Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

When saturn is in the fourth house in any of the divisional charts one faces allegation in his life.

Krishna in order to Save yadavs from Jarasandha’s repeated attacks , called Vishwakarma and created a beautiful city of DWARAKA . This city was fully golden with gates doors of each house made of gold . It had 16000 palaces for gopika stree of Lord Krishna . Also it had 11000 crores houses for all yadavs . The vastu of the city was such that none would ever fall sick or die prematurely .

note: today world population is itself 6 billion whereas in dwapara each city itself had the population of 110 billion .This proves the purana statement that distances , men hieght and living places all change as the yuga changes. In nutshell world shrinks with age.people fight for land food and living . cultivation has reduced to twice a year , in Dwapar it was 6 times , in treta it was 9 times and in krutyuga cultivation was year long . In kruta yuga the mode of exchange was precious stones , In treta it was Gold and in Dwapara it was silver , in todays era , the bill of exchange are of plastic ,paper or coins are copper and iron .

In such dwaraka lived one by name UGRASEN . he had two sons Satrajit and Prasen . Satrajit undertook ‘ANSHAN VRAT'[fasting unto death ] to please Surya [Sun diety] devata. Surya devata , with his bright gayatri swaroop appeared before him , Deity asked him to seek a boon . Satrajit asked for the dangling Ruby in the deity’s neck and sought as boon . This ruby [ Syamantak MANI ] was very lusturous , it had to be worn only by the pious and clean [ shuchi] person . It would end the life of the person who is unclean by mind and body . At the same time this Mani would give every day a 8000 kgs of gold .

Wearing the precious stone in his neck , Satrajit came back to the city , as he entered the city everyone thought Sun himself has come to meet kRISHNA . Such was the radiance of Satrajit . Satrajit fearing that Krishna would ask his MANi for himself , he gave it to his brother Prasen . Prasen once wearing the stone went for hunting . On the same day from a different direction even Krishna went for the Hunt .

Prasen was killed by a lion and lion took the Syamnatak mani from him . After a few stroll Lion was killed by a bear [ Jambavanta] and he carried the Mani to his cave and tied it to the cradle of the baby .

Seeing Krishna return and no trace of Prasen , Satrajit alleged that krishna has killed his brother for the want of Syamantak mani. Krishna to get rid of allegation ,wnet into the forest alonmg with all his relatives. They saw the remains of [ leftover by lion] Prasen and followed the footmarks of Lion , there they found the footmarks of a bear and killed lion. They follwed the footmarks of the bear into a cave . cave was dark and deep . Thus Krishna ordered all his relatives to stay at the entrance and as he was self illuminating personality , he entered the cave all by himself. There after the dark patch , he suddenly saw a bight palace with many dazzling lights . onto cradle was dangling the Syamantak mani. the lady of the house advised Krsihna to take away the mani and go away before jammbavan wakes up . Krishna smiled and blew is conch thus waking up jambavan . Jambvaan and Krishna had a terrible fight which went onto many days . After seven days when Krishna did not return , relatives at the enterance of the cave assumed Krishna as dead and went back to Dwaraka . there they also peformed the last rites.

here after 21 days of Fight Jambavaan was defeated and fell on the ground exhausted . Jambavaan exclaimed ,I belong to the time of Lord SriRAM , No one can defeat me in a straight combat , but since you have defeated me , you must be Sriman Narayana himself . Krishna showed his RaM roopa to Jambavaan , Jambavaan fell on the feet of the LOrd , gave Syamantak Mani and also Kaustubha mani along with his daughter Jambavati in marraige to SriKrishna .

SriKrishna came back to Dwaraka and called a huge gathering to clear the allegation that was put unto him and handed back the Syamantak Mani to satrajit . Satrajit afraid of the backlash of Yadavas and also out of Fear of Srikrishna gave the mani and his Daughter SATYABHAMA to Lord Krishna in marriage .

Shatdhanva and Akrur were not happy with this marraige and in the absence of Krishna [ Krishna when he had gone to see the pandavas ] attacked Satrajit and killed him and took away the Syamantak mani fron Satyabhama .

Fearing that Krishna would wage a war , Shatdhanva gave the mani to Akrur and Akrur fled to Kashi alongwth the Mani and started living a pious life there . He built many temples with the gold avaialable through Syamantak mani.

Knowing all these , yet Krishna pretending as if he knows nothing about Akrur , inspired Balaraa to go togetehr and bring back Syamantak mani from Shatdhanva . Both the brothers chased Shatadhanva , Shatadhanva fearing for his life climbed a mare and rode away , Krishna and balarama chased him , in a day Shatadhanva crossed over 800 miles. lastly the mare died of thrist , leaving it to its fate , Shatadhanva fled on foot . Krsihna followed him and finally cut his throat thrugh Sudarshan . Then as a normal human he searched for the MAni in his dress . Balraam arrived a bit late , As Krishna declared there is no Mani . Balaraam grew angry 1. for unncessarily making a false pretext to kill relative Shatadhanva . Secondly Balaraam suspected , Krishna ahd no intenetion to give Syamantak Mani to Him [ though elder brother] , as Balraam was alcoholic .

Balaraam developed anger and frustration on Krsihna and left him and settled in a new town of MITHILA for next five years brothers did not interact with each other .

Seeing this opportunity Duryodhan went to Balaraam under the pretext of learning Gadayudha from him [ art of fighting with Mace] . In thes efIve years Duryodhan expected to gain over Balaraam and ask for the hand of Subhadra , If Balaraam promises , Krishna would not object and once He marries Subhadra , both the brothers would be under his sway for the sake of sister. [ Such was the Plan of Duryodhan ] . However he managed to get the promise from Balaraam .

Here Akrur became pious day by day . Narad muni asked Srikrishna to perform Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat to get rid of all the allegation onto him . Narad said , as Krishna ahad seen the moon on the Ganesh Chaturthi day [ Bhadrapad shukla chaturthi] [ Ganapaty had cursed moon that whoever sees the moon on the Bhadrapad shukla charturthi day , he would face false allegation] .

As KRISHNA performed the vrat , Akrur completely guilty ridden went back to Dwaraka and handed over the Syamantak mani to Krsihna . All the allegations were cleared.

Seeing ugrasen , Balraam and Satyabhama all wanting to keep the Mani with them Krsihna felt giving it any would annoy the other and hence asked Akrur to keep it for himself as he was pious and always engaed in Yagnya.

Thus one who does Ganesh Vrat gets rid of all allegations and all his works undertaken will be successful and without obstacles.


Comments on: "Syamantakopakhyaan – A story about Krishna Ganapaty and False Allegation" (16)

  1. Respected Chiraanji,

    quoting you “yes with the help of pravaah vayu everything in the space does get a motion equal to a motion of bhachakra. And finally there is a big debate yet awaited in this subject which would definiely start when i write articles on SHimshumaar chakra.”

    can you shed some light on Vimaana shastra written by rishi Bharadwaj … is Pravaah vayu some sort of fuel used in olden days which was used for the motion of Vimaana?? Please shed some light on this … if possible write an article so that we can study it in detail…



    • chiraan said:

      Pravaha vayu is the name of the air that is present in the space , on earth it is known by Prana vayu in space it is pravaha , in higher orbits it is known as avaha etc ,


      • Does that mean dark energy to which till date our science has no knowledge? what are the characteristics of “Pravaha Vayu ” and “avaha” ?

        How would earth revolve without orbit? what was the model of space in our Ancient times?

        In one post you wrote you would write a whole topic on geography is all this included in that topic?/

        Sorry Sir i know you have very till time and erratic time schedule but curiosity is continuous on such topics.. Answer whenever you get enough time after rest.



  2. Thank You so much.



  3. Thank You so much for the clarification Chiraan Jee.
    Are there any specific rules applicable to Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat(i.e. Chathurthi of Bhadrapada) regarding the above story?



    • yes , it is elaborate.Bring the Ganesh idol to the house with all pomp and grandeur ,get a bramhnin preist , get aarti and dhoop and offer fruits at the doorstep of the house , get the Idol inside . Next day [on ganesh chaturthi] during 10 am to 2 pm install the idol on a tsthandul with padma yantra in a mantap . decorate the mantap . with flowers and other materials [ environment friendly ] install another silver ganapathy before the idol . let the bramhin preist offer panchamruta red vastra red sandal , red akshta, red flowers , etc naivedya [ naivedya should be modak .fruits dryfruits ec ] then pushpa pooja , anga pooja and then garika samarpamana . then it should be followed by ganahoma and then mahaarti . ‘

      In the evening , one must read syamantakopakhyana and give the sikver idol to a Bramhin as dana . the next day after uttara pooja the idol can be immersed in the pond. this completes the vrata. This will give relief from all evils and obstacles.


  4. Pranam Chiraan Jee,

    Narad muni asked Srikrishna to perform Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat to get rid of all the allegation onto him . Narad said , as Krishna had seen the moon on the Ganesh Chaturthi day [ Bhadrapad shukla chaturthi] [ Ganapaty had cursed moon that whoever sees the moon on the Bhadrapad shukla charturthi day , he would face false allegation] .
    From these above lines can I say that Srikrishna waited for an year to perform Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat(i.e. Chathurthi of Bhadrapada or He did perform Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat in some other month )? Also, Vrat means fasting whole day or ekasana i.e. eating once? Please clarify.



    • Krishna had seen moon sometime in childhood He performed vrat only for People to observe as such no DOsha can ever touch Krishna , ganesh is not ata all capable of executing his shapa onto Lord This is just an illustration for people to follow , howver vrat is supposed to be undertaken in Bhadrapad only . Vrat neccessarily not mean fasting , every vrat has its own rules.


  5. manu kaushik said:

    I agree to the assertion that lack of evidence does not mean something did not exist. ….But the problem here is that human fossils have been found dating back to the period of dwapara yuga ..(which I’m sure you would agree ended after death of Shri Krishna around 3000BC) . None of these fossils show a 12 feet human being or abnormally sized humans…. As per your interpretation of the scriptures everyone was 12 feet long… but I’m sorry they were not…

    Coming to the shrinking in size of earth…. If you mean earth as a body of mass increases or decreases in size… Then you are altering the divine laws of gravitation, electromagnetic forces etc… These forces are basic creative forces used by Brahama to create this universe…. The reason I call them divine laws because we all humans + birds + animals + planetary bodies + stars are bound by these laws…

    But if you mean the surface area on earth increases or decreases ….Yes that is definitely possible…. At the end of the ice age … Melting of ice submerged a lot of lands..,.. that shall explain the stories of great floods in all ancient civilizations of the world…. The present Manu of this manavrata was king satyvrata of Dravida (kumari kadam)… Dravida is a land known to stretch from Madagascar to Australia… So going by that .. Yes surface area did shrink but not the size of earth as a heavenly body…

    Sir there are no magic.. ….no chamatkars… Yoga , mantras , ayurved , vedic astrology are some of the great sciences given to us by our ancestors… There is no magic in them… But yet even today (after thousands of years) the world uses them… I am sure the creators and writers of Vedas would be more happy to see us critically analyse their work …. Rather than us blindly repeating what was written…

    Krishna was divine as someone who can give us GITA has to be worshipped not because he lifted govardhan parvat…..

    In the end I will say please keep up this good work… I am a regular reader of your blog…


    • chiraan said:

      The theory that you are showing so much faith is written by some x y z stating some uvw logic and no evidence , ice age etc , fossils are not scientific methods to determine ages of era , because according to first estimaytes world never existed before 4000 Bc , but today they say civilizxation exuisted before that , very recently some discoveries in china forces them to thimk man could have been around a billion years ago , he was taller than 20 ft . so your ignorance and new discoveries do not belie a age old . so few years later if some other discoveries comes in , the so called scientific minded idiots keep changing their views and theories based on some article in journal published somewhere in the west . Soi much confidence that one never tries to even question its authenticity , and can we say truth keeps changing with every new discovery and claims,.. Finally I call them as just theories , if one or two illustrations of ice age blah blah could convinbce you so much without questioning , why cannot same repeated illustrations in 36 epics which has survived million years cannot be taken as truth . why so much zeal to brush aside withoput even giving a second thought [ this is foolhardy behaviour ] . or can we say mental slavery .

      now coming to shrinking of earth , earth shrinks there is lot of evidence . there is no evidence of great flood in recent times or melting of ice within 3000 years . the great flood of manu was 43lakhs years ago . so there is no point in mixing . theories. now can you explain how earth surface can shrink without increase or decrease in mass.? [ this is not possible ] now coming to laws of gravitation , these are childish laws known to exist between two manmade objects and not between heavenly bodies . all the calculations that exist to spurn a satellite into air never yields the same motion , orbit or behaviour of eclipse of satelite as calculated showing these are not accurate nor applicable.

      yes with the help of pravaah vayu everything in the space does get a motion equal to a motion of bhachakra. And finally there is a big debate yet awaited in this subject which would definiely start when i write articles on SHimshumaar chakra.


  6. manu kaushik said:

    Sir First of all I must say that this is a wonderful blog… The knowledge given here is profound…. But as you and everyone these days like to point out that we are in Kali yuga….. Accordingly the knowledge and minds of humans are small compared to the previous yugas… maybe the ways of finding out the truth are primitive compared to the ways of the Vedic people….Today we study history by looking for clues in the physical world rather than the spiritual world…
    So if the scripture’s say that each city had a population of 110 billion…I ask where is the proof of this… Let’s forget about the proof… Lets go by the nyaya (logic) way of thinking…. 110 billion people in Dwarka? …. As you would know remains of an ancient city have been found near the coast of Gujarat… Which is very likely to be ancient Krishna’s Dwarka….Now lest assume this city was as big as entire state of present day Gujarat + sindh in Pakistan…. It cant be any bigger because there were other kingdoms like the magadh , hastinapur, ghandhar etc which we know existed in and around the yadu kingdom..… So even if we assume that dwarka was as big as entire state of Gujrat + sindh(present day pakistan)…. Please tell me how 110 billion people will fit in that space… Even if they can where is the land left to cultivate food for them besides the obvious problem of water and other resources…
    The remains of Mohenjo-Daro n Harappa confirm that around the time of Mahabharata (3000BC) extensive cities existed in India along the now dried up saraswati river… These cities were very well planned and bigger than anything that existed in the known world at that time… But they were not big enough to house 110 billion people in each city….
    Ramayana, Mahabharata are our ancient histories and not myths… But such absurd claims do more harm to this notion than good…. Let’s find out the truth by the ways of Kali yuga… Coz if we could do it any other way we wouldn’t be in this yuga….



    • chiraan said:

      Men were as tall as 28 feet , did we ever find a fossil as tall as these in this yuga , why entire archaelogical theory is based on one just harrapaa , why is it that other parts of the world did not show any such cities buried , so with limited resources of excavative knowledge how can one conclude that cities were so and so in olden days.

      let me give example , today many english movies are dubbed into native languages , so if many years later if someone finds these cds and and sconnclude , Americans spoke all languages oe world , or Indian languuages were more popular in west , can these be true.

      No! so single harrappa cannot form basis of dweapar cities .

      nnow coming to question of size of dwaraka , when entire earth shrimnks 100 times down , each city would accommodate only a crore , if you expand the very earth 100 times , each city would accommdate 110 billion . escecially when men exopand only twice times.

      men were 12 ft height in dwapar , and size of earth was 100 times more .

      now there are hundreds of references in every purana where each distance covered betwen cities were not less than 100 yojana , yojan is 8 hasta , a hasta pramana changes with size of man . so does all relative pramana of earth and heaven . 800 miles is 1/10 of india length breadth . so were there only ten cities in India at that time.

      so size of the earth was more in each yuga and it shrinks as the yuga changes.


      • 100 times the increase in size wouldn’t that mean that earth becomes equal to the size of jupiter ?? (appx.) in that case the solar system should have gone through a dynamic change too … because earth staying in its orbit with 100 times its size would be pulled towards Sun …

        kindly explain the whole phenomenon.. in detail


  7. what happens if saturn is retrograde in libra (at paramaucch position) in rasi chart in 4th house?

    what if saturn is in 4th house in rasi chart?does not mean definite allegation.
    what are the effects if saturn is in 4th in less important charts like D-7,D-24 etc.Do they mean allegation for chidren,regarding education etc.Should they be taken in that sense.


    • chiraan said:

      Saturn in 4th irrespective of chart gives allegation whether false or true depends upon its strength and association. if in rasi chart allegationstays for long time , if in divisional charts the time for which the alllegation remains is lesser


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