Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

IN the previous post we had come to conclusion that mantras do have effects . Then again the perrennial question arises , does that make a owner of mantra a invincible .

  • Can he change things ? and achieve indiscriminately anything and everything he wants ?
  • Does he superced the law of Karma ?
  • If yes why and if no then How these laws of Karma apply to the owner of the mantra ?

Man attains mantra siddhi during the period and sub periods of the planets having relationship with the ninth lord or jupiter . Mantras do not show effect during six and eight lord dasha bhukti . Mantra also does not work while saturn or mandi is in lagna

Mantras do not work when used on more powerful people , mantras do not work on a person having excessive punya [eve n if he is evil] Mantras do not work on people under vrata niyama etc . Mantras do not work in the state of impurity .Mantras do not work when used against wishes of elders. Mantras do not affect person in yogakaraka dasha . Mantra siddhi can never be achieved by persons who are , pardararat ,paranna bhakshi ,paradhanlolu !

Once in Vanavasa When Bheemasen urged Yudhisthir to wage a war on Kauravas , Yudhisthir replied ” Bheem you are foremost among bhagavatas , you will never wrestle with Bheeshma and Drona etc , at the same time even if you know you don’t use Astras , So Bheeshma and Drona etc can be won only by astras Arjun is yet to acquire astras to vanquish these , After he acquires them we shall wage the war ” . But having said that Yudhisthir was in deep thoughts abouts prospect of war and Arjun’s capability . Bythen Vedavyasa appeared and calmed Yudhisthir by saying “dont’ worry I shall give you the mantra , You in turn teach it to Arjun , this will enable him to win over Bheeshma and others With this mantra Arjun will never be defeated .” Yudhisthir taught the mantra to Arjun . Arjun then embraced his brothers and went to INdrakeel parvat to worship Shiva antaryami Vishnu .

After intense tapasya , one day mukasur a rakhshasa took the form of a wild boar and came to kill Arjun , Arjun  released many arrows simultaneously , At the same Rudra [Shiva] along with his wife took a form of hunter [Kiraat] and also chased and killed the boar , mukasur died but both arrows from Shiva and Arjun struck it simultaneously . Thus Kiraat spoke , since you have attacked my prey , you must fight with me to claim it . Arjun exclaimed you shall never be successful , come on for a fight .

Arjun used many astras , Rudra nullified it , Arjun finally hit Rudra with the gandiva itself , Rudra swallowed it . Then they wrestled each other , Arjun used his fist with the Mantra of Vedvyasa but Rudra used another and flung him in the air and Arjun fell unconscious on the Ground .

Arjun was defeated , How ?

  • Arjun had mantra siddhi
  • Krishna had given boon to Indra [during the episode of Parijata ] , that till HE is on the earth Arjun will never be defeated .
  • Vedavyasa had given a mantra that would give him Ever winning power .

Why did Arjuna Lose here ? The answer given By Acharya Madhwa is thus :

  1. Shiva is greater than Indra in valour and Qualities
  2. Shiva had asked a boon from Krishna that if ever he gives  boon of Invincibilty to any of his subordinates , they should still be defeated by Shiva . Krishna had granted it
  3. Vedvyasa had given Arjun the Vaishnav mantra , but it was not a ” KEVAL VAISHNAV ” mantra .
  4. There is difference between a mantra and keval Vaishnav mantra . A keval Vaishnav mantra posses the quality of having all the rishi chandas and Devata as Vishnu . But when the rishi changes then it becomes a just Vaishnav mantra .
  5. Rudra had used Keval mantra .
  6. Arjun had no knowledge of  KEVAL mantras uptill then .

Then Arjun getting up from slumber , made a sand linga and prayed with all the mantras he knew to the Rudra antargata Vishnu in Linga . But as he was offering the flowers to the Linga , it went onto the jata of Kiraata [ Shiva] . Arjun realised , his aradhya devata [nija guru] was Rudra and standing before him as kiraata . He made a sashtanga namaskara [bowed] to Rudra and prayed him with devotion .

Rudra happy with Arjun , gave him Pashupata astra – a Vaishnav Mantra with Rudra as rishi . Thus suddenly All the devatas appeared and gave him their respective astras . Thus INdra happy with his son’s performance took him to Swarga and taught him many more astras . Arjun spent next five years of Vanavaas in swarga vana .

The same Arjun when he forgot mantras as Srikrishna left the earth , could not even defeat ordinary theifs [ aabhirs] and save Krishna’s Wives . Thus Mantras dont make a person always invincible . They also are governed by the laws of Karma and are subservient and under the control of NARAYANA .

  • When Durvasa used mantra against Ambareesh it boomeranged to give extreme bruises and heat to Durvasa muni himself .
  • Vishvamitra expressed his inabilty to use mantras against Khar Dushana and asked Rama to kill him .
  • All the rishis giving shapa to RAVAN did not affect him , even Rambha’s curse also did not affect him .
  • Nahusha became immune to mantras of the rishis around him,
  • Chandra could not be subdued by mantras of Brahaspati himself.
  • Dyut mantra of Yudhisthir did not help him on a fateful day .
  • Abhimanyu’s forward mantra could not help him come out of VAishnav PadmaVyuha mantra of Dronacharya .
  • Bheema and others could not penetrate Shakatabj Vyuha mantra of Drona ,
  • But at the same shakatabja mantra could not ensure safety of Jayadrath .
  • Drona’s yantra to Duryodhan on the arms still could not save Duryodhan’s palms being slit by Arjun’s arrows.

SO one must not undertake abuse of people around them with mantras ,Mantras have to be used for only for good and self protection only like

  • Vashishtha  resisted entire army of Gadhi [ Vishwamitra] with the help of Bramhaneya mantra
  • Vishwamitra created artificial swarga [ Trishanku swarga]
  • Vishwamitra created vegetations
  • Vishwamitra taught Bala and ATIBALA to Ram and Lakshaman [ this mantra gives one power to live without food and water for ages ] .
  • Arundhati gives Seeta a mantra that could prevent her only dress in vanavasa from tearing and soiling .
  • Parashara uses mantra to make Satyavati Yojanagandha
  • Durvas gives Devavashikarana mantra to Kunti .
  • Ajun uses a wick of the candle as agneya astra with agni mantra
  • Arjun creates water fall to quench thirst of his horses .
  • Vichitravirya teaches Arjun Adrushyatva Mantra [ becoming invisible]
  • Yudhishir uses his swatmataijas mantra to kill Shalya .
  • Ashvaththama uses Bramhastra to kill Uttara’s womb .[ Abhimanyu’s son] .
  • Krishna uses Sudarshana to Protect Uttara’s womb

Lord says even bramhastra will not kill Pandava’s progeny because HE has resolved so that their progeny rule for 1000 years .


Comments on: "Effect of Mantras -contd ……" (12)

  1. brigga223 said:

    Sir, my father says that tarpana during sandhyavandane should be given only when one loses his parents.. Is this true? The tarpana which i usually do for sandhyavandane is Hari rupas’ tarpanam and navagraha tarpanam.. Please shed light on this issue..


  2. guruji, what is the difference between sloka and mantra?


    • shloka is a composition in praise of Aradhya devata … it can be recited by anyone .. and is chiefly used to please a deity aradhya devata …

      mantra is used to invoke the deity .. mantra bings about change in the dynamics between one who is reciting and for the one intended …
      since it is directly the deity in question … care is needed while handling it ..


      • If you are astudent of computer science .. then a loose analogy can be given to express a difference between shloka and mantra

        if software languages .. very language gives some keywords to write a program /..
        and data types to accomplish a work ..
        in data types there are certain data types which can be used without any precaution
        and a work can be accomplished [ the time taken to accomplish will be more but safe ]

        experienced programmers use ” pointers ” to accomplish their work
        ‘ pointers ‘ and its use comes with rider that it should be used carefully and safety measures are left to programmer himself ..
        if any intemperate usage of pointers is made ..then system [ computer and its OS ] crashes …
        the state of computer is indeterminate while mindless use of pointers is done ..
        here though a better and efficient objective can be accomplished by pointers // its ill use can lead to disastrous consequence ..

        the difference between shloka and mantra is somewhat similar ..rather more complex ..


      • thank you for the wonderful explanation guruji!


  3. Nilesh said:

    Can you suggest a few english/hindi trusted translations of Mahabharata for reference? It would be great if I can get online versions of the same rather than hard-copies..
    I kind of had to follow the KMG version due to unavailability of other translations online..
    I am planning to write something based on Mahabharata and I need some trusted and available resources of the same for the purpose. That is why I have raised these trivial-looking questions..
    Thanks in advance…


  4. Nilesh said:

    I tried going through the same text again and I found out that the links
    in english,
    http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m10/m10012.htm (line 3, last line)
    and in sanskrit,
    http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/mbs/mbs10012.htm (verse 14,verse 40)

    both the above uses the word brahmashira.. however, I am open to accept it otherwise if enough evidences from a number of sources can be shown..

    The reason why i insist it to be brahmashira is that drona gives it only to Arjun at first but then he also gives it to his son. on the other hand brahmashra is known to many warriors in the mahabharata war.

    In any case, if brahmasira is a type of brahmashtra, then our debate end then and there… 🙂


    • chiraan said:

      Bramhashiras is mantra used daily by bramhins in killing valkhilyas , it is simple mantra , gayatri with shiras is known as bramhashiras , whereas gayatri in samputa is bramhastra , again this is most simple bramhastra , neither of these were used ,

      km ganguly is total rubbish , it need not be used for research , it is on a factual account on mahabharata .


  5. Nilesh said:

    There is one doubt here. Is brahmshiras a type of brahmashtra?

    Like most others, I have also read the kisari mohan ganguli’s english translation and that uses word brahmashira, would u quote the original sanskrit text which shows it is brhmashtra and not brahmashira?

    In kurukshetra war also, I can see a lot of times when a brhmashtra is baffled by another brahmashtra…So, on what does power of any brahmashtra depend?? on the USER? or on the MANTRA? or something else?

    Nevertheless, I can totally accept that Arjuna was a brahmacharin.. no probs here..


  6. Nilesh said:

    “Ashvaththama uses Bramhastra to kill Uttara’s womb”….

    I may not be as knowledgeable in scriptures, but I think here the weapon is ‘Brahma Sira” (or brahma shirsh – the head of brahma).. This was considered to be better weapon than brahmastra, and only drona, arjuna and ashwatthama knew how to use it..
    However, Arjuna having gone through a number of penaces, was able to even call back the antra, whereas ashwatthama was not competent enough.


    • chiraan said:

      Good Observation

      There are many bramhastras , bramhshiras is diffrent astra , Here bramhastra was uses , But ARjun is able to recall because* He was perfect bramhachari*and Ashvaththama had lost Bramhacharya by promising Duryodhan that he would beget son through his wife and make him KING after destroying Pandav offspring .

      How Arjun with with 24 wives was still Bramhachary and Ashvaththama with no wife could lose bramhachary ,a separate post will be written


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