Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

If the lagna of father is 10th to that of son , son will have extreme devotion towards his father and ancestors . similarly pitru pada and lagna pada are in mutual kendras there will be extreme affection between the son and the father .

Sanatan dharma [ vedic way of life ] stresses extreme importance of the kartavya [duties] towards our pitru[ father and ancestors]
. Pitru tarpan and solace to ancestors departed is very essential to the happiness and general well being of the family . However it is quality of followers of dharma that they perform duty out of consciousness of Dharma coupled with love towards Pitrus rather than greed of well being . This is known as Pitru vatsalya .

The story of Sagar putra is good example of this vatsalya as how generations together a dynasty struggled to free its ancestors from sin and curse. This is a great lesson to us that we our actions affect our pitrus and vice versa . So one must be careful with one’s karma as it affects 7 generations prior to us and seven generation following us . a man can suffer himself but cannot bear to see his children and manes suffering owing to him .

Once there lived a very pious King named SAGAR . he had two wives , one son named ASAMANJAS from one wife and 60000 from other . Asmanjas grew to be very cruel , he threw the children of the city into sarayu river . The subjects complained to the King and King abandoned Asamanjas . Asamanjas had developed ‘vairagya ‘ and wanted to take sanyas and leave the world . But as sagar was intent on making him King , He acte like cruel , once abandoned he made his real intention clear and brought back all the children from sarayu river.

Many years later Sagar decided to perform Ashwamedha yagnya . The horse of Aswamedhayagnya was stolen by Indra and tied it near Kapila Muni in patala loka .60000 sons of Sagar went to search the horse . In their attempt to reach Patal they dug the entire earth . This resulted in lowering of the land and samudra [ocean ] surrounding jambu dweep entered the earth and thus we could see formation of SAAGAR .[ sea] . as samudra gave way to smaller sea [ this was due to Sagar sons’] and thus named SAAGAR .

Now as they reached Patala loka , they thought Kapila muni himself has stolen the horse , in ignorance like patanga insects attacking fire flame , attacked Kapila . [ Kapila is form of VISHNU] Lord Kapila opened his eyes and all the 60000 were reduced to ashes . [ Lord who is capable of bringing pralaya and reducing entire creation to ashes , this act is no surprising] .

Asamanjas ‘s son Anshuman went looking for the horse , As he came to patala , he prayed Lord kapila and asked his forgivance towards his uncles . Lord blessed Anshuman and gave him the horse , also told him that only Ganga if brought down on earth to Patala , when flows over the ashes of the sagar sons will ensure them a place in swarga .

Anshuman took the horse and Sagar completed the yagnya . To give solace to his pitrus , Anshuman started a penace to bring the Ganga to the earth . Even before achieving the task , he left the world . His son Dileep also went into forest to bring the Ganga , but died before achieving the task in his life time . [ imagine spending a lifetime in penace and giving life in the pursuit to bring solace to Pitrus]

Dileeps son Bhagirath  too wnet into forest and after a penace of 1000 years to Bramha asked the Ganga to be brought down to the earth . Ganga expressed her force was too heavy and would split the earth if she falls unchecked and hence would require someone to control and check her flow. Bhagirath went into penance for another 1000 years to Lord Shiva and requested him to take it into his jata . But AS GANGA FELL INTO THE JATA  , to teach ganga a lesson and relieve her from ego , Shiva tightened his jata that not a single drop flew out of it . Bhagirath again prayed for many years to request Rudra to release ganga . 

Shiva released a strand and with great flow Ganga fell on himalayas . Bhagirath the noble minded in order to make many places pure and blessed , took Ganga to trace  a long track around earth to Patala . On the way , Ganga ‘s flow disturbed Agastya muni and Sage drank entire ganga . Bhagirath again prayed to the sage and Sage brought out the River through his ears . [ Thus all bramhins are said to have sannidhi of ganga in the ear ] .

Bhagirath brought the Jhanhvi [ being daughter of kingJahnu , Ganga is also known as Jahnvi] to Patala to flow over his mane’s ashes , Sagar sons went to swarga .

Ganga had come into existence by the touch of foot of Lord Trivikrama[ haripada] .So ganga is HaripadaUdaka . and thus by the touch of sacred pada of the Lord , it can destroy many sins and purify the sagar’s sons and absolve them of the sins . here should not be any doubt then that Pada of Hari himslef when resorted to can destroy many a sins and purify us .  Thus shravan manan and kirtan [ listening to , meditating on lords’ feet] will definitely give Moksha
Krishnarpanamastu .

Comments on: "Pitru Vatsalya – The story of Bhagirath" (29)

  1. Sir, my father in law has performed Gaya shraadha long back and recently was asked to perform again in Gokarna, which he did. Is there a way to find out if our pitrus are now satisfied or not ?


  2. paritoshb said:

    Pranaam Guruji ,
    – When we do abhivadana, we touch our ear(s). Does it have any significance with this story i.e., Ganga came from the ears of the muni?
    – Is it the same tarpana we give during sandhya?


  3. Rajaraman said:

    Paranam Guruji,

    I have not given Pitru tarpan for the last several years, initially i could not do it due to stay in foreign countries and then continued the same without knowing the importance and its implications. My father was passed away in 1995. I might have accumulated heavy sins due to this. What prayachit, i should do for this.

    Paranam Guruji


  4. shshukla said:

    Dear Sir,

    Hare Srinivasa!

    I don’t know how to ask the question about the pollution of the waters of Ma Ganga so I will request you to give a commentary on the same.

    Please oblige. Pranams,


    • Bhagavat says that after 5000 years of kaliyuga nadiabhimani devtas will leave earth .. then graam devatas will leave .. after 5100 varna sankarya will be rampant …. after 10000 even Hari will leave his sannidhi from temples ..

      so there is no sannidhi of river abhimani devatas ,, its no use doing teertha yatra in this era .. so that is reason why .. Sarvayatra phalavaaptaye yathashakti pradakshinam … shirsa dharyamayadya sarvateertha phalaaptye …. is what is written in Raghvendra shloka …. so all teertha snana should be done by Rayar padodaka and by doing pradakshina of Rayar brundavana all teertha yatra can be fulfilled …

      after another 5000 years there will be no temples on the earth ,,


      • Sir 5110 yrs hv passed in kaliyuga..albeit sandhi.. Are nadiabhimanidevtas still there ? Or the dictum is for 10k sandhi + 5k kali yrs ?


      • Sir do the nadidevatas respond on avahan via stotras mantras though ?


      • Also kindly educate..where do rituals like asthi isarjan, taking dips to cleanse sins etc stand ?


      • Keshav said:


        There has been this project proposal of joining the major rivers in India which is flawed at so many levels that its even hard to think why it is being proposed only. Secondly it would trigger an ecological catastrophe moreover it can even alter the monsoons..!!

        Recently there was high court order to seriously look at the feasibility of this project asap. Anyways it would take these guys 50 years to pursue this hare brained project. Its amazing how do people at such high levels can be so ignorant, asking them to consider the religious perspective is an Angadian task in this Kaliyuga but even basic logical thinking would do !! No wonder all the abhimani devatas would be making a beeline backwards from earth at these antics !!

        Sri HariVayuGurubhyo Namaha
        Sincere Pranaams


      • Venkatesh said:


        But we have 2 important things being mentioned i.e.

        1) Reincarnation of Maha lakshmi on the banks of Payaswini in Kerala in Kali Yuga to reestablish dharma
        2) Sri Vishnu theertharu who is doing tapas in Kumara Parvata, will come and reestablish Madhwa Philosophy. This will happen after 100 devamana varsha i.e. 36000 human years.

        There is some confusion regarding the details in Bhagavata and the ones in Madhwaviajaya etc. Can you please help in clearing the doubt.

        My Pranaams


      • brbr2011 said:


        As of today ..are all the nadi ahimani devatas have left and also there are no grama devatas.?..

        theerthas erected by Madhwacharya…… madhwa sarovar, srimushna—-ganga sannidhi?



        • sannidhi is less and dimunishing ..when total sannidhi is lost there will be no more nadis and people will live on artificial water …

          as today there is no hari sannidhi in temples .. so you can see all wrongful activities withing temple premises … the temples where there is tantrasarokta pooja there is full sannidhi …

          in 70’s there were rumours that Rayaru has left Mantralayam ..


  5. Pranaams Acharya,

    I came across this naration of katha in a melodious form as a prayer to Maa Ganga. Sharing this with blog readers here for their benefit.



  6. badrinath said:

    Dear Sir,

    As per the your sketch of Jambudweepa our Himalaya is different from Bhartavarhsa Himalaya . When Ganga flow from our (Uttarakhand) himalaya- is it the same ganga from Bharthavarsha Himalaya?



  7. Acharya Namaskars,

    If parents are suffering how can a son reduce their suffering.



  8. It was a very facinating incident- The Ganga coming on Earth first time, I am glad that I am born in such a country which is known as Deva Lok..


  9. Manish Sharma (kaplish) said:

    Thanks for being so kind to provide knowledge of such influential incidents.


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