Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

  1. when lagna moon ,jupiter and sun are all weak a tree will appear .
  2. if navamshadhipati is jalachar rashi or sthalchar rashi depending on it the tree will be either in a water or on the ground .
  3. if navamshadhipati is sun then it will be strong tree like shimshupa vruksha which may have some viscous stem
  4. if it is moon then the tree or plant will be milk[like liquid] giving stem
  5. if it is mars then the plant will have thorn
  6. if it mercury then it will trees which do not give fruits
  7. if it is jupiter then the tree will give fruits
  8. if it is shani navamsha then trees or plants will be a difficult sight [marshy weedy etc]
  9. if it venus then plants /trees will be those that give beautiful flowers like naagchampa ,jasmine etc
  10. mars also gives sour juices
  11. moon gives soft plants
  12. if  lagna lord is shubha graha and is in shubha rashi navamsha then the trees will be beautiful places like gardens etc and will be useful and appealing to the mind and eyes
  13. if lagna lord is shubha but is in malefic navamsha  then it will be a beautiful tree in cemetry or smashaan
  14. if lagna lord is malefic but in benefic navamsha it will be dirty weeds in a beautiful garden
  15. if lagna lord is malefic in a malefic navamsha then it will dangerous weed in smashaan or cemetry

Sriram and Laxman looking for  Seetadevi came near rushyamook parvat . Sugreev having seen them is afraid that Vali might have sent them to kill him . He asks Hanuman to enquire about them .
Hanuman disguises himself as Sanyasi  and appears before RAM .

[ Hanuman knew Rama is NARAYANA the all mighty thus he took sanyasi form to meet the LORD showing Lord should be approached with sanyasa [ sam nyasa] .

And Evil RAVAN took the form of sanyasi to steal seeta .
Good takes to sanyasa to meet the LORD and evil takes sanyasa for the sake of lust and wealth and women ]

Sanyasi greeting or bowing to a Gruhasta RAM is debatable But this is for humans . RAM is not human and HANUMAN gives the hint of it to good people by bowing before him even as he is in the form of Sanyasi . most people think Hanuman is ignorant of the people who had come; so he is enquiring ,. Had that been so then as per  lokmaryada he should not have bowed to a grahstha .

Hanuman says” Oh beautiful person , who you are the very features of yours are testimony to it , to grace this narlaoka it seems as if both NARA and NARAYANA have descended on this earth ; what the two people who should have been in nandanvan doing in forest “

SriRAM says ” LAXMAN look he is enemy of our enemy and a friend of ours ,he is definitely a expert in vyakarana shastra because he is using perfect faultless language”
Laxaman says ” My elder brother is son of Dashrath the king of Ayodhya and in this world only  Ramapati Narayana alone can be cmpared to his attributes ‘

Hanuman says ” My king Sugreeva is fond of good people and is fit for your friendship and will be asistance to your mission “

Hanuman asks Sugreeva to befriend RAM to come out of his fears .
RAM assures him of his support , Sugreeva wants VALI to be eliminated .

SRIRAM promises he would do so in one single arrow , that surprises Sugreeva .
Sugreeva says , big mountains  looks like small balls , oceans will look like wells for VALI .
Even Mahendra [ INDRA] cannot vanquish with all his astras , how can you d it with single arrow”
Sugreeva shows a mass of skeleton of DUNDHUBHI . Dundhubhi was a rakshas , went to VARUN to fight , BUT varun sent him to Parvat RAJ saying he is more powerful , Himaraj sent him to VALI . as dhundhubhi challenged VALI killed him and swung his body that fell 1 yojan away [ 8 miles ] .

As he threw it , some blood spilled onto the ashram of Matang rishi , he immediately cursed , whoever responsible for the blood be killed whenever he enters this region [ rushyamook parvat] . The curse to vali became a boon to Sugreeva .

If you can throw this skeleton …….. SriRAM with a mere touch of his toe threw dudhubhi skeleton to 100 yojan and then it fell with a force that slit the earth and killed many rakshas in ether world .

Sugreeva exclaimed , ” One can a defeat a person if he is four times greater in strength and one can kill the opponent only when he is 100 times greater in strength . what Vali could throw to one yojan you have thrown to 100 yojan but when Vali threw it the body was still full ,now it has dried and many years have passed by , so 100 yojan throw can still be taken as one yojan .

So let me give one more test , kindly forgive my behaviour I am very much fearful of VALI .

Second test comprised of seven trees which were immovable , VALI with great difficulty could only swing onto it but could not even shed a single leaf

RAM with single arrow shot down all the seven trees uprooted and the arrow went splitting all the seven spheres of earth and killed  all the rakshasas in patal and rasatal who had many boons from Bramha .The arrow had the abhimani devata of Sri VAYU and it killed all the rakshas and completed dual purpose and came back to RAM.

Comments on: "Vrikshotpatti-[ Bal pariksha of Sriram By Sugreeva]" (5)

  1. vikas said:

    respected guruji pranama;
    who are abhimani devatas.
    humble pranama


  2. respected sir,
    is it possible to take to sanyaasa without parent’s permission ?


  3. Per Madhva siddhantha, Shri Anjaneya is not an incarnation of Shri Rudra. In fact per taratamya Shri Vayu is higher than Shri Rudra. Hari Sarvottama, Vayu Jivottama.


  4. Respected Guruji

    Who are the characters those who Hanuman other than Kumbhakarn ,meghnath in the war?how come hanuman is defeated by them in spite of being vayuputra and incarnation of shiva?


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