Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Surya | Chiraan
Hariprasad AMIt Nilambar

Chiraan invites Surya to a debate on
Whether is Karna is Superior to Arjun ?
Was Karna Evil ?
Chiraan starts the debate with invitation to decide which is authentic translation of MAHABHARATA ! Surya refuses to be drawn into debate on what is authentic and what is unauthentic ? He also refuses to be drawn into deciding what is evil?

Chiraan concludes that authentic translations should not contain anomalies and should remain faithful to the original Sanskrit Mahabharat by Vyasa and translation should conform to traditions of India .
Chiraan offers Surya to raise questions !

Surya opens debate with the birth of Karna
1. Had Kunti not abandoned Karna at birth , Karna would have been taught by Drona .Would not have attracted curses.
2. He would have occupied the throne
3. He would not have been abused racially
4. He would have married Draupadi
5. Duryodhan would not have waged war
So Kunti is irresponsible mother and the main reason for the debacle of Karna.

Chiraan argues :
1. Kunti is solely responsible for betterment of Karna .She is one woman who never had sex in her Life . Karna was not born out of premarital sex but as a boon from Durvasa through SUN ,who himself incarnated through her womb .Both Karna and Sun were uninvited guests to her house , she was all but six years of age ; When she was not in a position f raising the child ,she ensured him better upbringing
a. by giving him KAvach kundal [ physical protection]
b. Protection of Father [ Sun always spoke to Karna in distress]
c. Enough money /diamonds to ensure RADHA raises him
Surya argues : Had she confessed to Pandu about her son , he would have agreed to make him King

Chiraan : Even if she had agreed Karna would not become King as he is not son of Pandu

Kunti having given him up saved him from being called KANIN .and people of Hastinapur would not accept a KANIN to be a King as was evident when Duryodhan raised doubts over Yudhisthir none objected until Vedavyasa came and told that they were born in presence of PANDU ..
Since he was not suspected as KANIN , he ,karma got best education from Parshuram [GOD] himself better than Arjun .
He got best astras and weapons than ARJUN .
He got better education is known from the fact that He exhibited all that Arjun exhibited during tournament.
KArna could not have become KING .
Duryodhan made him a king against the rule of land .
Surya : when his archery was exhibited why was he not eligible to become a king.Why did Bheema abuse him

Chiraan: A suta is not kshatriya , he is charioteer but a higher caste. A suta cannot become King . only kshatriyas become King , A caste is determined not by birth but by sanskar[rites] that are performed. Karna had rites of SUta so he remained a suta. A suta cannot challenge a Prince , so unequal warfare was stopped between KArna and Arjun.

Surya Drona rejected Karna on grounds of caste ? injustice
Chiraan: Drona did not reject Karna on basis of Caste, but he rejected him because the He was teaching only princes of HAstinapur.

Surya : Parshuram would have rejected KArna had he told he was Kshatriya or suta , so he lied to him as bramhin and got education ! He was smarter
Chiraan: God is all knowing , he Knew Karna was Kshatriya and hence he taught him , but since he lied ,he was cursed. Had he told he was suta he would have got education as suta is higher caste and given education in gurukul .
But Karna wanted to excel in astra vidya more than other kshatriyas hence he lied as bramhins had more astra vidya than kshatriya . Proof Ashwaththama showed more proficiency in tournament than KArna and Arjun.

Surya : what’s wrong in zeal ?
Chiraan Teacher never teaches looking at zeal of the student but at the capacity of the student, zeal is not virtue !

So it was good fortune of Karna he had better education than Arjun and God gave him so , and not Karna tricked him , else that would raise doubts over all knowing quality of GOD ,which is clearly unacceptable.

Surya : Karna would have married Draupadi , as he would not have been rejected by Draupadi as suta and he would have hit the fish in swayamvar.

Chiraan: Karna failed in Swayamvar , He could not string the bow leave aside hitting the mark.
Surya has been all along debating upon relying on Kisari Mohan Ganguly Translation of Mahabharata.
But the same translation shows in one passage Karna as being rejected by Draupadi , just as he strung the bow and was ready to hit the mark .In the very next passage Ganguly writes Karna along with Shalya failed in stringing the bow.
This constitutes anomaly and renders the translation as unauthentic .

Surya : the verse where People failed to string the bow are : Radha’s son , vakra and shalya , here Radha’s son is another son of RADHA [Karna’s brother and not Karna]

Chiraan: was this Radha’s son not suta , then how Draupadi did not object to this one participating .
Surya says Draupadi had a double standard.
Chiraan : If Ganguly’s version is translation then in original Sanskrit it is written as “KARNA’ and “SHALYA” as failed to string and not Radha’s son ; Ganguly has tampered the text by translating KARNA as radha’s son .

Surya acuses Chiraan of being like mullahs and evangelist who resort to Arabic or Hebrew when cornered.

Chiraan : whether Hebrew or Arabic or Sanskrit , A word KArna would mean Karna only Chiraan gives alternate translation from Russian library and ISCKON writings. This version of ADI parva Mahabharata says Karna did not string the bow and failed in Swayamvar and there was no abuse from Draupadi.
C.Rajgopalachary renowned Sanskrit scholar says Karna did not string the bow but failed by hairs breadth.
Swaminathan in his book also says KArna failed. This book is read in universities.
Swamy Vivekananda expresses Karna was not rejected by Draupadi.

Surya says , these are all abridged versions amd drawn from internet dustbin and cannot be taken as authentic . Ganguly is authentic because it is approved by Wikepedia.
Chiraan shows Wikepedia is not authentic as anyone can change contents.

Jury Amit agrees radhaa’s son is Karna only . But raises a doubt if Karna could string VIJAY a bow given by Parshuram then how could he not string relatively lesser bow . so common sense suggests Karna strung the bow.

Chiraan : Though Vijay is superior bow , it is a boon from Parshuram and Karna could lift it with boon . So could Arjun lift Gandeev because of boon , so also Drupad’s bow was presented with a rider only Arjun could string. Moreover Gandeev and Vijay were celestial bows did not require stringing as they were auto strung.

Surya says : karma stringing is there in authentic RC DUTT translation, why it cannot be deemed that chiraan is fabricating incidents rather than Ganguly who is acclaimed by scholars?

Jury Hariprasad says , R C Dutt has also fabricated as , instead of Radha’s son ,he has written shishupal , if Ganguly is authentic then it becomes Radha’s son as failed , and RC DUTT says shishupala . how come two authentic translation give different translation of same verse.
It shows anomaly. He gives verdict as Karna did not abuse and did not string the bow and failed in swayamvar.

Chiraan says.
The whole of Mahabharat is recited by SUTA , the son of lomaharshan . The very first verse in Mahabharata starts with Saunaka asking Oh Son of suta , please recite Mahabharata .
Suta is born to bramhin mother Kshatriya Father . If both parents are higher caste how child is relegated to be abused caste. Then how come Saunaka rishi and other bramhin rishis are learning from SUTA the great epic of Mahabharta.
The Ganguly text translates the first verse as SAUTI says’
Instead of Suta uvacha .
The first verse itself has anamoly . So SUta is not a racial abuse , and pseudo sympathy for Karna as being abused as SUTA does not stand logically as he never was abused.
He clearly failed in Swayamvar. If Draupadi were not interested in him , then he would not have been Invited, twice DRUPAD and Dhristadhyumn mention his name as invitee to the swayamvar . if he were unwelcome his name would have been struck or never mentioned. After mentioning his name , Drupad and Dhristadhyumn makes a vow that whoever strikes will get Draupadi. So Draupadi could not have gone against the words of Father and Brother as she was epitome of virtue.
So KArna clearly failed in Swayamvar . and Thus HE was inferior to ARJUN .

Neutral Jury Nilambar upholds the view of Chiraan . Observers SONu and Nilesh also feel the arguments by Surya are insufficient to Prove Karna succeeded in Swayamvar.

Comments on: "Summary of Debate on Arjun vs Karna -1" (19)

  1. The point is that arjuna won because of his charioteer n Karana lost because of his charioteer


  2. well people you all are very very far away from truth and right . you all don’t know what is truth , what is dharma . remember there are two kinds of dharma that a person gets to see in his life .
    first is his personal dharma which he has to follow under ordinary conditions . second is the universal dharma the supreme dharma . when one’s personal and universal dharma are contrasting at the same time and he is in confussion then according to vedas one should follow the universal dharma .
    this is what gives the reason for arjun vs karna battle . karna always gave more importance to his personal dharma , his friendship to duryodhana more priority than supreme dharma where as arjuna always followed the universal dharma . Also see that arjun haD submitted himself to god while karna hadn’t . Pls do not think i am against karna . Karna is my favorite and there willl be no own equal to him ever . i like daanveer karn more than yodha karna . but karna did some mistakes that put spot over his greatness . his comments at draupadi vastraharan site and his role in abhimanu vadh are drastic errors he commited though he himself regreted them later but due to this only bhisma doesn’t allow him to fight under his flag as he was a asudh yodha ( someone who doesn’t respect women . ) .
    Arjun was undefeatable as krishna has once told that apart from mahadev (my great lord) nobody can ever think of defeating arjun . But karna was defeated many times (twice by arjun and once by chitrasen and drupad ).
    but still karna is praiseworthy as in spite of every thing going against him he didn’t backed but always firmly challenged arjun might .
    Now let us come to the main point . What do we learn from the greatest epic mahabharta . You know if you understand properLy then you wouldn’t need any other book to understand god . such great is the epic mahabharta . Mahabharta is the story of fight between good and evil not between sastras or yodhas . Had it been a fight of only weapons arjuna might have finished it in 1 day instead of 18 days .In the virata yudh arjuna single handly without any army defeated the entire kaurav army in which karna was also present . Many Account the fight between arjun and karna in mahabharta as the claim for karna supremacy over arjun because on one or two occasions he came close to killing arjuna . So my dear friends then you cannot understand mahabharta then . Mahabharta was not the battle of power but the battle between good and evil . also karna was given those little shoulder over arjun to tribute the great person karna was. lORD WANTED TO SHOW THAT IN FIGHT OF GOOD AND EVIL HE TAKES THE SIDE OF GOOD .To be honest we should not compare arjuna and karna cause both are quite different . We should take inspiration from both .


    • Why did your greatest Lord Shiva did not contribute to MAHABHARAT . Just as our greatest LORD SRIKRISHNA contributed ?


      • Mahadev ke mahatwa ke bare mein aap na hi bole to achha hai. Lekin aapke sawal ka jawab kisi na kisi mahadev bhakt ko to deni hi hogi. So, here we have Mahadev’s part in mahabharat.
        A. Once our Mahadev granted 8 boons to Krishna. Krishna was told by Munivar Upamanyu to worship Mahadev for desirous boons. So Krishna did tapasya (penance) for a whole six months. Then after six months Mahadev appeared before Krishna, and Krishna fell to Mahadev’s feet , worshiped mahadev and prayed to mahadev for boons. Mahadev granted Krishna these 8 boons-
        1. Mahadev granted Krishna the boon to have strong devotion for Dharm,
        2. To have the strength to slay enemies at war
        3. To have unparallel fame
        4. Great strength
        5. Yogsidhhi (success in yoga)
        6. Popularity
        7. Closeness with Mahadev
        8. Hundreds and hundreds of sons

        Krishna also got other 8 boons from Mata Prvati too, these were
        1. Loss of anger towards dwijganas (eminent people)
        2. Mercy and favour of his father
        3. Hundred sons
        4. Great luxury
        5. Beloved by his kith and kin
        6. Mother’s love and favour
        7. Peace
        8. Skills
        She also blessed Krishna to become very influential, not to become a liar, to have 16 thousand wives and his wives’ love, to have a soft body, to have endless wealth, to become beloved by friends and to become able to feed 7 thousand guests everyday in his home. Krishna’s son shamb was born due to Mahadev’s & Ma Parvati’s boon.

        B. At the end of Drona parva Arjun says to Vyasdev “mahamuni, when I was fighting at the field of kurukshetra I saw man resembling agni and with a trishool in his hand. He was walking before me and at whatever direction he was going, our enemies were dying in that direction. The feet of this man does not touch the ground, he does not even throws his trishul at our enemies yet thousands and thousands of trishools were coming out of his trishool. Our enemies were dying due to this man’s presence and aura only, yet people say that I was slaying our enemies when the truth is this man was actually slaying our enemies by his presence. Who is this purushshresth, who is this man with trishool and resembling the sun himself?” Then Vyas said “Arjun , he was Mahadev whom you’ve seen in the battlefield. He is the chief among all prajapatis, he is sarvalokeshwar, Ishan, SHIV, Shankar, Trilochan……None but Mahadev walks in front of you and slays your enemies at the battlefield. Arjun, you take his refuge”.
        C. Also on the dhwaja (flag) of Arjun’s chariot existed Mahaveer Hanumanji , and for your kind info, Hanumanji was Mahadev’s avtar. Hanumanji DID help KrishnArjun win the kurukshetra battle.
        These are a few examples, if you want to know more about Mahadev’s mahatwa in mahabharat I suggest you to read mahabharat once again.


  3. i do not understand as to why anyone would argue on two characters in the Mahabharata. That is not why the Mahabharata was written, so that thousands of years later, people would argue on its characters. Arguments and debates lead only to ego issues and nothing else. It was written as a way for teaches us how to live our lives. The very relationship between Karna and Arjun was complex, but we must not look simply to what the story tells us. We must look to what the story teaches us.

    Arjuna was a master archer and taught by Drona while Karna, another master archer, was taught by Parshuram, Guru to Drona himself. Both were top class archers, very near to each other in standards. In the battle of Kurukshetra, it was mostly because of Krishna that Arjun was able to survive it and win. Otherwise to have won against warriors like Bhisma, Drona and Karna was impossible for the Pandavas. It is very important to note Krishnas role in Arjuns life, as he was there for him at every corner. At the swayamvar, as per one source it was at Krishna’s behest that Draupadi refused Karna the right to participate. And it was because she got married to Arjun, that things turned out the way they did. This was what we call God’s will. The Draupadi vastra haran took place only because she was the Pandavas wife. It is there that Bhima swore to rip apart Dushyasanschest and Duryodhans thighs. Even the true colours of the elders were shown, with noone opposing it.

    It is said that God before engaging in any action shows us our true colors and deeds. He gives us proof of who we are, so we cannot blame anyone but ourselves for destruction. The proof and hence destruction of Kaurava side had already started there. You will Krishna doing these things on many occasions in the Mahabharata.

    As for the Karna Arjuna relationship, it is like this. Karna was the better man and warrior. In the war, Krishna once had to lower the chariot slightly into the earth to save Arjuna. Another time, Karna’s impending victory was missed as the sun went down and Karna being a true warrior, obeyed the rules set by Bhishma and lowered his bow. Rules which were disobeyed during even Drona’s command. And he was hit by all his three curses at the same time which resulted in his loss. His generosity was legendary. He braved many more misfortunes than Arjuna throughout his life yet stood true to his dharma.

    However, Arjuna had the one thing that Karna lacked. Love for God. And that is what saved him and constantly helped him attain victory all his life. That is the very essence of the Arjuna Karna relationship. Krishna did care for Karna a lot too, and he did offer him a chance to turn to the side of good at the very end, and what an offer it was! He offered him the world at his feet! Yet Karna refused. Because he did not love the Lord more than he loved himself. Yet Arjuna always stayed at Krishnas feet. He said he wanted the Lord and nothing else.

    And that is what we should learn from them. In the end, unless you give yourself unto the Lord and love Him with all your heart, you will fail, even though you maybe the best man with the best qualities. And if you do put your love and trust in him, he will make wonders for you.


  4. Jai Shri Krishna
    I know its rather late but I take this opportunity in congratulating Shri Chiraan for a well deserved victory. I applaud Shri Surya also for a good debate. However being an observer in this debate my observation tells me that both C. Rajagopalachari and Swami Vivekananda are highly 2 edged weapons against Karna and can well be used to glorify him to a certain extent. I will make an observation – Jury Amit had a doubt that if Karna could string VIJAY a bow given by Parshuram then how could he not string relatively lesser bow . so common sense suggests Karna strung the bow. – On which Shri Chiraan replied that Though Vijay is superior bow , it is a boon from Parshuram and Karna could lift it with boon . I feel this is a little tricky situation. I apologize if I am sounding offensive but in a debate a jury cannot consult the debator. Its like an umpire verifying an LBW decision with the fast bowler against a batsman. Having doubt he or she should make his own investigation or study and then conclude. Sri Parshuram was a hard task master and being an incarnation of Vishnu is rather cautious about giving boons. Its Lord Shiva and Brahma who are known to give boons quickly hence are usually worshipped by asuras. I believe Karna did fail but as C. Rajagopalachari says
    Karna did not string the bow but failed by hairs breadth. It does not show Karna defeated by Arjuna at Swayamvara let me quote unquote ” A free fight seemed imminent. Bhima plucked a tree by the roots, and stripping it of foliage, stood armed with this formidable bludgeon, by the side of Arjuna ready for any event. Draupadi said nothing but stood holding on to the skirts of the deer-skin in which Arjuna was clad. Krishna, Balarama and others sought to appease the who had created the confusion. Arjuna proceeded to the house of the potter accompanied by Draupadi. ” Karna supporters have been accused of using verses like “ifs buts could have should have” but here I have quoted from a source deemed authentic by Shri Chiraan so I dont think any Arjuna supporter should have any problem. The message which I want to convey is that agreed there versions which show Karna failing in Draupadi swayamavar but same version also dismisses the defeat of Karna at Arjunas hands.

    best regards


    • Anonymous said:


      You`re comments and debates are more likely to be appreciated on the following.


      I have been following this blog ever since I can remember. Undercover it seems like you are purposely re-opening debating points but trying not to sound biased.


      • Looking at the link above, it shows how people are devoted to Karna like he is God and find no faults in him always pulling out with excuses. Yet these people don’t understand the real God (Lord Krishna, Lord Ram) and criticise God negatively (only leads to hell) Shame on you.
        Having the nerve to come on this site and argue and use bad language is a different story altogether.
        So why is that Karna supporters criticise God over Karna and turn a blind eye to Karna`s Sin’s?


  5. This is for Chiraan
    Can u please ans. following Question.
    U wrote that Karna should have told Parshuram about his cast before taking knowldge of Archery.
    Then why cant INDRA himself told KARNA that he is INDRA & not BRAHMIN before taking kavaach and kundal from him as he is GOD?PANDVAS themselves lie when they were on ANGYATVAS?

    Do u think this is OK in todays world that somebody from lower cast cant get higher education,I think this is injustice.
    At those days Lord themselves were there So at the time of tornament why did they denied Karana to perform
    against Arjuna or For that matter take case of EKLAVYA also ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mandar
      These guys dont have any knowledge.
      They just added Guru to there name and now trying to get publicity from Karna’s name


      • Dhruv – Your very comment being published here by Shri Chiraan , without any amends defies what you criticised(Remember this is a moderated forum). Secondly come up with something technical and contextual for victory in debates.Usually, where the content knowledge ends for debators like you, blasphemy starts. Bad mouthing will only make you dispensable. Incidentally, i read a quote in TOI recently, “Do not argue with a fool, onlookers would not be able to differentiate”.

        Being a humble student of Shri Chiraan, I am proud to say, Glory only goes to Shri Chiraan for not answering this post of yours.


    • each & every curse that Karn earned was injustice towards him, parshuram’s anger towards khatriyas was wellknown, that’s why karn lied to him, but if karn was not denied higher education by drone, would he have gone to parshuram? Karna fell to insult & injustice everytime yet he had never moved from the path of dharm. Many will question here about calling draupadi a whore, doing injustice to abhimanyu and all that. But karn did not kill abhimanyu at all, he just broke abhimanyu’s bow. Karn broke abhimanyu’s bow from behind, yes, but he did it on SENAPATI dronacharya’s command. He could not have denied the senapati’s order. Again when he called draupadi a whore he was just taking his revenge of draupadi’s insults towards him, and also he said this according to our Shastra. Our shastra says that a woman having physical relationship with 4 men is a swairini, and a woman having relation with 5 men is a harlot, so karn called her a harlot, as she had 5 husbands.


  6. kingprince said:

    Karna was not given a chance to even hold the bow … as karna stood up and went towards the bow .. krishna indicated to draupadi to say no …… i am sure if karna would have given a chance he would have strung and hit the the mark …………………. it is also indicated that when arjun hit the arrow on karnas rath it went back around 4 gajas(distance) and when karna hit arjuns rath it went around 1/2 gaja .. still krishna praises karan ..arjun asked why lord krishna says on karna rath bears only karnas and his charioters weight… but on arjuns rath bears the weight of lord hanuman and krishna himself that equals the weight of the whole universe still karnas arrow could move the arjuns rath back indicates amazing power…. arjun is arjun no doubt but karna is karna too karna and arjun are equal but if karna had the kavaach and kundal he would be immortal


    • Somnath said:

      This is a rather childish point of view. As per this logic Mother Yashoda should be the stongest of all as she carried the “weight of the universe” on her lap! What about the stength of the horses that drew Arjun’s chariot? Karna always suffered defeat at the hands of Arjun whenever they took on each other, with or without Krishna. Karna with his army lost to the Gandharvas while they took Duryodhan captive and Arjun singlehandedly defeated them and had him released. B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat is not authentic. They had even admitted that Draupadi calling Duryodhan “andhe ka beta andha” was not from the main Mahabharat but a regional version. Nowhere in the main epic it is said that Karna spared Arjun’s life due to the sunset as shown in the TV serial. It was in fact Arjun who refrained from killing Karna after seriously wounding him in the final battle. Though Karna spared Bheem’s life, it was not shown that Bheem had aslo spared Karna’s life as it was Arjun’s vow to kill him. When Karna’s chariot wheel got stuck Arjun had initially kept down his weapons but it was Karna who during Krishna’s admonishing him suddenly aimed a weapon at Arjun which hit his arm and seriously injured him. Only then did Arjun proceed to kill him. During the Virat battle Karna came face to face with Arjun with his “kavach & kundal” intact, yet he was mauled and had to flee for his life. When Arjun went after Jayadrath, Karna tried to stop him fighting side by side with other great warriors but was defeated time and again singlehandedly by Arjun along with the said warriors. How come he did not use Indra’s mighty Shakti weapon against Arjun? This only goes to show that the stories of the kavach kundal and shakti weapon were interpolations which were primarily done to uplift Karna’s character. Before Arjun and Karna fought the last battle Krishna told Arjun that whatever injustice and cruelty Duryodhan meted out to you and your brothers were chiefly due to the instigations of the wicked-souled Karna – Krishna wasn’t exaggerating.


    • true


  7. Mr Chiraan, you have disabled commenting on the debate thread. Is that a deliberate attempt to showcase yourself as the winner by preventing me from responding? Or is it a technical issue?


  8. veena sharma said:

    Thank you Guruji, that I also heard from our guruji back than, one should get knowledge from guru. That is very true. But sometimes , without doing much effort from your side, may be because of past karma, some thing happens like this. What one can do?
    I also belive to get a proper spiritual knowledge in a proper way, one should go to guru. Anyway you have gone through by this tradition, I belive in superiority of your knowedge. again thanks for the clearification of the matter.


  9. chiraan said:

    the base of question is wrong,
    shudra brought by bramhin is not bramhin , sanskaar is important after the birth , the text says , if bramhin is born and does not follow sanskar of bramhin ,then he beconmes vraty , similarly karna is considered vratya .

    the physical and mental features differ from yuga to yuga .
    a kanya means one who has attained 8 years.
    in olden days , girls were having fully developed physical features before puberty and fisrt cycle of mensturation,
    in todays era this not seen , slowly even after mensturation begins women would not develop complete physical development , in future. thats yuga bheda.
    you cannot apply one parameter to other.
    few centuries back average man was 8 ft tall , gioing by todays std that is very odd , can you dismiss that as fiction. No , parameters and conditions as prevalent in the era has to be understood .
    RAM was 28ft tall , Krishna was 16ft tall , can we dismiss no ots yuga bheda , kunti having extra ordinary intelligence at six is no surprise , even I was taught entire 18 puranas at 6.
    one must therefore read and study under guru ,self study always gives illusions.


  10. veena sharma said:

    Chiraan: A suta is not kshatriya , he is charioteer but a higher caste. A suta cannot become King . only kshatriyas become King , A caste is determined not by birth but by sanskar[rites] that are performed. Karna had rites of SUta so he remained a suta. A suta cannot challenge a Prince , so unequal warfare was stopped between KArna and Arjun.

    Guruji, regarding your article. If a child of shudra is raised by brahmin with sanskara; is a100 % brahmin. just tell me with your open heart; would you marry your daughter to that person, if yes. Than only I can believe, what you are telling, is authentic. Please don’t mind for my genuine jiggyasa. Many times my heart does not agree what is written in our texes.
    Kunti was six years old when she receive Karna. how come she decided best future for karna. Why did she scare of people, she was a innocent child.
    This kind of hindu stories sound simillar to profet mohmmad’s creation “coran”. Thats why lots of educated and learned mushlim people are abondening the islam.
    My understanding is if this kind of stories exists in our relision, it is not for everybody. It is just for those people, who follow the tradition and retuals, or they do not have time or desire to dig into the root. OR it is lord’s desire to keep this world rolling. It depands upon “PATR KI PATRTA” . A persons ability to grasp the truth. I have been very religious person, tried to follow all the rules and regulations, taught by elders and learned and saints. at the end I found out ; NETI, NETI, truth is fare beond than, these religious stories.
    In fect to realise the suprim, you have to go through by these belif, than mentally fight for the authenticity of all aspects of relision, before finding the eternal truth and freedom, even in our sanatan dharma.


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