Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Lord Ram advises Laxman thus :

A king must always look out for the strength and weakness of the twelve types of Kingdom around him known as mandala.

  • Once own Kingdom’s friends
  • The kingdom’s  enemy .
  • The friend of a friend is also a friend
  • The friend of an enemy is enemy
  • The enemy of Friend is Enemy
  • The enemy of enemy is Friend

This is ardha mandal based on self . Similar other six crop up when you consider

  • The vijigeesh the  nation in question
  • the Parshnigrah  the kingdom by the border.
  • Akrand the enemy of Parshnigraha .
  • The Friend  of the Akrand  is asaar .
  • The kingdom in between the self and Enemy is madhyam
  • The kingdoms beyond the mandal is Udaseen
  1. Sandhi
  2. Vigraha
  3. Yaan
  4. Aasan
  5. Dwaidhibhav
  6. Sanshraya

these are the six qualities necessary for a King [ Shaadgunya]

When there is prospect of a war with a stronger one its always better to make sandhi . Total sixteen varieties of sanshi exist

  1. kapal
  2. upahar
  3. santaan
  4. sangat
  5. upanyasa
  6. pratikaar
  7. sanyog
  8. purushantar
  9. adrashtanar
  10. aadishta
  11. aatma
  12. upagraha
  13. parikrama
  14. chinna
  15. pardushana
  16. skandhopaneya

But Broadly Sandhi is four types

  1. paraspar upakaar
  2. maitra
  3. sambandha
  4. upahara

One must not make Sandhi when opponents involve child ,old ,sick, shunned by relatives , timid , one who inspires timidity ,greedy, ingreeded , dispassionate , fiend , unstable mind ,one who insults dev and bramhana , unfortunate , non believer of destiny ,affected by famine , misuses power,one who has not travelled out , always surrounded by enemy , flowing against the time , and one who has left dharma and Truth . These twenty people should always be opposed and fought without striking truce-Sandhi .

Mutually harming each other will create animosity -Vigraha . One who is equipped with the strength and knowledge of time and space . one who aspires his progress , and one who is troubled by others can make vigraha in this world .

Kingdom , women , place, country , stealing of data and force , pride , honour , terrorising , destruction of knowledge , dharma and selfrespect ; fortune ,  insult to a friend , destruction of relatives , cruelty towards animals , polution of geo political allignment , adamancy of superpower are the root causes of war .

Animosity are of five types ;

  1. Natural animosity [ evil vs Good]
  2. Material territorial dispute
  3. owing to speech
  4. owing to women
  5. owing to crime

These should be pacified appropriately through intelligent solutions .

  • When only little benefit arises out of dispute
  • or no result arises post dispute ,
  • or presently dispute may give rise to adverse results ,
  • may also be futile in future
  • or adverse in both future and present ,
  • or dispute is generated by unknown enemies ,
  • if dispute is for others
  • if dispute is for the sake of  a women
  • during misfortunes
  • if for friendship but showing no immediate results
  • no hopes of benefic results in future
  • long lasting dispute [possibility]
  • against bramhins

In all above forms vigraha should be given up .

King should do only those karma which is beneficial in present as well as future . When army is strong well fed , and friends , akrand and asaar are all in favorable positions towards the King and enemy army is in opposite state only then Vigraha should be made .

Yaan is the advent of army , It is of five types

  1. Vigrahya
  2. sandhaay
  3. prasangatah
  4. upekshay
  5. nipunair

When owing to mutual destruction shatru and vizigishu both stop fighting then they are known to be in the state of AASAN .

AASAN is also of five types aka YAAN .

Taking  aposition in between the two armies in  aasan is Dwaidhibhav , Such a king should arrive with louder announcement with a kee eye on the both the opponents like a crow . If at the instant both the armies break out into war again then one must join the stronger of the two .

If both do not allow to join then one must join the enemy of the two and make hi more stronger ,

If one gets into enemity with a stronger man and is hit badly and owing to circumstances cannot retaliate , then one must take shelter [ sanshraya] of the well bred , fortunate , dynamic strong  king .  At the instant , one must exhibit , extreme loyalty , obedience and gratitude towards the protector .

  • Aries leo , scorpio , capricorn , aquarius , if one of these occupy lagna and moon also is in other one of them then there will be disastrous war .
  • if moon and sun occupy own rashis then there will be sandhi
  • if malefics are in 3 ,5 ,6 12 then there will be yaan of the shatru sena .
  • if malefic is in fourth house from lagna then satru sena will not come ie no YAANA .
  • if moon and Sun are in each others  houses then there will be aasan among the two armies owing to mutual destruction and heavy casualties.
  • if lagna and tenth and fourth house are heavily afflicted in yuddha prashna then the king will lose his kingdom and take shelter else where .
  • On the contrary if benefics are in tenth house then the King will win and gain wealth in the war .


The above excerpt is from Agni puraana

Comments on: "Shadgunyam- The essentials of WAR" (4)

  1. Hariprasad Alur said:


    Sincere Pranams.

    I would like to share this.

    I found an article “A Holistic Approach to Business Management : Perspectives from THE BHAGAVAD GITA”.

    Click to access items001.pdf

    Particularly interesting the table consolidating the “Chapter summaries from Mahabharata and their Application to business”.

    Humble Regards


  2. Hariprasad Alur said:


    Sincere Pranams.

    I would like to share my experience in this platform.

    This article is aptly relevant in the present day context. How?

    As a person moves up in his/her professional career, it is not adequate if one solely depends on few basic skills. He has to constantly upgrade. In this scenario steps in a concept called as POWER MAPPING (Comparing here the points on Mandala and Ardha Mandala).

    When you are about to expand your market share or before meeting somebody high up in an organization structure, it is obvious/essential you do your home work about who he/she is, their current and future focus areas, SWOT analysis (compare Points on Animosity) etc. This will help you in avoiding stepping on to a mine.

    You will establish a link/ rapport much before the actual discussions on order/tender commence.

    In case of an escalation or conflict management the points on Intelligent solution, Yaan can be compared.

    Humble Regards


    • Thank you for sharing your experiences, It’s very interesting to see the synergy between your experiences and ancient knowledge. Hope you would continue to bring in such insights in future also.
      It definitely excited and encouraged me to have a new outlook towards these concepts.

      Warm Regards.


  3. k.s.rao said:

    how relevant these factors in the modern era. but logically very good. tks. for info & insight.


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