Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

BhuvanKosha varnanam


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  1. respected guruji pranama
    guruji what are those blue dot near bharath khanda in diagram no.1
    humble pranama


  2. kalyani said:

    Namaskar GURUDEV,

    This post is unparallel….
    Would like to know more over this..

    SriHariVayuGurubhyo Namah.
    Sincere pranaam,


  3. Poojyulaina Guruvugaariki pranamamulu.

    Guruvaryaa please continue explanation for this post…

    Humble pranams


  4. Selva kumar said:

    Chiraan ji, The bhagavatam states that the moon is placed above the sun. And also the pravaha makes the sun to move in the lunar mansion with meru on its left though it travels With meru and Pole star to its right. Is there any diagram for this as it is difficult to comprehend?


  5. a much better version of the bhagavatam concept by astrophycist richard l thompson.


    • Theory of planar projection is not in accordance with the puranas . secondly theoritical explanation of day and night at opposite points is also not justified . DAy and night occur owing to Meru obstructing the rays of sun . at the ame it is said there is 365 days of sun in ilavrat khand in the chaturasra around mERU which negates every theory .


      • chiraan ji

        the videos by richard l thompson only postulates a theory of the universe but there is no clarity or authentification as there can be misintrepretation owing to lack of translation of the sanskrit
        language and also divine insight.

        so, please delete the videos(my replies) which you think does not represent the Vedic texts. it will
        be useful for us to follow your posts and interpretation which will have clarity and authenticity as
        you are well versed in sanskrit..

        selva kumar


  6. chiraanji,

    one more link on “mysteries of sacred universe” in ‘you tube’ based on vedic literature.

    selva kumar


  7. thank you very much for this post swamiji. in the diagram, you have shown himalayas in the bharatavarsha. is it the real himalayas or is there a secret passage in the himalayas in india which leads to the himalayas in the bharatavarsha.

    i was confused seeing the vedic cosmology video in youtube by the ISKCON devotees. the video also shows how the description given in the bhagavatam is clearly portrayed by the karnataka Ramanuja mutt in a diagram form from which the video is taken. i am giving the link below.please do check this out.

    selva kumar


    • Post is yet to complete with description .

      Himalayas is actually in bharatvarsha 9000 yojana away . himlaayas on uttarakhand is different .
      Hanuman actually brought sanjeevani from that himalaya in bharatvarsha not uttarakhand .


      • thank you chiraan ji for your deep insight and excellent diagrams of the sacred texts

        every post of yours is so informative and it also shows how intricate are the sacred literature and how easily they can be misinterpreted without divine insight and grace.

        looking forward to your posts.


  8. Ravi Chandrasekhara said:

    Dear Chiraanji,

    Are Shakadweepa Brahmins as mentioned in Mahabharata (brought to cure Bhagawan Shri Krishna’s son Samba from leprosy) from Iran as westerners state in their history books or from Shakadweepa outside of our Earth planet ? There are Shakadweepa Brahmins in UP and Bihar today and similar gotras as other Brahmins.

    Ravi Chandrasekhara


  9. Dear Chiraan Ji,

    I’m waiting for this post for long time. Thanks.


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