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Pravarshan- Rainfall

Pravashan is known by omens present at the rainfall on the following stars Purvabhadrapad, Uttarabhadrapad ,uttarashada , purvashadha ,rohini . in these five stars when there is rainfall , then it is known as garbha.

After 195 days it is known as prasava , where there will be massive rains or poor rains as per the omens on the day of Garbha.

if there is rainfall on these stars with more than required quantity in every season then there will be enough rains .

But if there are rains on shatbhishaga , ashlesha, ardra,swati or magha , as garbha then if these are lit with omens like utpat[ divya antariksha or bhaum] there will not be rains for as many days in the rainy season for as many days the omens exist during garbha.

fibe factors to be observed for a rain are Vayu jal vidyut , megh ,shabda. if garbha contains all the five factors , then there will be ample rains in the season.

When all the five are present then there will be rains for 100yojans , if only four omens at garbha then rains will be for 50 yojan , three omens will give 25 yojan , two will give 12.5 yojan only one omen will give 5 yojan distributed rains.

if garbh is in margashirsh then there will be less rains .

Jyeshta shukla ashtami to four days are normaly suitable for garbha , if it rains on swati satr then there will no rains in shravan amasa.

if it rains on vishakha then there will be no rains in bhadrapada , anuradha will not giuve rains in ashvayuj and jyeshta rain will make it rainless in kartik.

Where there is good law and order and where Bramhins are always engaged in homa havan and yagnyas and are agnihotris there will always be plenty of rains.

Today most parts of India are facing extreme power shortage . here are unsheduled power cuts even in cities like Bangalore ,delhi etc. This seems to be caused by shortage in water level in reservoirs in dams.

Electricity department has openly made an appeal to the people to understand that this is due to shortage of rainfall . if it does not rain in coming weeks , the unsheduled cuts will be normalised and additional cuts will be imposed apart from regular 5 hour cuts in city like Bangalore. Tariff may increase by Rs 3.

And it is all due to no Rains. Strange , how the rationalists have suddenly started believing in the rain Gods . In the era when it was fashionable to build dams ,depending on rains was superstition . Every river had dams obstructing its flow thinking that will give electricity forever. Wise cried ,the river is not just a water flowing it is ecosystem . If ecosystem is disturbed then environment is affected. People laughed , they thought it is oldfashioned to oppose dams.

There were films in those days where waiting for rains for agriculture was shown as sign of backwardness and unscientific. The arrogance of science was on the basis of its discovery of electricity. This arrogance led to abuse of rivers , rivers dried everywhere in every part of India .

Today same cusodians of electricity are looking skywards [like poor farmer of parallel cinema art film] for rains.


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  1. Sandy said:

    I think this is a beautiful article. It is so true, the arrogance of “scientists” who want proof of evertything and follow the rule of ‘non-existant unless proven otherwise’. Denying the existance of something doesnt make it dissapear, just eclipsed. Well done Chiraanji.


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