Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

  • Mercury in kendra , venus in second house and any other benefic in the third house gives Vaksiddhi.
  • Jupiter with any other benefic in vargottam will give vaksiddhi.

Many atimes Astrologers reap fame due to vaksiddhi. Even austere saints exhibit vaksiddhi. Vaksiddhi gives rise to a concept that Lord sometimes overrides the destiny of people for the sake of words of certain chosen few.

One must not pester Astroogers to answer any queries when he is not in a mood , his words sometimes spoils a good fortunes and a delighted brsmhin astrologer can spin wonders for a dejected man or one beaten down by the hit of destiny. Astrologers should hence use restraint in giving negative predictions.

Vedvyasa resides in the speech of bramhins. Perhaps this may be the reason why in Yaksha prashna Yudhisthir answers ” The power of bramhin is in his speech” This is also the reason why Prahlad asks the only boon in his life to Lord Narsimha to always give his lineage and descendants the mind to oblige bramhins. For this Lord Narayana says ” Bramhano sakshat mama devata”.

Once there lived a woman in her late fifties by name Kaveri. She hurriedly went to the Mutt where Shri Bramhanyateertha was engrossed in the study of shastras. Kaveri had just lost her husband Ramchandraachar and his corpse was being taken to the funeral .

Unable to bear the agony she decided to alight the pyre [sati]and wanted to take permission from the saint.

Saint without even taking a look at her , engrossed in his book , and withhout even listening to her exclaimed ” deergha sumangali bhava ,suputrapraptirastu”

Kaveri amma became very puzzled. She said Swamiji my husband is being taken for funeral [he is already dead] and what is this you have said. Swamiji said his words woud not go waste.

Bramhanya teerth went to the corpse and sprinkled the holy water [teertha ] of Sriman MOOLARAM and Ramchandraachar got up to the delight of all the gathering.

even as a aged woman she conciebved and gave birth to a great scholar .This child studied in Kanchi and became famous as Vagmi and compiled entire Madhva shastra into a couplet.

Shripad Rayaru of Mulbagil was very impressed with his mastery over Shastras. Then Bramhanya teertha ordained this boy as the successor to his Mutt Peethadhipati and named him “Shri Vyasa Teertha“.

Sulava Narsimha was emperor of Vijaynagar empire , He requested ShriPadraja swamiji to take over pooja of Tirumala Venkataramana . Tirupati was governed by Vijaynagar Kings . Shripadaraj swamiji recommended Vyasateertha to be appointed for Praying Tirupati Balaji . [Madhvas were actually archakas during Vijayanagar Rule ]. Vyasa teertha did abhisheka and pooja At tirumala for 12 years . It was during such period Sulava raya declared Vyasateertha as his Rajguru . His successor Krishnadevaraya also accepted Vyasaraja As his Guru.

the famous historian and poet Somanath writes .Vyasa raya was respected by all the Kings even muslims. He was revered Saint and King actively sought his political advise. The great Dasa like Purandara ,kanaka etc were ordained under his tutorship.The great Saints like Vijayeendra , Vadiraaj also learnt under him. He defeated many scholars of his time to establish Madhva philososphy. He was considered as Abhinav Vyasa. Idols of Krishna danced whenever he was engaged in its pooja. People rejoiced and felt safe in his administration.

Once when a astrologer declared that great calamity will befall the Kingdom of Vijayanagar when the brith star of the King was tenented by three malefics. The astrologer predicted ,whoever sits on the throne at that inauspicious hour will meet certain death.

Krishnadevaraya ,invited Vyasateertha to rule the Kingdom for twelve years on the throne[as he alone could mitigate the duryoga] . Vyasateertha threw his angavastra onto the throne and it burnt down to ashes, then he ascended the Throne of Vijaynagar Empire and ruled for twelve years to safeguard King Krishnadevaraya from illfate . He was able adminstrator and statesman .

Vyasateertha established 732 Idols of Hanuman all through the Empire .Vyasateertha was Balhika in the Mahabharata war . As Balhika [elder brother of Shantanu and Uncle of Bheeshma ] he had raised mace on Lord Bheemasen 732 times. finally he died in the hands of Bheemasen . having raised weapon on the Lord Vayu , he did prayashchitta by installing 732 haniman idols all over the empire in this birth.

Vyasa teertha was reborn as Shri Raghavendra Teertha.

Comments on: "Vaksiddhi – Birth of Vyasateertha" (7)

  1. It’s amazing that a woman in her late 50s gave birth without the help of artificial medical help in those days….


  2. respected sir,
    is there any way by which one may attain perfection in vaksiddhi yoga? if so how?


  3. Hey,

    Thanks for clarifying my all doubts about vaksiddhi yoga. Very nice to sharing all these information with us…Awesome post….


  4. Vinoth said:

    Thanks chiraanji for answering my queries.


  5. Vinoth said:

    Sir,are these the only combinations where astrologers have vakshiddha?

    Please list the general combination where astrologers can have vaksiddha as we find lot more astrologers in the world have vaksiddhi.

    Is Ragavendra Teertha same as Raghavendrar of Mantralayam?


    • chiraan said:

      Raghavendra teertha is same as that of Mantralaya.
      The one listed is highest Vaksiddi yoga where a word uttered will fructify without fail. others are daivagnya yogas where their predictions may be true.
      but vaksiddhi yoga is different , it opeartes even if destiny is otherwise.


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