Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Yoga Vashishtha  is a dialogue between  Sage Vashishtha and SriRama  written by valmiki . The following is the refutation of  the Vashishtha  Yoga  through its various chapters and aphorisms  as put by various translators. The words in bracket are refutations ]

Chapter One


1. Salutations to that calm effulgence which is endless and unlimited by space, time etc., the pure consciousness which can be known by experience only.
[ Mangalacharana assumes an inanimate GOD]

2. Neither one who is totally ignorant nor one who knows it (i.e. Truth) is eligible to study this book. Only he who thinks ‘I am bound; I must become free’ is entitled to study it.

[ So ignorant is one who is not aware that he is bound ]

3. Until one is definitely blessed by the Supreme Lord he will not find either a proper Guru or the right scripture.

[ This is in direct contrast to the teachings , when ignorant is not eligible to study and there is No GOD other than self , then to study it requires a blessings , which is not in the hands of self , yet self is capable of finding its truth . What are the consequences or causes that leads to this blessing so that one can study this ? is it under self or other than self ? NO answer because all that is not self is unreal so how come this blessings is real? if it not real then the understanding that I am bound also becomes unreal]

4. Just as a steady boat, O Rama, is obtained from a boatman, so also the method of crossing the ocean of samsara is learnt by associating with great souls.

[ But all these souls are bound and yet in the states of unrealized and their states itself is unreal then their exercise must also be unreal]

5. The great remedy for the long-lasting disease of samsara is the enquiry, ‘Who am I?, to whom does this samsara belong?,’ which entirely cures it.

[whether the disease itself is real or unreal, in the following texts it is declared to be unreal ]

6. Not a day should be spent in a place which does not possess the tree of a wise knower of Truth with its good fruit and cool shade.


12. The Lord cannot be seen with the help of the sacred texts or the Guru. The self is seen by the Self alone with the pure intellect.

[ this is again in contrast with previous line ,saying guru is a must to know the self , Now it says guru cannot help in seeing the Self ]


16. That perverted man who, even after knowing that worldly objects are deceptive, still thinks of them, is an ass not a man.

[ this is again illusive , guru is a realsed man . Guru cannot show self yet Guru is a must to now we are bound , gurus do teach yoga vashishtha ! Are they not dealing with worldly object very well knowing that they cannot show self  ie ALL those who preach Yoga Vashishtha are also ass because they are dealing with worldly object ie Yoga Vashishtha , is it not something in this world , about this word , if world is illusory so is this yoga vashishtha  as it is part of this world ]


17. Even the slightest thought immerses a man in sorrow; when devoid of all thoughts he enjoys imperishable bliss.

[ This is refutable as Geeta says there cannot be a single moment without thought ]


Chapter Two

Unreality of the World

6. O Rama, maya is such that it brings delight through its own destruction; its nature is inscrutable; it ceases to exist even while it is being observed.

7. Dear boy, wonderful indeed is this maya which deludes the entire world. It is on account of it that the Self is not perceived even though it pervades all the limbs of the body.

8. Whatever is seen does not truly exist. It is like the mythical city of Gandharvas (fata morgana) or a mirage.

[ Is this maya real or unreal ? It says unreal ; self is real , how can unreal bind a real ENTITY . if an unreal thing binds a real entity so much so that real is affected , if this effect is also real then binding agent has to be real , yet Vashishtha says agent is unreal .][ Self is all knowing Bramha yet it is bound by unreal maya , then maya must be powerful than Bramha , so what you are getting by destroying maya again the self . but self was already knowing then how come it was bound- No answer]


[Its strange that a REAL entity is bothered about a  unreal samsara which also has unreal effect] Utterly illogical !


11. This creation, which is a mere play of consciousness, rises up, like the delusion of a snake in a rope (when there is ignorance) and comes to an end when there is right knowledge.

12. Even though bondage does not really exist, it becomes strong through desire for worldly enjoyments; when this desire subsides bondage becomes weak.

[ if a rope is mistaken as  snake , the fear that it has caused i the mind is real , yet the knowledge that it is not a snake but just a rope has to be real else the fact that we have mistaken a rope for snake also becomes unreal , so what is it that we have gained ? if it is accepted that knwoledge that it was rope and not a snake is real then existence of real knowledge which is other than self is proved , but then this kowledge is also part of this world , when world is unreal so also the knowledge and efforts that goes into realising that rope was   mistaken as snake , becomes unreal]

[ Bondage does not exist at all yet it becomes powerfull /strong and subsequently becomes weak ! if it is not existent at all what is the efficacy of it becoming weak or strong ?if bondage is false so also  its becoming strong or weak becomes false ] self contradictory statement


15. This world, though unreal, appears to exist and is the cause of life-long suffering to an ignorant person, just as a (non-existent) ghost (is the cause of fear) to a boy.
[ isnt fear [world] of the boy a real entity , his fear is real although the cause of the fear may be due to ignorance but the fear is real , if fear itself is unreal as stated earlier then the effort to remove this fear also becomes unreal ]

16. One who has no idea of gold sees only the bracelet. He does not at all have the idea that it is merely gold.

[ The idea of gold [ bliss ] becomes real only when gold itself is taken as real without the object being real its idea cannot be real , if gold is real then the bracelet made out of it also becomes real]

21. He who reckons the rays as non-different from the sun and realizes that they are the sun itself is stated to be nirvikalpa (the undifferentiating man).

22. Just as the cloth, when investigated, is seen to be nothing but thread, so also this world, when enquired into, is (seen to be) merely the Self.

[ The rays are not as hot as sun so rays are not sun

Even more inspection gives that cloth is made up of thread and thread s made up of cotton , and cotton is a plant but plant is not cloth neither is each thread same as other nor the thread can be reversed to cotton such a thing is unheard of ] so cotton thread and cloth are distinct entities and essentially different]

24. Just as the foam, the waves, the dew and the bubbles are not different from water, even so this world which has come out of the Self is not different from the Self.

[ But the earlier statement was world is unreal and self is real , now since water is same as bubble , vahsishtha is saying [unreal]world has come out of [real] self and both are not different . this is self contradictory ]

27. The snake appears when one does not recognise the rope; it disappears when one recognises the rope. Even so this world appears when the Self is not recognised; it disappears when the Self is recognised.

[ this is illusory , The knowledge that rope is not snake preassumes knowledge of snake and rope in its real form , else such a distinction is not possible . so a real snake has to be known prior to understand that rope is not snake .

how we come to now that rope is not a snake . we have to know that snake is moving entity [conspicuous] and it makes hissing sound , its poisonous etc , it is this knowledge which has to be present beforehand , that rope is harmless should also be known beforehand , and all this knowledge should be real thus the inspection and analysis reasoning by mind has to be real only then the removal of fear of snake ,mistaken for rope becomes fruitfull , { but snake and rope both are illusory as they are part of world so their preknowledge also becomes illusory according to vashishtha } how come illusory knowledge lead to real self ] debatable ?

6. Wise men also, like foolish men, (occasionally) make others angry, (but they do so only) in order to test their ability to control their innate feelings (that is to say to see how far the anger of other persons will affect them).

7. Just as the trembling (of the body) caused by the (imaginary) snake persists (for some time) even after realising that there is no snake, so also the effect of delusion persists (for some time) even after getting rid of all delusions.

[ If delusion is got rid off , then how can it still remain , if it is reamaining means it is still not got rid off ] again a contradicting statement !

3. The knowers of truth declare that enquiry into the truth of the Self is knowledge. What is to be known is contained in it like sweetness in milk.

[ The sweetness of milk is an attribute of milk , but the SELF as preached by Vashishtha ihas no attributes ] wrong analogy !

4. To one who has realized the Self by enquiry Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are objects of compassion.

[here vashishtha is teaching this yoga so it should be assumed that he is realised soul else he will be lying . SO he is equating himself with RAMA whom he is teaching this . RAMA is already VISHNU ] either RAMA is object of compassion to Vashishtha [ self] . isnt the compassion an illusion , or RAMA is ignorant soul ? either way Vashishtha is not in realistic position ., Yet we see Vashishtha praying Lord RAM for removal of ignorance . in RAMAYANA . so which vashishtha is truth , the SELF who sees RAM as object of compassion  or IGNORANT who seeks his blessings for MOKSHA .. RAMAYANA says the later .

Meditation on the Self

1. I, the pure, stainless and infinite Consciousness beyond maya, look upon this body in action like the body of another.

2. The mind, the intellect, the senses, etc. are all the play of Consciousness. They are unreal and seem to exist only due to lack of insight.

[ So the body of the other is same as ours and someonelses as well , there is no differenec among the bodies as all are unreal and exists only due to lack of insight ,

that means , a mother and wife and daughter all are delusive concepts and exist only because of delude or lack of insight in fact they are all same and any relations with them is unreall and any lack of relation is yet unreal so all the words of dharma as to what should be carried out in terms of mother , wife and daughter is also delusive  as there is no difference in them ]

This message is has a very dangerous outfall and is not conducive and supported by Vedas as vedas clearly stress on the dharma and adharma and its strict adherence to  ! but the above doctrine falsifies the scriptures it talks about world as unreal and efforts in the world as unreal and the acheivement of self is alreday there so nothing special is achieved after all this is known as SELF is already real . After mammoth exercise of going through this doctrine what we find is everything around us delusive and there is no real goal to be achieved .

it proposes inaction and Self praise as GOD which is definite road to HELL .

as it says

28. There is neither bondage nor liberation, neither duality nor non-duality. There is only Brahman always shining as Consciousness.

29. Awareness is Brahman; the world is Brahman; the various elements are Brahman; I am Brahman; my enemy is Brahman; my friends and relatives are Brahman.

[As there is only one bramha it mens enemy freinds realtives , wife daughter mother brother friends wife everyone is bramha and one only ,.so it makes literally no difference really as to what wand how we behave with them as such a distinction and thought is maya and ignorance .

it is encouraging sins]


5. The belief in a knower and the known is called bondage. The knower is bound by the known; he is liberated when there is nothing to know.

So the entire trouble Vashishtha has taken to say that there is nothing to know . If there is nothing to know then even an ignorant is confident that there is nothing to know , and a Reaised Vashishtha also is confident that there is nothing to know , So what is the difference between the first state and second as both have same SELF which is one and all knowing ,

But this same self which is existing in Vashishtha and ignorant person simulataneously .knows itself itself as bliss in vashishtha and is suffering in ignorant ,. how come one soul is experiencing bliss asweel as ignorance and bondage at the hands of maya .

either it has to be two diferent entities else it cannot be blissful and ignorant at the same time .


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  1. Shri Krishnaya namah,
    Namaskar all,

    Well,absolutely new veiws..new RAMAYANA….new MAHABHARATA,…..most amazing….!
    Thank to GOD.abhi tak sabhi characters ke naam sahi liye jaa rahen hain….I mean…kal tak SHyad RAAM ..RAAM na rahen….duryodhan ho jaye…..KRISHNA…SHAKUNI ho jayen…kuch bhi ho sakta hai…bcoz Mr.drunkenMystic ne toh hadd kar di…..by saying. –

    “Ravana was far more enlightened than Rama, but nobody will accept it. Ravana invited death by capturing Sita as there was no solution left for him as he had already attained immortality. There was no death for him. That is when he realized that the only way would be to capture Sita and have Rama kill him ”

    Pls mr drunken….kinldy explain us –

    1. If Ravana was immortal than why he wanted to be killed by RAMA ??Why he wanted to invite death……AMAR log bhi marte hain ya marne ki koshish karte hain…??Ek taraf death bhi chahiye aur doosri taraf “IMMORTAL’bhi hain…(Your ”analysised RAVANA’ was very confused…..probably
    he did not know the meaning of Immortal or he wanted to play the game of ‘DEATH-DEATH with RAMA…….how enlightened was your RAVANA!!!).

    2.Ravana was more enlightened than RAMA then…why he had chosen only RAMA to kill him??Bhai powerful ko marne ke liye….usse bhi poerful chahiye….?Means RAMA was more power ful than Ravana…He knew that only he can kill him…so who was more enlightened??.(Ok indirectly sahi apne kuch toh maana)

    3.if Ravana was so enlightened…then why he had got idea of abduction SITA. only……why not any pious idea to be killed by anything else….or by someone( bcoz RAMA was mere a an ordinary subject for Ravana….kuch usse bhi better kyon nahi socha……woh toh param gyani the…??).Simply bol dete ‘Please RAMA kill me ….Though I am immortal but..still I want to die..what was the need of abducting SITA??..

    Means app kehna chahte hain….enlighten means abducting other’s wife is right…( toh mr…jab apki wife ko koi abduct kare…in the name of just wanted to be killed by you….toh aap jaaane dena….as some enlightend person is abductiong your wife….jaane do …achca banda hai….le gaya toh kya hua !!)

    4. RAMAYAN is just a story….So according to that stroy(as per you)…RAVANA was immortal….toh filhaal RAVANA kahan hain ??In what state he is now??And where is RAMA?? Agar RAVANA was there toh RAMA bhi honge hi…filhaal sab kahan hain??

    Well kisi 6 saal ke bacche ko RAMAYAN agar pta hai…toh pucch kar dekh lijiye…achch-bura…
    sahi – galat toh woh bhi bta hi dega(without knowing too much in detail).Pta nahi aap logon ko sab kuch ulta kaise samjh aata hai…..apki story me bhi characters wohi hain….But story kafi different hai..HOW??What are the sourses?? From where you have read or listen about RAMAYANA..!
    please let us know us too…!

    Bolna nahi chahiye but apne toh comedy bana diya…TO SUCH A GREAT EPIC LIKE RAMAYANA!.

    Thanks and Regards,


  2. Extremely sorry for my reactions, guys. I apologize for my temper. There was no point to debate when yoga vashishtha, and Chiraanji’s philosophy move in opposite directions. Chiraanji, I bow out peacefully never to come back. Sorry for the trouble and hurting people’s sentiments. My sentiments and beliefs were hurt too. Thank you!

    God be with all!


    • SSSS,

      My reaction was measured and in full hosh. I have called Sri Chiraan a lion because I have seen his scholarship, depth of knowledge and the vast expanse as well over the years. Your arguments were contradictory and you have no ground to argue; yet you chose to abuse such a noble soul. Hence the metaphor.

      The directions are different and so are the destinations; do you know the destination for your path?

      You glorify ravana but when called anti Vishnu you got hyper. I am somewhat happy for the latter; but isn’t the contradiction obvious.

      I don’t believe I have used any extra force than required, to curb the comments. I strive to use the most appropriate words and I believe I have done justice.

      If anyone else feels that I should apologize, I’m ready to do so.

      You are still welcome to have a “healthy debate”; where we can arrive at a conclusion. But that is upto you.

      Jai Bharateesha,


  3. Acharya,
    I would like to present this.
    Hirankashapu-Daity a Adwaiti-Saying he is God and only to pray him-was killed by Lord Narasimha-Lord Sri HARI
    Hiranakshya-Daity -Adwaiti who attempted to bury the Bhumandal(attempted to tamper the vedas) into ocean-Was killed by Varaha-Lord Sri Hari.
    Ravana-Daitya a Adwaiti wanted to steal Seeta Devi-was killed by Sri Raama Lord Sri Hari.
    Duryodhna- daitya- a adwaiti did Dwesha of Lord Bheema and Arjuna(vishnu bhaktas) was killed by Bheemasena(bhagawata) and so on…..

    Sri Krishnarapanamastu.


    • RAVANA abducted SEETA [ vedas } and relentlessly tried to make it accept HIS LORDship over it … Saying RAMA is mere human .. he used many logic and tricks ..[ he even showed RAMA’s head with maya ] .. yet VEDAS always said RAAM is its lord and SUPREME … Finally to save itself it said Only RAAMA will save .. HANUMAAN gave hope and promise that RAAMA is supreme [ by giving ring ] and Assured HE will rescue .. rattled RAVANA [ advaiti ] with TATVAVAADA which burnt his LANKA . RAAMA killed RAVANA … establishing his SUPREMACY … the very same MAYA Seeta became the nemesis of RAVANA

      DUryodhana [advaiti ] dragged Draupadi [ vedabhomani devata ] tried to disrobe [ see what is in it for them .. they could not find anything ] finally exhausted [ unable to distort the vedas ] [ Krishna saves her ] tried to force Draupadi to accept DURYODHAN as lord … BHEEMA assures the sabha that he would put an end to the duryodhan by hitting the very spot [ the premise on which they clim lordship ] to pieces how fragiile is their claim …


      • Chiraanji,

        Please accept my humble contribution on this. Any mistakes are solely mine and request to be corrected.

        During the time that Sri Sita was abducted and kept in ashok vatika by Ravana, Sri Sita was enacting a leela to show how jivatmas suffer.

        – Sri Sita was suffering in the hands of Ravana (an advaiti with ten heads – ten heads symbolizing the pancha gynanindriya and pancha karmendriyas totalling 10 in which jivatmas suffer).

        – Sri Sita was in the middle of the island surrounded pretty much on all sides by the huge ocean of water just like jivatmas are right in the middle of samsaara ocean.

        – When SHE was on the final despair of not able to bear anymore the torture of the demon, she was about to tie her self up from the branch of the tree when the sweet voice of Ramayana and that too specifically of Sri Ram name kept her in a trance – just like the name of Sri Ram is the mukthi mantra for jeevatmas especially in Kaliyuga

        – At the right time, Vayu putra gave her the ring of Sri Rama to give her some confidence about himself. Likewise, it is the same Vayu putra (none other than Srimad Acharya) through his shisyas give us the mudras to all jeevatmas in this samsaara to show us the path towards Sri Rama just as Vayu putra in Treta yuga gave confidence to Sita….

        When this kind of tatparya and deep meaning like more this is there to a story like Ramanayana, it is ironic and possibly has to be taken as the slow ripening of Kali yuga, that characters like SSSS and 0523…. etc. are undermining this epic!!!!!

        Humble pranaams



      • Shri Gurubhyo Namaha

        I feel the basic qualification for the debators should be that they have read and understood Vishnu Sahasranaam. SVS is a universally accepted prayer at the feet of the Lord, amongst all the sects.

        After this only, one should be allowed to debate. This will raise the bar of the debate and filter blabbermouthed people on the blog. The answers to all the basic questions are there in SVS, if one has attempted to understand faithfully and deeply. SVS alone can clear doubts of most debators on Hari Sarvottama philosophy.

        This first shloka itself puts a full stop to any doubts on Hari Sarvottama.

        Vishwam Vishnurvashatkaro Bhutbhavyabhavatprabhuh
        Bhutakrudbhutakrudbhavo bhutatma bhutbhavanah || 1 ||

        And then Venkatesh Stotra last para

        Venkatadrisamam sthanam brahmandam naasti kinchana,
        Venkatesha samo devo na bhooto na bhavishyati
        Etain Satyavakyen sarvarthan sadhyamyaham ||



  4. Jai SriLakshmiNarasimha !!!

    I pray to SriLakshmiNarasimhas effulgent and poorna nails to grant me the power to do this post justice.

    Firstly it is interesting to note that the anti Vishnu forces have been stirred up on the occasion of Mahalaya Amavasya.

    I shall summarise the contradictions which are rife in the thread based on the mutual admiration club of s”triple”s and 0523xixviiii

    i) Don’t be narrow think broad – only my approach is correct
    ii) See good in everyone even ravana and duryodhana – Chiraan you are useless
    iii) Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh are mythological – but ravana who appears in the same stories is not mythological
    iv) God is nirguna – ravana got Vishwaroopa darshana
    v) There is nobody superior or inferior – Chiraan you and your followers are fools
    vi) Chinese whisper issue all mythology is full of contradictions – ravanas grantha is authentic
    vii) ravana became deathless – ravana was killed
    viii) You should expand and learn different stuff – Stop this blog
    ix) Black hole theory is correct – everything else is to quote you “crockshit”

    I’m sure there are some more, an advaitee is full of contradictions true to his own philosophy. They always try to be neither good nor bad, but above it; but end up criticizing good.

    @K and @Ram2Kannan have done an excellent job

    Nothing will happen to this blog. A few jackals cannot stop a Lion’s roar !!!
    What makes you so qualified that you can even look at Chiraan; forget speaking ill about him?

    If you feel you have the mettle then start a debate; don’t just go in circles and stop tripping over yourselves.

    Jai Bharateesha,


    • This comment was posted on the “Sri Hari Vayu Stuti” blog.

      Please excuse the language, but I just wanted to show the readers the level of intellect

      “f***youra** commented on Sri Hari Vayu Stuti

      You are another fool and crockshit to follow Chiraan. Anti-Vishnu force? Who is the anti-vishnu force other than you yourself.You are such a bloody f****** who thinks knowing the shastras is enough? Your reply to Chiraan and doing justice proves the mockery you are making out of the entire religion. Funny character you are and your head is filled with crockshit of sandhyavandanam.”

      🙂 the less said about the level the better.

      Actually the email of the sender says it all ( a**h***@hotmail.co.ph ) 🙂


      • Disgraceful and despicable behaviour……..
        Just wondering where did all the brotherly love and transcending the self has gone……..


      • True Shri hrishikesh Ji , Unfortunately for them, they are the people who are ignorant , not us!
        It s rightly KALIyuga! And yes his name says it all…..why doesn’t he go and continue with the act! How can he know any philosophy or truth behind it with such an email id! He first needs to take his mind away from that to learn anything!

        May God bless him with some brains!!
        Or maybe he is better brainless!


    • The dark night of amavasya can be compared to the ignorance of a Vishnu vaishnava dweshi.


    • Namaskar Hrishikesh ji

      A wonderful post !! Very true Tatvavaada with its authenticity, grace, forthrightness and full vigor is like a Lion’s roar. It really dispels all illusion and stupidity out of the system. You have very succinctly summarized the issues so far.

      I really feel for Acharya what all nuisance he has to put up with !!!

      Sincere Regards
      Hare Srinivasa


  5. @ quadruple S & 0523

    Kindly segregate all the issues you may have with Tatvavaada in a single post. Alternatively postulate your version of cosmic knowledge in a point wise manner at a single place So that if at all there is a room for debate it can be pursued to bring forth the finer points of Tatvavaada.

    At present the logic is all over the place. If possible do provide with references and that too from credible sources and treatises. Many of the points made seem repetitive and redundant. Still there seems to be some possibility of potential points buried somewhere.

    The above exercise would be more appropriate and in sync with this blog. Also not to forget these are auspicious Navratri days a lot many would be immersed in austerities, dev pooja and sadhana.

    To begin with as Madhvas we believe in reality of world, gradation of souls, duality among
    HARI and souls and among souls themselves, importance and consequences of our actions,
    and above all in.

    Hari Sarvottamma Vayu Jivottamma !!

    Hare Srinivasa


    • 0523xixviiii said:

      Dear Anonymous brother,

      All the points are very much in Yoga vashishtha, which people here are trying to refute, without even being capable of undertsanding the true meaning of what is written.


  6. @ssss,523…

    The rants which you all are doing is due to lack of knowledge of the gradation of souls.
    This can only be found in Madhwa philosophy.To know about this is beyond your scope.
    A person keen on gaining knowledge do not rant. What sadhanas you have heard or doing is tamasa sadhana,which is the cause of ignorance to this level.As you have visited this blog you have one chance to get correct your knowledge,this is the last chance.



    • 0523xixviiii said:

      Dear Pramod,
      There are many views provided on this page. I have never stated that my views are ultimately right. This multiverse is so hugh that all that is perceived as impossibilities by many a minds are very much possible & everything is right. Vishnu is most intelligent than all & HE is the best manager.
      Sadly however, what I find on this page is more following & attachment of & to different philosophies & the philosopher rather than Madhav, Vishnu, Srinivasa etc etc (whatever you would call HIM).
      I will `get correct my knowledge` (per what you have asked me to do) ; only if you answer this question of mine –
      How will you recognize Vishnu; if he comes to you in flesh & bones (meaning in a human form as a modern day human being). How do you even know, if HE is not amongst the bloggers who have blogged on this page. Finally how will you recognize KALKI; if he were to approach you (just beleiving that HE is already on earth & 13 years of age, already !)

      I will be waiting for your reply..



      • @0523X

        If one want to Know Vishnu he should follow Madhwa philosophy.Only with Gyanya(knowledge),
        Bhakti(devotion) and Vairagya(detachment from wordly cravings) one can know atleast some thing.
        Lord Sri Hari is Gyananandamaya.A true devotee can recognise him and he only goes to his devotes,and kali goes to people who do Hari dwesha.Follow this blog you will learn more.
        What reference you are making that kalki avatar has occurred and is 13yrs,clearly states that you do not belong to vedic dharma and have not tried to understand puranas.


  7. @ssss, @0523xixviiii:

    It is very clear that with your abundant amount of contradictions, that you are making just noise with out any substance in it. And you fail to realize that even after being reportedly pointed out those contradictions by various visitors to the blog, you continue to rant with out a knowledgeable reason. If you do not believe in what this blog is stating, you can very well lay your hands off and go and visit blogs that are of interest to you and continue to be in your ‘MAYA’. It would do a world of good to the serious visitors of this blog to progress in their spiritual path if you just close yourself and leave this place so that our time can be more productively used. I do hope and pray that you get the subtle point that is being put across to you.


    I am NOBODY to advice you and you know best. But I thought that I will put forward my request to you. I guess we have spent enough time on these characters here and as you yourself had mentioned before as per Manu smrithi, there are some souls that should not be attempted to be changed towards making them see the truth in a single janma. Either these characters are part of that category or probably daityas which are condemned to suffer eternally!



    • @Gururayar – Either these characters are part of that category or probably daityas which are condemned to suffer eternally! – I am extremely scared!


    • 0523xixviiii said:

      Dear Pramod & Guruyaar,
      There are many views provided on this page. I have never stated that my views are ultimately right. This multiverse is so hugh that all that is perceived as impossibilities by many a minds are very much possible & everything is right. Vishnu is most intelligent than all & HE is the best manager.
      Sadly however, what I find on this page is more following & attachment of & to different philosophies & the philosopher rather than Madhav, Vishnu, Srinivasa etc etc (whatever you would call HIM).
      I will `get correct my knowledge` (per what you have asked me to do) ; only if you answer this question of mine –
      How will you recognize Vishnu; if he comes to you in flesh & bones (meaning in a human form as a modern day human being). How do you even know, if HE is not amongst the bloggers who have blogged on this page. )
      I will be waiting for your reply..



      • Lord Vishnu never comes in flesh and bones .. the very basis of question is wrong …. to know what is truth you must have basic training …. in nyaya .. which trains a person in analysing what is right what is acceptable and what should be rejected …. but sadly proponents of your shastra have putforth first delusion that nothing lies in sanskrit texts thus deluding the benefits of right knowledge .. and all at the same time inducing disciples in learning only false texts [ which has led you to believe to believe without reason and inquiry that KALKI is there among us 13 years age etc ] KALKI my dear according to BHAGAVAT and many other texts would come after 4 lakh 26 thousands from now ….. if your source agrees with birth of KALKI then he must also agree with its date …. Its so sinful to call VISHNU as mere manager and take with respect the masters of delusion …. so formulating baseless questions does not make one intelligent debator …. there shoudl be some logic valid and sensible when one makes a statement …

        VEDAs form highest indisputable dictums .. it declares VISHNU as supreme ……. RAMAYANA declares SHRIRAAMA as SUPREME … MAHABHARATA declares SHRIKRISHNA as supreme ….. KRISHNA himself declares that HE is SUPREME …. infact you have also accepted it when one of you quoted KRISHNA says SEE ME IN EVERTYTHING …. what is ME here SUPREME KRISHNA … so KRISHNA is SUPREME and there is no difference between KRISHNA RAAMA and VISHNU …. the supreme ….But there is a difference between HIM and us ,,. we are mere souls ./// there is essentially difference between ATMA and PARMATMA … PARMATAMA never takes a body of flesh and bones …. that is why LORD is said to be birthless …. again BHAGAVDGEETA where ARJUN asks recent has been your birth … and VIVASWAAN the sun was born in the past how do you say Your have taught sankhya YOGA to SUN …


      • @0523….

        Your statement “Vishnu is the most intelligent” seems to have a remorse attached to that and you still are missing the point that normal mortal people do not have the position or capability to judge the intelligence of one who is SUPREME….

        As indicated and pointed out before, your statements and thoughts have been a big bunch of contradictions. Even to start in the long path to realize who we are in all the created real worlds (and not imaginary worlds) would require some basic inclination and awareness to logic which has not come out in the open at your end. If you would like to understand the TRUTH, you need to unlearn your current thoughts, spend quality time on reading the blog contents here and then slowly Sri Hari will initiate you into this path.

        I wish and pray Sri Hari correct and bestow on you the right knowledge and guide you


      • 0523xixviiii said:

        Dear Chiraan,

        I respect your knowledge of scriptures & in fact I admire it !! But, i also must say, that all the knowledge so accumulated lacks any experience, indirect as well as direct. Whatever I have written anywhere in this blog comes from direct experience ! I have not read any books on philosophy, nor any Vedas, nor Bhagwata. I have told above that VISHNU incarnate is my guru & I was present at KURUKSHETRA precisely, when Bhagwad Gita was transferred by KRSNA to ARJUNA & it was transferred within a split second, by the Great Krsna; just by touching the temples of Arjuna, with his palms. Also know the kind of energy that was transferred as a medium. It is a false notions that the Pandavas went to heaven after they died. They are reborn again & again, due a specific reason & so is Sri Krsna (he also had reincarnated as Jesus Christ) There are many other facts that I could elaborate on the Mahabharata, which has not been recorded in any books, but that is not my purpose to do so. The only reason why I write here on this blog is because – to be called a GURU, is a matter of great respect & the implications of the word has even greater effects. Unless there is experience attached to any knowledge; the direction provided maynot be perfect & the implications of this on the person who is being addressed as such have severe ramifications. The Karmic responsibilities of the followers of any such `GURU` becomes that of the GURU. People should accept this priviledge & such a great responsibility only if they are absoulutely capable of all internal as well as external circumstances. Also as I had informed earlier, I am just a small man, with a very poor vocabulary & poor arguing skills. Please pardon me if there was or is any confusion regarding what I have communicated so far any of the blogs.

        Regarding VEDAS; I have by no means any doubts that VEDAS are the highest books of Knowledge & wisdom to ever exist. None the less, I also beleive that to decipher what is written in the Vedas, depends on the level of conciousness of the reader. A lame man like me will interpret it differently, than a Maharishi.

        Regarding Kalki being born, I am not the only one saying this. Though I have had the opportunity of the darshana, there are others who have also declared this. Why just KALKI, even Adi Sankara is reborn. I donot want to divulge more details on this. Let the future itself open this beautiful news to everyone with time.speaking of time, `TIME`is just a measure. The measure itself changes with time. This time as a measure was different when the Bhagwata came into existence & the measure is different today. The accurate interpretation in difficult due to this change.

        Dear Gururayar .. Thank you for the best wishes & your prayers to Sri hari. I`m sure they have reached my GURU & I will do the same for you 🙂

        This was my last reply on this blog. My intent is just to get the people here to think on what is written & grow beyond. Following a certain philosophy & religion is the 1st step towrds spirituality & there is a lot of progress to follow. Here at this point, I go back to where I started from. GROW BEYOND !! BEYOND ALL THERE WAS; IS & WILL BE !! If correctly understood & meditated upon these 9 words put togather itself will be yours path to ENLIGHTENMENT !!




        • The very statement that the other man though he has knowledge does not have experience … but Even though you have no knowledge but experience is prejuidiced opinion …. because without knowledge the conclusions of experience are knwon as halucination … [ to knwo sun is hot body one need knowledge and not experience of touching sun … even in scorching sun , one must have knwoledge that it is sun that is craeting heat and peerspiration other one can esily halucinate that it is the kitchen fire that is causing the perspiration and not sun … your analogy of your guru a kitchen fire is similar when compared to dieties like SUN , even kitchen fire does not have the arrogance of calling it sun incaranate it knows its limit ]

          my words are correct because you are halucinating that you were present in Kurukshetra and gurur is incarnate [ this is overstatement and self glorification and by your own admission not backed by knwoledge ] it can even be ratified as spiritual foolhardiness …

          again this post of yours is contradictory … in one GO you are claiming yourself to be a superman with glorious experience of having sen past and in the same vein you are saying you are having poor arguing skill and poor vocabulary and you admit you are lame enough to understand interprete vedas ….
          how come a realised man like you cannot justify your own stance …?
          how come a man who has learnt from allmighty himself has a poor skills ? [ that mmeans guru has failed to impart basic vocab skill , he cannot be incarnate then because he has defect of inbility to teach proper vocab ] vishnu is complete Bramha … your guru by your own logic is incapable incomplete ]
          you are right to be called a guru certain qualifications are required which your guru lacks because he has given rise to poorly skilled disciple like you … disciple is a measure of guru’s capabilities …. DRONA is known by ARJUN’s skill //// BALARAMA by BHEEMSEN ‘s skills Our beloved ACharya HAS LEARNT FROM vedvyasa … HOW COME vishnu HAS CREATED SUCH STALWARTS YOUR guru HAS CREATED A POOR INEFFICIENT PERSON LIKE YOU // WHO CAN KNOW WHOS WHO OF MANY PAST BIRTHS BUT FAILS TO KNOW SIMPLE TEXTS ….




  8. Unfortunately, Yoga Vashishta was my last scripture, Mahasagar, and after that I needed nothing. Even Sri Ramana Maharishi often used examples from this great voluminous text. I see nothing wrong with Yoga Vashishta at all. Sorry, I see nothing but the self, I feel nothing but the self, I hear nothing but the self. The Self is all-pervading Brahman. The Guru is essential and a medium to realize the Self, but in my opinion, the version which I have doesn’t say anywhere that the Guru cannot help one see the Self. The Guru can liberate the Self, burn all samskaras within no time and set the soul free from the body without inflicting any pain on the sadhaka. There is no point refuting Yoga Vashishtha. If you want to refute something, please refute individual interpretation. When a great saint like Ramana has not found any issues with the scripture, I don’t think there is anything wrong at all with it. One single truth from Yoga Vashishtha is enough to realize that we are nothing but the ‘Supreme Brahman”. God and individual Self are not separate but the same. Thank you.

    Also, Sri Ramakrishna himself has said that Maya is omnipotent. So Maya is powerful enough to delude one’s consciousness. Without Maya, we cannot realize that we are the Supreme Brahman. Maya is a wonderful tool for realization, so we must bow to Maya too, and appreciate that She is none other than the Cosmic Mother herself. Call the source as God, Ishwar, Divine Mother, all of them are formless Lalitha Sahasranamam says, “Anekakoti Brahmanda Janani Divyavigraha” – Countless crores of Brahmandas – is your divine form o’ Cosmic Mother!

    I feel sad when you say that the scripture is a definite road to hell because it doesn’t speak of God anything superior to the Self and above all, tries to prove that all relations are false and delusory. Sorry sir, all relations are nothing but delusive attachment. Once you realize the self, when you look at your own father’s face, you will see many, many, many masks, false impressions, pretensions, ego at the worst of its kind, you will see the true form of ego which plays for mere selfish motives through the five senses of action, and perception. Yoga Vashishtha is one hundred percent correct, and all those lines which you feel like refuting is 100% truth and there is nothing wrong with them.

    I don’t feel like demeaning your blog, but I would like to take some time to get back and explain point by point. If Krishna was Vishnu himself, then there was no need for him to have attended the Gurukul under Sandipani. Even there was no need for Jesus Christ to have visited various scholars and enlightened yogis. So the same applies with Buddha, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa. Who is Vishnu? Your explanation seems to speak of Vishnu as an entity, a being with four hands who is resting on something as real as Adisesha. Please read 1000 names of Vishnu by Eknath Easwaran. The Vishnu Sahasranamam itself says that each of those qualities of the infinite lord is nothing but a quality of the “Self”. So, Vashishtha is right by saying this. Why did Rama ask Lakshmana to touch Ravana’s feet at the moment of his death? Ravana was far more enlightened than Rama, but nobody will accept it. Ravana invited death by capturing Sita as there was no solution left for him as he had already attained immortality. There was no death for him. That is when he realized that the only way would be to capture Sita and have Rama kill him.

    This discussion can go on and on. But please don’t refute any interpretations or translation, rather just focus on the “Self”. I realize that you are venerable master to many students already and with due respect, many of your refutations fall short of the “Truth” which is already explained in each of the interpretations of the Suktas. Human interpretation can be wrong, but total realization cannot be explained in words even by Rama, Krishna or Buddha. It can only be experienced. Thank you! – Aham Brahmasmi


    • Apt to your name … there is lot of intoxication in the delude you have pesented …
      sadly you have not refuted any of the points that has been made by us … instead you seek salvage in statements if so and so has accepted this has to be truth … this is precisely the where philosophy fails … one cannot accept right or wrong merely on the basis that X Y Z like Ramana ramakrishna has accepted it … one must give valid reason for why it is roght ?

      let me show self contradictions in your statments you have made …
      quote ” Sri Ramakrishna himself has said that Maya is omnipotent. So Maya is powerful enough to delude one’s consciousness. Without Maya, we cannot realize that we are the Supreme Brahman.”

      your first statement suggests MAYA is omnipotent[ this is quality ] it is powerful [ is it more powerful than BRAMHA …by all means NO ] MAYA means unreal yet it powerful … [ how can thing that is unreal be powerful omnipotent …. no answer ]

      this maya obstructs realization of BRAMHA [ why we cannot realise self because we are engulfed in MAYA is your statement ]
      now examine your second line
      quote ” Maya is a wonderful tool for realization, so we must bow to Maya too,
      this maya which does not allow for self realization according to you in first instance is the very factor tool which allows realization …. this is contradictory … MAYA is unreal yet it binds real entity that is self [ how illogical ] after declaring it to obstruct … it is tool to realize second contradiction defying common sense ”

      now MAYA is LALITHA divine mother …. IS this mother separate from SELF that you are ought to realize ./// You have no explanation …. if it self then how it is binding itself …. if it is not self then there is second enitity tat you are accepting …. but your opening sentence is there is nothing but SELF BRAMHAN alone and nothing else …..
      again self contradictory …

      Then your opinion about your father and FATHER in general is abysmal .. FAther is akin to guru …. If guru can have ugkly face and you see thousand defects in him [ as father ] then your earlier statemnt that gurr can lead to .. quote
      ” Guru is essential and a medium to realize the Self, but in my opinion, the version which I have doesn’t say anywhere that the Guru cannot help one see the Self. The Guru can liberate the Self, burn all samskaras within no time and set the soul free from the body without inflicting any pain on the sadhaka ”
      the above statment of your seems contradictory .. because if father happens to be a guru then he is full of ego and ugly qualities … which plays for mere selfish motives through the five senses of action…. ” This sentence should apply to all fathers according to you and guru is a father to someone too … a selfish motive of guru how can it lead to liberaton

      how come such father guru lead to liberation …..

      so much of contradiction falsehood hate towards guru father deities can be seen in your writings [ as a undercurrent which is nothing but by product of YOGA avashisht ]

      most blunder statement
      RAVANA is more realsied than RAMA ,… yet he abducts SEETA … [ how careless statement … does realsed men abduct others wives ?] is that realsiation YOGA VASHISHT teaches …
      and RAVAN had no choice … so much of constraint for an enlightened man [ how illogical ]

      quote ”
      I realize that you are venerable master to many students already and with due respect, many of your refutations fall short of the “Truth” which is already explained in each of the interpretations of the Suktas. Human interpretation can be wrong, but total realization cannot be explained in words even by Rama, Krishna or Buddha. It can only be experienced. Thank you! – Aham Brahmasmi ”

      The word TRUTH seems so out of context in your statement …. are you not human ? and presumably your understanding of YOGAVASHISHTHA has been from human source only [ rather inhuman ] ….and it was wrong by your own admission …
      definitely you dont consider yourself among realized RAVANAS …yet you venture to say … realsiatin cannot be explained by .. you are trying to imagine because neither have you experienced what you claim to exist … and nor you are ready to accept the interpretaition of wise leaving commonsense in your backyard …. and finally greatest irony is all the while accepting you have no experience of the self …. you end a statement as calling self as realised ..//
      contradiction marks beginning and end of the argument …. which even a child fresh out of any schpol would wonder at the absence of common sense ….


    • ” Ravana was far more enlightened than Rama ”

      A madhava would die a million deaths from inside, if he ever had to write this statement even at gunpoint.


      • 0523xixviiii said:

        Its true Bro.. i would not know about ‘Madhava dying a million times’ but any person who knows & more importantly UNDERSTANDS the significance of Ramayana; will agree of this fact that ravana was more advanced a soul than Vishnu incarnate Rama himself..
        Regarding the fact of him abducting Sita; he was just fulfilling his duty, the very purpose & reason why he was born. Let me try explaining the reasoning behind this. For any Avataar (Sanskrit root Ava & Tri – meaning ‘to pass thru’) to be born, there has to be a negetive character first.. Good & bad are the same sides of a coin.. there is no difference.. It is how the mind perceives it… So the soul to play the negetive character; has to be highly advanced & capable of bearing the burden of the criticism of the ages to follow.. My question is “Can you do it?” If you could have & if you had the capability.. You would have been ravana or duryodhana, yourself.. Cause then you would have been selected by Madhava Himself to play this role for HIM.. They are highly Advanced & most respectable characters..


      • Looks like 0523…. did not get what i wrote… Let me try to explain to my ability..

        A madhava here means a person from Madhava Sampradaya following Madhava philosophy of Hari Sarvottama and Vayu Jeevottama.

        It is a HEINOUS sin to even equate oneself or for that matter anyone else to Shri Rama. To even think of RAVANA a daitya as equal or higher than Rama is a matter of utter disgrace to a madhava. A Madhava dies from inside a million deaths, even on a split second thought of such a disgraceful statement from anyone. The Love and belief for Shri Ram as supreme is unconditional, undeterred and found on a solid base of pramanas in vedic teachings as propounded by sages having amshas and aveshas of the deities themselves OR for that matter Shriman Narayana himself as in Shri Ved Vyasa (for the benefit of jeevas).

        There was never one equal to Shri Ram, there never is one and there never will be one. One never becomes Rama by tapasaya. Ravana was a dwi-amsa and Kali amsa primarily challenging Rama. Daitya Sadhana is to attain hell by Hari dwesha. It is completely opposite to what a madhava breaths every moment. While a tamasic atma is destined to progress towards the hell as the atma gets gati to its intrinsic nature, a satvik soul bears terrible consequences on going the reverse way.



      • Where did this guy suddenly appear from? It seems that Vishnu dveshis and brAhmana dveshis from the land of sinners, tamil nadu have arrived.


      • So the soul to play the negetive character; has to be highly advanced & capable of bearing the burden of the criticism of the ages to follow..My question is “Can you do it?” If you could have & if you had the capability.. You would have been ravana or duryodhana, yourself..

        For anybody to mention daityas are higher than Vishnu, it clearly shows their Dvesha for Lord. One would have to be filled with kali avesha to make nonsense statements like above.

        If there is no difference between good and bad, why would people criticize and why would one have to advanced soul as opposed not advanced soul?


      • On top of this nonsense this guy claims ravana abducts Sita Devi because that is the duty of his birth? In other words ravana was doing his dharma…so why is he criticized? why is he “playing negative character” if there is no difference between good and bad…whoever would call kidnapping other people’s wives as duty of the person and that this act is same as one who saves a woman from such kidnapper….


      • I really cannot wrap my head around such nonsense which I kept hearing when I was in tamil nadu, the land of “nonsense philosophers”….it was basically a torture…


      • no wonder this land gave birth to such a heinous Vishnu Dveshi by the name Periyar (what a misnomer, it means great man), …this daitya possessed guy called ravana as a dravidian hero and Shri Rama as villain….this sinful land is full of such egregious people….


      • @ Kamal – A madhava would not die a million deaths at gunpoint, because he even at that point will be afraid of death, whereas Ravana was never afraid of death. He had conquered death. Go and read the Lankasutra where he offers oblations to the enlightened ones. The whole Ramayana is full of distortions. The greatest sin is to trample one person, constantly call him evil, and worship another. If you are created by God, so was Ravana created by God Himself. There is no difference between you and him. All of you are fools over here, deluded in complete egoistic arrogance. Do you guys even forget that Duryodhana and the rest of the Kaurava army attained Salvation before the Pandavas did? Please read those accounts too. Lord Krishna offered all of them as narbali. Krishna had complete compassion for both sides even though he supported the Pandavas. What kind of crockshit do you guys read and learn. On top of that, the one who “thinks” himself to be enlightened is trying to enlighten fools like you who are supporting him.

        You all believe that mythological characters like Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are real? They are true living forms. Ha…..that is the biggest joke. They were all portrayed by the enlightened sages for mere story-telling. There is no four-handed vishnu sleeping on a snake with lakshmi sitting at his feet. There is only One God, and One Almighty, who is formless.

        You cannot compare the present day terrorists to Ravana. Ravana performed numerous yajnas and at every yagna he had nothing less than soul-realization, and such a person who was offered the boon to become deathless, then I am sorry Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, if indeed they were living characters in the forms which we have painted them as. Because if Ravana was offered a boon by Brahma “knowing” that he is a demon, and realized that he made a mistake by doing so, then we should stop worship all the gods and goddesses in Hinduism. Sorry. all of you are making a mockery of this ancient Vedic religion. If it all Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are living trinities in the “so called forms” as we image, and if they were known to err, then whole of Hinduism is an error. If the trinity is nothing less than the perfect “God”, how can they discriminate between an asura and deva? God is all knowing, God can see past, present and future, which means that they should have known that Ravana was going to create havoc, be a demon. If he was a devil, why on earth should Shiva or Brahma or Vishnu ever appear to a demon? Suck crock shit you guys believe in and on top of that you call yourselves to be walking on the path of dharma? God is infinite, non-discriminating, childlike who loves equally everybody. There is no black and white in His eyes. Ravana is as much a reflection of the same infinite absolute as much as Sri Rama. Everybody is God, God is not a separate being living up in the sky drawing commands and calling upon punishments. There is no favoritism in His eyes. If so, let Him come down now at this instant, and stop me or ridicule me.

        Ravana not even once tried to touch Sita. He not even once approached her and forced himself upon her. He never had that desire of “lust” towards her.


        • just trickle the funny bone of advaiti and he shows his true colors of vishnu dwesha … Look at the argument whch is defective …the debators wants to say RAMA Krishna bramha shiva and their words cannot be accepted as realised … [ whereas KRSIHNA himslef says in bahgavadgeeta I AM GOD LISTEN tO ME , the whole world accepted then now and ever ]
          BUT in the same breath debator accepts RAMANA RAAMKRISHNA RAVANA AND some author whose address is not known …
          here the logic of how could these people be taken as realised is not established .. its the whim and partisan approach of the debator to call selectively few realised and others established as unreal … This is like blindmen trying to figure out elephant ..
          This selective choice of self adjudication in right and wrong …is outcome of YOGAVASHISHTHA … that is what has been refuted … it gives vipareet gyana of saying wrong as right and right as wrong … and puts a skin on the commonsense ..


          • let me point few more contradictions ion new argument

            the debator asks question in sarcasm [ suggesting they do not exist ]
            You all believe that mythological characters like Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are real?

            but the debator accepts the existence of RAVANA and in some way is his HERO tooo
            now in second para he goes on to say

            Ravana performed numerous yajnas and at every yagna he had nothing less than soul-realization, and such a person who was offered the boon to become deathless,
            mr sss can you please enlighten who gave boons to RAVANA ?
            SHIVA/Bramha is your answer then DOES SHIVA/Bramha exist or not ? by your own admission if RAVANA exists with ten heads and twenty hands then SHIVA/BRAMHA should also exist because deathlessness was given by SHIVA/BRAMHA [ ironically he DIED in the hands of VISHNU ] HOW?
            So when RAVANA was seeking the boons [ he is not realised ] because boons are sought by inferior from a superior being [ this is commonsense which you have amply suggested you lack ]

            NOW SSS has to chose if HE feels RAVANA existed then he accepts SHIVA BRAMHA EXISTED [ which he dismisses as mere stories s] now either you are telling a story about RAVANA as a realised man then your argument is based on stories … if you say it is real then you are indirectly accepting our logic that RAMA KARSIHNA BRAMHA SHIVA EXISTED …


      • @ssss

        It seems you did not read my post fully. And I am not surprised at your selective approach. Let me put again…

        “While a tamasic atma is destined to progress towards the hell as the atma gets gati to its intrinsic nature, a satvik soul bears terrible consequences on going the reverse way. ”

        Some of contradictory statements in your post..

        “RAvana conquered death” … Why did he die then ? Was someone more powerful than him to have given him death ?

        “Ravana did not force himself on Sitadevi. He had no lust”… What was the purpose of kidnapping a lady then ? Why not attack laxmana or Rama himself directly ? FYR Ravana had incured a curse previously that if he forced himself upon a lady his head would burst into 1000 pieces. He did not have a choice.

        “Everybody is God” – Then why do we suffer ! Lack of wealth, disease etc etc.. Is’nt God Omnipotent ? God (We) wrote Puranas and Vedas for the benefit of ourselves (as we are Gods too) …?? What benefit if we are Gods already ? This is heights of delusion…

        I can pick more.. but what’s the point. Why kill someone who is already hell bent on suicide !!!



      • “Everybody is God” – Then why do we suffer ! Lack of wealth, disease etc etc.. Is’nt God Omnipotent ? God (We) wrote Puranas and Vedas for the benefit of ourselves (as we are Gods too) …?? What benefit if we are Gods already ? This is heights of delusion…

        – What is delusion? If Krishna said”I am God”, unfortunately, he was deluded too. If Krishna in human form had the right to say so, or realize that he was God, then what was the point in attending Gurukul under Sandipani? Which philosophy has corroded all your heads? I believe you belong to the ISCKON, living under the Supreme Personaaaliteee of GodHADE.

        Oh, why do you think that if God is already living in this world, there shouldn’t be lack of wealth? Mr.Chiraan asks the question,”Is Maya more powerful than Brahma?” Unfortunately, Maya is more powerful than Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, because even an avatara has to take birth through Maya and go through the normal ways of suffering. At the end, even Krishna was a victim of curse, which was a tool of Maya and died at the hands of a hunter. The hunter was Maya too. The gita states that the body is nothing but an illusion. Why ask the question why there is disease and lack of wealth when the Gita states that all these are nothing but mere illusions and maya.

        You want to say that I am hell bent on suicide? At least I have the daring to face death this moment, do you have the guts to face death my boy? Oi Krishna ke Makhan, zyaada butter, butter mat karo, nahin to tera saara philosophy jo hai na, pighalkar ghee ban jayega

        How do you know there was never one equal to Shri Rama? What is the authenticity of this story? Which is the source? Where you present in front of Shri Rama yourself to say there was nobody equal to him? If there was nobody equal to Shri Rama, then why did he worship Shiva? Why did Krishna worship Devi, and perform a horse sacrifice after the Pandavas won the war? If Krishna was infinite, divine, then he needn’t have done that. Babu, even avataras have to bow to Maya, live by her ways, and go through suffering. All enlightened beings have been through suffering no matter how much God they were as per your interpretation. There is no superiority or inferiority. You are talking like the 5 super powers of the United Nations, where Gods have their assembly and they are the only ones who have the right to be Gods and none other. Another Crock shit like Christianity.


        • sss you have to debate and not make repititive statements ….
          So are you accepting MAYA is powerful than BRAMHA …. ?

          by the way trickle is used for cutting down what constitutes high activity //// i suppose you have good vocab to understand sircasm [pun intended ]

          you ask were you present when RAM was there … but same goes with you … were you present among these ramanas ramkrishnas adi sankars and latest rant maha…baba something …. how do you claim them to be realised … i am sure you are still in maya …


      • Read this Lankavatara Sutra to know if Ravana was enlightened or not. http://books.google.co.in/books?id=NR79g-BT2AcC&printsec=frontcover


        • so you decide about someone is realised or not based on books … and yet claim others are not wise because they read stories called ramayana .. why cannot the book that youa are referening be dismissed as mere story … why selectively take this book as realised presentation and valmiki ramayana as myth … isnt your statment flawed .. i hope you are here to debate … you can save your adjectives for others after you have won this debate …

          just to correct you .. AHIMSA of patanjali ddoesn’t overrule the dharma of the kING to inflict punishment on SInners …it included cutting off hands and legs …


      • @ssss…

        Amazing verbal diarrhea you got…

        Upholding this ching pong airways waali philosophy written by D.T. Susu-kee as against sutras of Ved Vyasa and Valmiki will not fetch you any water on this blog. Bharatvarsha is the epicenter of vedic culture, not china. Rather i would say, anywhere except deluded groups of people upholding Kali as supreme under Vishnu Dwesha, you won’t get anything.

        One moment you are writing on this blog, doing tandava in front of a veda brahmin and at the other you are an illusion, as per your own philosophy. Why these loose motions in an illusive world ? Where is your HADE ? 😀 Seems like you belong to one of those Tai-mi-Hong-Leong-king-stang philosophies….

        Your write ups remind me of Raju Shrivastava episode of Bhai log ka Pravachana, where he reprimands one of the audience and says…” Tu mere ko ek baat bataa… Ye draupadi ka cheer Dushasan kee jagah kumbhakaran kheenchega.. to tere baap ka kya jaayenga ” …

        That’s why I am cutting it short, since you are contradicting yourself everywhere like i mentioned above. Where is the qualification to debate ? You are jumping all over the place. bodhisatva, christianity, jews… Your Pramanas are as glorious as a lotus in desert. On one hand, refutation of Krishna as supreme and then on second Ravana getting Viswarupa darshana of the Lord. “Pahile tum nakki karo re baba.. tumhari samasya kya hai… Ram, Ravana, Krishna, shiva, vishnu, Ching pong, bodhisatva … and the list goes on” 😀

        Here is one to your likes. Enjoy… And don’t forget to badmouth Acharya more. He likes it very much on auspicious days. You are a God given gift to us today. Reason you will get to know later once the verbal diarrhea is over ;).


    • Dear Drunken Mystic,
      You have very beautifully put across your points and yet Mr. Chiraan has failed to understand the very basic precepts of religion, moral discipline, and respecting individual character and gone on to take jibes on your character and name.

      This itself shows that he has failed to understand and put into practice the principles of Gita and Bhagavatham Every time somebody refutes his point, he only knows to mock, sneer and make fun of their ideas instead of acting like a true Guru who is enlightened and show compassion, understanding and unconditional love. When he has failed to see the Supreme Lord Krishna in all beings, suggested by Krishna himself in the Gita, then there is no point going around and preaching the Gita and Bhagavatham, as one must practice what they preach. He fails to practice but only preaches for his own greed for money, and fame as he is a humble and poor “enlightened brahmin” If he was humble, he wouldn’t have come hard and personally attacked your points, by taking jibes at your character.

      This is very unfortunate because even attacking in such a manner is a form of violence and Yoga sutras clearly preach Ahimsa and the same yama and niyama can be found in the Gita too. So Mr Chiraan has failed to implement Ahimsa and above all respecting equally all beings. He has even failed to respect other philosophies which is the biggest failure on the path to spiritual progress and attaining the Supreme Lord Krishna. Krishna clearly says that he accepts only those who see Him in all beings and show equal compassion, and don’t discriminate. Unfortunately, there is no compassion, but only discrimination and prejudice in his entire blog. It is ridden with arrogance, prejudice and narcissism.

      He imagines himself to be enlightened which is nothing but a very pathetic and downtrodden state of human intelligence.

      Take care.


      • Glad to note that jibes have rattled …. Krishna did not say see me in duryodhan .. He asked Arjun Bheema to kill people when they err and not see LORD and be compassionate … so taking jibes at people who make fun and mockery of scriptures is allowed in shastras … I can dole out many such verses as you ahve done bhagavadgeeta justyfying my stance …
        when people run out of ideas and logic in debate they ake up issues like humble . discrimination … etc why cannot you advocates of equality and self debate n the basis of your knwoledge …. you must not get rattled by our jibes and instead defend ypour philososphy ././ in the whole of rants that you ahve submitted .. where is debate except ramana says ramkrishna did so … kahlil says so .. babaji is there .. vivekananda went there and did that … is SELF knaccording to you known only by contemplating ramanas ramkrishnas and vivekananda or is there something to debate and know … but NO you will still say There is something unrealised which is mystique and cannot be known and beyond … any attempt to discuss is futile because all are in maya …. you too are in maya why should your cock and bull st0ry of realisation be accepted because it is coming from one who is still in maya and according to self admission is myth …
        the naswer you will give is you all dont understand … it should be truth because ramana says so otherwise why vivekanada was apprecaited ../except this sentence have you offered any thing else in debate ..when there is nothing you will rake up issues of narcuissim just a common ploy to escape debate …
        debate and win and then say we are wrong …


      • respected guruji pranama
        @ssss uncleji ab app akele re gayle hai drunken mystic(mumbai mai unko be……a bolte hai)pata nahi kidhar to nikal gayle hai lagta hai police ki raide padgayli hai app bhi nikal lo fayde mai rahoge ye blog khali unn logo ke liye hai jo hari ko sarvottam mante hi nahi hari sarvootam hai ye puri tarah se jante bhi hai yaha per log khali hawa mai baat nahi karte.pure proof ke saat mai bolte hai app ki tarah nahi maya ka vasta dekar patli galli se nikal jate hai .kidhar ho sirji shayad sunaiye nahi de rela hai .koi baat nahi dikaye to de raha hai app se guzarish hai ki agar aap jo bhi bol rahe hai agar usme thodi bhi saachai hai to proof ke saath debate kijiye .@ kamalji good video sirji for todays all those neo sadhus and babas who preach themselves as god.
        humble pranama


  9. Yoga Vashishtha is a very superior work. Is a dream ‘real’ or ‘unreal’ to waking state? If we understand that, a lot will be clearer.


    • First define the terms “real” and “unreal”. Dreams are not unreal, they are experienced in mind and to that extent it is a reality. Now how does this prove yoga vashishta which is full of logical contradictions is correct?


      • 0523xixviiii said:

        Dear Brother,
        I am just a simple aspirant on the path of spirituality & a small man, in society. I consider, my only identity as a student & a follower of My GURU.
        “Where did this guy suddenly appear from? It seems that Vishnu dveshis and brAhmana dveshis from the land of sinners, tamil nadu have arrived?”
        Grow beyond.. What has provinces got to do with Knowledge & realization ? These two cannot be stopped by any boundries & they cannot be limited within this small space called earth ! Vishnu incarnate is my GURU, how can I ever go against HIM, unless he commands me to? & I am a “Brahmin” by birth, myself & why should I be jealous of you or any Vishnu Bhakths? My suggestion here is donot restrict yourself to any Sampradaha or sect.. Grow Beyond !

        I never said, Ravana was advanced soul to Vishnu; I said he was advanced soul to Vishnu Incarnate Rama (Avataar. I also have tried explaining the meaning of the word).. There is a lot of difference..

        “If there is no difference between good and bad, why would people criticize and why would one have to advanced soul as opposed not advanced soul?”

        The answer to this lies in the fact, that at the center of the entire multiverse, lies a small blackhole, not larger than the 1st phalange of your thumb. This blackhole is surrounded by a very thing bright ring of light. This is in the origin of all MAYA.. All sound, light, everything existent in this multiverse originates from here. The Black hole is termed as SHIVA & the energy that encircles Shiva is SHAKTI.. The part of the energies that ‘construct’ (for lack of any better term) is called BRAHMA & the energies that balance the energy in itself is called VISHNU.. So all good & bad originates from the same aspects of energy. Both meaning duality is maya. It s how the entire multiverse is set up. This is what we call as LEELA. When one comes close to Self Realization, all maya disappears & all you see around you is a subtle white energy.. How in this case, could you differenciate between good & bad.. How can one segregate energy?

        Regarding Advances souls, it all depends on the spiritual sadhanas a soul has accumulated over a period of incarnations. THIS ONLY SIGNIFIES THE KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE ONE HAS ACCUMULATED OVER A PERIOD OF MANY INCARNATIONS. As opposed to such souls, the advancing ones are entrenched in Maya & so they always consider the duality aspect of existence…

        “On top of this nonsense this guy claims ravana abducts Sita Devi because that is the duty of his birth? In other words ravana was doing his dharma…so why is he criticized? why is he “playing negative character” if there is no difference between good and bad…whoever would call kidnapping other people’s wives as duty of the person and that this act is same as one who saves a woman from such kidnapper….”

        What was the purpose of Vishnu incarnate Rama to be born on earth? The purpose was to show direction to the society, of living life as a perfected being. A lot of knowledge was to come to earth thru HIM. now to fulfill this purpose & role, he should have a good reason to be born on earth. This “reason” should be someone who is completely opposite, of what he is show to the society, else how is HE to pass this knowledge perfectly?
        So what happens is – one of Lord Vishnu’s dwarpaal to Vaikunth is born as Ravana (due to a curse inflicted on the dwaarpaal, by 4 rishis).. This is all HIS Leela..
        Hence to kidnap Seeta was indeed Ravana’s dharma & to show to the entire society & the ages to come, that this is Adharma, was Rama’s Dharma.. The question of ‘positive’ & ‘negetive’ characters comes into effect only because there are many ‘advancing’ souls in this world today who would find it a little difficult to understand all this without usage of these terms…

        All this is after all Maya & the Lord’s leela…

        I do apologize if I was a torture initially, when I wrote all what I had to earlier. I didnot mean to waste your valuable time nor intellect on something shallow. Also, I would not want go into the ‘symbolic’ significance of everything written above .. which maybe you could even google, or maybe just read Yoga vashishtha & you may understand the meaning of all that was said !

        Gud day,


      • 0523whatever,

        The amount of nonsense you write is just too much. Dvesha for Shri Hari and brAhmanas is known through philosophy one adopts. You and your likes who adopt buddhist teachings which demean Vedic teachings. => Hari Dvesha and brAhmana dvesha…You may call Shri Hari is Guru to you and such…it means nothing, when you and your types (ssss) have adopted anti-Vedic teachings and reject Ramayana as mere story and call BrahmA, Vishnu etc. as mere imaginary characters….

        There is no difference between Vishnu and His avataras..Incarnation is misnomer for avatara.

        Then you come up with nonsense statements of blackhole and energy and other nonsense…I have no reason to accept ridiculous theories from unknown people…It means nothing to me and won’t even bother….

        If good and bad are all same, what would make a advanced soul advanced…you say sadhana, why on existence would one need sadhana to be an advanced soul if good and bad are identical? You came up with theories about black hole and energies and other nonsense…but it never touches the main question if everything is same why would your theory of nonsense explain one as advanced soul and other as not advanced…after all everything is same, not to mention how even the question of one soul or another even arises…the sheer amount of nonsense is too much for me to handle…

        on top of this these such useless people have the nerve to make comments on somebody like Chiraan Guruji..

        I told earlier, tamasiks have entered into this website…do not know where and how they found this site….but it seems asuras are bothered and troubled enough to let loose their possessed minions to test the waters here in this website…….


    • @0523….

      So abduction,killing ,torturing is your philosophy,these people are called terrorists.
      Ravana(a terriorist) kali is running in your nadi.Please kindly cleanse with good knowledge of sanatana vedic dharam.So if any one is getting abducted you are going to say the person who is abducting is a realised soul and go and do puja to him and follow him.you are going to worship him.Go do his pada puja and sprinkle water on your head you will get releaved form this samsara directly.What an immature,de dignified person.



      • 0523xixviiii said:

        I do listen to Ravana rachit “Shiv Tandav Stotra” & also say that he was a gnyaani of the gnyaanis.. He perfected all paths of yoga & knowledge & all this was possible for Ravana only due to Lord Vishnu’s grace !
        Gud day Brother,


    • @Ram
      So you believe the Proverb Life is nothing but a EMPTY dream!!!
      v GOOD.



    • Chiraan,

      By the way, you can’t trickle, it is the work of a liquid to do so, it is called tickle. 🙂 Get your vocab right.

      You are a joke of the millenium. Please stop making a laughing stock of yourself and close this blog as you are not even qualified to utter the name of God and you sit on the podium posing yourself as an enlightened being? Can you compare yourself with the enlightened ones like Adi Sankara, Krishna, Rama? Can you compare yourself with Buddha himself?

      Go and read the Lankavatara Sutra and in that you will know the details of how Ravana attained enlightenment and how the supreme Absolute gave him the Viswarupa darshan. In fact, Lankavatara Sutra mentions details of Buddha himself narrating the incidents of Ravana’s process towards enlightenment. If you want to refute the words of Sri Ramana Maharishi, and Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, then you are a greater Asura than Ravana himself, because Ravana at least had realized that the Holy Trinity is the most powerful in the entire creation.

      There is nobody superior or inferior in this entire creation. It is unfortunate that you even fail to comprehend my points. I have clearly refuted the points and said that the holy trinity depicted are nothing but symbolic ways of interpreting the formless absolute. A man like you who sees only contradiction as the “omnipresence” can never claim himself to be enlightened.

      I am not stating that Ravana received a boon, rather I am stating the errors in the story which depicts Ravana as receiving boon from brahma and if that is so real, and livid, then certainly such a brahma would be a fool keeping the consequences of his demon acts as the story suggests. Then there is no point worshiping a trinity which possesses “limited” intelligence as the Vishnu Sahasranama and Rudram and other stotras suggest that the trinity is all-knowing, and mrityunjay. Certainly, there seems to be a contradiction where Brahma is more powerful than Maya, gets clogged by Maya to offer Ravana the boon of being deathless. Didn’t Brahma himself have the insight to look into Ravana’s life? Didn’t Krishna have the insight to look into Duryodhana’s life and why didn’t Krishna stop Abhimanyu when he was the all-knowing God? Krishna, not even for one instance in the Bhagavad Gita has said, “I am God”. This is another joke and total misinterpretation. Which human interpreted the shlokas of the Gita? You yourself are indulging in blind faith and then projecting your limited intelligence on others to prove that you are noteworthy, enlightened and all-knowing?

      If God would ever say, “I AM GOD, LISTEN TO ME”, I would stop worshiping that God immediately and I am sure Krishna himself would stop worshiping Himself. Ha ha ha ha! Funny, that is a very egoistic God. No enlightened sage to this day has ever said, “God came and told me, I am God, listen to me”. Where was Krishna the God, when Bheeshma had already attained the state of Icchamrityu, where was the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram which he already knew before the birth of Lord Krishna? Hmm? Duryodhana has composed an entire Sahasranamam dedicated to Balarama. By the way, where are all the Hindu deities, gods and goddesses when Buddha, Christ and Mohammed trashed idol worship? Didn’t they experience God? You don’t even know the meaning of Advaitin. Advaitin is not one who trashes idol worship, he transcends idol worship and respects all forms and ideas and ideals of worship which lead ultimately to the path of realisation. Do whatever, pray whichever god you want to, but finally, you have to reach the state of nothingness, where there is only absolute void, and no form exists. There is no krishna, brahma, vishnu, shiva and rama at the end. That is where one reaches no matter how much one keeps on ranting with the Bhagavatham and Gita.

      This story of Ramayana is nothing but mere fiction mixed with some real facts. This is what I want to state. The tale has been twisted and distorted over ages and we can’t even be sure if we are having the original version today. There is an ancient practice in China. 10 people sit in a circle and one person has to whisper a sentence into the ears of the person sitting on his left or right. Then the listener has to whisper the exact words to the next one beside him/her and this has to go around and come back to the person who started it. If you practice this exercise you will know that the version of the original sentence and final version that comes around will not have any similarities. Such is the case of Ramayana, Bhagavatham, Mahabharata and many stories, including Bible and other religions.

      Unfortunately Chiraan, you can’t even define the state of enlightenment, forget talking about what is advaita and dvaita.


    • @Kamal,
      That is the fun with Mythology. To suffice every point they will add another story to support it. Shabari was in Kerala and Lakshmana refused to eat the berries offered which she had already tasted. He threw them away. Now, one version of Ramayana says that it was the same berry which grew as Sanjeevani in Himalayas and saved his life. Ha ha ha! Come on, conquering death and just mere killing of the mortal body are two different acts. Even Bheeshma had ichchamrityu, like Ravana.

      Conquering death means, realizing that there is no death for the soul and Ravana had attained the knowledge already. As stated in my other post, please go through the Lankavatara Sutra. There you will know how Ravana got Vishwarupa Darshan of the Lord.

      The other contradiction of bursting into 1,000 pieces seems a partial one. He did force himself upon Sita when he abducted her. Shouldn’t he have burst then? Oh, 1,000 piece curse was meant only for rape. Cool, a very partial curse.

      If God exists as a separate being, then where was Krishna, Brahma, Rama, Vishnu and Shiva, when Hitler was massacring the Jews all over Europe? Any explanations please? This itself goes to prove that we Indians want to stick to only one version of the Ramayana where we keep on stamping on the demon to praise Rama. I have great veneration for Rama. So Krishna, Brahma, Rama, Vishnu, and others offered not to save them because they were not Hindus? A very discriminating God is functioning in this universe I guess.

      But as long as your mind remains attached to good and bad, and the moment the mention of Ravana’s name brings terror in your thoughts, know that you have fallen prey to ‘fear’. As long as fear exists, there can never be liberation. Ravana invited it upon himself, and he certainly didn’t have 10 heads. That is another misinterpretation. The ten heads symbolize that he had attained Jnana equal to Jnana of 10 Jnanis. Such was his wisdom. By leading his entire clan into war, he offered all of them salvation at the hands of Lord Rama.

      Krisharpanamastu karke bhi tumko kuch nahin milega. As long as you have prejudice regarding various philosophies, there can be no moksha, enlightenment.


    • @ Ram – You are absolutely right Rama himself said that he has to play the role of a human and be a learner to set an example for everybody.


    • @Viakslivon – Okayji, mein aap logon ko pranam karta hoon aur shanti se Narayan jaap karta hoon. Thank you. Peace be with you all! Humble pranams to all hari bhakt. Mein dar gaya.


  10. very interesting and informative. intend to access this site regularly.
    all the best.


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