Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

 When 10th lord is in the navamsa of saturn aspected by mercury  or vice versa the subject will be engaged in building bridges and dams !

Vibheeshana suggested that a bridge be built on the ocean to reach Lanka .Initially Lord SriRam in order to request the ocean[ samuddra raj] sat before the ocean to pave way towards the Lanka . He sat there for three nights .
But King of sea did not turn up .

Lord Sriram took an arrow and with anger pointed it towards the ocean , Already reddish eye corner became more red with anger as if to destroy the whole world .
Laxman halted Ram asking him to forgive ocean as that would bring an end to the world .
King of oceans with all the wealth of the sea and carrying  articles of worship to God on his head ran towards Ram with fear . trembling offered his apologies .
He said Sage Agastya at the time when he had gulped entire ocean he had predicted a a great bridge would be built on the ocean by Lord SriRam .
Samudraraj suggested the Vanar Nala
had a boon [curse] to float everything that is thrown by him in the ocean . So he would be apt person to build  the bridge on the ocean . Nala is incarnation of Vishwakarma .

As sriram had already taken up the arrow , it cannot go waste , so samudraraj requested Ram to use it to kill Rakshas who are residing in the ‘dyukul ” desert inside the ocean . Even Valmiki Ramayana mentions drumkulya named desert[ marubhumi] as existent inside the ocean .

As requested Ram killed all the Rakshas who were descendants of ABHIR dynasty . aftermath the marubhumi came to be known as marukantar [ onefull of flowers , roots and herbs ]

The work of bridge construction started with a groups of 1000 and 100 vanar bringing different stones ,blocks from the near by mountains .
AS per the Nala’s instruction some took ropes , some sticks ,some mortars and started building block by block from the shores .

Angad went to Kailas parvat and introduced himself as RAMDOOT and brought a piece of it to the construction . Sugreev went to Himalaya and brought a piece of it [ upaparvat] . Jambavanta went to Mahendra parvat and brought a upaparvat by introducing himself as RAMDAS . Hanuman went to bring the MERU itself but Bramha asked him to take a  piece of it . Thus 1000 of mon keys in groups were bringing the stones , some groups were building and some were passing it along but thre seemed not  a gap between these activities .

EVen nearby rishis devtas , munis brought some rocks by their vicinity to assist in this mahakarya . Most of devatas along with their families came out in the heavens to witness this interesting event .It was difficult to compare the ocean with the ocean of monkeys trying to contain it with the bridge .

!0 yojan wide[ 80 miles wide] and 100 yojan long [ 800 miles long ] this bridge was constructed in 5 days by NALA . First day only 14 yojana was constructed next day 20 and then 21 another day 22 and 23 yojana s the next two days so 100 yojana bridge was constructed in five days .

Because of this bridge a total of 1000 crores [ koti sahasrani] monkeys croosed over the ocean to Lanka . such big was the army of Sugreeva .

Ram alongwith Laxman prayed by Sugreeva and vibheeshana , resting a hand gracefully on Hanuman resided on the mountain of Suvela in Lanka .This was indeed a very exciting moments in the lives of Kapisena .

Seeing the end of Ravan nearby all the devatas in the heaven showered flowers on RAM .


Comments on: "SetuNirmaan- CIVIL ENGINEERING OF NALA" (9)

  1. Venkatesh said:


    Is the story that the vanaras inscribed “Sri Raama” on every stone, to keep it afloat have a basis?

    My Pranaams


  2. learner said:

    Namaste Chiraanji, What is the location of Meru?


  3. Shreya said:

    Do you believe the setu we see today through satellite pictures is the same Ram Setu ??


  4. Respected Guruji

    ”When 10th lord is in the navamsa of saturn aspected by mercury or vice versa the subject will be engaged in building bridges and dams !”’

    Can you expand this?what do you mean by viceversa?

    should the 10 th lord get the aspect of mercury in the navamsha chart or in the rashi chart?

    please clarify


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