Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

A careful diagnosis of nature of disease ,its causes is essential to determine the nature of  treatment and course of medicine .Ishta Anishta sthanas[bhavas] determine health .Good health is indicated when

  • malefics in 3 and 11
  • benefics in other than 3,6,8,12
  • gulika in bhavas 3,6,11,2
  • other than these placements indicate ill health and disease .

Planets in favorable positon are known as susthas . otherwise they are known as dusthas .weak malefics in kendra kona ,8 ,12 or benefics in 6,8,12 are known as dusthas . Planets govern

  • sun-stomach
  • moon-heart
  • mars-head
  • mercury-chest
  • jupiter-thighs
  • venus-face
  • saturn-knees
  • rahu-feet
  • ketu-left foot

twelve houses signify parts from head to feet .

  • sun-pitta + vata
  • moon-vata +kapha
  • mars -pitta
  • budha -vata+ pitta +kapha
  • jupiter -kapha+vata
  • venus -vata+kapha
  • saturn- vata

Diseases are

  • nija
  • sarirotha
  • chittoth
  • drishta
  • adrishta
  • agantuka
    • vata
    • pitta
    • kapha
    • sannipata
  • sarirotha is determined by 8th house ,lord and planets aspecting and occupying it .
  • chittotha is determined by anger fear ,sorrow ,desires etc by 5th and 8th lord .
  • drishtanimmitaja are curses ,abhichara etc are determined by 6th ,lord and planet aspecting and occupying it .
  • Adrishtanimmitaja are know by badhaka grahas .
  • combination of eighth and sixth lord indicates curses
  • Lunacy – Unmada

    1. jupiter in lagna saturn in seventh causes unmada
    2. saturn in 1st and mars in 7th 5th 9th
    3. moon and mrcury combust in 1st
    4. afflicted mercury  in 3,6,12 ,8
      • the cuses for lunacy are excessive delight ,desire ,fear ,sorrow,inappropriate eating and wrath of deities and preceptors.
      • five types are caused by
      • vata ,pitta,kapha ,sannipata and agantav
    1. vata causes laughing ,clapping,loud speaking ,singing dancing crying ,moving shaking ,these are manifested more after meals .[vatonmada]
    2. seeking pleasure of women and solitude ,sleeping too much ,showing aversion for everything, speaking less ,drops of saliva trickling are kaphonnmada
    3. showering abuses ,ever angry ,longing to drink water and food impatience  and hating all are pittonmada
    4. All above characteristics are mixed in sannipata
    5. sometimes unmada is caused by Dev andAsura grahas when one is possesed .
    6. Devgraha he will talk like learned and be strong
    7. Asura grahas will make person abusive and uneasy in disposition with cannibalisitic attitude.
    8. medicated oils can cure vatonmada
    9. strong purgatives can cure pittonmada
    10. kaphonmada is cured by inhalations and vomiting
    11. there is no treatment for sannipata
    12. All types of madness can be cured by japa homa etc.

    Epilepsy – Apsmara

    • saturn in eighth
    • powerful malefics in trikona
    • sun and mars in 12th
    • these are causes of epilepsy

    symptoms of epilepsy are

    1. man faints all of a sudden
    2. dirty sphutum flows out of his mouth
    3. one makes strange sounds
    4. eyes roll
    5. bites ones teeth
    6. becomes pale ,thirsty and excited

    types of apsmara

    1. svasini
    2. malina
    3. nidra
    4. jrimbhika
    5. anashana
    6. trasini
    7. mohini
    8. rodani
    9. krodhini
    10. tapani
    11. soshani
    12. dhwamsini
    • kushmanda bali and tila homa with krodhagni mantra cures epilepsy .
    • herbs {sindhuth ,vrischikali ,kushta,vanga and bhangee} powdered and inserted in nose pacifies apsmara
    • herbs{ bramhi , vacha ,amaya , shankhapushpi ,dhatri } all these juices + honey + siddharta ,hingu,+ urine of cow inhaled or taken in can pacify apsmara
    • A lay man should not administer these herbs .


    Comments on: "Roga shamanam – Diseases and Astrology" (21)

    1. HARI OM

      Hi sir,
      I have been suffering from post arthritic Joint problems ( painful and some what disabling )
      Health Problem started 1 and a half years ago ( Venus- Moon ) period. Arthritis not in progress, according to the Doctors. Post Arthritic problems are disturbing my normal life.

      Knees, lower back and fingers are affected.
      Left knee is much painful.
      Some Cartilage loss is indicated in X ray.
      Low back also shows some degenerative changes.

      Now Ven- Mars period is running, health doesn’t seem to be improving. Will next Ven-Rahu period be helpful ?

      is 6th,9th Lord Mercury, and 8th Lord Sun, both in lagna causing troubles , or ketu in 8th ?
      or weak lagna lord Saturn, in 12th ?

      *** Important QS *** : Will i ever recover or heal from my health pblms, and be able to do normal activities, with out pain ?
      if yes then when …….. Any remedies , which would be helpful for me….

      Help me……Guide me…..

      14 , 243, 328

      Chittur , Kerala , India
      76 E 45, 10 N 42
      23, January, 1989
      7 am
      Capricorn Ascendant 11’50 deg

      I was touching Neck, while asking the Question

      HARI OM


      • you must first do shani japa daily .. complete 37000 shani japa .. and then hanuman japa should be followed … it will get cured ..


    2. Respected Guruji,
      My D.O.B.-16.09.1975., Place-Berhampore(W.B),Time of birth-06:05 a.m.
      My condition is very sorrowful. I don’t know why in Jup-Jup dasha and antardasha, I had such a bad incident.
      Please Sir, let me know if this was to happen according to my horoscope. Please give me powerful remedies to get over the situation ( I have tried many).


    3. Srikumar/Astologer/Kol-2 said:

      Very good.


    4. Respected Acharya,

      “jupiter in lagna saturn in seventh causes unmada”. Is this applicable to navamsa also ? IF so, would it be applicable to the spouse or self ?



        • Respected Acharya,

          This part is so true. As per my corrected time that I emailed you sometime back, this was the correct condition for me in Jup-Sat period. Circumstances drove me to the point of lunacy. By almighty’s grace I came out of the difficult situation after suffering my predefined prarabdha. There were no remedies undertaken. This condition is established through my Navamsha lagna. But the effects have’nt lasted beyond that period though. Is there a chance of it recurring even in Sat-Jup period OR in Gochar when the two are opposite each other, since it exists in the chart ?




    5. Srikumar/Astologer/Kol-2 said:

      It is an excellant site.However Yogas responsible for diseases specially Cancer,Aids etc.may have been displayed.


    6. Srikumar/Astrologer/Kolkata-2 said:

      This type of sites are required for dessimination of astro knowledge.


    7. Respected Sir,

      As per your post above, combination of 6 and 8 lords indicates a curse. Sir, what remedies should be adopted to mitigate the evil effects of the curse ? Is it possible to know the cause too ?



    8. Rohit Sharma said:

      The above post is indeed very enlightening but there is a small clarification that i would like to have from the same. As per Maharishi Parasara SUN governs the BONES and the HEART but in the above post you have mentioned that it is MOON that governs the HEART.
      Could you please throw some light on the same

      Thanks and Regards

      Rohit Sharma


    9. mirra patel said:

      Pranam guruji,
      My name is mirra patel and i am 28 years old.I am engaged to a boy residing in USA.
      My problem is that i dont get periods regularly.I have to take the medicines every month to get my periods and believe me it has too many side effects.Due to this pills my body weight has also increased to 70 kgs.And from 6 months i dint get my periods at all.As soon as i take medicine i will be in periods but do not get proper bleeding at all, only a spot on first day.
      So i would like to know that is there any medicine allopathy or ayurvedic suggested by you to cure my disease, since i am suffering from this problem since 4 years and now i am tired of it.
      I would also like you to know me the medicines helpful in this disease to reduce my weight.
      I am positively waiting for your reply and hope you will give me some suggestions regarding it and will let me know whether it will be cured in my life or not.


      Mirra Patel.


    10. Sudeep said:

      Guru this was helpful. Incidentally I have a question: what might be the causes of severe headaches, especially migraines, which occur frequently? Current medical studies have divided opinion on this issue and hence there is no particular cure for a worsened migraine. Maybe you can share ayurvedic upayas for migraine in your future posts. I’ll be waiting eagerly.


    Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . [take your hands off keyboard ] TOUCH a BODY part and kindly mention which part of the body Your hand is touching [ sprishtanga ] .... state your problem clearly , let us know what is it that your are looking for without ambiguity ! start and end with salutation to HARI ! If above procedure is not adhered to ,then no answers will be given !

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