Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Most of the clocks are inaccurate , not tuned to the IST [ or local mean time]. Perhaps people are not so serious about the accuracy. Or shall we say we do not have yet smart clocks who auto update themselves with IST [GMT or LMT].

This being the case , when the time is 10:45:46 , most hospital may be showing , 10:40 :21 or 10:48:52 or may be 11:00:04 also .

yet all of them think they are right [ Fuzziness of the time sense] . When a child birth occurs seldom do doctors or parents give a serious thought about tuning their watches . when tuned they will certainly have to adjust their clocks by pretty 4-5 minutes.

There are 12 rashis . Each rashi is 30 deg . Each deg has 60 secs.Thus total gunanphal K = 12 X 30 X 60 =21600 .

Incidentally a man in his entire day takes only 21600 breathes.[shwas]

In hamsa mantra Japopasamhara it is written thus : ” purvedyu: pratah suryodayadarabhya aadya pratah suryodyaparyantam madhridistithena mukhyapran kruten shatshathadhikyaekvimshatsahasrasankhyak[21600] shwasroop hamsa mahamantra japen tatha mukhyapranpreriten mayakruten dash hamsa mahamantra japen bhagvan mukhyapran pati: hamsarupi lakshminarayan : priyataam “

In a rashi shashtyamasa is also 60th part of the rashi. The time taken to change one rashi in shashtiamsha is 2 minutes. So a horoscope changes every two minutes.

thus when the time is offtrack by 4-5 minutes then the predictions change drastically.[ shashtiamsa chart is totally unreliable in this case] rest of the charst may differ accordingly.

The moment of the person at any given crucial time is governed by Shashtiamsha and according to vimsopaka this divison enjoys more strength and importance than Rashi.[ vimsopak of 5 ie a strength contribution of 5 out of total twenty 20 ] That means a planet ill placed in shashtiamsha never gives good results .

as there 21600 shastiamshsa operating in a day in a human life. every moment he faces is his private moment and completely influences his existence for that moment.

ie a moment of danger, that moment is very crucial for a life irrespective of whether the person is KING or a beggar that moment both are equally vulnerable. This inner moment of vulnerability is governed by Shashtiamsha .

When a person temporarily loses his cool [ his actual characteristic vanishes and he may become inhuman for a minute. Perhaps may regain his cool and become normal . Such behaviors may be unexplained when a very good man suddenly behaves in a sinful manner for a short moment of time.

How does this happen . The shashtiamsha are elaborated as 1 rakshas amsha , kubera amsha , yaksha amsha , gandharva , heramba etc ; when these are operative man is possessed by such deities /demons to carry out such activity . Woman on silver screen dazzle and look heavenly due to presence of gandharva amsha , when met at other times may look normal and disappointing . When in yaksha amsha some people may give extraordinary performances on stage and yet in interviews they may seem to squeak with their voice when told to sing without microphone and accompanying orchestra.

However This shasti amsha changes when there is defect of 2 minutes in birth chart which usually every hospital may carry as a result of approximate clocks.

Next let us assume moon’s degree at 3 18′ in cancer

moon travels 200 ‘ in 360 min . so when there is difference of 4 minutes in clock then 200/90 = 2 ‘ 02′ ; then moons degrees will have a difference of 2’ ; Then the number of days for which the prediction goes off track is 5 X 360/100 =18 days. approx . So a dasha system of 18 days difference is carried out by the calculation of astrologer . Thus astrologer will never be able to identify the events of importance like marriage or loss of job etc.

If someone has just lost the job after a beautiful stint astrologer would still be giving better results to the native.

Thus in absence of accurate time , predictions will never be successful . In such situations AARUDHA is the best tool to decipher the events. Aarudh is the piece of gold laid out by non astrologers over a rashi chakra or the direction in which querist is sitting this determines the exact nature of the query and its result .Aarudh gives the result accurately .


Comments on: "Success in Prediction – Significance of Aarudh" (131)

  1. Namaskara Acharyere

    Why didn’t you recite any kavach- like madhwa kavach/ narsihma kavach to escape abhichara. How could it effect you when you -recite some many stotras /-sit for hrs to do japas? Are they useless.

    Your are expert in astrology-so you could find out you were under abhichara. How could ordinary people find that they under the abhichara? Is there are any symptoms….?



    • The grand question is did it affect me ?
      but it existed //
      most people feel abhichaar will not happen if on does everyday pooja japa stotra …
      so what is meant by that is abhichaara will not affect ..
      now let me explain ..
      somebody is equipped with weapon .say a gun … now if he intends to fire he can fire .. can anything stop him ..
      now one who does japa .. is equipped with bulletproof shield .. so it is said no bullet [abhichaara ] can affect you .. but it does not mean bullet can never be shot at you ..
      when bullet will be shot at you , [ when you have enemity , when you have antagonised authorities , when somebody is out to hit you ] in all above cases .others are free to hit , cause and sandharbha is determined by the time …
      but one who does abhichaara is free to do it .. and abhichaara comes .. we do japa , the shield protects ,, but interaction will be there ..
      and if it prolongs for a long time .. bullet persists to pierce and shield persists to stop the inevitable .. the ordeal needs introspection .. then someone needs to interfere and make cease fire .//
      or.. the person with shield needs to retaliate .. which is not necessary


      • Acharya

        Here’s my take.

        You have mentioned earlier that even Pandavas came under abhichar, if devamshas are not spared what can we expect. Further it would be unwise to think that there was some lapses on their part. This is the reason why its good your true identity remains shrouded behind a veil otherwise you would be constantly put under the microscope like them!!

        Everyone is responsible for his own actions. One alone goes to swarga or nark and only what we do matters washing our hands off this responsibility or looking the other way saying its not our fault what happened to us wont spare us our fate. You have presented an idea a way of life through your work here. Now the onus shifts to the other party i.e. us thereafter Its for us to employ our faculties here to the best of our capacity and make the most of it. It is not that we have had any other options. If at the end of the day I feel somethings didn’t turn out to my expectations it would not be your fault. Through brief experiences it is evident that when the dice is rolled you ought to pick a number you must play the hand from what ever you are dealt with. One must be a sport enough to know that after all its a game and where you are forced to play whether you like it or not so better put on a brave face and make the best of it.

        Of all the false prophets and raw deals you seem to me the most genuine bet. I will definitely put my money on you over and over again no regrets and no strings attached not as if I had other options. Before coming here I thought I had it all figured out. But I am sure what ever I had figured out would have made me more miserable. Only those who bet there all and lose would know your worth!!

        After all its a leap of faith which many have already taken. For some of us the ship has already sailed atleast I am looking forward to see where it takes me with no regrets what so ever.

        Pujyaay Raghavendraay Satyadharma rataay ch |
        Bhajtaam Kalpvrukshaay Namataam Kamdhenave ||

        Sri HariVayuGurubhyo Namaha
        Sincere Pranaams.


  2. dear chiraanji,
    will u please send me the link of shri sitaram shaloka and gauri ma satotra.


  3. Sir / Guruji

    I have never written a comment to your blog but today I feel obliged to after reading to many of your other blogs. I have always followed your commentary and has helped me in day to day activities.




  4. guruji pranam
    please give detailed vision of HANUMAN CHALISA


  5. guruji pranam
    you didnt blessed me on this ÐEEPAVALI !
    guruji please tell us regarding MANIBHADRA YAKSHA DEVATA and benefits of doing his UPASANA ? method of upasana ? how it is good for business people


  6. guruji pranam

    Your moral support, spiritual guidance, service oriented work is like a RAY of SUN to people who are in DARKNESS . so you are DHAARI DEEPA to many. I pray GOD to ENLIGHTEN your LIFE as your wish on this festival of LIGHTS.



  7. guruji pranam
    thanks for your suggestion about taking Ample dates.
    Even though i suffered severe pain on EKADASI , on DWADASI i got good business by GOD’S grace which was unexpected. guruji please write about BHUVARLOKA VARNAM, SRI BHAGAWATAM, about AGHORI TRADITION, about SADHUS of THIRUVANNAMALAI,ANNAMALAI HILLS.. we will be blessed to study it from your narration which is unique from others.


  8. guruji
    yesterday i did 2nd EKADASI VRAT with your guidelines , by fasting from morning without water and food and chanting GOD as much possible also in my business hours . But at night 12’0 clock i had severe MIGRANE felt my head is breaking. But i tried a lot to get sleep and control pain by chanting GOD . but couldnt tolerate pain at
    2.30, so i asked EXCUSE with GOD and break VRATA by having BANANA to take TABLET. Even i got up late and didnt do my daily puja at 5.45 am . will GOD pardon me for what i did ? why GOD didnt made MIGRANE vanish when i chant his name even in pain (this is not like doubting on ALMIGHTY GOD, as i have did nothing to GOD to hear my prayers .
    its just discussing with you my GURUJI , if VRAT is disturbed by above reasons what is the remedy to get rid of problems to avoid while performing EKADASI )
    what is reasons for obstacles, failures happening in my LIFE in all BUSINESS i did , REAL ESTATE, FILM DISTRIBUTION , FINANCE and now i am getting HURDLES in my present doing business and also even in doing PUJA and VRAT ? ? ? ?
    i am thinking this BIRTH of mine is so SINFUL so that it is not even blessed and made for doing GODS VRAT ?
    please tell what is reason for this sinful birth seeing only NEGETIVE , FAILURES , WANDERING life .

    with pranams


    • its allright to have a banana at 2.30 , no need to worry , you can continue the practise . increase in bile due to fast brings some pain , to avoid one must take ample dates day before on dashami .


  9. guruji pranam
    priest told there is no AGNI TATVA on BALIPADYAMI to perform HOMA !
    your opinion about this ?
    also they say DHANVANTRI HOMA is done to improve HEALTH factors not for BUSINESS ! please CLARIFICATION ?


  10. guruji
    our swamiji said we must perform SHREE SUKTHA along with DHANVANTRI HOMA for business improvement ? guruji shall i do it ?




      • Namaskar GURUDEV,


        ‘the direction in which querist is sitting this determines the exact nature of the query and its result .Aarudh gives the result accurately’..
        how to kn ow exact nature of query from direction Sir? Also how arudha gives results accurately..?…didnot get from these sentences…Please explain it more..

        Thanks and Regrads,


        • PRASHNA lagna was mithun … jup in 11th ketu in 12
          mars in third saturn exalted in 5th … rahu in 6th ..moon in eigth .. mercury sun in 9th ..venus exalted in 10th

          what is the nature of prashna ?


      • Namaskar GURUDEV,

        Just trying to judge with my little knowledge Sir..the question is realted to ‘Dharma/Religion…and result will be in positive side.(if i have judged correctly)

        Ensuring positive result points are –
        1. Exalted venus ,with no other melafic planet in kendra.
        2. LL in 9th house with Sun ,kendra/trikone lord in trikone in frndly sign
        3. LL in shubh kartari yoga..one side exalted venus…other is Moon.
        4. 9th lord exalted in 5th…aspected by neutral jup.
        5. 7th and 12th lord in 11th bhava in neutral position…
        6.AL is in 5th (i am not sure here if i have seen it correctly…)if it is correct…. so it is strong
        7. melafics are there in 3rd,6th.Jup is neutral..
        8. 5th lord exalted in 10th house – purva janma punya are supporting..
        9. LL in fixed sign.(problem may retain for few days )..but Lagna in mutable sign…at the end it will be solved.

        Though there is a melafic aspect of mars(lord of 6th bhava) from 3rd to 9th house and 10th..but the positions of Mercury and venus are enough strong…paap kartri from ketu to lagna can be exempted as there are no severe melafic aspects in kendra…

        The result should go in positive direction….

        Make it more clear Sir…and let me know the right answers if i am wrong.

        Thanks and Regards,


        • The question is what is nature of prashna ?
          the nature of prashna is known by the placement of moon from lagna .

          this was the prashna chart when my discomfort started ,,
          I had not asked anything as I was in distress , I asked my brother to see what is lagna ?
          my brother said MITHUN and bhau YOU ARE facing it with lot of dhairya

          Moon is in 8th house of longevity …
          so the question was whether I will live long … is there any danger to my longevity or why the discomfort [ disease debt enemy ]

          now my brother did not come back after telling first few lines and went into deep analysis and emerged only after 2 hours .. he was just smiling and while I was in japa , he ruled out taking me to hospital ..

          8th lord exalted in a house whose lord is exalted ..and 8th lord aspected by jupiter

          longevity is judged by 8th 1st and 10th ..if all the three factors are okay it gives good longevity ..
          8th exalted ..1st in 9th house of [ friendly house whose lord is exalted ] hemmed between benefics moon and venus

          good effects of bhava are in full on two counts
          a> strength of bhava lord
          b> strength of dispositor of bhava lord
          c> strength of the karaka

          when all the three are exalted one gets the result of bhava in full , else half or less as and how other factors are afflicted or lose strength
          so 8th bhava
          a>bhava lord saturn [ exalted ]
          b>bhava lord dispositor [ exalted ]
          c> bhava karaka saturn [ exalted ]

          so 10th bhava too is exalted
          so longevity was not a problem
          but there was imminent danger
          1st lord is aspected by 6th and is with 3rd lord both funtional malefics
          there is planet in 6th RAHU ..
          6th is aspected by MARS 6th lord ..
          6th is aspected by JUPITER /sun and mercury /first lord

          whole action scene is in 9th
          Lagna lord in 9th
          is there dharma lopa ? 9th bhava
          is my karma of demeaning nature ? 10th bhava

          so where is problem 6th rahu and mars in 3rd .. vikram sthana sahas bhava …
          both 9th lord and 10th bhava are exlated 9 th is additionally aspected by dharma karaka JUPITER ..

          BUT mars is aspecting both 9th and 1oth showing its annoyance over lagna lord [ mercury and mars are not cordial ] mars in agni sthanaa is in annoyance .. and in seventh with full chesta ..
          mercury is covered by sun .. SUN is diety ..
          but mars is also in sun’s house .
          and presence of rahu in hidden house of scorpio shows latent activity ..

          JUPITER the karaka is influence on mars the sixth lord
          now look how jupiter pacified mars …
          saturn is ninth lord of lagna

          what is direction of prashna 8th house .. though it is strong presence of moon is instant problem .. moon in 8th is not good yoga ..

          now moon if pacified will solve the problem .. who is moon .?
          moon is 9th lord from 6th …
          so 9th from lagna which is exalted [ more powerful than 9th from 6th ] transfers its instructions through aspect on jupiter causing moon to be appeased [ 9th of 6th ] and thus jupiter stalls mars ..
          note mercury is hemmed between moon and venus [ so moon acts in a benefic manner to LL in kartari yoga ] so mercury is saved by pacified moon [9th of sixth pacified by jupiter in kendra to moon annoyed by mars in 8th ]
          and venus the 5th lord poorvapunya and exalted and also exalted karma of appeasing
          very strangely moon is also in the house of 9th lord saturn .. so moon could be directly controlled by saturn 9th lord of lagna …

          overall there were benefics in kendra and malefics in 3 6 upachayas .. there is connection between LL and 6l

          so overall the result should be benefic ..
          when A is hurt .. appease A’s godfather A will also be pacified ..
          RAYARU has taught me a great saamaneeti ..


      • Sir what was the cause of this disturbing event as per your analysis ? Why did this take place ?



        • rahu in sixth aspected by mars shows discern …. it can be clearly seen //
          sixth lord completely opposing LL ..LL is taking some steps that would have exploded scenario ..and sixth lord wanted it to be stalled so LL is pursued by 9L

          as I have already said time will testify it soon


      • Namaskar GURUDEV,

        Sir,Very first itna kuch ho gaya Sir raat mein hi..apne longivity ki baat kaise sochi…and hospital etc.. ?itna discomfort tha !..very disappointing..Though it was quite clear from your words..you were reciting ‘mrutu parihaar stotra’etc..yeh toh bahut zyada ho gaya Sir..
        Deb Rahu in 6th is showing bhramik +tensed situation but could guess itna zyada tha…
        Sir abhi toh clear ho gaya life is safe…baki sab bhi thik hona chahiye aisa lag raha hai…(all is
        in RAYARU VAYU and LORD’s hand..)

        Sir, i was having no idea on how to judge the nature of prashna..just guessed by LL..
        Though I was quite sure it is the chart related to current issue only as you had written..’PRASHNA lagna was mithun..’
        And this chart has been prepared after 1:15pm..and before 3:15pm yesterday (most probably),but could not imagine it was for longevity..!

        Sir,explaination is very clear…but still i have to ask few questions..

        1. what/which is karaka here..for longevity..saturn??
        2. ‘mars in agni sthanaa is in annoyance .. and in seventh with full chesta’..didnot get it.
        3. ‘rahu in hidden house of scorpio’ ..why hidden Sir?
        4. ‘moon is also in the house of 9th lord saturn ..
        so moon could be directly controlled by saturn 9th lord of lagna’
        This applies everywhere? House lord can control the planet present in its house directly?
        5.What is the role of Deb ketu here in 12 th?12th lord is also exalted in 10th…?

        Whatever Sir…Deb Rahu and Mars have created all of sudden and distressfull situation for you esp.
        Sir, this was the chart for longevity…have you generated for the settelment of this issue also?

        Also this issue has not only taught you saamaneeti..it is also giving tough live lessons to all of us..whoever follows this site.

        May RAYARUantargatVAYUantargatSRIRAM bless us and resolved this issue in all positive side, very soon.!

        Take care Sir!

        Thanks and Regrads,


      • Acharya

        Thank you for the explanation to delve a bit further from another perspective:

        1) Lagna analysis:

        Dwiswabhaveshu Lagneshu Chandrsuryouh Charsthiraou |
        Labhyoga Vijaneeyanmnh Siddhih Sada Sukham ||

        Good result and over all benefit should be understood to have prevailed !!

        2) Nature of affliction:

        Since Moon Rashi is strong with direct aspect from 9th lord exalted Saturn and 8th from it is Mars with a direct aspect from Rashi lord Sun indicates extreme discomfort in abdomen region due to extreme Pitta (extreme burning sensation in stomach may have even caused heart burn) !! Thanks to Jupiter aspect from Kendra relief ultimately after considerably long discomfort.

        3) Cause of affliction: (This seems to be the most confusing part !!)

        Either be Chatra and Vithi Rasi or Badhakesh analysis can be of help. Since no Arudha lagna or Prasna asked and Moon Rasi is strong so:

        a) If chatra be taken with respect to Moon Rasi with Gemini Vithi Chatra Rasi comes out to be Scorpio (Rahu deb) with Jupiter in 6th aspecting Mars in 10th and aspected by exalted Saturn may indicate displeasure of preceptors.

        b) Now Badhaka Rasi can either be Scorpio or Sagittarius with Badhakesh being Mars or Jupiter may accordingly even indicate abhichar.

        Kindly explain the mistakes in above approach and right way for further analysis.

        Sri HariVayuGurubhyo Namaha
        Sincere Pranams.


        • simply brlliant …

          abhichar is the singlemost reason ..
          the reason that it acted strongly is kopa of preceptors ..
          else abhichar wont act …

          Instaed of countering abhichara and causing damage to the initiator of abhichara .. RAYARU chose to pacify the root cause of act to com into display .. when root caus rectifid … the effect dwindled .. whn the force of bullet is taken off , it is mere piece of metal … and effort of person throwing it at you is futile … but if the same bullet gets the projectile or spin off , recoil from a powerful traction .. it is lethal ..

          Rayaru’s solution is amazing ..

          Further argument gets strength by the fact that all my reports are normal today ..


      • 🙂 I am feeling relieved to hear your health is fine Guruvaryaa…. may Rayaru antargata Vayu antargata Shri Hari protect you at all places at all times from every negative force in this world….

        humble pranams


      • Acharyare

        One of the happiest day of my life!! I have been dying to get a pat on the back from you its really priceless!! Even more precious is how easy you made the final part of the puzzle!! I really crave for your appreciation and approval !! 🙂

        Rayaru is amazing!! Who would have thought of such an ingenious solution. Further Acharya you always tread on thin ice and its grace of Rayaru you always come out unharmed time and again with so many gems of knowledge to share with us. I am indeed blessed to come across you.

        Sri MoolaRama Vijayate
        Sri Hanumate Namaha
        Sri Raghavendraya Namaha

        Sri HariVayuGurubhyo Namaha
        Sincere Pranaams
        Charan Vandana !!

        Pujyaay Raghavendraay Satydharma rataay ch |
        Bhajataam Kalpvrukshaay Namataam Kaamdhenave ||


      • Namaskar GURUDEV,

        Sir…reports are normal , nice to hear !! So u r laughung tooo….nice!…

        Those who donot believe astrology plz kindly follow this issue closely.

        Taking live examples makes learning very special….Sir!

        But sir where was Uday lagna in this chart? It had no significance?

        @keshav please let me know about – (saving sir’s time)

        1.’Chatra and Vithi Rasi ‘…no idea about it…also about rashi drishti if you know..
        2. ‘Moon Rashi is strong with direct aspect from 9th lord exalted Saturn ‘ how?
        3. Bhadakesh shud be jupiter (as much i know) ..how ‘Badhaka Rasi can either be Scorpio or Sagittarius ‘ ? Make it clear..!

        4. most imp…why you had given me invalid email ID? I hv no such s/w to convert invalid to valid..beta!

        Thanks and Regards,


      • Kalyani Baisa

        My inputs are highly unstable and error prone mostly hit and trial still I would attempt following pointers for facilitation of further discussions.

        1) Badhaka:
        There are various ways prevalent for finding out Badhaka rasi 1st (11th for chara, 9th for sthir and 7th for dual) is familiar to you along with that something called Maha Badhaka is also prevalent where in Aquarius is a MBR for all chara rasi, Scorpio for Leo Virgo Sagittarius and scorpio, for Taurus capricorn, Cancer for Aquarius. finally Sagittarius for Gemini and Pisces. (courtsey Prashna Marg commentaries on net).

        2) Saturnine Influence and Why Moon Rashi:
        Saturn exalted dispositor Venus exalted and directly aspect (4th full) on Moon and in angle with Lagna Lord. Another pointer I came across somewhere that for “highly knowledgeable persons” Moon can be used in place of other lagnas also its especially strong here so results from this perspective may be predominant (so AL etc should not be an issue).(courtsey Prashna Marg commentaries on net).

        3) Chatra and Vithi: (to be contd……… shortly (gtg))

        Mail id: zealotmaven(at)gmail.com (kindly replace (at) by @)

        Sri HariVayuGurubhyo Namaha
        Sincere Pranaams


      • Thanks keshav..

        1. point is ok..got it.
        2. Saturn direct aspect means 3rd,7th and 10th sight ….4th dristi ka kabhi nahi suna…really i didnot know this.

        3. Thanks in advance..

        @ was there…but there was a space also..in the invalid version..let me check the new one..



      • *Sorry it should be 75% saturn drishti not full from 4th anyways strong planets in kendra and dispositor is exalted so strength of Moon Rashi should prevail i suppose.

        3) Chatra and Vithi:
        Further for when Taurus Gemini cancer leo sun Aries is vithi rashi, for Libra Virgo Pisces Aries Taurus is Vithi and Gemini is vithi for Scorpio Capricorn Sagittarius and Aquarius. Now Chatra lies same number of rasis from Vithi as Lagna is ahead of Arudha. Acharya has a post on implications from Chatra rasi.

        These are very crude pointers I believe Acharya’s take on these would be highly refined and with unprecedented insight!! Please do ask Acharya for more insights for benefit of us all !!

        (The space was intentional for safeguard from spamming scripts.)

        Sri HariVayuGurubhyo Namaha
        Sincere Pranams


      • Acharya

        Just wondering how can we understand the reasons behind the various astrological techniques we use for example Badhakesh or chatra rasi or even the various particular aspects of planets if we don’t understand what we do and why we do wouldn’t our knowledge be incomplete, further knowing What How and Why would make us gain deeper insights. Could you please elaborate some of these finer aspects or how we can gain these insights.

        Sri HariVayuGurubhyo Namaha
        Sincere Pranaams


      • Namaskar GURUDEV,


        Previously when abhichar was operation over blog you were aware of it and told about that here too…this time you did not know about this? I donot know previously how much it had affected you but this time it was quite strong.
        This time also it was only on blog OR everything realted to you.??

        How can we see abhichara yoga in ones horoscope??..i think nobody is free from this yoga…kam zyada ho sakta hai.

        Thanks and Regards,


      • Acharya

        Some days back I came across a huge collection of rare scanned books on net. I was thinking of mirroring all of them or share the address with the interested through a mailing list but sadly before any of these could be done the whole stash was removed. Hope something even better comes this way in this regard.

        Sri HariVayuGurubhyo Namaha
        Sincere Pranaams


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