Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Bhagavat purana lists all the kings that would come to rule the land of bharat [ entire jambudweepa] after King Parikshit. This is an inetresting tale of kings yet to come a prediction by Vedavyasa the names of the kings and their prospective rule along with the number of years they ruled is amazingly accurate when compared to the actual history . However william Jones and others distorted Indian history and jumbled up thye names of many a kings to match with the sumerian record.

Most of the history we read is highly biased and interpolated to suit the erstwhile british empire designs to show the land of Bharat as land of snake charmers and naked babas.

Th actual list is thus.

  • 3139 The Mahabharat War
    Start of Brihadrath dynasty of Magadh
    Start of Yudhisthir dynasty of Hastinapur
    3102 Ascension of Bhagwan Krishn
    Start of kaliyug
    2139 End of Brihadrath dynasty
    2139-2001 Pradyot dynasty
    2001-1641 Shishunag dynasty
    1894-1814 Gautam Buddh
    1641-1541 Nandas
    1541-1241 Maurya dynasty
    *1541-1507 Chandragupt Maurya
    1507-1479 Bindusar
    1479-1443 Ashokvardhan
    1241-784 Shung and Kanau dynasty
    784-328 Andhra dynasty

    328-83 Gupt dynasty
    328-321 Chandragupt Vijayaditya
    *326 Alexander’s invasion
    321-270 Samudragupt Ashokaditya Priyadarshin, or
    Ashok the Great
    102BC-15AD Vikramaditya, established Vikram era in 57 BC

    25-85 Shalivahan, established Shalivahan Shak era in 78 AD
    85-1192 There were several kingdoms of Rajpoot kings all over
    India. They ruled for 1,107 years.
    1192-1757 In 1192, Mohammad Gori invaded Delhi (Hastinapur) the
    second time, defeated and killed Prithviraj Chauhan, and
    became the king. Since then several dynasties of
    Muslims ruled India for 565 years.
    1757-1947 In 1757 English regime was established in Bengal.
    British ruled India for 190 years.
    1947 India got Independence

It can be seen that there is full 1200 years of diffrence between the Chanakya Maurya and Alexander .

The myth of Alexander and his Selukus having fought maurya is evident. This is the greatest hoax of this century. a grand goof up.

To proove the same let us provide some evidence.

The famous Aihole inscription of glorious Chalukya King Pulkeshi II of the 7th century says,


It means, “3,735 (30 + 3,000 + 700 + 5) years have already elapsed in kaliyug
after the Mahabharat war, and 556 (50 + 6 + 500) years of Shalivahan era is running (on this date of engraving this inscription).” The inscription says that 3,735 years of kaliyug had already elapsed. It means the 3,736th year of Kali era was running in the Shak era 556 AD which was 556 + 78 = 634 AD. Thus, deducting 634 from 3,736 comes to 3102 BC.

Thus date of both Mahabharata war and Shalivahan shaka has been established through this inscription.

Now Bhagavat clearly deleanates the list and is also supported by Vishnu purana and Bhavishya Purana.

Bhavishya Puran itself there are descriptions of Vikramaditya in more than 40 chapters between Pratisarg Parv I and IV. Pratisarg Parv IV, chapter 1 of Bhavishya Puran says that after the elapse of a full 3,000 years in kaliyug (3102 – 3000 = 102 BC), a dynamic Divine personality was born who was named Vikramaditya. Bhavishya Puran further says that the great King Vikramaditya ruled for one hundred years.

Kalidas, the greatest poet, writer and the literary figure of his time, living a pious life and sincerely devoted to his scholarly work, was one of the nine gems of King Vikram’s court. The Jyotirvidabharnam by Kalidas tells in its first chapter [astrological treatise by Kalidas]


that Vikram era started at the elapse of (agni 3, ambar 0, yug 4 and ved 4 = 3,0,4,4) 3,044 years of kaliyug. Thus, the 3,045th year of kaliyug was the beginning of Vikram era which is 57 BC. At the end of Jyotirvidabharnam, Mahakavi Kalidas mentions the exact date of his writing and says that

in the Kali era 3067 he had started to write this book. It means, he wrote that book when 3,067 years of kaliyug had passed. That comes to 35 BC (3102 – 3067 = 35), which is after the beginning of Vikram era.
Thus, Vikramaditya was born in 102 BC (3102-3000), established his ‘era’ in 57 BC and left this earth planet in 15 AD.

There were nine dynasties that ruled Magadh after the Mahabharat war (3139 BC). They were: 21 kings in Brihadrath dynasty (1,000 years), 5 in Pradyot (138 years), 10 in Shishunag (360 years), one King Mahapadm Nand along with his 8 sons (100 years), 10 Maurya (137 years), 10 Shung and 4 Kanva (457 years), and 30 kings of Andhra dynasty for 456 years (Bhagwatam 9/22/46-49, 12/1/1-28 ).

Thus Alexander’s era of 320 Bc does not coincide with Chanakya and Maurya.

Morover Megasthenes never mentions about any minister of Sandrokottus by name Chanakya.The most prolific and authentic historian it is unlikely that when he has not missed to captue the essence of Magadh empire with details of gardens and footpath and roads and administration has failed to mention the most revered and admired minister of Empire. It is infact the empire of Ashoka priyadarshin[samudragupta] that megasthenes was describing and not Candragupta Maurya. as 320 Bc was gupta period and not Maurya period.

Some names are confusing .

  • The Gupt dynasty was the ninth Magadh dynasty. There were seven kings in the Gupt dynasty:
  • (1) Chandragupt Vijayaditya (ruling period 7 years), (2) Samudragupt Ashokaditya Priyadarshin or Ashok the Great (51 years), (3) Chandragupt II Vikramaditya (36 years), (4) Kumargupt Mahendraditya (42 years), (5) Skandgupt Parakramaditya (25 years), (6) Nrasinghgupt Baladitya (40 years) and (7) Kumargupt II Vikramaditya (44 years). The total reigning period was 245 years. After the downfall of Gupt dynasty the kingship of Magadh ended and it went under the subordination of Vikramaditya of Ujjain (Malva).

And Mauryan dynasty

  • Chanakya, also known as Kautilya, who didn’t have a pleasant appearance but had an intelligent brain, managed to terminate the existing King Mahapadm Nand and his eight sons and made Chandragupt the King of Magadh who was also the legitimate heir of the throne. The total period of the four dynasties including the Nand dynasty after the Mahabharat war is 1,598 years (1,000 + 138 + 360 + 100). Thus, the coronation date of Chandragupt Maurya comes to 3139 – 1598 = 1541 BC. Chandragupt Maurya ruled for 34 years (1541-1507 BC), his son Bindusar ruled 28 years (1507-1479 BC) and his grandson Ashokvardhan ruled for 36 years (1479-1443 BC).

Megasthenes mentions King of india had usurped kingdom from his master.

Chandragupta of Gupta dynasty was a general in the cout of Andhra king when the king diesd his son Pauloma was a infant so Chadraguta assumed throne later killed Pauloma to become emperor.

whereas Mautya was installed by Chanakya and was legal heir to the throne.

Megasthenes was considered as gossiper by Greeks themselves Strabo says Megasthenes account cannot be believed as it says some Indians had feet backwards with eight toes. Sugarcane was a honey coated reed which gave honey without bees. Inidians lived only for 40 years. and women gave birth to child at seven . the snakes were flying and scorpions threw venom from skies and ants were as big as camel.

All these show he was cooking up stories.

And Jones took advantage of these writings to establish Sandrokottus was chandragupta Maurya. and Hindus were Aryans from foriegn Land and so muslims and christians were equally acceptable as hindus in this land as invaders. But megasthenes never mentions MAurya. or Chanakya.

Thus this history is distorted . And true history is what is given in Bhagavatam and Bhavishya Purana.

kings of Pramar dynasty up to King Bhojraj as given in the Bhavishya Puran (Pratisarg Parv IV chapter one) states Vikramaditya, son of Gandharv Sen, reigned up to 15 AD. Vikramaditya’s son Deobhakt ruled from 15-25 AD and his grandson, Shalivahan, ruled from 25-85 AD. Shalivahan established his era in 78 AD. It is called the Shalivahan Shakera.

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  1. Kuljeet said:

    I don’t understand why the RSS,BJP and other hindu based parties expose this conspiracy (hatched by Congress and its western allies) on large scale in media and internet to unite hindus under one banner.This is the need of this hour.


  2. Kuljeet said:

    There’re lot of Victorias and Georges etc in British monarchy history,it doesn’t mean its the same person.Someone need’s to tell this to British historians.

    I totally agree with above article.


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