Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

  • One who has [shadbal poorna] venus in the fourth house is ever optimistic and happy all through his life.

Optimistic attitude is must in this world. One must be optimistic about one’s fate . One must be optimistic about Lord’s Grace onto us. One must be optimistic about achieving the desired through the efforts and grace of Lord and Guru even in the most challenging situation.

Taking even the most negative incident in one’s life as a an opportunity given by God to betterment is the highest form of Optimism . And yet again blessing those [ who were responsible for such Hardships] for having provided this opportunity and being indebted to Them is again an extreme Vairagya.[coupled with Optimism] .

Maharaja Parikshit exhibited these qualities when cursed by the Rishikumar Sringi to die within seven days. Maharaja did not go into a gloom or despondency at the fast approaching certain Death .But Instead called for a great gathering of the wise to advice him to achieve what a best can be achieved in seven days.

Shuka Muni Arrives there and King Asks Him whether is there anything that can be achieved great in Seven DAYS.. As He has a certain Death awaiting Him in seven days .

Shuka muni explains [ Bhagavat Dweetiya Skanda Prathamo Adhyaya Shloka 13]


khatvango nama rajarshir

jnatveyattam ihayushah

muhurtat sarvam utsrijya

gatavan abhayam harim

There is one Solution for all the problems of the world that a man may face , that is the Knowing the Glories of Lord Srikrishna the Supreme .

[ Note : When someone suggest say Chant These names , listen to Bhagavat etc , an immediate question arises of what use will it be? Then it has to be explained look such and such person had done so and he achieved this result . immediately second question arises , will I reap similar results ? Yes be optimistic and give it a try ! this is what ,a background ,Shuka muni is creating for the Phalashruti of Bhagavat from above verses]

Bhagavat is the Full of Glories of Lord Krishna . But Parikshit wants to Know whether seven days are enough ?

Shuka says there was once a King called Khatvanga , when this rajarishi enquired devatas as to how much longevity was leftover , Devatas said only a muhurtha .

[Note : one muhurtha is two ghati . One ghati is 24 minutes and hence Muhurtha is 48 minutes.]

Khatvanga raja after ascertaining his life would end after 48 minutes , immediately withdrew his senses from all the material enjoyments of life. and attaining unattached mental state to all his belongings and being completely engrossed in the Glories of Lord achieved Moksha.

Shukamuni says ‘ Oh King Parikshit if Moksha has been achieved in one muhurtha 48minutes by king Khatvanga , then by that measure you have complete seven days . each day has 30 muhurtha and you have 210 muhurthas at your disposal.

In this world No one can guarantee whether he will get up alive next day morning to see the rising SUN and his family . [ that means death can strike any moment , it is always uncertain] But Fortunate are You ‘ Oh Parikshit that RISHI Sringi has cursed you to DIE after seven days. He has ensured that you would LIVE Definitely for next seven days . King Parikshit is indebted to RISHI kumar for having cursed him and the recourse[ optimistic ] that King took over next seven days of Listening to SRIMADBHAGAVATA MAHAPURANA, definitely gave him Moksha .


Comments on: "Optimism – Bhagavat Dweetiya Skanda" (8)

  1. guruji pranam

    which is clean narrated SRI BHAGAWAT book in kannada . your opinion about GITA PRESS publications ?


  2. guruji pranam
    can we read BHAGAVAT just morals. i mean we dont to chant as per CHANDHAS .


  3. veena sharma said:

    Thanks a lot guruji for your kind reply.
    veena sharma


  4. veena sharma said:

    Guruji pranam, my question is not related to this article.I wander, who is this shankarascharya (Devanand Saraswati ).He was talking in Dr. Jakir Naik gathering. It is OK that he could be brahmgyani, But he certainly did not read the coran, hadit and sura. He also seems danger to even vaidic relision. Now these days Dr. Nail and his followersa are talking about adi-shankarascharya’s statement in Brahmsutra, Neti Neti ( there is nothing except one god), These people did not understand his teachings. They jump to the end conclusion. They think hindus are fool because they do murti puja. As such Hindu people in genral get confused, by this kind of propoganda. Can anybody stop him (Devanand Saraswati ji) without knowing the Islam, how can he praise about it in public.
    Mathadhipati’s can put restriction on him, not to missguide hindu people.
    I am sorry for writing this to you. I do not know , whome to talk about this.
    One jigyasu
    veena sharma


    • chiraan said:

      Need not worry about some individuals , our culture and religion is not so frugile to be swept away by few mislead vested swamijis.
      We do murty pooja because we believe in God having attributes like beauty ,form etc.
      You know when you look ata beautiful dform and say hey you have nothing , you seem to be void , [ this is akin to hate ] beauty must be appreciated and prayed. But only ugly and full of hatred people see nothing .
      let me give another example
      a soldier comes triumphant from battlefield , all those who recognise his services apprecaite him , but his enemeies [ secret] those who harbour hate towards these soldioers slowly say , whats the use of violence , one must practise ahimsa , war is not good for anyone. [ what he means is not great love for peace and ahimsa but hate towards the soldier , a jealousy towards his success]
      When attacked this person will be first to look for help from soldiers.
      all these so called anti muty pooja guys are sort of such people , who do not like God to be called Sahasra sheersha


  5. Narender said:

    how nice … i liked the article very much

    thank you


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