Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

What a Kshatriya achieves through the power of his arms and weapons , a bramhin should achieve through the power of his learning and mantrashakti.

When enemy physically tries to attack , and when there is no other option to save the self , then unwittingly bramhin resorts to maran.

Saturn in house of mars [weak ] aspected by mars and gulika [mars being in the navamsa of cancer or jupiter ] the person is killed by abhichara .

Bring the deepagni or dhoopagni of the enemy and begin the Abhichara . Maran karma should not usually accompany the sacrifice of kravya . With the neem oil dipped feather of crow or owl ,homa should be performed by chanting continuously ” enam daray, enam shoshay , enam maray ” then going to the rear of the kunda ,invoke a kritya and chant ” yo me ch kantakam duraadduram va chantikeapi ch pibataddyamsruk ” within 9 days enemy dies a miserable death .

A yantra with ” swaha maray hum amuk hrim phat ” if worn in neck on Tuesday kills enemies if the following mantras ” chandalini kamakhya vasini vandurge klim klim thah swaha ” has been made siddhi .

if not used on appropriate enemies it kills the one who invokes.

Vishvamitra created a Rakshas [kritya ] with his mantra shakti and sent it to kill only surviving Son of Vashishtha Shaakti Rishi [ father of Parashar muni] . Rakshas killed Shakti muni in absence of Vashishtha , when Shakti was in meditation .

When Parashar knew about this through his friends , he started a vedic homa to remove entire Rakshas clan in the universe. Slowly all the rakshasas fell in the homa kunda one by one and the Homa went on for a year long . when all the Rakshasas were slowly getting extinguished , Rishi Pulastya and pulaha were deeply disturbed by the genocide of their clan . Pulastya went to rishi vashishtha to pacify his grandson .

Sage Vashishtha appeared before Parashar and addressed him thus ” Oh grandson , regain your calm and put aside the hatred and anger in you . Hatred and anger does not suit a Bramhin . All the human beings on this earth reap their fruits by the virtue of their previous karma . No one kills the other by his own self will , its the purvajanma karma that kills the person , My son Shakti also died because of his purvajanma karma and not by the Rakshas . Rakshas was just an instrument . So setaside your anger on Rakshas jati and stop this yagnya . May good senses prevail on you and let Shanti [ peace be setin into your heart] .”

Taking the words of the Grandfather as an order , Parashar stops this yagnya giving relief to the Rishi Pulastya , Pulastya then says ” Oh Paraashar , having stopped this yagnya at out behest and through the words of Vashishtha , we are all relived and we give you a boon that may all the shastras be realized by you easily and may you be the Puran pravakta for the ages to come , let every purana be your Lore ., let there be a siddhi to you for all the words of vedas and vedanmga and let Lord be born to you as your Son and be the light for the world through his wisdom . Let this all be known as the words of Parashar , as a result of which let the shastras be always alight in your heart as Lord dwell in heart as Gnyana , May he be visible to you in your heart”

Happy with the boons , Parashar stopped the yagnya leaving the remaining Rakshas to save their lineage . All these were recollected by Parashar when Maitreya put the question to Parashar about the beginning of Universe .


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  2. sir,
    i am in deep trouble for the past above 20 years duration in personal life for which there is no relief in sthula government of india.
    if personal life enemies remain with anyone giving continuous trouble in life doing homa of one tenth of japa of mantra is extremely difficult. please help me if there are any marana mantras which can given siddhi through simple and effient japa of marana mantras.
    my email address if arunsrinivaas@yahoo.co.in.
    please put me email giving details on above point. i am at present in very poor condition.


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