Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

There are five sutras in Astrology of ailment .

  1. Samanya Sutra
  2. Adhipati sutra
  3. Amsaka sutra’
  4. Nakshatra sutra
  5. Mahasutra

referring to earth water fire wind and ether .

These are further used to determine Jeeva Sutra ,Roga Sutra and Mrutyu Sutra.

in all questions Jeeva sutra confers longevity ,vitality and wealth .Roga sutra gives losses and worry and ill health . Mrutyu sutra gives increase of illness fear ,and failure in undertakings.

In whichever Bhuta [earth fire etc] the sutra is seen that bhuta is afflicted by disease .

In a body flesh bones skin hair are earth .Blood urine sweat saliva and semen are water .Hunger thirst sleep shine of skin or dullness ,radiance are all fire . Movement of limbs and shaking of the body are air .Affection hatred ,infatuation fear ,aging ,are all ether.

Apart from above sutras Trisphuta ,pranasphuta ,dehasphuta chatusphuta and panchasphuta Mrutyusphuta and Sukshmasphuta indicate details of ailments.Gulika navamsa gives exact time of death.

Any relationship between pranasphuta and dehasphuta gives long life.

Normally an astrologer should abstain from describing his achievements of predictions. But following are given to establish efficacy of Astrology in determining the disease and [not to extol astrologer but astrology itself]

Once in a visit to family friend , I found a relative of my friend grieving along with his family . Their son a software engineer in an MNC was given ultimatum by doctors . the Son was 30 years old and required immediate replacement of kidney in a two days or definite death was what doctors had told bluntly to the Father of the boy.

Boy was recently married and had a six months baby .

The case: The s/w boy had terrible pain in the thigh , he went to doctor, they advised him tests. After initial test they declared his BP was abnormal and then a biopsy of thigh nerve and then they went neurological tests , when they found nothing , they advised angiogram ,plasty et all. Finally they declared his pain was due to kidney failure . his both kidneys have failed and one requires replacement that too within two days else it will fatal.

All these test took around six months of time and medication costing 80000 rs of which test were 65000 and medicines were 15000 . Of course the MNC paid his all bills.

He was then voluntarily withdrawn from service. the whole family was in grief.As no Kidney was in sight[donor] . Father agreed to donate one he was 70 years old.

It was a day before these transplant that those people came across me and I instantly told them the boy had no illness and his longevity was high. Father need not give his kidney .

The words of longevity heartened them but no disease words did not inspire them.But they invited me to their house to have a look at the boy. who had left all hopes of life . his wife was weeping and child was very cute. Parents were in total grief. Boy had no perspiration he had cool of a saint . How can a person of abnormally high BP be without perspiration and super cool .

I convinced the boy of good health and inspired the entire family to go for a second opinion.

The entire family went for a second opinion in a big hospital in the same city. But the second opinion of this hospital repeated the tests and gave same opinion. The family was totally disheartened. I did not give up , I asked them to try once again in another city .

They went to another city and carried out tests !Lo! All tests were normal , The boy had a minor injury and that resulted in sever pain could be cured by medicines after one month however the family also undertook pranic healing to recover faster.

Case 2: I was waiting in a waiting room of a platform , a family was totally preparing for a funeral of a still alive man. Who had a cancer in the mouth .The Doctor they had met just had told within few hours the time would be come. so they mercilessly discharged the patient , who could not talk. The mobile hones of the family elder were ringing and only thing they were discussing were how to port him to other world and how this can be even before reaching destination.

I looked at the man in a easy chair watching helplessly , he could not talk ,but his eyes were moist , he had no plan to die. He wanted desperately to live. But Doctor refused to operate him.

What was wrong with him. He had a cancer inside the cavity. He could not open the mouth . there was no way anything could be inserted through his mouth to treat the cancer [chemo therapy ] . So doctor declared as chemo therapy could not be done , his cancer is in last stages and he will die any moment.

I enquired the grieving people and then they showed me X-rays and reports . The family was very poor and one of the BPL family[ below poverty line] and they had gone to the doctor who was a specialist who grants appointment only once in six months. they had got the doctor by special letter from local MLA .

Doctor obliged in seeing the patient but refused to treat him because he assumed patient could not afford his fees and treatment . So he wrote in the report , as there is no scope for surgery [and also patients financial condition do not permit] , the operation cannot be done.

I took the elder of the family aside and said , look , dont believe what doctors say , person does not die just because doctors say he is going to die. This man has long life.

He did not believe me . They said how can they remove cancer he cannot open the mouth . I told , cut the jaw make a incision and treat the cancer and then replace the jaw . This way he will survive , you cannot make funeral preparation before a live man. This is atrocious.

Then elderly said From where are we going to bring money. i told him give me the number of his MLA , I talked to him over phone ,and asked him to call up the Doctor and assure him of his treatment with his funds[MLA funds] , he will be blessed and popular for saving a life . He agreed.

Next day Doctor gave a fine surgery and man lived long happily.


Comments on: "Sutra Panchakam- Diagnosis of ailment" (7)

  1. bahzad said:

    good articles


  2. chiraan ji pranam
    is there any possibility of attaining GOD REALISATION in this birth of mine according to my BIRTH CHART.

    WITH pranam


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  5. Vinoth said:

    If you can share the birthdata of the man whom you just described had cancer it will be helpful for us.
    can u post the borthdata and describe the sequence of events and points which convinced u that he will live longer beyond the time when funeral preparations were made?

    Otherwise this icident looks too dramatic to be believed for some of the onlookers.


    • chiraan said:

      The predictions were made on prashna chart of the moment and not birth chart .the sutra panchakam is for Prashna of the ailment. it is particularly foolish to make a funeral preparation on part of family memebers , it goes beyond comprehension and insensitivity in the society towards fellow beings and relativesThe golden principle is one should always keep hope wrt life.


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