Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

• When mars ,jupiter and venus are associated in one rashi [yuti] then the subject will have a devata stree [ or qualities of devata like] woman as his wife.
• When upapada lord is exalted and in devalokamasa , a devata will be the wife of the native.
• In all the above combinations Woman will be begged to be wife of the suitor MAN . Woman will be pampered and the person having such combination will perform penace ,vows and extraordinary acts to express his love to the concerned woman . The woman invariably has the man yearn for her.
Kings like Pururava , Shantanu and Samvarna are known to have married the woman from heavens. This is unique Human form is different and Devatas have different bodies. Yet when celestials are born on earth , their wives also take birth as human and they marry . But The kings mentioned above had different ccases. These were born as Human , yet their wife never took birth on earth , they married thses Kings remaining in their Devata form only.
Thus the yoga of having Devakanya as wife can be seen in these horoscopes.

Once a beautiful daughter was born to celestial god of light SUN . He named her TAPTI She was perfect damsel with large dark eyes. Her heavenly form was unparalleled in three worlds. Sun grew anxious as to whom he should give his daughter to . HE decided to give her in marriage to the one who deeply loves her and at the same time is equally beautiful .
In the lunar race was born a King named Samvarna. He was very handsome and known for posseing a beautiful body . He was equally ascetic . He He prayed Surya [Tapana] everyday with arghya padya and pushpa gandha etc to attain glory and fame . he was a king ruling entire jambudweepa , soothing as moon to friends and scorching as sun to Enemies.
Once the King went into deep forests over the mountains .Wandering deep into woods , his steeds[horses ] gave way due to thirst and fatigue. King left those horses there and walked deep into the mountains.
As he was tired , he fell down on the ground. Just then he saw a bright light emanating far away rising towards the skies.
He felt curious and neared the light to see a very beautiful damsel , with perfect faultless features. She was exceedingly beautiful , and as she strode around , the light enmanating from her body dazzled and lit the forest like a early morning Sun. In form she resembled a golden statue such was the hue of her skin. . King dumbstruck at her beauty went near her and stood motionless at her sight. His heart was aching with the strike of cupids arrow.
Love struck King said “oh great beauty with large dark eyes , you do not seem to be a human nor a gandharva or nor yaksha . neither I see arakshas or asura maya as they cannot come near me. The apsaras are nowhere remotely nearer to you in beauty and luster . Are you the goddess of wealth , it cannot be as I am struck with unbearable KAMA , you cannot be one. Oh beautiful one who are you.? I desire your company forever in my life. My life feels like a wasteful burden until now , as I see you I feel a new zeal to live a life exclusively for you.”
As King Samvarna was speaking these words the beautiful damsel , vanished from the sight of mortals , like a lightning . there was darkness all around.. Deeply hurt and unable to bear the pain and permanently lovestruck King lost his senses and fell on the ground thinking about the girl he had just seen.
After sometime seeing the handsome King unconscious , Tapti appeared again and with a sprinkle of water on the king’s face she woke him up to senses. King opening his eyes finding his love standing before him could not believe for a moment and not differentiating the reality and illusion asked whether the beautiful daughter of SUN to dispel his illusion.” King spoke “ oh the beauty with heavenly hue , know me to be drawn to you as the bhramar towards the lotus, I beg you to be my wife for I desire not to live without you. “
Tapti spoke thus” Oh ruler of earth Know this to be real , You are brave and illustrious among men , who in the three worlds will not desire to marry such a handsome and pious gem among men. Know yourself to be in my heart pleased as I am to know that you love me to the point of bewilderment. Your losing senses at my disappearance speaks of my good fortune. But I am not independent in taking decisions . I am bound by the decisions of my father the Sun . If he so wishes I shall be your wife serving you all my life at your feet . “

Saying this She ascended to the heavens with a splurge of light rising towards the surya loka. The king fell on the ground again motionless , as there never was a moment before a devakanya ever getting married to a human [manava] . Sun being his aradhya devata he dared not to make such a proposal , but his heart could not let go the thought of beautiful Tapti , it yearned for her and with every moment passing the King lost all his senses and fell to ground like a heap of grain.

Seeing King not returned for long , the ministers searched the entire forest and finally found the King lying on the ground. The ministers assured King there would food made available immediately and water and drinks were fetched, but King would take none. The rajvaidya declared him to be afflicted mentally. King refused to be moved from forests and to partake food or drink.
He neither moved his lids nor his body and stay laid in the midst of the forest on the mountain top gazing at the sun. Not knowing King’s plight the ministers grew anxious and slowly whole of the King’s well wishers started praying for him. Just then Rishi Vashishtha came by , with his divine knowledge and divyadrishti he soon found out the plight of the KING.
He ascended with the power of his tapasya towards heavens . he went to Surya loka and Sun looking at the bramhan bramharishi Vashishtha at his doorstep offered arghya padya and madhu . He said unto the rishi , “ blessed as I am by your arrival oh great Bramhan . I see my abode graced by lord , appearing in your form unto my place of dwelling. I shall give you whatever you ask for , in this three worlds whatever you desire for shall be yours ! kindly order. “
Hearing these words Vashishtha spoke “ Oh father of Beautiful Tapti , I ask you to accept King Samvarna as your Son inlaw , for there is no one as beautiful as him among Devatas and manavas , He is the best of the rulers in the three worlds , just like Indra , he is rules justly the land of mortals. He is pious and given to austerities. He is of noble race and ardently devoted to you and his duties towards the subjects. He is befittingly the best suit for your daughter as also she has secretly given her heart to him , and awaits your permisiion . The king has forsaken food , water and readied himself to end his life for his love towards your daughter .Know him to be best for Tapti.and also to mankind”
Surya the deity of light happily exclaimed” what good fortune has fallen on my Daughter , the proposal so brought by the greatest of Bramahanas , how can it be not accepted , Indeed I shall be bestow my daughter to the greatest scion of human clan . Know that it was indeed my wish too ,to have him as my son inlaw , you have relieved me of a great pain and search for a suitable groom. “

Together with Tapti Sun descended illuminating the whole of forest like a fire , There the King on the twelfth day of his fast and vow , on seeing Tapti and Sun elated and partook food and bowed to Sage VAshishtha .
The marriage was celebrated in the three worlds. King dwelled in the same forest for another twelve years leaving the kingdom to his ministers.
Sun in order not to disturb the lovelife of her daughter in the forest did bnot give rains for twelve full years. And shone mildly with gentle breeze and prosperous flora and fauna.

King enjoyed the company of his beautiful wife for twelve years , but by then his capital was forced into draught due to lack of water and rains. People grew sick and struck with diseases , the city resembled the city of dead. Vashishtha looking at the plight of the people asked the kIng to return to the capital , as King and his auspicious wife [Devakanya] stepped into the city , sun gave full rains and farms grew green and city flodeed with milk and precious stones much to the delight of citizens.

To these illustrious couple was born the greatest Kings of all time “KURU”
Thus gandharva told ARJUN the story of his preceptor “KURU” . And advised Yudhisthir to look for a able priest . As Without able bramhin priest heading the family , a Person or KING cannot prosper. Kings desirous of wealth and Kingdom and fulfillments of wishes must seek a bramhin Priest well versed in all the shastras and Vedas and six vedangas as Raj purohit . Just As Vashishta enabled Samvarna to obtain his wishes , so you too Yuidhisthir shall obtain your destiny By the blessing of DHOUMYACHARYA.

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