Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

One born in revati star is always conquered by Woman.

  • Woman is the essence of happiness that a man craves for.
  • A king[ even any man] even if he wins entire earth his capital is the essence
  • Even inside his capital his palace is the essence
  • Inside the palace his residential room is the essence
  • Inside the room the royal cot is the essence
  • On the cot the well bejewelled Woman is the only essence
  • Woman decorates a jewel and its not jewels that ornate the woman .Because even without jewels woman can steal the mind or attract attention ,but jewels dont attract attention without being on woman
  • A soldier , leaving all emotions of happiness , fear ,excitement etc fights with the enemies to win them , a trader spends days and nights into millions of business schedules , ministers spend sleepless nights with strategies and policies in all these stressful eventuality the only happiness they expect is the embrace of woman.
  • In the entire creation Bramha has not created any other thing [except woman] whereby its thought can ignite happiness .
  • And only for a women people follow dharma and achieve artha.
  • Woman gives happiness of senses and happiness of progeny .
  • Thus woman is grahaLakshmi and thus deserves respect and honour of one and all.
  • Only evil finds fault with woman.
  • None of the defects in woman are those that are not present in man. first man errs and then woman ie woman have learnt to err only from men . But men cleverly prempts it onto woman and woman accepts because she has more qualities. so says Manu
  • moon has given chastity to woman , gandharvas have bestowed sweetness and cultured words , Agni has bestowed allconsuming quality to women thus women are golden .[ wrt pursuit]
  • Bramhin is revered at feet , cow by the rear , horse by the mouth ,But Woman is revered all over [ ie all her parts are revered]
  • There is no other thing in this world as pure as woman, they regain purity every cycle of mensturation [ destroying all their sins through 3 days of rajodarshan]
  • When woman in rage curses a house [ due to lack of respect] that house gets destroyed just like the one engulfed by the spell from all over four sides.
  • Mankind arises from woman, he takes birth from a Mother and and is reborn [ his part] from a his wife as son . Thus one who dishonours ‘JAYA /Janitri’ cannot prosper.
  • One who pollutes woman can only get pure [relieved from sin ] if he wears a donkey skin inside out and begs in the street for six months clad in it .
  • MAn never exhausts his sexual cravings even after 100 years , but gives it up only account of his inability [ physical due to old age] , but woman gives up sexual wants with courage.
  • Thus one who taunts woman to shun her is akin to a man shouting at the theif to stop .[ after stealing]
  • The man praises woman only in the moment of passion before her and perhaps may not praise her in her absence , but woman embraces a the dead body of her husband and happily enters pyre.
  • The man who has the happiness of beautiful woman , even if he is in poverty is equivalent to King. Because Kingdom has its essence in food and women and rest of the enjoyments are all like sticks that ignite fire of thirst.[ mirage]
  • Nowhere in entire creation the enjoyments [ asexual] can be compared to the happiness obtained from embrace of woman of beauty, slow in movement , soft ,tender ,making a strained voice , heavy upright bosoms , full of youth. The other asexual happiness of sweet songs of gandharvas ,kinnara , [nartakas gitagya vadgya ], or wise words of devatas muni sidhdhas charana etc are all available in bramha loka but cannot be better than a moment of isolation and union with a beautiful woman .
  • Everyone from Bramha to a insect and entire creation is tied in the union of stree and purush . What’s shame in it ? Even Mahadev ran towards the Mohini , continuosly wetting the earth with all his heads concentrated on her .
  • Only NArayana is beautiful . Kapila is the most ustere form of Narayana , when Kapila was in penace , all the apsaras tried to test their beauty by distracting him , when after many such attempts , the annoyed rishi created Urvashi from his thighs , Urvashi was so beautiful that all the apsaras felt ahsamed of themselves after seeing her and fell at the feet of Lord for having brought them to senses , God himself is responsible for all their beauty and hence they need not test it befiore him .They realised , only a most beautiful being NARAYANA can give rise to other beauty .


Comments on: "StreePrashansha – By Varahmihir" (3)

  1. 🙂


  2. brigga223 said:

    Sir, many of your comments and posts regard Women in a respectful and “important” way. In your other post of karmavipaka -2 about women and how should they get over the sin… how come it so easy for them to repent.. just donate so and so amount of gold in the form of this and this deity’s idol and voila a woman’s sins are erased!!!

    there are some more points that you must consider adding:
    1) Women are easily given to emotions and can easily make wrong decisions because they always make their decisions NOT on detachment but rather on the basis of how they FEEL..

    2) Women dont understand dharma quite well.. this has been said by prahlada himself when:” when i was in my mom’s womb, narada gave me very important knowledge of sri hari.. since my mom being a woman quickly forgot what i said, i retained it even when i grew up”.. After Nrusimha deva’s incarnation, he forced all asura women to abort their children..

    3) Women always justify things in the POV of happiness and not WHAT IS CORRECT AND WRONG..

    4) Women can be very easily corrupted by wrong thoughts.. and they might even get inspired by it (on account of them being very emotional) and spead bad karma.. A woman who is wife of bad husband amplifies his bad”ness” and it just makes things worse..

    5) I dont know why i tend to compare every other person’s religion with madhwa.. but what should i say about those people whose main deity in home is Durga.. i have observed such people.. It is WOMEN WHO TEND TO RULE THE HOUSE AND NOT THE MAN(HUSBAND)..AND EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE HOUSE IS ONLY BASED ON SELFISHNESS (DUE TO SUSTAINMENT OF MATERIAL HAPPINESS)

    6) please explain ahirbudhnya samhita and laxmi tantra in pancharatras.. What is laxmi tantra really about..????? IS IT OK TO BE READ AND ACCEPTED BY MADHWAS..??

    7)Women are easily given to jealousy because, as i explained earlier, they “view” everything emotionally. (“Is he better than my son?”, “their family is better than ours??”). Consequently they also put THE WORST EVIL EYE because as you said, WOMEN WHEN THEY CURSE PEOPLE, IT IS A STRONG CURSE..:

    [QUOTE]When woman in rage curses a house [ due to lack of respect] that house gets destroyed just like the one engulfed by the spell from all over four sides.[UNQUOTE]



    Narayana is a purusha(what i say might be childlike.. but its not).. In buddhism, Vishnu and parvati are born from a blue lotus, shiva and saraswati are born from white lotus and laxmi and brahma are born from red lotus..

    blue lotus– winning over the senses or indriyas
    white lotus– spiritual perfection– a disciplinary ascetic like bhrigu
    red lotus– color of passion, everything to do with passion.

    Now, it is said that Vishnu’s sister is Parvati(i obviously find this quite weird and WRONG personally). But, Vishnu and Parvati are very similar. Narayana’s true “shakti”(shakti as in logically–“POWER”, not the wife) is Durga. In Durga, Parvati predominates FOR THIS EXACT REASON..

    the 3 devas and devis(trinity in hinduism) COME WHEN ITS “MAYA TIME”, involved in the MAYA when gods argue in heaven, passtime etc like when bhrigu was only pleased with Vishnu since Vishnu presses Bhrigu’s feet.. only Narayana as described in Purusha Sukta and Pancharatra is the true God. AND other such things happening due to KRISHNA’S PASTIMES..

    Please also described the effects of those people who are destined to hell because they consider Durga as Parmatma and also Brahman (haha ha ha!!) . WOMAN CAN ALSO BE THE SOURCE TO DESTROY FAMILIES AND THEY CAN BREAK THEM.. STILL CAN THEY BE ABSOLVED BY DONATING GOLD ????

    (Sir i respect you a lot, and i have written here more objectively, spontaneously and argumentatively, i hope you take it in the right context..My knowledge sources may not be known for their great precision, but all the same, i write on the basis of observations and less quoting knowledge sources)


  3. Chandrasekar said:

    This article is nice. But in the modern reality MEN are real victims as usual MEN are still in 16th Century Mindset and Women are in 21st Century already..

    please google 498a, DV, Domestic Violance Act you wil come to the plight of modern Men. And how Modern WOMEN are behaving and spoiling the society..


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