Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

As the previous creation[ universe] is destroyed in pralaya water , Lord takes the form of a child of 7crore yojan size . He transforms the whole of 50 crore yojan bramhanda into a  leaf of vata vruksha and sleeps on it in YOGANEEDRA .This Lord is known by the name “SHUNYA” !

As  12.5 years are left in the lapse of pralaya kala , Lord inspires AMBHRANI devi [ LAXMI DEVI] to sing the Shrutigeet stotra in the form of jayavandana [ suprabhaat] . As AMBHRANI devi commences  the Shrutigeet , Lord takes many amazing  forms . Lord as he wakes swallows up the TAMAS ,the vatapatra merged into BHUDEVI and pralaya water merged into SRIDEVI.

Later SHUNYA namak paramatma [NARAYANA] took forms of

  5. He took 24 forms viz KESHAVA ……. ETC
  6. He took 100 forms viz  AJA ……ETC
  7. He took thousand forms viz VISHWA …….ETC
  • THUS these infinite forms of Lord as they appear ,it is known as ATMASRISHTI .
  • AS LORD takes the various forms so does LAXMI DEVI  takes various forms by the will of Lord , this is known as PARADHEENVISHESHAVAPTI  SRISHTI
  • BRAMHANDA AND JEEVA [SOUL] STHULA DEHA  srishti with trigunatmak prakriti [ satva rajas tamas ] is known as KEVAL SRISHTI


CREATION  starts with 1 part tamo rasi , 2 part rajo rasi and 4 part satva rasi . Total 7 parts  of prakruti .

  • Firstly there are three piles [blocks of gunas ]
  1. A – Tamas [ 1 part ]
  2. B – Rajas   [ 2 parts ]
  3. C – Satva   [ 4 parts ]

ie  the quantum of B = twice the quantum of A


the quantum of C = twice the quantum of B

  • Of these A B C , A unmixed with  B or C is kept aside ———– D
  • Rajas is created by ———————————————————-E
  1. one part Tamo  -A
  2. 100 parts Rajo – B
  3. 10000 parts  Satva – C

ie Rajas is formed by mixing 1A+100B+10000C = 10101 bindus in  —–E

  • Tamas is created by ————————————————————-F
  1. one part Rajo B
  2. ten parts Tamo A
  3. 100 parts Satva C

ie Tamas is formed mixing  10A+B+100C = 111 bindus in ———————F

Now we have A , B , C in one group  these are never used in creation they form the bodies of MUKTA jeevas shuddha satva for muktiyogya and shuddha tamo for yatna sharir of tamoyogya .

second group D E F  , is used in creation of which D only is used to enhance certain tatvas and is never directly a part of composition inside creation in its pure form .

E F effectively form creation of UNIVERSE .

Further references to Satva rajas tamas point to D E F only .

  1. Ambhrani is adidevata for avyakrutaakasha .
  2. Satva rashi is presided by Sridevi
  3. Rajo by Bhudevi
  4. Tamas by Durga
  5. This  prakruti is conspicuous and effect-ive [ karya rupa  ]  and hence is known as ” SAT”
  6. It is also in the Karan rupa [ cause -ative]  and hence known as ” Chit “
  7. It is obstructive to knowledge hence known as ” Avidya
  8. It is infatuating so it is also known as ” MAAYA
  9. It also aids as a check on Moha hence it is “ AMAAY
  10. AMAAY has equal satva rajas and tamas in composition .
  • 100 parts satva + 12 parts Rajas + 1 part tamas = 113 bindus form the avyakta deha or deha of Bramha ie Mahattatva ——————————G
  • Mahattava is divided into 3parts to 1 part . namely Rajas and tamas . ———————————————————————————————–H & I
  • 100000 part of Satva + 1200 parts of Rajas [ H + E ]  + 10 parts Tamas [ I + F ]  is the aniruddha deha or Ahankartaava——————————J
  1. Ahankara is divided into three parts  ; Vaikarik Ahankara presided by son of Brahma , Bramhaputra Rudra [ Garuda ] with wife Varuni
  2. Taijas ahankara presided by Vayuputra Rudra [ Shesha ] with  wife Sauparni .
  3. Tamas ahankara presided by Sheshaputra Rudra[ Shiva ] with wife  Uma .
  4. vaikarik is used to create the bodies of DEVATAS and manas [ mind ] of HUMANs [ MANUSHYA ]
  5. Taijas is used to create Dashendriyas [ Ten indriyas  – panch gyanendra + panch karmendra ]
  6. Tamas is used to create Panchbhuta , Panchtanmatra .

As these Tattvabhimani devatas started praying Lord , LaxmiNarayana enter the Bramhanda and create a Viraatrupa of himself [ Mahavishnu ] and from the Nabhi Kamal[ navel ] rises the Bramha in a Golden Bramhanda . Thus HE is known as PADMANABHA .

This is known as Asansrusta .

hereafter everything that is created inside Bramhanda is known as SANSRUSHTI.

Brahma started the srushti :

  • Shabda tanmatra  gave rise to AKASHA
  • Sparsha  gave rise to Vayu  [ vayu has both shabda and sparsha ]
  • Rupa gave rise to AGNI  [ agni has rupa shabda and sparsha ]
  • Rasa gave rise to  Apa      [ water has rupa shabda sparsha and rasa ]
  • Gandha gave rise to Prithvi [ prithvi has all the qualities of taste shape sound and touch and smell]

Thus from tanmatras were created Panchabhutas

Akasha divided into two parts , second part divided into four subparts to be mixed with other panchbhutas . similarly others vayu agni apa prithvi too divided into parts .

the first part becomes mukhyamsha  and second part becomes samanamsha . lets call mukhyamsha  as $ and samanamsha as #

Gnyanendriya utpatti

  1. #Akaash + $ Agni  = Shrotrendriya [ faculties of hearing ]
  2. #vayu + $ Agni = tvagendriya [ faculties of touch ]
  3. #Apu + $Agni = Jivhendriya [ faculties of taste ]
  4. #Prithvi + $Agni = Ghranendriya [ faculties of smell ]
  5. # Agni + $Agni  = chakshurindriya [ faculties of eye ]
  6. Agni transmits its property of ushnatva [ heat ] to all the other tattvas through its # amsha
  7. agni is responsible for kshattu pipasa nidra alasya vyavasaya

Karmendriya Utpatti

  1. #Akaash + $ Prithvi = vaagindriya [ organ of speech ]
  2. #Vayu + $ Prithvi = Panindriya [ organ of hand ]
  3. #Agni +$ Prithvi = Padendriya [ organ of legs ]
  4. #Apu + $ Prithvi = jananendriya [ organ of reproduction ]
  5. #Prithvi + $ Prithvi =  Guhyendriya [ organ of anus ]
  6. Prithvi transmits its property of kathinatva [ hardness ] to rest of the tattvas through its # amsha
  7. Prithvi is responsible for Asthi mansa snayu charma roma

Tanmatra utpatti

  1. #Akaash + $Apu = Shabda
  2. #Vayu + $ Apu = Sparsha
  3. #Agni +$Apu =  Rupa
  4. #Apu + $ Apu = Rasa
  5. #Prithvi + $Apu =  Gandha ]
  6. apu transmits its property of Dravatva  [ Viscosity/ flow ] to rest of the tattvas through its # amsha
  7. Apu is responsible for shukla medas majja rakta mutra

Prana Panchaka

  1. #Akaash + $ Vayu = Samaan
  2. #Vayu + $Vayu= Udaan
  3. #Agni +$ Vayu = Vyana
  4. #Apu + $Vayu = Apaan
  5. #Prithvi + $ Vayu =  Prana vayu
  6. Vayu transmits its property of chalanatva [ movement ] to rest of the tattvas through its # amsha
  7. vayu gives prasaran akunchan sthairya  uddyan patan

Mano Panchak

  1. #Akaash + $ akaash = Kartru  / Antahkarana
  2. #Vayu + $ akaash = Manas
  3. #Agni +$ akaash = Buddhi
  4. #Apu + $ akaash = chitta
  5. #Prithvi + $ akaash =  ahankara
  6. Akaash transmits its property of  [ accomodaing/resting /forming base /holding ] to rest of the tattvas through its # amsha
  7. akaash gives kaam krodha lobha mada matsarya

Lord himself stay put in all our organs and elements inspires us to do the karma and by surrendering this karma attributing it to HIM , oh lord I seek MOKSHA!!!!!!!!!


Comments on: "Panchikarana – Modus operandi de creation!" (16)

  1. Respected Acharyare,

    In the above post its mentioned

    “6. Tamas is used to create Panchbhuta , Panchtanmatra .”

    Then later under “Brahma Srushti” we have that Akasha, vayu, agni etc
    came from the respective tanmaatras..

    Then again later down, under

    Tanmatra utpatti we have

    #Akaash + $Apu = Shabda
    #Vayu + $ Apu = Sparsha


    So the tanmaatras are coming from combination of mukhyamsha and samanamsha of the panchabhutas..

    Its slightly confusing as it looks circular.. So is the first tanmaatras mentioned subtle ones, and they give rise to pancha bhutas, and then again from pancha bhutas we are getting different tanmatras..?


    • tanmatras are permanent tatvas …bhutaakaash and bhutavayu are the ones within bramhanda … and again these give rise to shabda etc that ear can process … each loka has different akaasha etc panchbhuta .. ie water on earrth is different than water in swarga .. but bth are termed as apa …


  2. Guruvaryaa, In the 29th Mahayuga when LORD comes again in Treta and Dwapara yugas, so who will be Vali / Arjun playing this role? Will it be the same personality as the one in this mahayuga? (as Indra doesn’t change up to next kalpa pralaya)

    Humble pranams


  3. Anirudh Kumar Satsangi said:

    Now I give Radhasoami Faith view of Creation Theory. In Sar Bachan (Poetry) composed by His Holiness Soamiji Maharaj the August Founder of Radhasoami Faith the details of creation and dissolution has been described very scientifically. It is written in this Holy Book: Only He Himself (Supreme Father)and none else was there. There issued forth a great current of spirituality, love and grace (In scientific terminology we may call this current as gravitational wave). This is called His Mauj (Divine Ordainment). This was the first manifestation of Supreme Being. This Divine Ordainment brought into being three regions, viz., Agam, Alakh, and Satnam of eternal bliss. Then a current emerged with a powerful sound. It brought forth the creation of seven Surats or currents of various shades and colours (in scientific terminology we may call it electromagnetic waves). Here the true Jaman or coagulant was given (in scientific terminology this coagulant may be called as weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force). Surats, among themselves, brought the creation into being.

    These currents descended down further and brought the whole universe/multi verse into being i.e. black holes, galaxies etc. were born.


  4. Dear Sir,

    In reference to the a statements above: Please explain the differences between Bramhaputra Rudra [Garuda], Vayuputra Rudra [Shesha] and Sheshaputra Rudra [Shiva] ? How do we understand the Rudras in regard to Taratamya ?
    Best wishes.

    Sincere Pranaams,
    Hare Srinivasa.

    {P.S. I was just wondering why we are not hearing much from you these days ?}


  5. Dear Sir,

    In reference to the a statements above: Please explain the differences between Bramhaputra Rudra [Garuda], Vayuputra Rudra [Shesha] and Sheshaputra Rudra [Shiva]? How do we understand the Rudras in regard to Taratamya?
    Best wishes.

    Sincere Pranaams,
    Hare Srinivasa.

    {P.S. I was just wondering why we are not hearing much from you these days ?}


  6. Hrishikesh said:

    Namaste Chiraanavre,

    1 ) “As 12.5 years are left in the lapse of pralaya kala”, what is the significance of kala in pralaya? How is time kept/calculated during pralaya ?

    2) “CREATION starts with 1 part tamo rasi , 2 part rajo rasi and 4 part satva rasi . Total 7 parts of prakruti .” Is this why the number 7 is signifcant in Hinduism, seven chakras, seven births, seven generations, etc.

    Please clear my doubts.

    Jai Bharateesha,


    • Pralaya kala is same as bramha;s life in srishti . but this ref is with Lord himself .
      whenever there is dissolution of tattva 7 is the number that dominates


  7. Viju Rao said:

    pls tell me what these words mean ….
    mansa,snayu,shukla ,akunchan,uddyan and patan.

    this process of creation i presume is the one that takes place after the final pralaya i.e. when even lord brahma is not spared. but I’ve heard that there are two more pralayas one after each manvantara and other after a day of brahma(1000 mahayugas).
    what parts of bhugol and which deities meet laya in these two pralayas??

    Sri Madhvesharpana.


    • manvantara pralaya will affect only bhumandala , kalpa pralaya affects upto swarga . this pralaya gives everytime a new manu indra and saptarishi


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