Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Linga Lakshan

  • The person with small ling[ penis] will be rich
  • Large ling will make one poor
  • Bent towards Left will give financial troubles and troubles from children
  • bent towards right will have fortunate child
  • Bent downwards will give poverty
  • Vsible nerves on the ling will give less children
  • Knotty ling will make one happy
  • Soft ling will give death due to diabetes
  • One testicles [anda]will give death by drowning
  • Uneven ‘and’ will make one run after females [ lecher/flirt]
  • Even ‘and’ will become a leader
  • stressed upwards ‘and’ will reduce longevity
  • And elongated long ‘and’ will make one live 100 years.
  • If ‘mani’ [ under/lower skin edge of penis] [ lingagra] is red in colour man will be wealthy .
  • if mani is white and dirty [faded] man will lose his wealth
  • If while urinating there is noise then man will enjoy happiness
  • If there is no noise then one will become poor in later life
  • If urine falls clockwise in two three or four streams respectively then one becomes a king.
  • Those who urinate in a dispersed manner face poverty
  • Only single stream urination will make one very beautiful but without children
  • Drop by drop urination will make one very learned
  • If there are bubbles while urination person is potent.
  • Those whose ‘mani’ are raised ,even and viscous they will enjoy women wealth and precious stones in abundance
  • if centre of Mani is cut and small depressed They will give birth to only females.
  • Those whose mani centre is raised will own many animals
  • If mani is absent they will be wealthy.
  • Those whose semen smells like flowers become King
  • Those whose semen smells like honey will have many children
  • Very less semen will give female offsprings
  • Those whose semen smells like meat will enjoy many women and are addicted to sex
  • Those whose semen smells like alcohol will perform yagnya
  • Astringent smelling semen will give poverty
  • Those who finish satisfying copulation in a whisk live longer
  • Delayed ejaculation will give less life span.
  • Six packs [natural] on stomach will make one learned
  • Four packs will make one enjoy many woman
  • two packs will die by weapons
  • Eight packs will make one own a diary
  • No packs but stomach like that of lion will make one king.
  • Uneven packs [two four six] will not give above result but man will have illicit relationships aka incest.
  • Even packs or lines will make one turn away from other woman and be attached to only wife.

Once on the banks of river sarswati , All the rishis had gathered to perform satra yaga . The saptarishis were presiding . Just then rishis nArad came by and asked ,all the humans are engaged in doing yaga japa etc , but who is actually recieving them in heavens , have they ever inspected this . Is it not right to inspect and find whether the Deities are capable/worthy of recieving thses offerings and giving them fruits.

If it is truth then who is the supreme deity that receives these offerings and should be prayed to.

Kashyap then deputed Bhrigu muni to inspect and sent him to heavens. Sage Bhrigu went to Maharloka and Shiva was busy with Parvati in ekanta and did not bother to welcome Bhrigu . Bhrigu cursed him that henceforth none should worship Shiva in his idol form but instead Shiva be worshipped in his ‘ LINGA’ form. Also he cursed one who partakes offerings to Linga lose his punya.

Then Bhrigu proceeded to Bramha and here too Bramha ignored him [ Both Shiva and Bramha ignored on purpose to declare the supremacy of Vishnu and it was not a disrespect to Muni or defect in their characteristics of getting engrossed in respective wife]

Bhrigu cursed Bramha that he be not worshipped at all on earth and let there be no temples in his name. Owing to thgis curse there are no Bramha temples in the world. except at Pushkar which was constructed at the arly stages of creation .

Then Bhrigu went to Vishnu , seeing Vishnu in Yoga nidra he kicked him in the chest. Lord pacified Bhrigu by pressing his feet . this angered [ mock anger] Laxmi . She left Shwetadweepa and settled in Kolahpur.Lord came down looking for her ended up Marrying Padmavati and then stood as TIRUPATI BALAJI .


Comments on: "Linga Lakshan" (4)

  1. respected sir,

    you have mentioned in this article that
    no packs but a stomach like that of lion will make one king… does it mean haing a family pack??
    because everyone these days have it and not all are surely kings


  2. veera said:

    Interesting points Guruji. Can these rules be read and interpreted in isolation or should one look at the features in the birth chart as well?


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