Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Bhukti vichar:

§MARS in 3rd one likes hot things.
Jupiter in 3rd one likes satvik foods.
Venus in 2nd one chews pan.
Saturn in 2nd one speaks rudely.
Kethu or jupiter clever speech.
Sun and mars harsh speech
moon talkative.
Mercury logically
rahu humbly
venus in 2nd consumes milk.
Madhvacharya once consumed 1000s of bananas and pots of milk after a heavy meals without discomfort.
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Comments on: "Bhukti vichar:" (6)

  1. i have only mars in 2nd and people do say i speak harshly. what is the remedy?


  2. KISHORE said:

    pranam chiraan ji


  3. Your information on astrology is quiet interesting and knowledgeable. I am trying to
    assimilate the knowledge you have put in. Mine is dhanur lagna with makara rashi
    and ravi is in Mithuna Rashi (7th House) can you highlight on this aspect.


  4. kishore.R.H said:

    namaste chiraan ji


  5. Some people like sweet foods over savoury food and vice versa, do planets influence?

    Where does drugs, alcohol and meat fit in?

    Does the choice of foods represent someones personality?


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