Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Beauty of a person is judged by 32 features .Such 32 Features present indiactes a perfect man/woman. These features are

  • Chest ,forehead ,shoulders must be broad -3
  • Navel ,and Satva must be deep [ Gambhir]-2
  • Breasts,stomach,knees,nose,face,hips must be well developed -6
  • Penis ,back,neck,thighs should be small -4
  • Eye edges,palms,foot ,nails ,toungue ,lips,palette should be red in colour – 7
  • teeth ,nails,hair,skin ,pores should be subtle [not coarse] -5
  • Mouth ,eyes , ears ,nose and arms should be large -5
  • additionally three lines should be visible at forehead ,neck and stomach

Only Hanuman has all the Lakshanas .Shiva has 28 Lakshanas and others have lesser and lesser , devatas have 15 and above rishis have eight best lakshan and beautiful humans have 4 or 5 good lakshanas ,Demons have all distorted lakshan , Kali has all 32 durlakshanas only.

Those who have more than 20 lakshanas there words on Vedas can be accepted .

More the lakshanas more the happiness . More will be devotion towards Vishnu .For women beauty is the only indicator for good qualities .More beautiful a women more devoted will be she towards God.

Abenefic in Lgna or a benefic aspecting Lagna makes one beautiful


Comments on: "Mahapurush Lakshan -32 features" (47)

  1. Guruprasad said:

    Dear Chiraan,
    You have told vadiraaja swamy showed signs of Aging & Vijayeendra teertha also showed signs of fever attacking them. As per you, it should not be technically attributed to Rujus. You are wrong in this. Because even god vedavyasa showed the signs of age in Mahabharata which does not mean that he is not Sarvottama. You just watch the vrundavanas of sri vadirajaru & sri vijayeendrararu. You can see the icons of lord sri Hari in front of their vrundavanas which you will not find in front of any body’s vrundavanas. This clearly indicates they are very close to sri hari. Only vayu can be close to sri Hari which shows that both these yathis are Ruju. You cannot simply ignore the suladis & padyas of vijayadasaru, gopaladasaru, jagannatadasaru etc, who clearly told vadirajaru is Ruju. You also please note that RAYARU has not commented on rujutva of sri RAJARU. If rajaru was not ruju, rayaru would have told that.


  2. Dear Pramod,
    Sorry to have addressed to you. It is for Shri Pranav


  3. pranav said:

    Dear members,
    A horse should be treated as a horse and a dog should be treated as a dog.
    I have treated UM and it’s disciple , the way they deserve. They attack all other mutts from behind….
    Bloody lineage of fox . I attack them on face after warning. We , the devotees of rajaru and rayaru openly challenge all mlechas of UM for a vaada on rujutwa of raajaru ……….
    UM shud be treated like this…Why to use gaurava vachaka for them .. We dont use gaurava vaachaka for raakshasas and daityas.

    The tongues of UM guys are the real “foul” ones as they speak against Vadiraajaru. They are the real foul ones who ,inspite of knowing that “rayara mutt” is the original parampara of acharya madhva , call themselves as moola mutt. What more foul thing can happen in madhva sampradaaya….
    They are the real foul beings as they are trying to defame the sacred parampara of Rayar mutt.
    I am nothing infront of UM as far as being foul is concerned.

    When purandara dasa, vijaya dasa, jagannatha dasa etc have openly praised rajaru as laatavya , these UM people say that they did so because of asura avesha….. Thu avar jeevakkishtu benki haaka
    If vijayadasa can have asura avesha then raghottama teertha, satyabodha teertha can also have asura avesha. Shree satya dharma teertha of their own mutt has written an ashtaka on rajaru stating he is incarnation of laatavya….Now UM says Satyadhramaru has never written anything like that.

    UM has nt produced a pontiff who can match atleast in one aspect with rayaru , rajaru or vijayendra….
    They are too happy with self dabba. That satya pramod has gone and taken place next to raghottama teertha …. see the level of UM ? Kudare pakdalli katte nenapige baruttade.

    If devotees of Rajaru , praise him as ruju devte …what does UM lose ? If Rayaru is more popular than their pontiffs what do they lose?

    Pramod , If u want to argue abt rujutwa of rajaru then face argument with me directly …why are u commenting , keeping chiraan as shield. If u cant understand the slokas of puraanas or vedas then ask ur UM teacher to explain it. We have never commented anything over the ” niruti avatara of raghottamaru ” we have nt commented on the “rudramsha of satyadharmaru” .

    Repetitive defeats at the hands of pandits like raghupraveera teertha , jamkhandi vaadiraja acharya have made UM insecure I guess.

    If anyone can read and understand Kannada then please buy “Jambukhandiya simha” or ” vijayenndra vaibhava” to know the reality behind the sacredness of rajaru and rayara mutt . These two books expose the fraud of UM. It is written by Shree Jayasimha.

    Shree Sushameendra teertha ( navayuga rayaru) has openly and fearlessly declared that he is one among the believers of rujutwa of rajaru. ( He has given this in writing )


    • Pramod said:

      Respected acharya namaskars,

      Iam also an adherent devotee of Sri Vadiraj swamy,Sri Raghavendra swamy,Sri Vyasraja
      Sri Raghottamteertha,and all the yatis of Madhva Parmpara.
      We cannot equate any yati equal to Sri Madacharya.All these great yatis carried forward madhav siddhant only they did not preach any new thing or did not form any other sect.I do not under stand why any math is dragged
      in the middle.This show the dwesha which is main hindernace to sadhana.



      • Pramod,
        Even madhwacharya has not taught anything new. He himself says that he is preaching what Shri veda vyasa has taught during mahabharata.

        It is clear that all rujus have gnana saamya , from various puraanas.
        If laatavya cannot be equated to vaayu then vaayu also cannot be equated to Brahma.

        We shud all start praying Brahma , who is the real and first teacher. Why to ignore him.
        He is the one who has passed vedas,puranas,smritis etc to various rishis and so brahmins have got all this “knowledge” from him. Brahma shud be treated as moola guru.

        It is foolishness to say that Madhwacharya is supreme and rest all his followers.
        Just like maadhwacharya has nt learnt anything under Achyutapreksha , Shri Vaadiraaja jas also not learnt anything from Shri Vaageesha teertha.

        Madhwacharya undertook fasting for a mandala period and traveled to Badrikaashrama.
        But In case of SHRI VAADIRAAJA , he mediated just till evening on vedavyasa and Shri VYASA took him to his abode personally.

        If there is no proof that Vaadiraaja met Vyasa , then there is no proof for Madhwa meeting Vyasa.


    • Dear Pranav,
      Thanks for giving a glimpse of what KALI can do.
      UM has been preaching what Madhwacharya has preached. So have the other Mutts.
      UM pontiffs have been gurus to other mathadipathis past many centuries and have been held inhigh esteem by them.
      Shri SatyaPramodaru has been guru to Shiroor/ Kaniyur/ Kudli mutt pontiffs and has good respect from all Udupi mutts.
      It was Shri SatyaPramoda Tirtha who wrote VijayeendraVijaya Vaibhavam in Support of Shri Vijayeendra Tirtharu when none others even thought about supporting Shri Vijayeendra tirtha. In the year 1985 Shri Satya Pramoda Teertharu sat for Chaturmasya at Sode and has written tippani on Yuktimallika. Shri Vishwottam tirtharu also was at Sode and had praised SatyaPramoda for his dedication towards Madhwacharya/ Vadirajaru etc.
      I am a firm devotee of Vadirajaru/Rayaru. But nowhere have these stalwarts shown/told us to insult/defame other Madhwa Yatis/ Mutts.
      No two souls are same (Jeeva-Jeeva Bheda). So are Madhwacharyaru/ Rajaru/ Rayaru/ Raghuttamaru etc
      Rujutva is in itself a very difficult subject for we common laymen. Instead of arguing and mud sledging, lets worship Rajaru/ Rayaru etc with atmost devotion as per our knowledge and capacity.


    • lekha said:

      hiii.. pranav… i’m neither a um person nor a rm person… but i find guruprasad’s doubt valid… if vaadhirajaru are rujugalu, then how come he aged like all other yaatis? how come he’s know to have been affected by fever? please don’t make this some kind of a person rivilary between um and rm… we are all madhwas.. if there is so much of hate in you for madhwas, just like you, god will never forgive you… i know very less.. but i know enough to tell you that you are the foul one, not the um people…


    • savitri said:

      Mr ACHARYAGURUDROHI…….!u r right!A dog shud be treated as a dog! But u stand nowhere!!it is an insult to any animal to compare with you!as every animal is far superior to you!you are a certified Madhwa Drohi!nd wait for ur day !””ACHCHE ACHHE NAAK RAGDE! TU KIS JHAAD KA PATTA RE?i get all sort of abuses for you seeing your dirty comments! but dats nor my culture! A day will come when God makes you remind of what all you hav written!you are thinking too great of urself by condemning the Madhwa Yatis.Behold! God will tolerate anything said to him but not to his bhaktas! what is your capacity to talk nd judge about these Yatis??? AS THE SAYING GOES”VIDYA DADAATI VINAYAM” YOU DON’T HAVE VINAYA YOU ONLY HAVE EGO.SO ALSO U R NOT THE ONE WHO HAS ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGEIF YOU DONT HAVE THE CAPACITY TO WRITE GOOD ND APPRECIATE,ATLEAST DON’T WRITE BAD AND HURT OUR FEELINGS!BE OFF FROM THIS!!! AREY…YOU SHUD BE SHOED PUBLICLY FOR WRITING ALL THESE!


  4. Pramod said:

    Respected Acharya Namaskars,

    This shows the innate nature of an individual.
    Such a dwesha, foul mouthed person.
    Any way its his karma.
    What is the fate of people who do not believe in Sri Madacharyas philoposphy being madhva,do not believe his works,want authenicity do not respect his parampara (math).



  5. pranav said:

    Since aging of Vijayendraru and vadiraja has been mentioned , why cant we think as below:

    Sumadhwa vijaya is not a pramaana grantha like puraana or veda. The author of sumadhva vijaya might have added his own assumptions and exaggerations.

    In Vaamana avatar , God does nt age but in vedavyas avatar he looks like a old man.
    Both Vijayendraru and vadirajaru might have done the same.

    MBTN written by Acharya madhwa doesnt have any “pramaana”. It is his own view and there is no veda or itihaasa which supports it. eg: Bahlika had avesha of Vayu. This is mentioned in MBTN but cannot be found in any ved or puraan.

    As I have already mentioned, rujutwa of Raajaru is proved from verses of vyoma samhita , padma puraan etc

    Which bloody UM pontiff is mentioned in scriptures? Not even a single. 🙂
    A shirur pontiff took possession of idols by hook or crook when vibhudendraru was in north india.
    Bloody theif … rascal. This is none other than the great yati of UM called “Vidyanidhi teertha”
    UM is a bullshit and shud keep it’s mouth shut when names of yatis like Raajaru , rayaru and vijayendraru are being taken.


    • Where is the understanding that vedvyasa looks old ?

      every word of MBTN is backed by purana and vedas , aveshas are written in puraana . Now definitely questioning on one hand mBTN or madhvacharya and justifying vadirayaru on other hand does not go well as vada because if moola does not exist the branch named vadirajaru cannot exist as well .

      vada should have pramana , till now pramanas have not flown except expletives i have not seen any strong pramana , just saying padma contains or vyoma contains is not enough . put it on the forum and prove your statement rather than wasting your energies on UM


    • Hrishikesh said:


      This is really unacceptable and unwarranted. Do not rant and vent like this.

      Before you start off, I’m not from UM. But your post is just stupidity beyond words !!!

      Vijaydasaru belongs to Uttaradi Mutt. He had a close relationship with the UM pontiff at that time.
      Shastras say that if there is confusion about dharma, then one should follow what great people do. (Hence Sri Krishna tells Arjuna that if he does not fight in war; other people will take him as example and not do the same)

      No foul langauge against Madhwa Yati’s.

      Your posts are all contradictory; you believe in Vadirajaru’s rujutva but you are ready to question sarvamoola or MBTN.
      All Madhwa Yati’s have 100% declared that all their power is only because they follow the Madhwa Matha !!! You are not pleasing Vadirajaru by challenging MBTN or sarvamoola. All Madhwa Yatis don’t care what happens to them, but they will not tolerate any insult to SriMadacharya or his works.

      “Sumadhwa vijaya is not a pramaana grantha like puraana or veda. The author of sumadhva vijaya might have added his own assumptions and exaggerations. ”

      SumadhwaVijaya BhavaPrakashika is an epilogue written by Narayana Panditacharya where he clearly mentions that he has not exagerrated, or written anything extra to show his poetic powress. He has verified each and every event before including it.

      Vadirajaru himself read the Sumadhva Vijaya, when you are challenging the authenticity you are challenging Vadirajaru himself.

      In fact SuMadhva Vijaya is so authentic, that Vadirajaru, Rayaru all accpeted it. If not they could have written other works. They have not only accepted it; they also quote it as pramanas thereby giving Narayana Panditacharya his due. What is your problem in doing the same?

      If you want proof of Sumadhva Vijaya being authentic, there is massive rock even today which was lifted by Srimadhvacharya to prove that he is Bheemsena. The rock has the inscription “SriMadhvacharya ekahastena stapita shila”.

      One more greatness of Narayana Panditacharya, he was refused entry into Rameshwaram because he converted to Madhva sampradaya from Advaita. He sponatenously composed the Shiva Stuti. Lord Shiva himself threw the doors of Rameshwaram temple open.

      There is no direction, topic or humility in your postings. You are very knowledgble, no doubt.
      However let me quote, Sri Purundara Dasaru’s song “Guru inna gulam aguva tanuka doreya dana mukti”
      Unless you become Guru’s gulama you cannot get Mukti

      The song further says “Aru shastrava vodidare yenu, nuraru purana vodidare yenu; vyartha aytu bhakuti”
      If you don’t have Guru’s grace and you read all the six shastra’s or hundreds of puranas it is of no use.

      Vijaya Kavacha also says similarly: ” Veda vodlu, baride vada maadalu, haadi aagado budhar pada namabade”
      If you read Vedas, write books or win debates, unless you surrender to Gurus like VijayDasaru you’re cannot be on the path to Moksha.

      A little about VijayDasaru since I’ve brought the topic up:
      VijayDasaru faced opposition from local sanskrit pandits because he was propogating Shastras in local language Kannada. With Sri Hari’s grace he effortlessly overcame all obstacles. Jagganatha Dasaru was a renowed Sudha Pandit, who despised Sri VjiayDasaru initially, later on submitted to him and went on to the magnum opus “Sri HariKathaAmrutSara”, which in the phala shruti has been said to be in accordance with Sri Vadirajaru’s kosha.

      Long story short: no rants, no abuse of Madhva Yati’s, be humble, reading books does’nt mean you can ramble whatever you want

      Lastly : Please maintain sanctity of this blog, this blog is a spiritual lifeline to so many of us. We do not want to compromise that sanctity at any cost.

      Jai Vijayraya,


  6. pranav said:

    Padma puraan , brahma vaivarta puraan etc give good evidence of incarnation of laatavya as vaadirajaru.
    The best pramaana is Vyoma samhita.


  7. Pramod said:

    Respected acharya,
    I totally disagree with Mr Pranav.
    Let us remember Sri Vadiraj swamiji is born in parampara of Sri Madhwacharya and also he carried
    forward the preachings of Sri Madacharya.
    As per Mr Pranav the Ista devata has to be prayed for moksha which is against the Madhva Parampara.
    Lord Sri Hari is Sarvotama,only his avataras has to mediated upon to attain moksha.
    when you have Granthas like Sarvamula grantas composed by Sri Madacharya
    which are essence of all the vedas,upnishadas etc why again get pramanas from Vedas its like having doubt on the granthas.Just as Shri Chiraan acharya has said correctly Veepreat aGyanan.



  8. […] In a very simple way without getting to the details of pramana, just now about the Rujutva of Shri Vaadiraja, one darshan of the Pancha Vrundavan of the saint, makes it loud and clear that he is indeed a ruju gana devata (as prayed to by shri Vijaya .. [view original] […]


  9. veenapranav said:

    Thanks for ur reply. can u plz post what u inferred ? 🙂
    U can find proof for rujutva of rajaru in sanjaarbhuraana sookta in rigveda. 🙂



  10. have read today oct 8th 2009 all yr discussions very interesting and useful.



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