Hitherto Unknown Secrets !


  • Utpat are of three types :
  • Divya
  • antariksha
  • Bhauma

Differences in the discs of SUn ,planets or stars are known as divya .

Ulka[comets] nirghat [meteors] ,Vayu vikar [ windstorms] Parivesha [solar /lunar dispersion] Gandharva nagar [UFO] Indradhanush [ rainbow] are all Antariksha utpat

Movable things if they become immovable or immovable things become movabel on earth then it is Bhauma Utpat .

Shanti will alleviate Bhauma utpat. Antariksha utpat reduces its effect when shanti is performed. Divya Utpat does not calm down even after Shanti. Gold , Food and cow and Prithvi[land] dwhen donatedreduces some UTPAT illeffects .

Divya Utpat can also be pacified by 1 Crore homa. [koti homa].

King fins results of Divya Utpat in his body, son,treasury ,vehicles,city,queen ,chief preist and subjects .

Shivaling, Devata statue and temples or places of worship when they dislocate , cry , ,sweat,or fall or make some strange noises then it foretells death or danger to the King and his Kingdom.

When during festival in temples ,if the grand vehicles [yatra ratha] breakdown wheel gets stuck or overtuurms ,then it foretells bad future for the inhabitants and King.

When Draupadi Vasraharan was attempted by Dushyashan , temporarily all the greats in the Kuru family were mentally stuck by inertia [ they were all stabdha] by the evil force of Kali and Dhritrashtra ,Bheeshma ,Drona and Kripa except Vidur none opposed the act.

Vikarna [brother of Duryodhan opposed the act saying this is adharma . But this was not out of any devotion to Krishna or attachment to Pandavas or extreme faith in Dharma. Vikarna wanted to show that he knows some dharma well and wanted to exhibit it without any conviction.

Thus even after he opposed , Bheemasen vowed to kill all the 100 brother s of Kauravas. Bheema is apostle of Dharma , he cannot err . Yet If Vikarna was right then BHeemsen should have vowed for 99 people but He vowed to eliminate all the 100. Gandhari did ask this question to Bheemsen in the end. Bheem explains , Vikarna had only shown intent on his knowledge exhibition and no conviction. Yet he also was party to imprisoning scheme of Krishna and rendered hima vishnu Drohi amd hence was entitled to be kiled by BHeemsen.

After the Bheemsend Vow , there were UTPAT everywhere visible in the skies and Earth trembled , there were heavy cries from owls , yagnyashala of Kauravas moved to a distance , therw as a vile storm and heavy rains, Dhrtarashtra ‘s throne trembled , his crown fell down and horses vomited blood. owls and vultures cried loudly . All the AYga mantap lit automatically by fire. the statue of Kuru greats wept profusely.

Dhritarashtra called for Vidura and asked him the results of this Utpat . Vidura said if you dont act Oh great king you will be destroyed along with your sons and children .Bheemsen is veryt angr and Draupadi can any moment Curse you , this will close gates of heaven to you. and imminent downfall awaits your family.

Dhritarashtra afraid of Curse of Draupadi asks Vidura a way out to escape calamity.

He says return the Kingdom and husbands freedom for Draupadi. Dhritarastra asked ‘whats wrong in gaining a kingdom by his son in gambling ‘ How does that entitle Bheemsen to wage war .?

Vidura says Oh King , listen to the Dharma carefully , that which is given to a woman by her husband ,That whchis taken away from a pious bramhin , or widowed woman or a crippled soldier or that which is lost in a gamble , all this can be taken back by force and there is bno loss of dharma in it’

Dhritarashtra then pacifies Draupadi and asks her to seek a boon . Kshtriya woman does not seek any boons from other than husband. Vidura says three can be taken from the husbands father. SInce Pandu is not alive Dhhrtarashtra is akin to Father , and her father inlaw so she can ask three boons from him. Vidura urges Dhritarashtra to bestow freedom to Draupadi , her husbands and third retiurn of Kingdom lost in gamble.

Dhritarashtra obliges and returns all that is lost in the gamble alongwith freedom from slavery to Pandavs. Bheemsen says what has been given in fear is not a dana or boon but a an extract by themselves. thus they as kshatriys cannot be said to ahve gained freedom in bhiksha. As Dhritarashtra gave these out of fear.

But great is the Satvik nature of Draupadi , that even in extreme trouble she did not curse Kauravas but relied on Krsihna to safeguard her honour . This is true Bhagavat dharma.


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