Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

When second lord and jupiter are strong and sun and jupiter are in conjunction one is very good  in grammar

when jupiter is aspected by a benefic and is in paravatamsa one speaks beautifully

when second lord is in conjunction with jupiter also one is very good speaker .

second lord with venus and mercury makes one an orator .

Hanumaan went to learn vyakarana to SUN deity .This gives rise to illusion that sun may be superior to HANUMAN as he becomes his guru. But this is not true . HAnuman went to SUN to study MAHAVYAKARANA [ this was taught to Bramha by HAMSA ] So it was Narayan as present in SUN who taught HAnuman . This was akin to Krishna going to Sandeepani rishi to study . Sandeepani did not know much more than Krishna neither Krishna was ignorant at that time . [ this is a delude of evil souls ]

Hanuman went to SUN and Sun keeps revolving around MERU along the periphery of Manasottari parvat in Pushkar dweep . So Hanuman facing Sun was revolving backwards . so backward speed of HANUMAN was greater and more accurate than forward more natural speed of sun . SO Hanuman was superior to SUN in gati .
In other qualities also SUn’s avatara was [ sugreeva ] no match to Hanuman .[ Also as Bheema he surpassed Karna avatar of SUn ]
Hanuman had leapt into space to save SUn from grahan and Rahu taking shelter in INDRA [who made vajrayudha attack on Hanuman]

The above incidents show Hanuman is superior to SUn .
All this is beautifully depicted by Hanuman himself in Ramayana in conversation with seeta .

In lanka maya seeta asks Hanuman to prove he is Ramdoota . If he is a Ramdasa then he must have seen Rama so he should be able to give correct description of Lord RAMA giving solace to her heart .
Hanuman exhibits extraordinary language skills with excellent use of grammar to describe Lord of the Lords Sri RAMA.

Hanuman says oh devi it is indeed very difficult toknow the lord to describe him fully is impossible still I will describe him to the best of my skills and understanding .

  • forgiveness is seen in BHumi [earth] ,tejas [brightness] is seen in Sun ,attraction [kanti ] is the best attribute of manmath , Indra has kirti yash[ success and fame ] other deities have other qualities , but all these they have imbibed from Sriram [ as Lord has them infinitely and others have finite]
  • Ram is of the hue of Indraneelamani and eyes of lotus and ferocious as lion as people say He is indeed a husband for you and with none to match in the universe .
  • He ekroopa dwishukla trisama triunnata tritamra trisnigdha trivali and trijagadguru
  • ekroopa- one who has no organic difference in his body .[his nail and he are same , his eyes can do the same what his hands can do ] avayava of lord is not different from him so also his attributes .
  • dwishukla  two shukla means his father’s and mother’s lineage is pure [shuddha vamsa ]
  • also it denotes he has both kusum gandha and madhugandha
  • also it denotes he has clean teeth and eyes
  • trisama:  hair folicles testicles and knees are even
  • trishu unnata : kukshi nabhi hrudaya [ abdomen navel and chest is well developed]
  • trishutamra : palms sole and nails are copper in colour
  • trishusnigdha : line on sole ,wrist and hair are viscous
  • trivali : having three lines on the abdomen
  • TRIJAGADGURU : jagat means VAYU . trijagat means [ three avataras of VAYU , HANUMAN BHEEM and MAdhvacharya ] in each avatara also the guru is always NARAYANA . hence RAMA is NARAYANA his guru .
  • Chatushkala ,Chatushkishku , chaturlekh, chatuhsama ,chaturgatih, chaturdanshtra,chaturvedaprabhu !
    • chatushkala : one who has four lines in the thumb denoting four vedas
    • chatushkishku : one kishku is 24 angul so chatukishku means four kishku ie 96 angul height . Ram was ninetysix angul height .
    • chaturlekh : four lines on forehead
    • chatuhsama : even well distributed organs from toe to head.
    • chaturgatih : having the motion of lion , tiger ,elephant and ox
    • chaturdanshttra: even canines
  • Panchasnigdha shadunnata shadgunadya saptesha ashtaruju astakshar khyata Navanata
    • five ie eyes ,skin ,teeth and two limbs  be smooth
    • shadunnata: six [ kakshakukshivakshoghraanskandalalatikasushatsuunnta- abdomen trunk chest nose shoulders and forehead are broad ]
    • Shadguna -aishwarya etc six qualities
    • saptesha: head of seven heavens [ bhu bhuva suvah maha jana tapa satya] [yaju sam rig atharva mahabharta ramayana panchratra]
    • ashtaruju : eight [body hips hands feet fingers nose eyes ears should be large ]
    • Ashtakshar khyata : one who is known by ashtakshar mantra
    • Navanatah  :Nine [ fingejoints, hair, pores, waist ,neck ,nails ,teeth ,skin and penis should be sophisticated not coarse ]
  • red lips , neck like shankha very beautiful Ram having gait like elephant and voice like dundhubhi having infinite qualities our lord Sriram  alongwith Laxman were searching for you devi and I met HIm in Rushyamuka mountains along with our King Sugreeva . Killing Vali Sugreeva was enthroned and has sent monkeys to all the ten directions .
  • I Hanuman  born to Vayu as Vanar in Anjana devi has leapt the ocean as Sriramdoot .
  • Thus Hanuman gave the Ring of RAMA which for seeta was akin to Rama himself .
  • Seeta accepting the ring says INDEED YOU ARE the DOOT of SRIRAM oh KAPISHREHSTA . I believe you .
  • Language grammar[ HANUMAN] is all meant to convey the qualities of LORD{RAM] and create a sense of  solace and belief in the bhakta[ soul  SEETA] to accept HIS supremacy even when surrounded by Rakshasas in the captivity[ASHOKAVAN]  of RAVAN[ Ignorance evil ]

    So this episode shows ,soul captivated by evil ignorance has no hopes to the extent that it doubts every knowledge and message of LORD [ HANUMAN ] .
    EVEN then HANUMAN with his intelligence and sweet words, creates a well being in the already unhappy miserable soul [ who has been abducted by lust anger jealousy greed pride infatuations ] Hanuman gives realisation of qualities of LORD to SOul and then also gives it the knowledge to accept the supremacy of LORD [ ring ] and assures it of release [ MOKSHA]


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    1. vikas said:

      respected guruji pranama,
      guruji please guide me in doing hanuman sadhana as i dont know whether iam doing it in right or wrong way .
      no chossen.88
      humble pranama


    2. beautifully written sir !!


    Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . [take your hands off keyboard ] TOUCH a BODY part and kindly mention which part of the body Your hand is touching [ sprishtanga ] .... state your problem clearly , let us know what is it that your are looking for without ambiguity ! start and end with salutation to HARI ! If above procedure is not adhered to ,then no answers will be given !

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