Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Naarsimha Nakhastuti !!!


ANgeerasa gotra has given rise to many a lineage of scholars . One such lineage is that of LIKUCHI  dynasty [ also known as pejataye dynasty ] which is well known . ALL the bramhins born in this dynasty were great tapasvis and excellent in poetic skills and well versed in all shastras . In this dynasty in vaivasvat manvantara 28th kaliyuga in 43rd century was born a great scholar by name SUBRAMHANYA panditacharya . He had a son by name TRIVIKRAMpandiatacharya who had mastered all shastras in his early years .He was  poet of extraordinary brilliance .

Father being in the ADVAITA parampara in his last days called his son and said ” oh son , when there is realization of the fact [ sakshatkaar ] that jeevatma and paramatma are one , there remains nothing to be known and nothing exists after that !  Me or people before me have never had such a realization . If anyone had had this realization then from that second the lineage would have stopped as world did not exist for him and world neither existed nor did we . But as this is not experienced , world is false[ mithya ] and jeeva and parmatma are one such an idea is not to be believed and do not keep faith in this . To know the truth serve LORD VAASUDEV sincerely !!!!!”

saying this Father died . Trivikramacharya served LOrd with complete devotion . In those days he heard about Shri MADHVACHARYA  of udipi . He debated with ACHARYA MADHVA for fifteen days in defence of ADVAITA , but lost to MADHVACHARYA and became his disciple . From that day onwards , he accompanied Madhvacharya and started learning about the divine DVAITA philosophy .

Acharya Madhva once went to BADRIKASHRAM ,. there  while performing daily pooja to BADRINARAYANA , he asked TRIVIKRAMACHARYA to stand outside the garbhagriha and closed the doors . For  a long time when doors were not opened ,curiosity caused Trivikramacharya to peep through the small hole in the door latch .

There he observed ACHARYA MADHVA worshipping the BADRINARAYANA , LORD HANUMAN in his two rupas doing alankara [ decoration and fanning ] to LORD . BHEEMASENA preparing naivedya for the LORD .

Seeing such a celestial vision TRIVIKRAMPANDITAACHARYA  BELIEVING firmly that MADHVACHARYA is indeed avatara of VAYU , in ecstasy composed the praises of VAYU and his three rupas HANUMA BHEEMA MADHVA . This composition is popularly KNOWN as HARIVAYUSTUTI !!!!!!

Note : HARIVAYUSTUTI remains one of the most difficult to pronounce shlokas till date and occupies the numero uno position among the mantras !!!!!

ACHARYA MADHVA  as he came out of the temple Trivikramacharya submitted this composition to the lotus feet of ACHARYA MADHVA , SRIMADANANDATEERTHA  expressing his appreciation over the composition said that let the composition become a MAHAMANTRA . let each shloka [ it is 42 shloka composition ] give a specific result and wishes when a punascharana is practised on this mahamantra . Thus it became a great boon to the souls coming in this saampradaya [ paramapara ] .

However entire 42 shlokas pertains to only VAYU and not HARI so MADHVACHARYA composed two shlokas of LORD LAXMI NARSIMHA’s nails [ nakha] and ordained that when these two shlokas are recited before and after the recitation of 42 shlokas , let one gain the results of a parayana .

This two shlokas are popular as NARSIMHA NAKHASTUTI . second shloka of this stuti starts with ” LAXMIKANTH ” some scholars raise an objection that this shloka second one speaks only about the NARSIMHA and not his nail nakha . IN UDIPI the tulu version does not have this second shloka , therefore mostly argue that this muist not have been composed by MADHVACHARYA only one shloka has only been composed .

entire 42 shloka does not speak of hari but only vayu but last shloka says ” stutimkrut harervayudevasya cha” also tells about hari so Laxmikanth shloka must have been actually written by Trivikrampanditacharya only thus opine certain scholars .

LORD has no organic differnces and thus NAIL [ NAKHA ] of narsimha is same as that NARSIMHA . THUS NAIL of NARSIMHA aslo qualifies to be LAXMIKANTH and hence second shloka is as well the NAKHASTUTI .

In mangalacharana shloka of RAGHAVENDRA VIJAYA kavya [ poem]

” shrimallaxminrusimhasya sriyam dishatu me nakhah ! svabhaktabhishtadanaay samupattadashakruti:!!

it says all the dashaavtaras have been taken by the nail of NARSIMHA thus opines the poet NARAYANPANDITACHARYA . Thus NAKHASTUTI is NARSIMHA STUTI an we shall see the two shlokas and its translation in next posts !!!!!!


Comments on: "Naarsimha Nakhastuti !!!" (7)

  1. Hariprasad Alur said:


    Sincere Pranams.

    I came across a statement which I would like to share.

    Vedas are Apaurusheya. The foremost Vayustuti extolled by Vedas is BALITTA SUKTA. In Rig Veda, the complete Pavamana Mandala is in praise of Vayu.

    Among Paurusheya stuti’s about, the Hari Vayu Stuti written by Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya is foremost.

    This may indicate the high regard, importance and value expressed towards HVS.

    Humble Regards


  2. Dear Sir,
    you’ve said that every verse in vayu stuti is vayu parva only, there’s no chance that i’d doubt it as YOU have said it !!! but recently i heard a discourse on vayu stuti by a renowned madhava scholar . he mentions a commentary on vayu stuti written in the last century or so where the author has explained that each verse can be understood as vishnu stuti also.(sorry i dont remember the author’s name nor the name of his work). please enlighten me on this.

    secondly sir i’ve heard that there is one narsimha stuti written by sri trivikrama pandita or his son(another debate). my uncle told me even that is very difficult to pronounce. he said ‘adu ashtu chalti nal illa’ but that can be applied as a mahamantra too. can it?? anyway it will be very kind of you to post the meaning of narsimha stuti also. thanks in advance.

    Sri Madhvesharpana.


    • ASTAVYASTAM ………………. IS ONE SHLOKA where LORD VEdvyasa is praised exclusively , but since it is not in the begining it cannot be amagalacharana . In general , anystuti of haribhakta is primarily Vishnustuti only , But in these case primarily , Madhvacharya is praised so Acharya has added NArsimha nakhastuti to give mangalacharana and arpana to LORD >
      EVERy NARSIMHA stuti by likuchi panditacharya or PRAHLAD is potent mantra , yes even that is difficult to pronounce , but still it is normal sanskrit , HARIVAYUSTUTI is comparable to vedic sanskrit


  3. Guruji , is Hanuman Ji one of the rupas of Vishnu bhagwan??


  4. Hariprasad Alur said:


    Sincere Pranams.

    I agree with you totally that HV Stuti is one of the most difficult to pronounce.

    My experience has been this.

    When I start by thanking the Lord that he has given me wisdom to recite the stuti, then it is an effortless flow. Completing it gives me lot of satisfaction. If for a fraction I feel proud that I’AM doing it I pronounce wrongly.

    Eagerly waiting for the transalation.

    Secondly, I’am curious to know about one thing. Acharya Madhwa’s grace was there on SHRI TRIVIKRAMA PANDITACHARYA. He must be a speacial soul. Was he a Daivamsha ?

    Sincere Regards


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