Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

When Venus and moon are in libra one indulges in vashikarana to attract other women.

  • Punarnava root brought in pushyami nakshatra ,if enchanted with sarvalokvashankar mantra seven times and tied on the arm will make one easily attract others . [ the mantra should have been made siddha upto lakh times ]
  • fruit , flower , bark ,leaves , twig , brought on a sunday ,powdered and mixed with karpoor kumkum and gorochan , applied on forehead will attract others.
  • first kamakhya mantra should be practised , then bramhadandi powder mixed with corpse ashes when applied on any person he becomes subservient
  • teeth of neelgay and human when powdered with oil and applied on forehead will bring to toes most difficult of spouse.
  • Bhaskar mantra chanting on kumkum chandan and karpoor with tulasidal in cows milk , applied on forehead will make a king obey to your words.
  • chirchira seeds on pushyami nakshatra if given to king in his ood will make him grant all wishes .
  • Yakshini mantras practised well with japa and homa , chanted on a banana juice mixed with sweat and gorochan will make ones husband always be enchanted .
  • kalika mantra chanted on crossroads for 1 lakh times makes all and sundry enchanted.

Once Indra was tiored of all his wealth and power , he decided to renounce the world and decided to strive for moksha. He went to Kailash parvat and started serving Parvati and Rudra there . oNe day while serving them he sawa beautiful woman . She was Chitrasena , wife of Kubera . Indra lost his senses to her beauty .

Indra called Manmath and ordered him to get Chitrasena to swoon over him . Manmath with his bow of Sugarcane and arrow of flowers caused intense passion in Chitrasena to be attracted to Indra . Indra pulled her into his arms and took her into his plane to a place never known to Devatas and asuras inside the kandara of Mandar parvat .

There he personally looked after the beautiful chitrasena enchanting her with every happiness of the swarga .

Here Kubera became totally devasted at the news of his missing wife from mansarovar. He decided to commit suicide . His minister Kantha kubja advised him not to loose heart and look for his wife and seek her release from the unknown thief . He adised him to take the help of Vibheeshan his brother .

Kubera went to Vibheeshan and in loneliness told him of his plight , Vibheeshan called his most able Rakshashi Nadijangha , who was expert in maya to look for the wife of Kubera , chitrasena among all the devatas and asuras in the world.

Nadijangha tooka a beautiful form , such a form that no one could keep his eyes off her and swooned to possess her .

Soon she reached Amaravati . Indra saw her and desired to possess her . He sent Ashvini devatas to get her to his chamber . Ashwini devatas pleaded her to be with their king Indra . She asked them to briong Indra himself to her to please her and she would not go to him,.

Indra came to the beautiful women . She said she would like Indra to fulfill her wish and only then take her to his palace. Indra gave her a word. Nadijangha asked , she would like Indra to introduce her to all the women he has enjoyed till date , to see if any of them is as beautiful as she is ? only then she would oblige Him . Indra agreed .

He showed her entire Amravati and all his palaces . Nad then said I have one more in madar parvat , I shall show you but you must not tell anyone about it . So both set out towards Mandar in aplane . While flying , Indra [ posessed by Kali ] happened to befront Narad muni , he became shy in the presence of muni , but Narad playfully asked , “Indra is everything Okay in Amravati , and how about you Nadijangha , Is Vibheeshana doing fine “

Indra immediately understanding the deciet of NADIJANGHA , TOOK HER DOWN INTO THE FOREST , and was about to kill her . The forest belonged to the muni Trinabindu , Muni objected to killing of woman in his ashram . But Indra disregarding Muni Killed her . Trinabindu cursed Indra to become a woman . Indra became a woman instantly .

All the devatas worried about ther king in a womans body , went to Bramha to seek his release . Bramha told except Vishnu none will be capable of relieving Indra for his misdeeds . All the devatas , went to Mandar and sent back Chiterasena to Kubera and asked Bramha to give some mantra to relieve Indra from the body of woman .Bramha advised two lakhs japa of Astakshara mantra . Indra practisede ashtakshara and was relieved from muni shapa and became male again to Rule over Swarga.


Comments on: "Vashikaran – The story of Chitrasena" (15)

  1. Viju Rao said:

    Dear Sir,
    when indra was in women’s body already how come he chanted astakshara? pls clear.

    sri krishnarpana.


    • pooja said:

      Hello Sir,
      Again I went through entire december 2010 posts and I couldn’t find the post you told. May be I don’t have devnagri script. Can you please do me a favour. Can you do copy, paste and send that link to me or you can send me the entire pst with date and name. I will be very greatful to you. I am sending you the starting link of december2010 posts.
      Once again thank you and sorry to disturb you again and again.


      • https://chiraan.wordpress.com/2010/12/24/वैष्णव-स्तोत्रमञ्जरि/

        |गरुड़ द्वादशनाम स्तोत्रम् ।

        सुपर्णम् वैनतेयम च नागारिम् नागभूषणम ।विषांतकम् शशांकम च आदित्यम विश्वतोमुखं ॥

        गरुत्मंतं खगपतीं तार्क्ष्यंम् कश्यपनंदनम । द्वादशैतानि नामानि गरुडस्य महात्मना: ॥

        य: पठेत प्रातरुत्थाय सर्वत्र विजयी भवेत । विषं नाक्रमते तस्य न तं हिंसति पन्नग: ॥

        संग्रामे व्यवहारे च कार्यसिद्धींम् च मानव: । बंधनान्मुक्तिमाप्नोति यात्रायाम सिद्धिमाप्नुयात॥

        कार्यसिद्धीम् कुरुष्वार्य विहगाय नमोस्तुते ॥

        ॥इति गरुड़द्वादशनाम स्तोत्रम ॥


  2. Kiran said:

    792 864 224

    Vellore, (Tamilnadu), Birth Time:3:25 PM, 18 June 1985.

    My hand was touching the Mustaq.

    I am suffering from financial and family issues from many years and due to my financial issues there are lot of problems arising due to which I am loosing respect also in the society.

    Please tell me a solution for this


  3. 646,169 time 8:40p.m., 18/08/1978(gurdaspur,punjab)
    my hand is touching my stomach.
    HARI, I am a single mother. and i only want my daughters full custody. my ex-husband is giving me and my daughter lot of troubles. can you please tell me any mantra or yantra, so that without any court case my ex-husband can give me my daughters full custody.


    • you will get the custody of the child without fail
      recite garud dwadash naam


      • pooja said:

        483, 637, time 8:40 p:m. , 18/08/1978(gurdaspur)
        My hand is touching my right leg and my stomach.
        HARI, Thanks a lot for your reply.
        Can you please tell me where I can find this garud dwadash naam. Can you please tell me the procedure also. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.


      • Viju Rao said:

        garud dwadash nam is there on this blog only…
        go to dec 2010 posts…vaishnav stotra manjari..


        • pooja said:

          Hello Sir,
          I go through all the december 2010 posts, but I couldn’t find Gaurd dwadash nam. Can you please tell me the date on which it was posted and by whom. Or can you please reply me garud dwadash nam. I am eagerly waiting for your reply. You can help me and my daughter.


      • Viju Rao said:

        may be ur not having devanagri script font installed on ur pc…install it..then in dec 2010 posts..title of post is vaishnav stotra manjari…second last stotra in devnagri in the post..


  4. respected sir,

    you have mentioned in your article that “•fruit , flower , bark ,leaves , twig , brought on a sunday ,powdered and mixed with karpoor kumkum and gorochan , applied on forehead will attract others.

    will any fruit flower bark etc will do or are they specific? does brought in this sense mean buying or harvesting?
    what is gochara?


  5. akanth .kr said:

    every scripture says law of karma . kaama .krodha and loba are the doors oof naraka and forces one to do sinns . even demigods and devathas are forced to do sinns by theese vyamohas. then how can a pity human beings . if we do sinns how to overcome tht ill effects of that sinns . please guide me


  6. wonderstruck at ur knowledgable articals


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