Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Karmavipaka -1

Parvati devi requests Lord SHiva to reveal the nature of different Karma . Shiva says , People suffering from diseases and misery should inspect their horoscopes after properly propitiating the bramhins and devatas . Praying Vishnu he must address his concerns to the astrologer . Astrologer must inspect his birth chart and prashna lagna and based on the Ashwini nakshatra etc padas must declare the prayashchittas .

The karma is of three types , Sanchita , Prarabdha and AGAMA . Presently we deal with Prarabdha .

Once there lived a bramhin ,who was learned and goodlooking . He was married to a kshatriya girl by name Vishalakshi . He had a  son by name NARHARI who was totally given to vices and diseases . Narhari had a reind by name Lagnasharma who was pious and wealthy with Gold and  sons . One day Lagnasharma visited Narhari . Narhari knowing about his wealth Killed him along with his sons and wife . He started spending gold day by day , In the end he donated 1/6 th of the gold as gurtadanam at the sangam of GANGA and YAMUNA .

Overthe period of time he died owing to grahapeedha . Yamadootas by the order of YAMA put him in the hell for 70 yugas , After spending time in hell he was born as wolf in the deep jungles . Then he became an insect . As his sins exhausted he took birth in a family of fame of gaudas in a town named sundargrama in madhyadesha . He was wealthy ,flesh eating and married to same girl of previous life named as Lokmati . Lokmati month after month could not conceive even though she had regular periods . Even when she concieved she bore dead children .

Parvatu intercepted and asked what makes people suffer like this , isnt karma inspired by maya .

SHIVA says karma are of three types , ISHTA ANISHTA MISHRA . the first gives the swarga , second gives hell and nagaloka , third gives birth in human loka . Diseases and state of mind and sometimes the behaviour of men women give clues to the karma .

  1. Raajyakshma disease is on account of bramha hatya
  2. One who kills a guru or relative  gets repeated death of sons and daughter
  3. one who does not pray fall prey to Panduroga [ malenin destruction]
  4. One who begets only female child must have insulted vedas
  5. one loses his wife /lover  if one has killed birds or a girl
  6. one who has killed his brother/sister is ever troubled by diseases
  7. those who have hurt whistles ,bells , or musical instruments gets diseases of hands
  8. one who has killed a child/animal will beget dead children
  9. one who has disfigured someones body , or instigated miscarriage abortion or stolen a book or copyright is born as blind
  10. Stealing clothes , always teasing others , landgrabbing will result in poverty .
  11. One who ,marries into his own gotra gets a prolonged disease of skin .
  12. killing or binding a buffalo gives a disease of shivering
  13. killing  a bull will make one impotent and have diseases of genitals
  14. Illtreating parents will give leprosy
  15. illicit relationships will give prolonged sickness
  16. Killing a cow will give white leprosy
  17. premarital sex with immature girls will give diseases with poverty .
  18. Stealing perfumes made of flowers will result in bad breath
  19. stealing ghee butter etc will give skin diseases and birth as insects
  20. Stealing perfumes made of bark or trees will make one a crow
  21. grabbing wells ponds will give rashes and itches
  22. robbing tourists in temples will give diseases of neck and throat
  23. one who burns forests or cuts them will get cancer of eyes and nose
  24. stealing oil will make one seller of oils
  25. stealing sugar will give heavy temperature
  26. one will not have children if one steals gold
  27. ears will be affected if one hurts servants and slaves
  28. leukemia if one steals iron etc
  29. milk and curds if stolen will give disease of stomach
  30. multiple diseases will come if one robs on highways .
  31. if one troubles peacocks , hens , chicken ,turtles he will have diseases of wind and be born as impotent again and again
  32. alcoholics , animal eaters fish eaters will i again and again indulge in hide
  33. Those who disrupt grain and water sources will get diseases of teeth
  34. If one steals the house of a bramhin will be troubled by epilepsy
  35. Thus many diseases trouble humans as the karma fructifies .

People suffering Like NARHARI owing to stealing of GOLD and murder . should perform 5LAKHS gayatri and trayamabak pooja to get rid of diseases and get progeny .


Comments on: "Karmavipaka -1" (17)

  1. Superb post Chiraanavare……- “Lokmati month after month could not conceive even though she had regular periods “. Does this imply that any couple who cannot have children MUST have sinned?
    What is Trayambak Pooja?


  2. akanksh said:

    Namashkar guruji,

    I knowingly hurt (mentally hurt) my friend (a brahmin). I feel very bad about it now and want to know what is the prayaschitta for this. Please reply.



    • repentance itself is prayaschitta . anyways seeking pardon is also good


      • akanksh said:

        namashkar guruji,

        thank you for the reply. Will fasting on Ekadashi nullify the sin accumulated from this act of mine? Please reply.



  3. Hello Sir,

    Why a healthy person dies of snake bite suddenly in his young/midlife? Thus leaving his family in grief.

    Is there any pap prarabdha associated if yes then how can his family members erase it for passed away atma and for themselves.

    Please advise.



    • bad mouthing saints leads to snake bite . there is no remedy for it . pratyaksh godaana will help everyone


      • Acharya,

        SrimadBhagvatam is recited under the circumstance of snake bite to king because he insults a Rishi under Kali’s influence.

        What type of Karma does this fall under ?

        Sanchita is what we are currently experiencing, agama is what is fruitifying and prarabdha is the store house. The Karma cycle keeps going on because while doing Sanchita Karma we keep adding more and more Karma to all 3 categories.

        The thing that adds Karma is the “I” feeling; the feeling that “I” am doing a Karma makes it generate more Karma. If we think that Sri Hari is making us do each and every karma, then it will not multiply.

        After Aparoksha; Sanchita & Agama stops only thing left is Prarabdha. Only that is clear soul is eligible for Moksha.

        Is my understanding correct ?

        Jai Bharateesha,


        • sanchita is what you call store house , prarabdha is what we are experiencing now , agama is what we do hereafter .
          prarabdha remains after aparoksha sanchita and agami have no impact . they burn out . sanchita and agami punya papa are distributed among well wishers and enemies . so one must not hate or comment great sadhus , then their sins get entangled to us ., when we pray aparoksha gyanis like devtas and rishis and raghavendra swamy [yatis] then their sanchita is distributed to us by their grace,. they have a choice to do so . when prarabdha exhausts , moksha is achieved . this moksha come sonly after laya of bramhanda till that time soul resides in amukta vaikuntha .


  4. Respected Sir,

    When does such karma fructify ? Is it current birth or next birth ?



  5. dear sir, along with the sins and their consequences,please also give the remedies for the same in your next post so that people reading the same can carry out the respective remedies relating to their particular cases.

    thank u.


  6. brigga223 said:

    and all the poojas i undertake myself like gayatri japa etc all backfire violently(due to extreme negativity produced by the spells agaisnt me).. i have recognized this and i am now doing poojas only through priests…. so i have also observed that whenever i do sandhyavandane i get into deep trouble and fight with my family or relatives or those ppl who are close to me..


    • take a bath three times a day for three days in a punya nadi . than restart your sandhyavandanam .followed by papapurushvisarjanam


      • brigga223 said:

        Sir, can i know what is papa-purush-visarjanam….?


        • It is part of sandhyavandanam , taking papapurusha in muladhara to anahata , burning him and casting ashes at vishuddha and cleansing self with amruta at agnya and sahasrara and bringing back self to hrudaya karnika


          • brigga223 said:

            you mean the chakras? this process i never thought could exist in vaishnava tradition..
            i think this needs “initiation” into the process of burning papapurusha.. very enlightening…

            i suspect one must visualize papapurush moving from root chakra or muladhar to heart– anahata and .. ok i think i will ask some qualified priests..

            pls i just need to know one more thing.. does papapurushavisarjan need “initiation” or “guru diksha” similar to “upanayanam”


  7. brigga223 said:

    initially even i thought it was my own karma that was the cause of tuberculosis(rajyakshama) that i had last year in aug 2k9 and when i used to listen to vishnu sahasranama it only got severely aggravated.. i even hated myself intensely for causing suspected “brahma hatya” by me.. but slowly i got some signs that this was not possible because no matter how much i tried to do prayaschitta through hari-nama-smarane through thinking of Vishnu 24/7 in form of mentally reciting stanzas from sahasranama; the suffering just never ended.. but due to the current mars/ju dasha i atleast got to know all this was because of intense abhichara prayoga.. altough i am unable to find the correct type of guidance to get out of this mess…

    only recently i got to know that due to abhichara prayoga by someone i was suffering so intensely for the past 9 yrs..

    i am sleepless with lot of chaos and unable to think steadily

    no chosen: 72. pls tell me what is the remedy … i still need to get out of this..


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