Hitherto Unknown Secrets !


Mercury with mandi or gulika aspected by mars in badhak sthana will make one suffer from abhichara dosha .

Enemies resort to abhichara when they cannot harm a person through wits and schemes . Abhichara acts only through purva janma yoga . When a person is having a good phase of time abhichara does not affect him but affects in due course when bad times strike.

It will not be an exaggeration if a statement is made to the effect that 90 % of the people in the world are affected by abhichara .

Sometimes a very good family with happy ties and bonds suddenly fall prey to internal mishaps and severe enmities . Brothers suddenly stop talking to each other . Two families eager to tie knots to their siblings stop conversing and worst become severe enemies. Two most loving couples fall prey to misunderstandings and stay apart for long time .

though in all such cases there is longing for reunion but when they come across face to face a moment of rashness destroys their peace attempts unknowingly they drift away from and lament later .

All these times all these people keep sighing If only …….

These are all definite signs of abhichara being applied onto the people by enemies . Vidweshan is powerful form of abhichara which brings two people at war . Then maran is applied to kill all the parties involved . This is tamas vidya and should not be adhered to even in extreme danger .

Vidweshan can be cast , when teeth of elephant and lion powdered and mixed with butter if applied onto two people they will become enemies forever .

homa between two houses with malati flowers can cause vidweshan . however vidweshan mantra should be made sidhdha with two falcons in each hand .

Enemies are constantly in effort to separate good friends , brothers and lovers . etc . To avoid these one must always protect self from sudarshan mantra and Hanuman kavach .

When Yudhisthir put on gamble bait his brothers , Duryodhan exclaimed to Bheema , ” hey Bheem and Arjun , deplore your elder brother , who has treated you like objects and I shall grant you the freedom “

Bheem says , even now Yudhisthir is very dear and respectable to us . He has every right onto all of us and whole of Indraprastha . nothing wrong in putting us on bait as son is the property of the father , elder brother is akin to father , to obey is our duty . We do not seek freedom you , as an order from Yudhisthir will be enough to release Him from your clutches as I send you to the clutches of Yama . “

The attempt by Duryodhan to create Vidweshan through mantras given by durvasa and Shukracharya did not have any effect on Bheemsen . As Bheemsen was reciting Manyusukta . Even while killing Duryodhan Bheemsen recited Vrushabh sukta as Duryodhan was chanting 3 crores of mantras all at once onto Bheemsena .. This goes on to show that one must always protect oneself from enemies .

In Ramayana Agastya muni asks Lord Shri Rama as to how he manages to keep his siblings so dear to him , how come there never has been a squabble between them and why when enemies in this world are always attempting to dismantle a family harmony , what is a secret to his happy family . Shri Rama says . Kshama is the only mantra for keeping the family intact , one must always forgive severest of severest mistakes of brother and he will ever remain loving to the all . Else a small angry rift will make enemies take advantage and sow seeds of enmity among brothers . That is the reason why Rama did not kill Vali at the first instance giving a chance to the siblings to come to terms as brothers are naturally born of same blood and hence sibling fraternity can arouse any moment . One must never fight with younger brothers and treat them like one’s own son .


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  1. om Sreeramaya namah, Jai hanuman said:

    om Sreeramaya namah, Jai hanuman



    place :perumbavoor, Ernakulam,Kerala

    Time : 7:30

    Fingers (Right hand fingers all)

    Respected Guruji,

    My name is vysakh. Iam from Kerala. My House is affected by Abhichara, My sister n Mother is Become Enemy ( She’s File atleast 12 case against my mother n family). All the peace of my house suddenly Goes. I think my mother is affected by Some abhichara.She’s having kedu dasha now.

    Inorder to Overcome dis Abichara Problem What we hav to do .. pls suggest Guruji


  2. Guruji till you upload Sudarshan mantra or Hanuman kavach…reciting Vishnu panjar stotra will help to protect oneself from abhichara?


  3. very nice post Guruji..


  4. Are Apachara and Abhichara the same ? If not how to remove apachara ?


    • apachara means illtreatment from your side towards others , abhichara means , inacantations from others to harm you !!!!
      apachara should be removed by , constantly pleasing the person we have hurt or caused loss .


      • Pranaams Acharya,

        How can one distinguish whether one suffers from Apachara from Abhichara via nimitas, astrology or other daivagnya siddhis ?



      • Sir what i meant to ask was , How can we distinguish whether one suffers from Apachara OR Abhichara ? Such problems can be past or present life, so the causes may not be visible to the naked eye always. In both cases the person will have some or other inexplicable problems at surface level.

        Is there a way apachara can be seen in charts via astrology OR any nimitas, symptoms etc.. that lead to such conclusion. Understandably the remedies for both will be different as well. Because for Abhichara lot of content is available to study but for apachara, i am yet to come across. Hence the request for guidance.



        • when lagna lord involves in an yoga then it is apachara ,,,. if sixth lord predominantly partcipates in a yoga then it is abhichara ….

          nimittas for apachara are total failure of self efforts ….

          let me give an example of apachara …. suppose a powerful man asks help from a average man …. out of ego or carelessness .. man rebukes powerful man saying do you think I am your servant .. i wont do anything … do whatever you want …………. the powerful man gets angry ….. and makes a note to teach a lesson …… soon the man loses his job ….. he goes on looking for job everywhere … he does not get any job [ wherever he is likely to get job , powerful man sees to it he is rejected ] so even if one does good interview or shows excellent talent .. he does not get any result …. finally he yells … what on earth have I done the sin ? then astrologer says …. you have done apachara

          he goes on to say Okay I am sorry … [ but still there is no realisation of the crime ] so he is given a menial jobs ,.,.. he is put under the lesser capable people .. commanded by unskilled boss … Then he yells again … Oh GOD relieve me .. then astrologer says … do prayashchitta …. you have done apachara …..

          he says how much apachara have i done ,,,, question is have ” you made it …. ” then he bows down completely …. and says now I believe in tartamya …. The powerful man was indeed powerful .. i beg thy pardon ….. please forgive me .. i shall do all the work you give ,,,, i am your slave oh my master ,,,,, you are my guru…I worship LORD in YOU …. ” then HE gets over this prarabdha … and apachara ends ..

          like GARUDA took upadesha from CROW ……… NARADA took lessons from ant … after disobeying the superior ..

          so also everyone must obey their superiors in tartamya … else apachara will lead to menial service …


      • Pranaams Acharya,

        Thank you for the wonderful example.

        From what we see, 6th Lord association with Badhakesh/badhaksthana gives abhichara related problems. The effects are multiplied if Sat/Rahu/Mars/Gk/Mandi are involved. A benefic aspect gives relief via remedies. Now in such an abhichara related association if lagna lord is also involved, then would it mean apachara and abhichara both ? OR Something like apachara leading to Abhichara effects !! ? The case becomes complex to analyze when the consistent failures are seen and 6 and lagna lord are both involved. Are there any micro level insights that should be gained astrologically to refine the problem further ?

        Secondly, In kaliyuga it would not be surprising to say that almost all the people suffer from apachara. Ill treatment to parents, elder brothers/sisters, Gurus etc via either of Kaaya, Vacha and manan is very much prevalent. The fight is so much tougher against Kali, at the same time, Lord has also given opportunities by which smaller amount of tapasya as against previous yugas clears the sins. But the mobility of Paap-Punya-Paap-Punya is extremely rampant. By the time one does tapas of a previous sin, the next ones are creating a heap so fast.

        One way to avoid all this cycle is to take shelter of shastras always via a Guru. There lies another all pervading problem. Not all are fortunate enough to take shelter under a Madhava Guru, as the true knowledge is also confined to a very handful of pious souls in bharatavarsha, as compared to a bigger population. Come chaturmasa and not many people know that every act good or bad is noted very carefully by panchbhootas and effects are 10x. Since it is Kali, the good effects are supposed to be less and bad more. So, this again creates a hughe heap of sinful sanchita in these 4 months of chaturmasa.

        So sir owing to non spread of true Shastra Gyana, a jeeva inadvertantly falls into mithya gyana. This has led to wrong beliefs like anyone can chant Gayatri, non-dwijas doing homas, dravya dana to non-brahmins and much more.

        So, sir my question is: Are all such evils universal prarabdha in kaliyuga ?



        • chaturmasa is compulsory vrata [ discarding vegetables in ashadha ,… curds in shravan ….milk in bhadrapada …. dwidala in ashwiyuja ]is compulsory for all the humans …… thsoe who do not do this …. their pooja in a year goes waste ,….. [ whether they know it or not ] punishment exists …. this way it becomes imperative to know shastras ….. by not knowing one always ends up again on earth ,.. with sins ……. this is vidhi …… this is also a side effect of having born on earth in non hindu cults … that highlights the fortune of being birn hindu … being born in environment conducive for dharma … being fortunate of having guru ,,,,,

          but fortune is a fortune …. does not animal wonder at the fortunes of man ,.. so also man wonder at the fortunes of devatas ….
          but that is prarabdha …….
          having gained knowledge one must strive hard to follow shastras to their best capacity ….. one must try to avoid eight type of mada [ pride ]
          1. anna mada
          2.artha mada
          4.kula mada
          5.satkarma mada
          7.raajya mada
          8.sheela mada

          kali is abhimani daitya for all these mada [ pride ] …..
          what are they
          anna mada – i eat four times a day …. [ log bhook se marte kyun hai ….agar daal roti nahi toh pizza pastry kyun nahi khate ]
          arth mada – i am wealthy … rich … i possess such and such thing [ mere paas property hai gaadi hai bangla hai bank balance naam hai shohrat hai izzst hai ai tumhare paas kaya hai ] etc etc
          praya mada — I am beautiful ,handsome …. i have a good body …good skin …. radiance ..[ kabhi apni shakal ayne me dekhi hai ]..all these come under mada //
          vidya mada – I am sanskrit scholar … Phd in …. tum mujhe samjhane aye ho …… [ bacchu tum jis school se sikkhe aye ho hum uske pradhyapak rah chuke hai ]
          Raajya mada – maanyavar aa rahe hai … [ apne hastakshar se sirf kisi ka admission hi ho jayo to jane ]
          Kula mada – HUm bramhana hai … raajpoot hai … aarakshit hai .. CHIRAAN Moudgalya gotra …. all these is KULAMADA …… saat pushton se hum yeh karte aarahe hain ,., etc etc ….
          sarkarma mada – i Do sandhyavandan daily thrice ,,,, chaturmasa is my left hand job ,……we do navaratri …. aji roje ke din toh thuk bhi nahin nigalte .lekin din mein do waqt khana khate hai ….. ekadashi woh kya hota hai ,… [ I have siddhi …main tumhe bhasm kar doonga ]
          Sheelmada – see i have not touched any other woman till date .. i am clean MR clean super clean …

          all these mada exist in every man ….. till we attain moksha these mada exists in subtle forms ….One can overcome these only when we constantly remind us that
          anna is given LORD …
          artha is not by our hard work …..[ once I was in Taj DELHI … richest Indian’s flamboyant brother was strolling around in lobby with his aids …. everyone in the coffe shop was only staring at him sahab yeh toh laxmiputra hai ….. once my chartered accountant had exclaimed while discussing second house …. kehte hai harshad ke paas itna paisa hai ki kuber ke paas bhi nahi hai …. we all know his fate ,we ll know others fate soon ,… ] but in general people feel money is earned by some art ,… some hard work …. and usually those who dont earn money they feel they have lacked something ,… and those who have earned enormous money they feel they have done something special through their efforts ,… yeh meri mehnat aur lagan ka nateeja hai …. ] all these conclusions lead to ARTHA MADA ….. recent KBC ads also makes fun of have nots … these are all artha mada …… money comes only poorva punya …………… only blessings of SHRIKARLAXMI gives money … no hard work …. if hard work gives money labourers works harder than anyone else ,……. all of them should have become billionaires …………
          so this anusandhana only reduces arthamada ………

          prayamada – as long as we forget we are all going to become old and this body is no longer going to be beautiful anymore ,,,,,, prayamada exists ….. when we grow old it gives more pain …. strength goes and feeble muscles greet us …. even children make fu at our helplessness ….

          vidyamada – vidya is only out come of guru’s grace … once grace is gone …. vidya is gone ….. there is no point in thinking we know everything …

          raajya mada – no one ever has ruled earth till eternity ….all of them have left their kingdoms ….. what once kshatriyas ruled … today it is ruled by Mletchas ,….
          what is there to be proud of ……
          kulamada – even sage narada was born shudra earlier …… even YAMA was born SHUDRA later … what lies in front of me who knows ….. why take pride in this birth … its only due to grace of LORD that i got birth in good lineage , I make use of it or else ….
          caste goes with the death of body … what is to body is not mine …, but caste of soul remains …..
          satkarma mada ——- i am a strict bramhin .. but how long …………. even vishwamitra had to eat a dog ……… some ate their own kiths flesh .. Even rudra stayed in smashaan ….. Indra faltered … AM i better than them then why take pride in my actions … my actions are governed by LORD MADHAVA
          sheelamada —- my mind is not mine ,…. I am not mind … kali avesha is everywhere …. if I am sheelavaan then it is grace of LORD …. else a soft arrow of MANMATHA is enough to get me crawling at the feet of woman ….. what is their to take pride in it

          OH lord let these pride not atke over me … whatever I do I surrender to YOU …. I care not for prarabdha .. i care not for furture … i acre not for destiny … i care not good nor for bad /// i care not sin …. i care not for punya .//// i care not for shuchi … i care not for asuchi ….. i care not high birth …. i care not for intelectual discourses of scholars ….. i care not for karma … i care not for death or life ….. i fear niether rebirth nor naraka I beg only one thing as long as i am alive or as long as there is brth in every birth YOU GIVE me the steadfast mind that YOU alone are the doer and SUPREME being residing in me ……

          thus says The great JAGANNATA DASARU …
          so why fear prarabdha …. apachara abhichara …..


      • Again a beautiful article Guruji 🙂
        So true….a steadfast mind is so important else ahankaara can easily take over 😦


      • Pranaams Acharya,

        Thank you for the ever helping guidance. I do realize that Lord is extremely merciful towards me and always keeps guiding me as present in you as Guru.

        Request you to update the google calendar with the start and end dates of each of 4 months of Chaturmasa.



  5. respected sir,
    you have mentioned i your article that
    “It will not be an exaggeration if a statement is made to the effect that 90 % of the people in the world are affected by abhichara .”
    is there any remedy for this . i mean to nullify and back hurl and boomerang the abhichar prayoga and also remain unharmed from such future abhichar prayogas


    • sudarshan mantra will keep away from such things .


      • can u tel lme what is the sudarshan mantra ? can anyone chant this mantra?if not what is the substitute for this and the procedure?


      • Guruji please upload Sudarshan mantra or Hanuman kavach sometime in the future so as to enable oneself to protect oneself from abhichara in the future…


  6. Respected Guruji

    Are both Mandi and Gulika the same?Jhora sometimes gives MD and GK in different houses.Some texts say for morning birth Mandi to be taken and night births gulika to be taken. I understand Kerala gives more importance to mandi to find the birth lagna or confirm the natal birth lagna in nashta prashna.

    Some astrological texts have quotes like “mandi aspects” and “Gulika aspects”

    What are the houses MAndi and Gulika aspects?


  7. Thanks guruji for explaining


  8. I had these big doubts and you have given a fitting reply-best of best actually

    However i beg to differ with only one point -rakshasas did not follow dharma .There are many examples-ravana abducting ram and laxman through ahiravana and mahiravana on the day when the war was declared to be started after sunrise by a backdoor entry.There are many such adharmic incidences mentioned in our puranas.May be they are correct for rakshasas? is there anything called “rakshasa dharma” as such?

    kindly explain guruji


    • chiraan said:

      Ahiravan story is not there in any major purana nor in valmiki , so that cannot form basis for adharma Dharma adharma are very elaborate subject it differs from place time and zone and persons , what is dharma fr one person at one time and place may not be dhamrama for another ata another place . rakshas dharma is different . otherwise Shukracharya should have attained hell , but he is revered and a Vishnu bhakta . God neever punished Shukracharya for teaching wrongs to Rakshas except when he objects to dana for Bali vaman . episode ,even here Vaman restores sight to shukracharaya.

      If you go by kaal dharma sthula dharma then Duryodhan would seem right all through the Mahabharta . Thus Bhishma and Drona kept queit as Duryodhan spoke dharma . Buit it was only When Dharma Sukshama was considered all the right and wrong falls in place . Thats where Bheemsena prevails .and Krishna drwas the fine line between dharma and Adharma . That is Mahabharata .


  9. Respected Guruji

    1.chanting of mantras=lakhs or crores time

    In olden yugas,people lived longer than the present normal lifespan like 120 years 5 days.so it was possible to chant mantras or japas crores times as you mention in many places in your article.

    IS there not a way out for kaliyuga people to get the beneficial results with a lesser number of chants as god has given us only 120 years and it is practical only to chant a limited number of shlokas

    Please forgive if the question looks silly.

    2.what is the difference between kaliyuga and yugas like treta yuga ,dwapara yuga etc?

    even in rama period before ramarajya,people like ravana abducted many beautiful women against their wish and seducted them.Ravana killed those who fought with him and expanded his terrority

    Actually this killing is less nowadays as we dont have king rulership.OTherwise for want of lands killings took place in olden times.
    I believe kings rajya was in vogue in all yugas including kaliyuga but for recent times it changrd into democracy except for places like nepal and others.

    Demons and rakshasas were plenty in those yugas.Brahmins were actually tortures for following their karma by rakshasas in those yugas.we dont see any such incidents now.
    SO how is kaliyuga bad from those yugas

    3.you quote a lot from mahabharatha.Sometimes i am not able to believe averything written in mahabharatha is true ,like yaksha prashna episode.

    Do you think 4 pandava brothers will drink water and die inspite of the announcement by yaksha not to drink before answering him.Are they so illfocused in their war duties so as to lose life for the sake of water(however severe the thirst may be) despite owners(owner of lake)advise not to drink before answering some questions

    atlease we can accept the death of the first brother among the pandavas for not obeying.it is chard to believe the next 3 brothers deinking water despite seeing their brothers in dead conditions and warned by yaksha that theirdeath was because of drinking the water

    the whole episode was for glorifying yudhistira and cinematic and for some preachings to humankind in my view.death and restoring life seems impossible by others except by sri krishna..



    • chiraan said:

      1. chanting : crores of times .

      This pertains to people who are into practise of mantras , not for ordinary men . for ordinary people even chanting 100 will take a yuga with concentration . for a yogi and siddha a lakh can be completed in ten seconds , there are methods to do it , it should be learnt from guru .

      unless you have asan siddhi all these will remain a mystery . ordinaryu people cant even sit for ten minutes in one place continuosly except in cinema theatre . they unknowingly get up and start walking or strolling . or adjusting their seats.such people can not even imagine aewhat is ,menat by chanting or japa . For them even 1000 or 1000 would mean an eternity . in anutshell the querry is subeject to capacity lesser the capacity lesser the result .

      2. how is kaliyuga diffrent from other yugas . in revious yugas , even rakshas followed dharma They prevailed on only those people who had defaulted dharma . even ravan could not vanquish Kartyaviryaarjun . in previous yugas , curses immediately took effect , in treta it took effect in 10 days , in dwapar curses take effect in a month , In kaliyuga curses take effect after a year [ if the curse is powerful ] In this one year the cursed has a chance to increase his punya and nullify or giver can lose by sins. In previous yuga , the thoughts were considered as sins and took effects , in kaliyuga as all are dirty minded thoughts do not giuve results . WHether kings are there or not , every one who is n power feels like a king and nourishes to live like a king . so whether democracy or not one who is elected is a king . where there is scope for ruling unabashedly people do that . it is eveident just give close thorough look . a bureaucrat if he crosses limit is punished by people in power , a junior if he forgets to salute the senior or obey him is severly taken to task . people who have established constiuency behave like kings in their area. every one likes a king and expects him to fulfil wishes , one who does that feels like a king . absolute power is yoga , democracy or no democracy people destined to rule rule. and Power corrupts and oppression is more now a days than in previous era . every person who has power oppresses the one under his jurisdiction . No work is carried out today withoout offering WWW . in every strata this has become practise this was not there in previous yuga.

      3. Mahabharata , Yaksha prashna . : Viewing Pandavas as mere mortals will give rise to many illusions . Pandavas were born to dEVATAS AND NOT HUMAN , they had divine qualities , if a mortal like you and me can predict so many things , do Devatas not have the power to see future . This incident was meant to show that the other Pandavas did not care for their lives while carrying out Dharma . Dharma says one must not be Vidyopajeevi. hence they didi answer , as baka was yama , a Devat he had a sway [ momentary over the Pandavas] . Arjuna has lost life almost many times , a Warrior has no fear of death else he can never wage a war . ordinary saints have demonstrated giving life to the dead , so Yama himself giving death and granting life should not be surprisisng . moreover whole episode was a destiny to reduce the tejas of Pandavas to enable them to live in cognito .

      ordinary people with good conduct are radiant , they can be easily separated from ordinary lot owing to tejas . a tejaswi person is easily focus of attention in a crowd or section . people talk about them and admire them . such then Pandavas were mighty devatas with mighty qualities , their brilliannce was almost unbearable for the ordinary people , In thsoe days when there were intelleigent ministers bramhins all around , looking at such brilliant people any astrologer or minister would say these are mighty princes . In such circumstances how would these Pandaas live in agyat vas . This was a big concern to them . So this episode was brought in krishna as present in Yama , to reduce Panadava brilliance of the body and make them look ordinary kanaka , sood and gopala . brihannala etc. so that none could suspect them as Prince . belief comes only whwne mind is pure from austerities and constant practise of shastras. Till that time every shastra looks like a story and characters human [ that too as people next door] . Never super impose todays era onto dwapar and our circumstances onto Mahabharata. this will only give illusion.


      • Dear Sir
        What are the methods to be done to do large number of mantra japams.I will learn it from an appropraite guru.

        As of now, I typically do a larger number of japams during amavasya, eclipses, holy places etc.


      • brigga223 said:

        Sir, you have mentioned hanumat kavacha and sudarshana stotra for avoiding the effect of abhichara.. What must one do if one is already affected by abhichara? Right now i am still reciting the raghavendra mala mantra as given by you.. is there anything else that i can do to REMOVE or ELIMINATE the effect of abhichara.. there must be something .. please advise..


        • the one given is enough to do it , looking for something else is mantra avhelana , and it does not perform , this way any number of mantras you recite it will not work . mantra and mantra purusha and mantra devata should be respected .


          • brigga223 said:

            i am sorry sir.. i will keep on trying .. in this case who is the mantra purusha..i assume the mantra devata is sri raghavedra swamy.. for any significant effect to take place, what is the approximate number of times that i should recite , is advisable?


      • Guruji what are the physical characteristics of tejaswi people? How can we make out whether a person is good or bad through physical characteristics?

        With the description you have given, i can maybe say i was a tejaswi once upon a time…no longer it seems 😦

        Anyhow this will be a good benchmark to distinguish good people from the bad appleas and not get fooled by evil people…


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