Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Once a Yavan King tried to test an astrologer . He asked astrologer to predict from which of the four doors he would leave that day. He asked astrologer to write it in a paper. Astrologer wrote in a piece of paper and it was sealed in an envelop. Yavan King drilled a hole in the eastern wall and went out that day.

Next day the durbar was called . The envelope was opened ,it was written king will leave by a hole in the eastern wall and not by the doors.king was very upset because he wnted to have a last laugh and a dig at astrology but failed and himself became a laughing object.

He ordered astrologer to be thrown away from the top of the terrace of fort . The soldiers threw him down , but Astrologer survived by falling on a heap of gunny bags below.He was brought back alive to the court , King asked whether he had forseen this event , Astrologer took a pocket diary out and showed a scribling today i will be thrown from the height but would survive by the grace of GOD.

How can one predict the future of self while giving predictions ? Incidently one must never predict if the questionaire wants to test.

Addition of lgna chandra and gulika sphuta gives Trisphuta. Similarly one can find Pranasphuta , Dehasphuta , and Mrityusphuta .

Adding these three will give Sukshma Trisphuta . If gulika occupies this Longitude then Astrologer will be in trouble.

Comments on: "The fate of astrologer post prediction" (4)

  1. kishore said:

    chiraan ji pranam

    1. please give DHANVANTARI
    SLOKA .

    2. what is meant by ISHTA DAIVAM

    3. What is to be done if everything is giving NEGETIVE results may be in business, peace, even spiritual aspects. not only for me , even to whole family including my late.sisters family .
    considering in HUMANITORY view please advice remedy.


  2. vinoth said:

    respected guruji

    thanks for the answer


  3. vinoth said:

    sorry for some basic questions

    1.For futher calculations using sphutas ,it is said that we require prasna ghatis?so can we take the janma ghatis given in jhora for a prasna chart and assume it as prasna ghatis?

    2.if so,janma ghatis is in integers and decimals,how to convert it to ghatis with sphuta?



    • chiraan said:

      you can convert equivalent ghati to minutes ad carry out caculations no difference will crop up.


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