Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Karna -The Astrologer

When Krishna the lord of Universe offers Karna the lordship of the World to leave Duryodhan and side with Pandavas .

Karn said – “You are right, Krishn, I now know that whatever you have said to me that  Kuntee bore me when she was a maiden through her connection with Soorya. At the command of Soorya she abandoned me as soon as I was born without thinking of my welfare. Soot Adhirath found me and took me home. There his wife Raadhaa brought me up with all her affection. Adhirath gave me the name Vasusen. When I grew up, I married the wives according to his selections. I have now sons grandsons through them. My all rites and religious duties are performed with Soot. With Duryodhan I have enjoyed sovereignty for over 13 years. Now when Duryodhan has decided to fight with Paandav considering me as against Arjun, I cannot go back because of fear, death or bloodshed. If I do not indulge with Arjun in single combat, it will be an insult to both of us. 

I am sure that Paandav will do whatever you have said but for now, you must hide this for the benefit of both of us. Let Yudhishthir be king for ever. He has collected a great crowd of warriors. I am repenting for what I said to Paandav. Duryodhan is going to do a Yagya. When you will see me slain by Arjun then Punachiti of this Yagya will begin, when you will see Bheem drinking the blood of Dushaasan’s chest then the Som drinking of this Yagya will take place, and when the two sons of Drupad – Shikhandee and Drishtdyumn will overthrow Bheeshm and Drone, then this Yagya will be suspended for interval. When Bheem will kill Duryodhan then the Yagya of Duryodhan will be concluded. When all Kuru women will lament for their husbands and sons in the battlefield without their protector, it will be the last bath of this Yagya. [ Karna predicts the future ]

I just pray you that don’t let these Kshatriya be perished miserably for thy sake. Let them die by weapons in the most sacred place among the three worlds. Whatever you have in mind, accomplish it on this spot only. Till I face Arjun in the field, keep our talks secret.”

Krishn said – “O Karn, Don’t you wish to rule over the whole world? You know that Paandav’s victory is certain. Divine Bhaum has set up Hanumaan banner like Indra’s banner. Extended for one Yojan it will never be obstructed by any thing. When Arjun will twang his bow then that signs off all Yug (Sat, Tretaa and Dwapar). All kings will get excellent state after dying for Duryodhan in the battlefield.” Karn worshipped Krishn and said – “Knowing everything why do you want to baffle me? This war is going to happen. The great fierce planet Shani (Saturn) is afflicting the Nakshatra Rohinee which indicates the destruction on Prithvi. Mars is coming to Nakshatra  Anuraadhaa through Jyeshthaa indicating a great a slaughter of friends. Certainly a great calamity will come over Kuru family when the planet Mahaapat will afflicts the Nakshatra Chitraa. Moon’s position has changed and Raahu is also proceeding towards Soorya. A black circle surrounding the solar disc appears to view.” [ Karna’s command on astrology can be seen here ]

Krishn said – “Yes, The destruction of the world is at hand but you are not agreeing for it.” Karn said – “If we have come out of the war then we will meet here again, otherwise we shall surely meet in Heaven.” and embraced Krishn very hard. Keshav dismissed him and he came back with us.”


Kunti went to Gangaa River where she heard Vedic mantra chanting by her son. Karn was standing facing east, so Kuntee stood waiting behind him burning in hot Sun. Then she shifted under the shade of upper cloth of Karn. And Karn continued his prayers until his back was very hot with Sun. Then he turned back and was surprised to see Kuntee standing there. He saluted her properly and bowing his head Vrish (Karn), the son of Vikartan (Adhirath), said to her – “I am Karn, Raadhaa and Adhirath’s sson. Why have you come here and what can I do for you?”

Kuntee said – “You are Kuntee’s son, not Raadhaa’s, nor your father is Adhirath, nor you are born in a Soot family. I bore you when I was a maiden. You were born in the palace of Kuntibhoj. I gave you birth in my father’s house along with Kavach and Kundal on your body. You stand in Duryodhan’s camp not knowing your brothers, is not proper. Duryodhan has wickedly snatched Yudhishthir’s wealth. You take that wealth back from them and enjoy it. Let people call you like Raam Balraam. If you both are united what is in this world which cannot be accomplished?”

As Kuntee finished, Karn heard a soft loving voice coming from Soorya – “What Prithaa is saying is true. Follow her words, it is for your good.” Karn could not answer immediately because his heart was following only truth. He said – “I cannot accept what you have said to me. Although I should obey you as you are my mother. You abandoned me as soon as I was born. This was the greatest injury you did to my life and fame. Thus I was deprived of all the rights of Kshatriya. You have never thought about my good before this and you are telling me something for my good today? Who is not afraid of Arjun? And if I go to Paandav today, people will say that “I did so because of fright”. Just to fulfill my own desires how can I leave Duryodhan’s friendship? They always respect me, bow down to me and wait on me. I will surely fight with Paandav. However except Arjun, your other four sons will not be slain by me. I will fight only with Arjun. Whether he will be slain, or me, in both cases my life will be glorified and your five sons will always be alive.”

————————————————————–end of extract ———————————————————

Points to be noted in the above speech by Karna ;

  • Karna Knew he was going to be slained by ARJUN
  • Karna had complete knowledge of the Planetary scenario at the MAhabharata WAR , he was great astrologer as he completely predicts the future about Bheem slaying Kauravs .
  • Karna was chanting Vedic mantra [ Only higher caste chant VEdic mantra , Karna was not considered Low born as depicted ,soota is not low caste or untouchable]
  • One’s birth is not alone important in determining caste as much as His Sanskara , Karna had sanskara as SOOTA ,mark Karna’s words , and hence He remained a SOOTA all along even if Duryodhan gave him Kingdom, even if he was born a Kshatriya  . This was the point made in Vidyapradarshan BY BHEESHMA , when he objected to Arjun fighting Karna . That a Kshatriya should not fight with Soota at the competition .
  • Karna admits to Duryodhan’s Soverignty to as recent as 13 years and Not from the day He was made the King . why?
  • Karna was made the King when Yudhisthir and Duryodhan were around 25 years of Age .
  • Then intermittently pandavas suffered treason in Varnavat .
  • Then they were married in disguise .
  • When Pandavas went to Vanvas , Yudhisthir was 57 years old .
  • When they came back Yudhisthir was 70 years old .
  • So Karna should have told 50 years of soverignty , why 13 years .
  • because After Raajsooya Yagnya his Kingdom was snatched by BHEEMASEN and given back to him after his  acceptance of soverignty  of Yudhisthir .
  • The kingdom of Yudhisthir was usurped in dice by Duryodhan and hence 13 years of soverignty .
  • Karna is persuaded by Lord ,but  to only Fight Arjun he refuses Krishna’s Proposal [  Lord’s command is not so important for him than his prestige [ego] that he will be declared coward . Lord could have as well made him a hero had he accepted , NO faith ! ]
  • Karna is persuaded by Kunti and SOORYA . He admits he must obey them but cannot for the desire of Fighting Arjun . Karna does not grant what his MOTHER asks for , only for his good ! [ DAANVEER of no use to MOTHER ].
  • krishnarpanamastu.

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    1. Respected Sir

      As a devotee of Shri Krishna I also found this strange. ie Lord Krishna washing feet.
      But then Jesus also has washed feet of his disciples despite protests from Peter etc. Great people are known
      to do acts of humility. Gandhiji also has done that. Shri Krishnas feet was definately washed but at the time
      of pooja to which Shishupala objected. Agreed Duryodhana was family and Karna being a close friend of Duryodhana also indirectly is a close associate of Pandavas. He is described up there as magnimous not defeated. You see him mingling with the family there Agreed Afghanistan is ravaged nation , its head attend US delegations . But its not conquered by US. In all honesty despite all efforts I could not find
      Jarasandhas son Sahadeva indulging in any activity there. Here is a record of Shishupalas protest against
      Shri Krishna and his nominating the othere guests from C. Rajagopalacharis mahabharata. “You could not have honoured him as your preceptor surely, for your preceptor is Drona who is here in this assembly. Is it as an expert in performing sacrifices that you have honoured him? It cannot be,for Vyasa, the great master, is present. It would have been better even if you bad paid the first honour to Bhishma, for dotard as he is he has still the merit of being the oldest man of your house. Ignoring the many kings and heroes who are here at
      your own invitation and in malicious despise of them, you have paid royal honours to a cowherd boor, a mere nobody; Vasudeva, thefather of Krishna, was but a servant of Ugrasena And there is also Karna, the disciple of Parasurama. Is he not the hero who fought Jarasandha single-handed and defeated him?” Above Shishupala also mentions Karna as also the nominees among other. He does mention the evil Duryodhana as well. Henc
      hastinapur was also not conquered. But in this conversation also I could not find the son of Jarasandhas name. After being a close associate of Jarasandha he surely had a soft corner for his son. But since Jarasandhas son was conquered Shishupala did not mention him. He mentions Karna. Now Sir I know that C. Rajagopalacharis mahabharata is NOT 100 % authentic. And I do not know sanskrit.
      But then as you say Karna is Karna whether in Sanskrit Hebrew or Arabic.

      best regards


      • chiraan said:

        This is entirely misleadiing , nowhere Jesus is termed as LORD . KRISHNA is LORD ., A human , a soul can wash feet , get drenched in sin and be punished crucified etc …….
        BUT when LORD is present , when all the world knew he was LORD , especially when Bheeshma made it clear agrapooja will be of KRISHNA , No one else can get his feet washed by Krishna .
        Jarasandha ‘s daughter was married to Pandavas , you mean to say when function was held , in laws would not join , this is height of silly inference . mortals like gandhi and jesus cannot be compared to or given examples to justify actions of lord , THIS IS sin MY DEAR .



    2. Shri Chiraan. This is what I got from the Srimad Bhagwatam extracts on the Rajsuya yagna.
      ” Bhîma was in charge of the kitchen, Duryodhana supervised the finances, Sahadeva did the reception and Nakula procured the needed items. Arjuna served the preceptors, Krishna washed the feet, the daughter of Drupada served the food and the magnanimous Karna handed out the gifts. The priests, the prominent officials, the highly learned and all the best well-wishers, being well honored with pleasing words, auspicious offerings and gifts of gratitude, executed,” Sir here you can see that Karna is rubbing shoulders with Krishna and is being called magnanimous. Hence his status as danveer completely proven. Another point since Krishna is performing a function over there and Krishna was definately not conqured by Bhima or any one else. Its clearly evident that every person incharge of something whether giving gifts or for that matter anything was not conquered. After all I could not find Jarasandhas son Sahadeva in that list. He certainly was conquered. Hence I have to agree with above posting Karna was not conquered by Bhima or any one else during the rajsuya yagna.

      best regards


      • chiraan said:

        This description is wrong , Karna was a invitee , Duryodhan is family , Duryodhan was in charge of recieving gifts which increased his jealousy .
        Wrong interprettetions do lead to delusions . Krishna ‘s feet was washed, EVERY ONE in the assembly considered Krishna as LORD , none would dare to get their feet washed by LORD , LEAST YUDHISTHIR would allow it ,. Silly translations do not make good debate .
        Secondly all the defeated Kings were assembled to honour .
        EVEN if afghanistan is ravaged nation , its head attend US delegations .


    3. Praveen Anand Nagesham said:

      Hello Mr.Chiran,

      As regarding having enjoyed kingdom for 13 years karna tries to confess infront of Krishna that after defeating the Pandavas at gambling he along with the aid of Duryodhana had enjoyed authority over indraprastha as well as over the whole earth without a thorn on their side. ( when the pandavas were in exile Karna made Digvijaya and subjugated all principal kings and warrior races under Duryodhana’s sway with Yadu clan as an exception. He knew well no one can dare to defeat the supreme lord Krishna.) Bhima’s snatching Karna has no concern with this.

      As concerning his promise to Kunti when she came to Karna and asked him to join the pandavas then he repeats the same reasons mentioned to Lord Krishna. Then being a Daanveer he promises Kunti that he won’t kill any of the Pandavas except arjuna. Karna says this because Duryodhana had made friendship with him to counter the archery skills of Arjuna. But Karna also says that in each condition Kunti would be the mother of five sons in the eyes of the world. If he is slain by arjuna then all pandavas would be safe. Karna also promises that if he kills arjuna then he would make a peace treaty with Yudhisthira and other Pandavas after coming alive from the war.

      I would like to show a few other things. Karna knew that he, the Kauravas and other kings taking there side would be defeated as lord Krishna was with the Pandavas. He had seen many dreams and signs that were inauspicious for Duryodhana and good for Pandavas. Apart from astrological predictions to Lord Krishna he also told some other things that have not been described here. Karna told Lord Krishna that if he accepts his proposal then the Pandavas will certainly honour him and Yudhisthira on obtaining the kingdom will give it to him considering his elder brother, but he will have to return the kingdom again to Duryodhana as he is indebted to Duryodhan which he didn’t wish ( He didn’t want the kingdom to come back in the hands of a wrong person).

      Karna tells Lord Krishna that he knows that Pandavas would win because he is aware that victory is there where righteousness is present ( Pandavas would win). But since Duryodhana has waged a great war relying upon him (not Bhishma and Drona) so he cannot betray a person who stood by his side when in need. Karna says to Shri Krishna ” Yudhisthira is the most able and just person who would rule the earth well so let him win and obtain the kingdom but I have to fight Arjuna for sake of Duryodhana. If Arjuna and I would not meet in battle it would be disgraceful for both of us, so please bring Phalguni in front of me in battle. I am repenting for the act of rebuking Draupadi with harsh speeches during the dice match to gratify the son of Dhritrasthra”. Moreover Karna told Lord Krishna that he would not leave his friend Duryodhana and his foster parents Adhiratha and Radha for sake of kingdom or large heaps of gold.

      Lord Krishna was gratified with honesty and spirit of sacrifice of Karna who refused to accept social recognition for sake of those who had stood by his side as well as for Pandavas though he was alone abandoned by his mother Kunti. Lord Krishna asked Karna to take any boon if he desired. Karna asked two boons from Lord Krishna firstly he asked to tell Yudhisthira and Pandavas about his relation with them after his death. Secondly he asks Lord Krishna that he himself, the kauravas and many other kings fighting for Pandavas and Kauravas may attain a heroic death with fame and a place in heavens. Lord Krishna promised Karna not to disclose his birth relationship to Pandavas until his death. Secondly Lord Krishna told Karna to bring the Kauravas and other kings of their side to the sacred place of Kurukshetra and promised that all those who will die fighting there would be free from all sins and attain place in heaven. See the sacrificing spirit of Karna he within himself also knew well that the Pandavas were treated unjustly so now when the war is inevitable he expresses his desire of the Pandavas to win infront of Lord Krishna. As a good hearted person he sacrifices his birth right of social recognition for Pandavas. But at the same time as a warrior he doesn’t want to be called a coward by the world and a traitor by Duryodhana so he decides to fight for Kauravas and die thus deserving the death and fame of a hero. When Lord Krishna asked Karna to take boons he may have asked his blessings to defeat arjuna or to become invincible so that arjuna might not be able to kill him but he doesn’t ask so. He gives his contribution to the victory of Dharma and asks a heroic death and a blessed condition after death for himself, the kauravas and thousands of other kings.

      Persons like Pandavas and Kauravas are born nearly in every age representing traits of good and bad. But noble souls like Karna and Bhishma with a spirit of sacrifice are born once in many millenniums .

      Praise the great Lord Krishna!

      Praise the pandavas who were great heroes and devotees of Lord Krishna

      Praise Surya Putra Danveer Karna a hero, a sacrificing noble soul and elder brother of Pandavas.




    4. Hi Chiraan ji,
      That was an excellent write-up! Thanks for maintaining such a beautiful blog.
      We have a very informative astrology yahoo group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ancient_indian_astrology
      I invite you to to our group. Your presence would be beneficial to all of us and to you.
      Love and regards,


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