Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Sun in eigth twelfth or sixth , eigth lord with ninth , twelfth lord in lagna and sixth lord in fifth ,such a person ‘s father will have died before his birth .

Duryodhan fell on the ground ,he was troubled by dogs and wolves ,which were preying on his wounded body . Just then Ashwaththama alongwith Kritavarma and Kripacharya came near him , looking the plight of Duryodhan Ashwaththama was deeply moved and asked Duryodhan if he can do anything for him : Duryodhan asked Ashwaththama to produce a child through his wife and install him on the throne after killing all the sons of Pandavas .To bind ashwaththama to is words , he took the dust on the ground on poured it onto ashwaththama to give him Deeksha to his actions . Ashwaththama accepted .

Just then Ashwaththama saw an owl killing many crows , inspired by this He decided he can kill single handedly all the remaining people and Pandavas . He went towards the Pandavas camp , there He saw Rudra himelf guarding the camp , he fought with Rudra . [ Ashwaththama is Rudravatara , how could he fight himself , for this Acharya says this is akin to suicide where a person tries to kill himself ]

All the weaopons fired by ashwaththama Rudra promptly swallowed it . Vexed Ashwaththama performed Manas Yagnya and offered himself in the Yagnya , Pleased RUdra let him through the camp and took away BHeemsena’s son from Kalidevi by name Sharvatrat with him to Rudraloka [ because Kalidevi’s father Kashi Raja had prayed Rudra that his grandson should be one without death , as ashwaththama would kill all the Pandava sons and Krishna wanted Parikshit to assume throne , Rudra took him to heavens with him , Sharvatrat is still surviving son of Bheemasen ]

Aswaththama went into camp and Dhrishtadhyumna was sleeping , he kicked him , Dhrishtadhyumna seeing his death near pleaded Ashwaththama to give him time to get hold of his sword so that he can have veermaran , but Ashwaththama said good death is for good people and not for Guruhatya or Brahmaghati , he deserves death like animal . Ashwaththama dragged Dhrishtadhyumna and slit his throat .But before his head could fall off , Dhristadhyumna left the body through Yoga and reached agni loka [ he was incarnation of Agni]

Ashwaththama then kiled his brothers Shikhandi , yudhamanyu , Uttamataijas , janmayjay . Then he killed all the sons of Pandavas .To kill all the remaining people in the camp he torched the camp with fire . All those who came out of the camp in panick were killed by Kripacharya and Kritavarma at the enterance .

Dhristadhyumna’s Sarathi escaped in the night and told Bheemasen , Bheemasen went after Ashwaththama , Ashwaththama ran towards the forest but after he felt running would be of no use , He stooped and used Bramhastra .

Krishna the lord has already set the order that Bramhastra would never go waste and at the same time Krishn also never lets Bheemasen to be ever Lose battle . So in this situation both could not be possible , so he asked Arjun to counter Bramhastra with another Bramhastra with a sankalpa that let this pacify astra , safeguard guruputra ashwaththama , all the Pandavas and the world in general .

Ashwaththama had sankalpa of bramhastra that i kill the Pandavas , Nakul Sahadev had no knowledge of this Astra leaving astra on those who are not aware would also harm the one who uses it ie ashwaththama . Thus Arjun made sankalpa that it safeguard Guruputra Ashwaththama also [ so kind of Arjun] , he safeguareded self brothers , when two astras collide it brings harm to world also thus he also made sankalpa to safeguard world .

Yet even after all this care the astras would have caused more harm to the surrounding , thus Shri Vedvyasa appeared in between the two Astras . temporarly holding it , Vedavyasa said earlier also there were people who were knowers of Astra but they never used such irresponsibly , Arjun said I have used in distress , Ashwaththama also said the same .Then Vedvyasa asked to withdraw the astras . Arjun took back the astra but Ashwaththama could not take it back .

Krishna said even being Kshatriya Arjun had conserved Bramhacharya but Ashwathama though being Bramhachari had ost his bramhacharya [ by giving word of raising son in Duryodhan’s wife] . thus he faied to take back astra .

Arjun though married waas bramhachari How? [ After marriage if one copulates with wife leaving ashtami tithi chatushtaya parvakala remains a bramhachari]

Vedvyasa asked Ashwaththama to atleast change his Sankalpa to safeguard Uttara’s womb . Ashwaththama refused out of anger . Srikrishna then said I have already made up my mind to get the Pandavas[ their sons] rule the earth for 1000 years , so even if your astra is used I shall get the son in Uttara [ Abhimanyu’s wife] womb to Survive . Thus Lord cast a protective spell around the womb , this spell was Lord himself protecting the child in the womb . Inside the womb child used to alweays inspect with curiosity as to who tghis strange person is who is protecting me . This curious inspection of his led him to be called ” PARIKSHIT” one who has been inspected [ tried tested ]thoroughly . Parikshit was born after the death of his Father Abhimanyu and was installed on the Throne of Hastinapur as successor to Yudhisthir after 36 years of Rule By BHEEMASEN [ As guided by Krishna ] which was akin to RamRajya .

Vedvyasa cursed Ashwatththama to suffer from bad odour of wounds till one thousand years and then return to NARAYANASHRAM resuming the shishyatve of Vedavyasa and then in the next cycle be born as VYASA to bifurcate VEDAS.


Comments on: "Jananat Purvam Pitru maran yoga: The story of Parikshit" (12)

  1. respected sir,
    you have mentioned in this article that [ After marriage if one copulates with wife leaving ashtami tithi chatushtaya parvakala remains a bramhachari]. can you please explain what is “ashtami tithi chatushtaya parvakala” please


  2. I have cancer lagna and sun in 12th, my archenemy has cancer lagna and lord of 8th in 9th…our fathers are alive.


    • many people have sun in 12th 90% them have father alive . the yoga exists only when all aspects of yoga ocuur mere one factor does not contribute


  3. Namaskar Chiraan ji,

    Why did Lord Srikrishna didnt protect Pandavas from Putrasoka? Why did he became a silent spectator when Ashwathama was killing Pandava’s sons?


  4. Namste Chiraan ji,
    Can i use kaner/Ganneru/nerium flower for Lalitha/Durga devi puja?


  5. Thanks chiraanji for the reply

    Are there yogas which are specific in rashi but not to be applied in navamsa and vice versa?

    can u list such few important yogas for better understanding.

    No book is openly discussing the way to see divisional charts except jathaka sara deepa which says saptamsa way of seeing the chart for certain divisional charts and for some others we have to see like rashi chart.i dont exactly remember this clearly.

    can u shed some light on how to approach different types of D-charts.Thanks


    • there is good description of other chart readings in BPHs , brihat jatak also . satya jataka etc . but minute scrutiny is neccessary to decipher them . surprisingly today my wife was asking about twin girls she knew born with same rashi nakshatra , one married after 11 years of the other . now how can rasi chart show these events . so no two birth can occur within two minutes and there has to be diiference in divisional charts to segregate such events .

      Navamsa in general gives specific result in the domain of rashi ,drekkana delineates the attributes and trimsamsa exemplifies , dwadashamsa fortifies .eventualises. this is one dimenesion, navamsa gives future developments , dwadashamsa gives past , drekkana enumerates co factors ,trimsamsa gives seed , hora gives distinction .

      navamsa gives composition , drekkana the measurement , dwadashamsa the gravity and trimsamsha the intensity .

      i have only this much capability of analysis , but there are more dimensions which alter the predictions beyond the grasp of Kaliyuga .


  6. “Sun in eigth twelfth or sixth , eigth lord with ninth , twelfth lord in lagna and sixth lord in fifth ,such a person ’s father will have died before his birth .”

    Respected Guruji

    I am trying to find the rationale for the above statement though i understand that always rationale should not be searched for rishis words.I believe this is taken from some classic.Can you please let us know from which classic it is taken?

    Sun in 6th ,8th or 12 th is understandable-karaka affected
    8th lord in 9th-lord of death in house of father

    12th lord in lagna –i dont understand how it contributes to father death?

    6th lord in 5th =5th is house of father according to bhavath bhavam.other than this i find no relationship

    I hope Dwadasamsha will show the event (death of father before birth of son) very clearly.can u please throw light on how to examine Dwadashamsa as a whole to confirm fathers death,fathers prosperity,fathers longevity etc/




    • 12 in the lagna is very important because , death of father even before birth is stigma /trauma to the born , such a thing can be known only when self is constrained. all the yogas of rashis are applicable dwadashamsa an that navamsa are applicable to trimsamsha


  7. Namste Chiraan garu, How can Ashwathama take birth as Vyasa? Lord Vysa is Vishnu Rupam(as per vishnu sahasram) ?
    Also please narrate the story of Ekalavya and the moral behind why he was asked for such a Gurudakshana even though it was for good of pandavas/dharma?
    and also i have a question w.r.t Varuna Mitra story. Query # 430
    I request you to help me with Query #425


    • In this dwapara yuga Lord himself came as Vyasa , every dwapara vyasa comes but not always Vishnu . as Inevery manvantaara Indra is different , previous five manvantaras saw yama vayu shakra , ashwini as indra , these were born as Pandavas . \ Ekalavya story has been given please search the blog


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