (22)


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    TIME:9:20 A.M.

    Dear Guruji,

    i am an engg student and even though i was passing in 2 subjects i was failed because of mistake committed by moderator(examiner) and now i have to sit at home for 1 year ….but i have been trying my best to pursue my case ….i went to the vice chancellor,politicians,etc but even after 2 months i was unable to yield any favorable result ..can you please suggest any mantra or solution to this problem…it is very urgent since my new semester has already begun.

    awaiting your favourable and prompt reply.



  2. naveenkala said:

    Dear Guruji, I am naveenkala married to Karthikeyan. our’s is love and arranged marriage. we got married on 23rd August 2007. till now i am unable to get pregnant. i had seen the jotish he said i have to do kala sarpa shanthi and he has to do panchama arista angarak shanthi. write now atleast i dont have the money what he is asking me.
    my dob is 14th Dec 1982. 7.30PM tuesday.
    Karthikeyan’s dob: 10th August 1977 6.30 PM wednesday.

    we are trying a lot but doctor says for test tube / IVF related stuff which we dont want to do… kinldy suggest me a remedy or mantra that can help me to get conceive. please let me know as our all relatives and inlaws started asking me and i am depressed on this. please also let me know if we have some doshas…


    • okay send the details of name rashi gotra , mangal arishta will be done by our priests you dont spend any money . you will definitely concieve you have yoga for a child .


      • naveenkala said:

        Dear Guruji,
        Thank you very much for your reply, I am happy to know that i have yoga for child… since tryig from past 2 years i am depressed by doctor words… your word made my day… looks like i am gaining confidence… Thank you so much…

        Name: Naveenkala
        My Father’s place gothra: Parashirishi
        Date of Birth: 14.12.1982
        Rashi: Vrischika
        Nakshatra: Jyeshtha

        Husbands Name: Karthikeyan
        His Father’s Place gothra: Shivagothra
        Date of Birth: 10.08.1977
        Rashi: Mithuna
        Nakshatra: Mrigasira

        Guruji, also i would like to know if i will have a child this 2011 atleast. will i conceive in normal way unlike using scientific methods?

        Thank you again for performing pooja for me… i am very greatful to you…



        • Naveenkala said:

          Dear Guruji,
          I am Naveenkala here, as you said i have yoga for child whenever i try for pregnancy from Jan month some or the other way i am falling sick. getting problems related to uterus. i am very much worried. it is some how leading for a minor surgery too. can you please help me out. is there a yantra for good health which can help me. in that case please send me one.
          Name: Naveenkala
          My Father’s place gothra: Parashirishi
          Date of Birth: 14.12.1982
          Rashi: Vrischika
          Nakshatra: Jyeshtha


          • kindly fill the form in yantra post with details , and arogya yantra will be sent .


            • naveenkala said:

              Dear Guruji,

              Thank you for replying. I have filled the form for Yantra. as i did not get arogya yantra i have choosed Dhanvantri yantra. kindly send me the correct yantra which i have to wear.
              also it would be kind of you if you send me one more yantra to my husband. as he is also getting sick every now and then. it’s like become turns in our family. after me he gets sick.

              His Name: Karthikeyan. Place of Birth:Bangalore
              DOB: 10th Aug 1977. time:6.40AM wednesday
              Gothra: Shivagothra.


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