Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

The planet in third to any house is known as vedhak . But when a malefic is in third it mitigates the evil , ie it acts as vedhaka to the evil itself .

LORD NARAYANA is complete omnipotent and without any defects . This knowledge should be steadfast . With such a knowledge in mind, the kind of Love that emanates for LORD is known as DEVOTION [BHAKTI]

One must have immense devotion to the Lord . We all love our family members [ father mother brothers  wife children ]. But Love towards Lord must exceed the love towards Family members infinitely . It should increase manifolds day by day . EVEN when 1000s of obstacles or difficulties arise , devotion should not fade or decrease .

Our GURU Shri RAGHAVENDRA Swamiji has shown us this path of devotion, in his previous birth as PRAHALAD . Prahlad had intense devotion towards Vishnu , more than the Love he had towards his family [ father Hiranyakashipu] EVEN under severe stress from own Father , He did not budge to any difficulties and torture . ON the contrary he conevrted all the Daitya balakas [ demons ] into Vishnubhakthas . Hiranyakashipu determined to put an end to his school of VISHNU devotion himself perished . Let shri RAghavendra ‘s blessings be always with us in this path of devotion .

Pandavas were in EXILE . Usual understanding or picturisation of this state of PAndavas by Popular serials or books is such that The five brothers and their wife were leading a lonely life in mid of jungle going about their daily course of life wandering through forests with fatigue and aimlessness .

This is not so ! when Pandavas went to exile  ,crores of Munis and sanyasis and rishis followed them . In the forest when it was difficult to get food for the self , YUDHISTHIR had additional burden of looking after crores of family of rishis . SO Pandavas worshipped NARAYANA as present in SURYA [ surya antagat NARAYANA ] and were blessed with AKSHAYAPATRA .

In the forests , at the break of the dawn , whatever possible was collected from the forests for preparation of food . Then after finishing ahnik and food cooked was offered to LORD as naivedya and after vaishvadeva and baliharana , The same was put in the Akshayapatra and was served to all the people. Once Pandavas ate after everyone was fed  , DRaupadi Devi took whatever left and then the day was closed after the utensil was washed . After the meals nothing would be left for the day . The next days meal would be collected again .

Duryodhan jealous of such a huge following to YUDHISTHIR and his lifestye , bit his teeth everyday and waited for a moment to humiilate Pandavas. Just then DURVASA MUNI came by with his 20000 sanyasi followers . DURYODHAN showed extreme devotion [ dhambhik bhakti] . And impressed with Suyodhan, Durvasa asked him to seek boons . Duryodhan asked that DUrvasa must visit Pandavas only after they had finished their meals . His intention was after the Akshayapatra has been washed , there would be nothing in the camp . But DUrvasa if not given proper food and welcome , he would definitely curse them and that would trouble Pandavas .

Durvasa though aware of his intentions goes to PAndavas as his boon would not go waste . He informs Yudhisthir that he would like to take meals and would be back from the river after ahnika .

Yudhisthir calls draupadi to cook something, but nothing is there in the camp . Looking at the miserable position Draupadi meditates on Krishna . Krishna appears at her request and asks for something to eat . Draupadi tells Lord that nothing is available and worships HIM to save from the anger and curse of Durvasa .

Krishna insists to bring Akshayapatra and there a leaf of the vegetable [greens] still remains in the patra . Krishna takes this offerings from PAndavas and says HE is satisfied with it . HIS satisfaction leads to completeness and fullness of stomach to DURVASA and his team of 20000 followers . when stomach is full to the brim , one cannot eat even a morsel . HAVING instructed PANDAVAS to cook and not even eating a morsel would invite ire of BHEEMSENA and more so if they come to know of the EVIL designs of the DURYODHAN and DURVASA being party to it . DURVASA and others choose to flee the river and forests without attending to the INIVITE .

YUDHISTHIR after finding prolonged delay in appearance of rishis from riverside , asked BHEEM to search for them . AS BHEEM did not find DURVASA muni ,. PANDAVAS were relieved at the evil mitigated .


  1. Worshipping SURYA antaragata NARAYANA helps to attain means of feeding family and dependents .
  2. Poverty and helplessness is always a part of life . one must not fear them .
  3. EVEN Greats face such helplessness on a given day , owing to absence of material wealth .
  4. EVEN in difficulties brave[ YUDHISTHIR] do not shy away from supporting the people who believe in Him, abide by him and show dependency on him .
  5. If you have faith in LORD and good education and capacity supporting many is never a problem even under odds .
  6. WHen in diffciulty never leave faith in LORD .
  7. Remember LORD and look for his HELP , and HE definitely responds.
  8. EVEN a small offering to LORD with devotion gives infinite results .
  9. Phalam pushpam patram toyam , whatever is given to him with devotion he accepts it and saves his devotees . HE grades devotees only on the basis of DEVOTION and not by quantity of naivaidya and offerings .
  10. Devotees never face evil all evil gets mitigated even before it strikes .

What was the necessity for LORD to look for a leaf ? He could have averted the mishap of DURVASA without such inspection !

The answer lies in the verse

“patram pushpam phalam toyam ye me bhaktya prayachchati |

tadaham bhaktyuphrutmashnami prayatatmanaha|”

Bhakta whatever he gives I shall accept and keep the offer and make it remain always in my service .

Such an act of GOD is also adhered to by our Guru Raghavendra swamy . Once many years ago a money order came to MANTRALAYAM from a devotee from Vijayawada . The money was of RS 15 /- and a note said that “I had a dream the previous night to donate Rs 15/- for the repair work of the pooja samagri[ material used for pooja ] I do not know which material , kindly look into the matter and accept my offering to RAghavendra swamiji . ”

The manager was astonished at this request and reported to current[ then ] swamiji . On inspection they found that a bell[ GHANTA] used for SHriRAMA’s  Pooja was broken and was duly replaced by a new one . But the old one was not repaired and was relegated to the old stock .

Immediately a goldsmith was summoned to know about the repairs and he after inspection announced it would cost RS 15/- for the repair . This surprised everyone .what was necessary to learn  from this event was ,

  1. why RAGHAVENDRA swamiji who is in brindavan[ samadhi]  required to repair the bell and not be happy with replacements
  2. why should the payment be made through a unknown face in Vijayawada
  3. the same payment could have been made by MUTT itself
  4. perhaps a new one better one could have been purchased or created .

The answer lies in the fact that one who might have donated this bell should have done so with immense devotion and faith and love . Lord wants this to be used forever in his pooja . So that devotee gets the punya of serving the LORD even in his absence and in coming era . The punya of continuing this effort was granted to Vijayawada devotee . It was also a warning[ to management] to correct the procedures of handling the goods offered by devotees , however small they may be and insignificant they may be !!!!!!!! . As Krishna says ….

|||| tadaham bhaktyuphrutmashnami prayatatmanaha ||||


Comments on: "Apatthrakshana- Mitigation of evil!" (6)

  1. Pramod said:

    Respected acharya Namaskars,

    “Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram Ram Narayanam Janaki Vallabham”

    This is the Hari namasmarane what Pandavas did to help them from Durvasa Muni.



  2. Super post…. Thank you..
    My family and I had the amazing experience of Guru’s grace. On Thursday, 1st October 2009, we started by car towards Mantralayam from Dharwad.. There were heavy rains and all roads were blocked so we had to return home same evening, disappointed…. After reaching home, we saw on TV the floods and destruction the waters had created at Mantralayam and how people were stranded and cows had died.
    We thanked the merciful Guru and antargatha Mukhya praana and Narayana for giving us the good wisdom and bringing us home safely.


  3. Dear Acharya,

    What is ‘ Dhambik Bhakti ‘ ? If we show devotion to seek a favor or for fulfillment of any materialistic desire or to gain protection does this come under Dhambik Bhakti ? Please tell how one can increase devotion towards Sri Hari to prosper physically and spiritually.



    • chiraan said:

      Dhambhik bhakti , here there is actually no bhakti [ love devotion] towards the person , but you serve him with sole intention to extract some work or desire .
      Bhakti increases by the grace of guru and vayu . serve Hanuman and raghavendra swami .


      • Dear Acharya,

        Hope you wont mind me saying this but when you tell someone a remedy in astrology section you are very precise, similarly would you please explain how can we serve Sri Hanuman and raghavendra swami like should we recite hanuman chalisa or fast on tuesday etc.

        Sir, your above post is very enlightening but it would be even better for someone like me if you could kindly explain my above query regarding simple rituals to increase bhakti.

        Sincere regards.


        • chiraan said:

          serve means spending a whole day near by a temple idol or saligrama doing vrat upavasa reading and listening to the shastra . leaving aside all the work


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