Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Kojagir Purnima

people born on purnima are learned , handsome , agreeable personalities ,usually leader among their kinsmen . But as moon happens to be in kendra for the poornima birth , the wealth and prosperity and intelligence of the individual will not come out tob full potential . only when Moon is in apoklima to sun the individual reaps his destiny to the full is the dictum of classics .

The same Moon [full moon ] if it is vargottama gives rise to a man who is prominenet in his profession . If such a full moon vargottama has an aspect of four or more planets gives rise to a unique RAjyoga . The subject rules a vast land with four types of army under his rule .
C RAJAGOPALACHARI  had this combination , and even during British rule he was chef minister [ akin to] MAdras presidency  and then became first GOVERNOR GENERAL of INDIA after the british left and  Dr Rajendra Prasad took over as President of INDIA. The Rajyoga operates irrespective of  world scenario .

Ashvayuja Purnima is also known as KOJAGIR Purnima , KUMAR Purnima or Sharad Poornima . Goddes Laxmi manifested on this day . People facing finanacial problems can be assured of relief from poverty and excessive expenses by praying Goddess Laxmi on this night just by staying awake .

Unmarried girls can get handsome mates on this day praying KUMARKartikeya . This day the moon is brightest and such a full moon has inspired many a poets in comparing the characters with richness of moon light .

Madhvacharya ,Vyasa teertha and Raghavaendra swamy all of them have been  compared with Sharad indu in bestowing beacon light to those who were astray ed in darkness of ignorance . Just as the Sharad purnima moon these great teachers have shown the path to the people on the earth  to regain their self and direct their sadhana towards the Moksha .

Krishnarpana mastu .

Note :Chiraan also came into this world on Ashvayuja Purnima .

Comments on: "Kojagir Purnima" (33)

  1. Dear Sir
    What does rahu vargottama imply.


  2. we are not LIVING. we are LIVING because SOUL is not LEAVING our BODY. so nothing is happening with our CONCERN , everything is happening with CONCERN of GOD.


  3. Belated Birthday wishes Chiran ji..


  4. kishore said:

    chiraan ji pranam

    good morning. guruji why no replies to any of my doubts in success in prediction comments dated from 2.10.09 and also my brothers horoscope !


  5. kishore said:

    chiraan ji pranam

    thank god, now i got relief from confusion. as somebody has said photo of MUKHYAPRANA with sri hari vayu stuthi written on it and keeping beside with SRI CHAKRA with BEEJA MANTRA photo in a single frame must not be kept in shop or home , as it need lot of sacredness and cleanliness. so i was afraid . but GURUJI when u said YES we can keep ,now i am free from doubts.


  6. kishore said:

    chiraan ji pranam
    can we keep photos of sri mukhyaprana picture with sri hari vayu stuti, written on hanuman
    and also sri chakra beejakshara photo with top left side Balambika chakra, top right Bhuvaneshwari chakra and bottom left Ganapathy chakra and bottom right Subramanya chakra.

    i am keeping it in shop, please advice is it good to keep in shop /houre ?


  7. Respected Chiraanji

    Are all “moon conjunct ketu” give rise to Rajayoga?

    Or Rajayoga applies for vargottama Moon+ketu combinations alone?


  8. kishore said:

    chiraan ji
    waiting for your prediction regarding my brothers future. please


  9. Sri Hari Vaayu Gurubhyoh Namaha,
    Namaskaara Chiraanji,

    Huttu Habbada Haardhika Shubhaashayagalu, kshamisi swalpa tada aaytu.

    I, as all the followers of this Blog pray that Sri Hari Vaayu Gurugalu shower you with all the blessings and help you to lead us on the continued path of Bhakthi and Gnyana and thanks Chiraanji for your noble service, you have relieved the burden of several people with your advice and request you to continue further.
    Yes Indeed, you are a Poorna Chandra …

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu


  10. kishore said:

    chiraan ji pranam
    thanks for blessings and making me your disciple .
    my hearty salutations to you.


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