Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Beauty of a person is judged by 32 features .Such 32 Features present indiactes a perfect man/woman. These features are

  • Chest ,forehead ,shoulders must be broad -3
  • Navel ,and Satva must be deep [ Gambhir]-2
  • Breasts,stomach,knees,nose,face,hips must be well developed -6
  • Penis ,back,neck,thighs should be small -4
  • Eye edges,palms,foot ,nails ,toungue ,lips,palette should be red in colour – 7
  • teeth ,nails,hair,skin ,pores should be subtle [not coarse] -5
  • Mouth ,eyes , ears ,nose and arms should be large -5
  • additionally three lines should be visible at forehead ,neck and stomach

Only Hanuman has all the Lakshanas .Shiva has 28 Lakshanas and others have lesser and lesser , devatas have 15 and above rishis have eight best lakshan and beautiful humans have 4 or 5 good lakshanas ,Demons have all distorted lakshan , Kali has all 32 durlakshanas only.

Those who have more than 20 lakshanas there words on Vedas can be accepted .

More the lakshanas more the happiness . More will be devotion towards Vishnu .For women beauty is the only indicator for good qualities .More beautiful a women more devoted will be she towards God.

Abenefic in Lgna or a benefic aspecting Lagna makes one beautiful


Comments on: "Mahapurush Lakshan -32 features" (47)

  1. You are mistaken when you say 32 lakshanas are applicable to Hanuman, Shiva, et al. These lakshanas apply only to human beings, and the strength of the atma (due purva punyam, etc) determines how many lakshanas a person will be born with, at any given time. Vikramaditya Chakravarthy possessed 32 lakshanas. Ancient texts confirm this. If what you say is true, then this Chakravarthy is better than Shiva, and equal if not even better than Hanuman? In ancient times, Maharishis have spoken of extremely rare Yuga Purushas (humans) born with 33 lakshanas. These words will come true, soon.


    • why 33 you ca have 73 lakshana s too if one wants to add durlaxanas as laxanas .

      which text says vikramaaditya had 32 laxana .. laxan shastra is preached by LORD BRAMHA himself and he gives 32 as final and does not include humans in it …

      BRIHAT SAMHITA written by VARAHAMIHIRA who was in the court of vIKRAMADITYA gives only 32 laxanas and discounts humans for it .. HE would have been hanged for having written that way when his own KING had those laxanas if at all


      • In Simhasana Dwatrisika and other Charitas, Vikramaditya is confirmed as having 32 lakshanas. Indeed, with his willings to offer blood from his own neck, even Vishnu have been pleased with him and prevented the offering. One such temple where this happened is in Tibet and the deity there is Varaha. Not all Puranas and Charitas are true. However, a person with 33 lakshanas could be born but that is rare. Such a person should have the grace of Sapta Chiranjeevis and Saptarishis, and born with Trimurthi Yoga (Tripada Ekamurthi or Ekapada Tripada). This is a rare yoga indeed. Seek out Raghavendra. He will affirm this.


        • There is no mention of 33 laxanas in any purana or text .. if it is there you must quote it .. dwatrinshika is not purana … it is kavya and imagination of kavi /..
          You have not given justification for varahamihiras account who was in Vikramaditya court …


      • I apologise. Its Ekapada Trimurthi or Tripada Ekamurthi.


  2. krmuniraju said:

    all u r discussions very interesting and useful, there is nothing and everything in chaturvedas


  3. Thank you Guruji…i found! 🙂


  4. karthik said:

    poojanneeyamaina gurugariki,
    can you please let us know the exact measurements in inches etc…. which are regarded to be perfect ..


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