Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

• When mercury is afflicted by malefic in earthy signs, a discussion on pollution of literary works definitely occur.
• When such a combination is in Kendra, falsifying great works and tenets and illusive arguments take place.
• When such combinations occur in second house, invariably persons lie.
• When Jupiter is in Kendra to such combination, such allegations are usually cooked up.
• The extent of pollution depends upon the number of shad Vargas in which mercury is aspected/associated by malefic

MAHABHARATHA has been tampered thoroughly. WHY?

After 1000 years of PANDAV rule dharma started eroding on the earth. I.e. that was 4000 years ago .i.e. Yuhdisthir ruled 5100 years ago and his dynasty ruled for 1000 years. With Kshemak as the last king.
Duryodhan had done only one good deed in his lifetime that is washing the feet of DURVASA muni. [This also he did to ask a boon to trouble Pandavs]. For this he achieved swarga for 4300 years.
This was the period i.e. 13th century when KALI expanded full throttle.

1. In previous eras there ensued direct fight between Rakshasa and Devatas. Rakshasa headed by Kali were always vanquished By Devatas with the help of Vishnu
2. In dwapar, Kali decided that If Vishnu does not interfere; if we take birth in the same family as that of Devatas then these Devatas will, out of affection will not kill us. { This explains why Duryodhan did not come out of womb for two years till Yudhisthir took birth }
a. Krishna gives Geetopadesha to remove the illusion of relationship wrt Rakshasas and go for WAR. Krishna always vanquishes Kali with VAYU as chief instrument.
b. In Ramayana RAM[Vishnu] Vanquished Kali [in RAVAN] with chief instrument Hanuman [ Vayu]
c. In Mahabharata , Krishna [Vishnu] Vanquished Kali[ Duryodhan] with chief Bheema[ Vayu]
3. When beaten severely, All the Rakshasas were afraid to incarnate due to the fear of Bheema.
4. Kali assured them as it is Kaliyuga, it is his Yuga and Lord has given him boon to freely rein in this era.
5. But other demons were not convinced and showed fear of Bheema reincarnating.
6. Then Kali suggested they should all take birth as Brahmins , so that they will not be killed .
7. But how will they be able to spread violence and unhappiness
8. Kali said , people follow what Brahmins say , Brahmins have extreme faith in Vedas and itihas puranas. These lead to pleasing of Vishnu .
9. If these are distorted then automatically people will get into delusion .this will prevent them from getting Grace of Vishnu , and fallen as they will be , we shall enter them and these will resort to violence , greed and sins.
10. As this can be achieved by preaching wrong notions , we shall all take birth as Bramhins and sanyasis , masses will follow us .Born as Brahmins we are , Bheema cannot kill us , as it is taboo .
11. Just as 1000 years were completed , lord enaced Baudhdha avatar to preach non vedic religion , taking a cue , Kali took the birth of shakya muni and several others took births as mishra , kumar bhat , bhasas, arya, harsha,govind,charvak ,bhaskar ,prabhakar ,kapali ,ghoramitra ,vachaspati ,satyasimha ,vidyaranya ,vetal ,vatsyayan,jeevpada etc.
12. All the above mentioned bramhins have especially distorted a branvh of learning giving rise to new philosophy.
13. All resorted to Bhairav sidhhi to enchant the rulers and killed many Vedic pandits by deceit and demonic spells. Illusion prevailed all over as non vedic religions started spreading everywhere and grocery shops , and Kingly courts became favorite preaching premises of non vedic culture.
14. Next few centuries saw onslaught of such culture with non kshatriya Kings easily succumbing to indrajala of shakyas and pashand mata , as this gave them a freedom from bramhin stronghold in the administration.
15. As 8th century dawned , Budhism was everywhere as it was non vedic culture , Most Bramhins did not take to it , itihas and puranas as misinterpreted by these did not appeal to the masses .
16. So Kali sent demon manimanta [ Ekalavya] , who was reluctant . All the demons from patala encouraged him , and announced support by entering his opponents to get disillusioned.
17. Manimantha prayed Lord Shiva to assist him in knowing Vedas . Shiva gave a boon to utter vedic verses.and Ekalavya was born as bramhin.
18. Manimantha spread the new concept of illusion of world and absence of soul.
19. This however technically was not at all different from Budhism as budhism too dealt with Shunya [ whether you call world unreal or shunya ] does that make any difference ] but now this new concept had the backing of Vedas.
20. This misrepresentation was acceptable to Bramhins and demonic spell ensured they all succumbed to this logic. [ Gautam rishi’s curse was also responsible for this illusion]
21. But most of the puranas and itihas [ MAHABHARATa] was still theistic in nature and it contradicted with monotheism of the post 8th century scholarly compositions.
22. To make these texts[ Mahabharata and puranas] look like upholding monotheism and qualified monotheism , the verse where explicit dualism was present was altered . Agni purana was fully tampered and slowly all puranas succumbed at the hands of rulers .
23. Most ardent vedic Scholars flew beyond mountains not bearing the torture of the lands . And thus three centuries of Confusion and malpractises ensued .
24. Vedic rites were not performed as it was meant to be illusionary ,no yagnyas were performed as it involved bali , sacrifice of animals and Jain rulers were against it.
25. Vedvyasa prayed by Bramha and other deities at the failing situation of dharma in Land of Gods . ordered Bheema to incarnate and spread the right knowledge .
26. A part of Bheemasen[ amsha] incarnated in UDUPI [ PAJAK] in the house of Madhygeha Bhat [ tulu speaking bramhin ] as Vasudev .
27. Vasudev at the age of 10 renounced the world and became ordained as Anandteertha .
28. As his teacher Achyutpreksha readied him to teach first lesson in monotheistic book , Acharya Anandateertha explained a 100 mistakes in the very first verses of the book Istasidhdhi .
29. amazed at the ability of student Achyutpreksha asked Him as to what is right knowledge .
30. Acharya then propounded MADHVA philosophy .
a. That Vishnu is Supreme diety { GOD}
b. None is either equal to him or greater than him
c. Neither in the past or nor in future
d. This world is real
e. Moksha is unmixed happiness
f. It is obtained by perfect bhakti[ amlabhakti]
g. Study of shastras is what ensures such bhakti
h. The world consists of five fold diference
i. Lord is essentially different from Soul .
j. Acharya wrote 37 grantha to prove and propound his philosophy
k. Nowhere Acharya said that this his philosophy
l. He said he is merely resurrecting what had bee practiced in Vedas in accordance with Vedvyasa rendering .
m. He gave only vedic and puranic verses as statements backing his claims.
n. He wrote Mahabharta Tatparya NIrnay to dispel the myths surrounding the epic .He collected many manuscripts and weeded out discrepancies and anomalies to give exact verses and meaning of the Mahabharat .
o. According to Acharya Mahabharata has 10 meanings and it is impossible even to Indra to understand all the 10 meanings
p. Acharya has demonstrated each word[name] in VISHNUSAHASRANAM has 100 meanings each .
q. Acharya Madhva ‘s works are too intense for a smaller brains like mine to grasp . In order to grasp the concepts , saint Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam has written more than 100 works simplifying the Anadateertha philosophy for common man with notes and commentary.
r. What has been presented here all along is in accordance with these
s. Krishnarpanamastu

Comments on: "Why was Mahabharta tampered?" (4)

  1. badrinath said:

    Dear Sir,

    Is Shankaracharya Manimantha ?



  2. respected sir,
    what is bhairav siddhi?


  3. Praveen Anand Nagesham said:

    Hello Mr.Chiran,

    This is a nice post. An info that is available rarely. No doubt age of Kali has always tried to prevail with the help of asuras in every age and milleneum. But it is the grace of lord Vishnu that he always incarnates at a proper time with his associates (Devas), punishes wicked, nourishes pious people and thus vanquishes Kali.

    The mystery and reason of Duryodhana remaining for 2 years in his mother’s womb is also true. Actually this plan was followed nearly by all asuras like Kansa, Jarasandha, Shishupala and others who incarnated during the end of Dwapar Yuga in great Kshatriya clans where previously royal class women had taken help of spiritually powerful Brahmins (Niyoga Garbhadaan) to continue progeny lines of their husbands who had been killed by Parashurama in battle. So the new children born had were far superior and energetic. They possessed Kshatriya prowess and brahma teja ( Spiritual conciousness of Brahmins). The asuras saw that royal clans having kshatriya prowess and bramha teja begot great warriors who were invincible and in battle they could even fight the devas. So many asuras incarnated as kings and princes in royal lines during Dwapar age and misused their wrong authority to spread false beliefs and knowledge among common masses. Asuras like Ban and Jarasandha tried to create conflict between shaiva and vaishnav devotees. They themselves worshipped Lord Shiva and abused Lord Vishnu. They committed atrocities on devotees of Lord Vishnu. When burden of asuras on earth became unbearable then Lord Narayana took incarnation with other devas in Royal lines like Yadu and Kuru ( the pandavas ) to whip evil.

    Nice post




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