Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Kalatra Kamuk taranga

  1. Person will have only one marriage if seventh lord is with venus with no malefic combinations .

  2. One will have more than one marriage if :

    1. lord of seventh is with malefics and malefics are in 2nd and seventh

    2. if venus occupies 11th or is debilitated

    3. if 7th lord is in 6th or 12th

    4. if malefics are in ascendant

  1. if saturn mars and venus are weak and 2nd 7th or 8th 4th and 12th .

  2. Mars in 8th

  3. jupiter in second will give second wife late in life

  4. rahu in seventh and saturn in second will give two marraiges

  5. if 2nd lord in 2nd seventh or venus in 7th with benefics or aspect of benefics give as many wives as benefics . If malefic joins only one wife lives at a time .

  6. Venus in seventh with saturn will give one wife and husband remains attached to her .

  7. Mercury in seventh will give addiction to other woman ,jupiter in seventh will make a wife deeply attached to the husband

  8. lords of 7th 2nd and 10th in 4th will make one addicted to other woman .

  9. Person will be skillful if RAHU IS IN SEVENTH and ketu in seventh will wife very cunning ,

It is very difficult to resist a woman thus dharma prohibits ekasan with any woman be it mother sisiter or any one other than wife . Thus with mere will power one cannot desist from the charms of a woman . Thus One resorts to vrata to keep himself susheel . Thus SriRAM took Ek patnivrata . And woman keep pativrata .

We eat anything everyday . But on a fast we do not our self conscious pious mind desists . Thus vrata helps in fasting which is never found everyday . Thus if one has to keep away from other woman/man has to keep vrata .

But coming back to God , there is no difference between SrIRAMA and SRIKRISHNA .

 Then their Vrata should also remain same in both avataras ?

As there is no difference between RAMA and Krishna so are both rejoice only in Laxmi . Both satyabhama and Rukmini are Laxmi rupas . Shanmahishi are souls entitled to Vishnu sanga .But here again Krishna mates only when there is Laxmi sannidhi .

All the 16100 wives were rishi putra incarnation of sons of Agni .

Thus Lord never mates anyone without Laxmi . His only consort hence remains Laxmi only and he is Ekpatni vrata .

Krishnarpanamastu .

Comments on: "Kalatra Kamuk taranga" (10)

  1. Pranaams Acharya,

    In one of the posts to Mr. Ahmed you had mentioned 11th house for second marriage.. Can you please educate how 11th house can be arrived at for 2nd marriage.. And for certain communities which are legally entitled to multiple marriages, how to see there subsequent spouses ? How is this calculated ?

    Also BPHS mentions Taurus-Scorpio for deb points of Ketu-Rahu whereas you mentioned Gemini as exaltation of Rahu .. How to reconcile various texts in such cases sir ?



  2. @vasanji,
    thanks for answering so nicely 🙂



  3. Thankyou Vasan bhiasahab!
    Father told me the same…when i asked to him once…..that as per Srimad Bhagavatam Radha didnot exist.



  4. @vasanji,
    Namaste….please do not mind ..i am sorry if i m offending you…i m juz humbly asking you my query..if radha doesnt exist then why its alwyas krishna worshipped with radha in temples??



    • @pradnya,

      There is no question of offense here..

      All we can say is that Radha is not a person existing in Srimad Bhagavatham. And as far as Sri Krishna’s childhood leelas is concerned, the authentic source is only Srimad Bhagavatham and nothing else can be taken instead of that. As far as being along with Sri Krishna is concerned, it should be only Rukmini/Satyabhama.

      If you ask me then how Radha is there in the temples now with Sri Krishna, I dont have a direct answer here. But we are already aware of how some of the puranas have been mis-interpreted and/or tampered. The only possibility that I can think of is that somewhere down the line, this character got introduced as a ‘special’ gopika – treated differently by Sri Krishna. But what Bhagavatham states is that, Sri Krishna treated all gopikas equally (just like how ALL atmas are equal before Sri Hari) – even when they out of pride thought that HE belonged only to them individually, HE played rasa krita and showed how HE is present with everyone at the same time.

      Chiraanji, If I have said anything wrongly, I beg your shama and request you to correct me.

      Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanamastu



    • Pradnya…i had also asked the same….then why in temples its Radha -Krishana….She was not LAXMIDEVI for sure….but yet always with Krishna in temples…? Not in one or two temples….bahut saare mil jayenge…even at Mathura…RADHA MADANA-MOHANA TEMPLE at Mathura,Vridavana…

      Also i have seen many times on TV when Bhagawata katha comes and whoever panditji do katha vaachan…generally talk about Radha also….

      I donot know how?…why?? Strange..!



  5. In the times of Ramayana and Mahabharata, how comes men were allowed & had more then one wife? In Kalyug that would be considered a sin right?

    Did such a thing like separation or divorce (signed via papers) exist time of Ramayana and Mahabharata?

    Is Radha (from Mahabharata) a form of Goddess Laxmi?



    • chiraan said:

      MArrying multiple women [ please note MARRYING in vedic way ] is not sin . But discriminating between wives isa great sin . Divorce is not allowed in shastras . BUt was allowed in Kaliyuga through social rules in times Vikramaditya .
      Radha did not exist . she is not Laxmidevi .


      • Sir,

        Radha did not exist means?? Then who is Radha….??we see Radha -Krishna in temples (not considering ISKCON here …other temples too) not Rukmani devi -Krishna..!
        Why like Sita-Ram…..Radhe -Shayam is popular if there was no Radha??Radha name always copmes in Sri Krishna’s leelas at Mathura….what were those then??

        In north ‘Radheya’ is one of the most popular name for Sri krishna other than ‘NandLal”

        Please kindly make this clear…I am listening/reading this very first time….

        Thanks and regards,


      • Chiraanji,

        Please accept my small contribution on this and kindly excuse and correct any mistakes of mine in this response.

        @Kalyani: Radha didn’t exist in Srimad Bhagavatam. While there are references of Rasa kritai which Sri Krishna had danced with all the gopikas in Nandagaon, there is no specific reference to a gopika specifically called as Radha in the entire Srimad Bhagavatham. And as far as references to Sri Krishna’s childhood is concerned, it is only Srimad Bhagavatham that is the most authoritative source for us.

        Later exponents of Mahabharatha attributed Radha as symbolically the equivalent of jivatma longing for attaining the feet of Paramatma (Sri Krishna). In fact all the leelas of Krishna in killing the different demons sent by Kamsa like Bhootanai, Kesi etc., gynanis say that these are leelas shown to us by Sri Krishna to highlight that like these demons, HE will kill all the demons residing within us as well – kaama, mada, krodha etc. – if we surrender ourselves to HIS holy feet – like how all the people in Nandagaon did total surrender to Sri Krishna by showering their complete and total affection on HIM. Blessed are those souls which lived at Nandagaon during that time of Sri Krishna avatar!

        Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanamastu



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