Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

5th House -Pratibha

If 5th house is exalted and there is a relationship with the lagna lord . And both lords are in vaisheshika amsa , there will be special skill acquired by the native. Jupiter exalted in vimsamsa and jupiter in kanduka will give the same result.

Karna’s specialist skill was

He could never be defeated if is not competing. Ie If He is fighting for justice or fighting as a duty , no one can defeat him .This was the boon of Parshuraam.

If he is fighting in the chariot Given by Parshuram ,then he cannot be disarmed or his chariot never perishes.

His bow Vijay if its string is cut it automatically regenerates . They can send thousands of arrows in one single shoot.

Karna had Kavach and Kundal ,with which He cannot be killed piercing that kavach by anyone who is below SUN diety.

Karna having Shakti in his hand any opponent is sucspetibel to death.

Karna had a special blessings of Krishna as Krishna himself was present in him at times, It is at these Times that KARNA cannot be equalled by anyone. But then it is Krishna and not Karna who is unrivalled in him. It was this presence of Krishna as avesha that caused fear among all the opponents.


Karn’s shortfall

KArna had the curse of Parshuram That whenever he fights to obtain selfish desires or competes on the footings of wrong intent ,he will lose .

Karna had another curse that he would forget all his skill when he requires them most. Karna had another curse that he will lose his chariot when his death nears.

Karna had a boon that his fame will remain unsullied and he will achieve what he was always clamoring for , to be called equal to Arjun.

Arjun’s special skill

Arjun’s quiver never exhausted , they will automatically be filled with arrows . All others will have to carry arrows , but arjun need not . He will always have quiver full of arrows .This was a special quiver.

Arjun’s bow could dispel eight variety of arrows ,a> one which can create a thousand arrows.b> one which can create illusions , one which can show fiery images to opponents c> one which can cover entire battlefield to darkness with arrows.d> one which can shield him from opponent arrows with a sheath of arrows .e>one which can kill selectively from amongst the group f>one which can make visible invisible opponents g>arrows which can search its target and hit. h>one which just touches the opponent without killing or hurting him.

Arjuns Gandiva was a bow which could not be cut or its string does not slit. It produced sound that can kill a hundreds of elephants. clouds rained just by the shriek of Gandiva.

Arjuns horses could not be slain ed. They can run in all 10 directions. They don’t tire and fly in the air as well. Arjuns chariot could not be destroyed . Up to one mile of chariot No ordinary arrows can even pierce its range leave alone reach Arjun.

The Flag of chariot contained Hanuman , who by blowing wind through his mouth dispelled a storm and enemy weapons and enemies like small soldiers would get blown away by the wind.

Arjun’s charioteer was Krishna who drove his chariot so fast that even before Arjun’s arrows touched the target Arjuns chariot would have crossed it.

Arjun could pull arrow from both his hands and could fight enemy invisible only through his sound. he could hit even at the leg of fly. HE could send arrows as long as 200 yojan. that 1600 miles.

Both Karna and Arjun could fight simultaneously with 1 Lakh Warriors along with their Armies.

Arjun and Karna’s shortfall They were ordinary if without Astras. Karna needed both Boons and Astras to win Arjun needed Astras only .


Bheema speciality.

He was of superior most strength. He never used astras . He was faster than astra

He was hotter than astra i.e astras got burnt to ashes when touched bheema.

He could dispel any astra by his mere speed and strength . He had strength even in his skin . The weapons never hurt him as he could easily cut them through his hands and fists.

His hit of fists powdered mountains . He killed elephants and soldiers with fists only. He could kill 2 crore people in two vighatika 48 seconds.

HE could fly , pierce through fire without getting hurt. He ran faster than chariots. He obstructed chariots by killing elephants and piling it all around the chariot.

His roar deafened horses and they died on the spot vomiting blood. He was terrible in the war , enemies ran away just by seeing him hence

He is known as BHEEMSEN. As Bheem only relied on strength and no astras or boons , He was the superior most Warrior.

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