Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

पान्त्वस्मान पुरुहूतवैरिबलवन्मातन्गमाद्यद्घटा कुम्भोच्छाद्रिविपाट्नाधिकपटुप्रत्यैकवज्रायिता:॥

श्रीमत्कण्ठीर्वास्य प्रतत सुनखरा दारितारातिदूर-प्रध्वस्तध्वान्तशान्तप्रविततमनसा भाविता नाकिव्रुन्दै:॥

पदछेद: ————- पान्तु , अस्मान , पुरुहूतवैरिबलवन्मातन्गमाद्यद्घटा कुम्भोच्छाद्रिविपाट्नाधिकपटुप्रत्यैकवज्रायिता: , श्रीमत्कण्ठीर्वास्य , प्रतत , सुनखरा , दारितारातिदूर , प्रध्वस्तध्वान्तशान्तप्रविततमनसा , भाविता:, नाकिव्रुन्दै:

अन्वय : ——— प्रतत श्रीमत्कण्ठीर्वास्य पुरुहूतवैरिबलवन्मातन्गमाद्यद्घटा कुम्भोच्छाद्रिविपाट्नाधिकपटुप्रत्यैकवज्रायिता: दारितारातिदूर , प्रध्वस्तध्वान्तशान्तप्रविततमनसा नाकिव्रुन्दै: भाविता: सुनखरा अस्मान पान्तु


  • pratat ‘ residing[ being present ] At all times and all places with complete auspicious qualities
  • ‘srimatkanTirvasya ‘ –  srimat , along with LAXMI  ‘kanTirav ‘ with a lion’s face  ‘asya ‘ oh LAXMI NARSIMHA
  • puruhUtvairibalavanmatangamadyodghaTakumbhochchadrivipaatnadhikpaTupratyekvajrayita:  puruhut – Indra  vairi – enemy [ enemy of Indra are daityas ] balavat large and strong
  • matangamadyadghaTa – with inflated egos like a bunch of intoxicated  elephants kumbha – neck of [ such elephants ] as such ‘ucchchadri ‘ mountains [large and high ] in the matter of such mountains or for such mountains , like a vajrayudha [ weapon of INDRA ]
  • nakivrundaiyi: – naki means devatas [ one residing in swarga ] vrundaiyi: – group s
  • darita – destroyed thus , arati – the qualities like lust anger etc which are like enemies
  • duur – far away , pradhwasta – driven  , dhwaant – darkness called ignorance  , shaant –  having qualities of peace and calmness , pravi – in LORD parmatma , tat- enlightened [spread] , manasa – in the  mind  , bhavita: – meditated upon thus , tav – your , sunakhara – beautiful great  nails ,, pantu – protect, asmaan –  me !!!!!!


  1. There are three types of VYAPTI :
  2. deshvyapti
  3. kaalvyapti
  4. gunavyapti

NARAYANA is present everywhere , there is no place in entire creation where he does not exist. This is deshavyapti .

HAri is present at all times , before creation , during creation and after creation and after pralaya as well . There is no time when LORD is not there . This is known as kaalvyapti .

HAri has all the auspicious qualities , No good quality ever exists anywhere which is not present in LORD . And all these qualities are ever present in him without diminishing . This is known as gunavyapti .

Thus as he has three types of vyapti ever Lord NARSIMHA is called as pratat .

Hirankashyap had asked for  a boon that he cannot die at the hands of either animal or manushya . It was imperative that he should be killed but at the same time boons should also be honoured . SO lord took the form of NARSIMHA , half lion [ above neck ] and half human [ below neck ] . This form can neither be called as animal nor human . Thus with this rupa  Hiranyakashyap could be killed as well boon given to him be protected . This form of LORD along with LAXMI is known as SrimatkanTiravaasya .

Lords’ nails are not PRAAKRUT [ not made of any natural elements , ie bones , cartilage etc are forms of natural products , as they occur in nature prakriti , human nails are praakrut ]But LORD’s nails existed even before creation[ creation is done through prakriti ie it is made up of satva rajas tamas ] . As it existed even before creation [ srishti] it cannot be of satva rajas tamas . It is apraakrut .

It is made of gnanandaityadigunayukta . ie It is made of qualities like gnana , annda etc . Thus these nails are atishreshTa ie very great and reverential . Thus it is not termed as just nails ‘ NAKHA ‘ but as ‘ SUNAKHAR ”  Acharya has described these nails with two adjectives , beautiful adjectives . VISHESHANA.

  • These nails of LORD NARSIMHA has immense capabilities to remove all the miseries .
  • second vishesha is it can grant all the wishes .

The demons [ group of demons ] can be compared to intoxicated elephants . Their inflated egos [ durahankara ] can be compared to the KUMBHASTHALA [ neck ]  . These inflated egos of DEMONS are like kumbhsthala of elephants of size of mountains .  Lions’ nails tears apart these kumbhasthala . This tearing apart is like destroying of mountains by INDRA by his vajrayudha , All the nails together of lion can perhaps kill an elephant . But LORD’s single nail is itself capable of destroying the mountain like garva[ill  pride ]  of demons and kills them effortlessly . Thus NARSIMHA’s nails are more powerful than Vajrayudha and can deter all the demons .LET this NAIL protect us from all the miseries and difficulties and that those of devotees . Thus prays ACHARYA SRIMADANANDATEERTHA .[ this describes first adjective ]

Prior to meditation  on LORD NARSIMHA  , one must have mind equipped with four qualities .

  1. it should be free from enemies like anger ,lust etc .
  2. It should have driven away the darkness known as ignorance and foolhardy  attitude [ vipareet gnyana ]
  3. It should have inner peace and calmness [ Shanti ]
  4. It should have complete concentartion [ ekagrata ]

When all these qualities have been accomplished then mind can prepare itself to meditate on LORD and HIS attributes . All the deities from BRAMHA onwards equip themselves with such a mind and pray NARSIMHA’s NAILS   to get their miseries solved and wishes fulfilled . Let such nail of LORD NARSIMHA  protect me under all circumstances.

note : THERE is no difference between NAIL of NARSIMHA and LORD NARSIMHA himself , as there is abheda, among all the nails just one nail itself is also addressed as NARSIMHA and prayed upon through this SHLOKA by  MADHVACHARYA .

next post second shloka shall be dwelt with .


Comments on: "Naarsimha Nakhastuti – 1 !!!" (9)

  1. Hare Srinivasa!
    Do women have the right to recite Nakhastuti?




  2. brigga223 said:

    Sir, it is said that there are certain forms of Narsimha. Can you shed light on this? Of the various forms what is “Yoga Narsimha” said to represent/ signify ?


  3. I have very recently visited this blog. I find it extremely informative ,logical in establishing the faith,and
    thought provoking. Most of my doubts are cleared after going through the articles. I sincerely appreciate
    the efforts in bringing out such valuable matter in this post. May lord Narasimha bless the project


  4. Raguraman said:

    Om Om Namo Narayanaya Om
    Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha
    Shri Shri Raghuttama Tirtha Gurubhyo Namaha
    Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for impressing on my mind that asuras cause us to do these things. I have read Harikaathamruthasara explanation in this regard and understood that asuras influence us in this body.

    This body contains all the abhimani devatas and asuras who control lust, anger etc..While Mukhyaprana impels us to do dharma, asuras do the opposite.

    I also understood that Shri Hari lets these asuras control us according to our karma and guna. My question is what choice do we have in this play, where we are like dolls in superior powers?

    Do we have something called free-will? Consequently I am at a loss to understand clearly as to what is the root cause of adharmic desires if one is satvika soul?

    Please explain…


    • karma is anadi . we have free will given in adoption by LOrd . our only choice is to consciously side with devatas in the body and mind . this effort is enough . just like one can say ” all is well ” , one should keep saying , ‘ I am in the sharan of Mukhyaprana ” . this effort is enough


  5. Raguraman said:

    Om Om Namo Narayanaya Om
    Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha
    Shri Shri Raghuttama Tirtha Gurubhyo Namaha
    Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha

    Dear Sir,

    You have explained that one should meditate on Narasimha Swamy only when the four conditions are met…

    1. it should be free from enemies like anger ,lust etc .
    2. It should have driven away the darkness known as ignorance and foolhardy attitude [ vipareet gnyana ]
    3. It should have inner peace and calmness [ Shanti ]
    4. It should have complete concentration [ ekagrata ]

    When even great Rsis like Visvamitra fall for women, even Rudra avatara Durvasa Rishi gets angry how is it possible for us ordinary people (like me) who do not even know what is meditation to do this?

    Elsewhere you have explained something about asana siddhi in regards to meditation….

    Shouldn’t meditation help us to achieve certain qualities like overcoming lust anger etc., rather than being the pre-requisite….

    When one has desires, it seems no matter what one does it does NOT go away…What is the root of adharmic desires? Is it not natural for a man to be attracted to women in general? or emotions like anger also seem to be natural….How is it possible for one to be without anger?


    • precisely these qualities are achieved by reciting nakhastuti . darkness ,ignorance and enemies like lust and lack of concentration s caused by demons, who are killed by Narsimha to safeguard his devotees. narsimha kills practically demons and also inner demons who are responsible for anger lust and attraction to women . this seems natural to those are ignorant f the fact that these are caused by inner demons , by giving label of naturality the mind endorses actions of demons and harbour them in the body and mind . no inner efforts like meditation does not help until these demons are killed . so external help of gurus like madhvacharya through his stuti help us in killing these demons .


      • Dear Chiraanji

        A beautiful explanation!!! Another learned person with whom I was interacting mentioned to me once this interpretation: During treta yuga, the enemy was a little far off in a foreign country (Ravana), During Dwapara Yuga, the enemy was within the family which is more closer (pandavas versus kauravas) whereas in Kalui Yuga, the enemy which has to be won over is within us (Kama, Krodha etc.).Only Sri Guru Rayar antargata mukya Prana antargata sri Lakshmi Nrsimhar can remove these enemies from us to take us closer to him!!!!



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