Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Venus in fifth from karkamsha gives one poetic skills

Madhvacharya was an extraordinary poet . His work namely YAMAK BHARAT is an excellent example of his skills in expounding the qualities of HARI . YAMAK means repeated usage of a letter . In every shloka /stanza of Yamak bharat , entire mahabharata is told with use of repetitive letters.

One such stanza is of excellent composition . It contains only letter Bha repeated 32 times .

This shloka


The meaning as given by NARHARITEERTHA is as follows .

First letter Bh is addressing letter .

  1. Bh – he bh – deeptau – that is one with immense lustre
  2. subsequent letters become ABH – one who is residing with brightness in anantasan ,shwetadweepa and vaikuntha also inside the jeevas and also outside the bramhanda .
  3. Abh – sarvagnya – All knowing
  4. Abh – one who is supporting entire Bhumi upto Adhaar shakti
  5. Abh- one who is supporting entire upper bhumi upto prakruti
  6. Abh- unlimited in space and time
  7. Abh – one who is dear to Bramha the devotee
  8. Abh – one who can grant moksha and unlimited aishwarya
  9. Abh- one who grants rajo guna to jeevas to do karma
  10. Abh – one who accepts only satvik jeevas
  11. Abh- one who is nearer always to sajjana jeevas
  12. Abh – one who is served by devatas
  13. Abh- one who graces the sajjanas
  14. Abh- one who grants moksha to even ordinary bhaktas
  15. Abh – one who resides as ATMa and antaratma in everybodies heart
  16. Abh – one who is saluted by sajjanas in preference to every material pleasures .
  17. Abh – leaving atma and atmi bhava and prayed by Sajjanas
  18. Abh – one who is superior to Muktas [ already liberated]
  19. Abh – One who is independent than Mukta and AMUKTA devatas
  20. Abh – being independent thus HE is complete in happiness
  21. Abh – Known only by Vedas at all times
  22. Abh – Worshipped by ALL
  23. Abh- one who grants knowledge and pooja materials in plenty to all who wants to worship
  24. Abh- one who destroys those who bring obstacles to pooja
  25. Abh- Master to all
  26. Abh- one who remains a master at all times [ unlike some who profess equality to GOD in Moksha, he reamains a master to liberated souls as well]
  27. Abh- One who is supremely extolled by vedas
  28. Abh- one who deludes the minds of evil
  29. Abh – one who moves about in everyone’s heart
  30. Abh- one who slays the daityas who think there is none other than AHAM .
  31. Abh- Meditated by Bramha and others as Supreme
  32. ABHA – Oh the one with infinite beauty .In the last Abh + A the last A is to indicate infinity . [ bhatiiti = Bha: sambaddhau vishishta]


Comments on: "Kavita Kaushalyam Of Madhvacharya !" (1)

  1. Hariprasad Alur said:


    My sincere pranams.

    I had heard about this shloka and it impressed me so much that I have named my second daughter as ABHA.

    Sincere pranams for picking this beauty and explaining it.

    Another gem from Acharya Madhwa is the KANDUKA STUTI. Request you to expound the meaning of this also.

    Humble Regards


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