Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Naarsimha Nakhastuti – 2!!!

ल़क्ष्मीऽकान्त समन्ततोऽ विकलयन्नैवेऽशितुस्तेऽ समम

पश्याम्युत्तमवस्तु दूरतरतोऽपास्तम रसोऽयोऽष्टमः।


खद्योतोऽपमविष्फुलिन्गभसिता ब्रह्मेऽशशक्रोत्कराः॥

इति श्रीमदानन्दतीऽर्थ भगवतपादाचार्य‌‌कृता नृसिम्हनखस्तुतिः  समाप्ता ॥


Shri Madhwaacharya  has established in the first shloka that there is no difference between nail of Narsimha and NArsimha and worships HIM .

Now some doubts can  rise in the minds in this aspect as follows :

If there is anyone GREATER than Narsimha  than whatever we can get by worshiping Narsimha something better and more can be got [acquired from] from this Greater GOD without doubt ”

Even if there is no one GREATER than NArsimha ,if only someone is equivalent to NArsimha , then also similar results [ of worshiping Narsimha ] can be got from worshiping other equals . In this case question may arise why alone worship NArsimha when others can give same results too ”

” If worshiping others can give results better than the results that can be enjoyed by grace of NARSIMHA , then praying them should be better option ”

“If similar results and grace can exist than one should equally pray other DEITIES “

All these doubts can arise in the minds of devotees ,as well fear may arise as what if others are not worshipped , then will we miss something , will we attract any sins or will other GOD be annoyed ”

To allay all these doubts and fears , with pramanas , SRIMADANANDATEERTHA puts forward the sarvottamatva [ supremacy of NARSIMHA ] .

Hey Laxmi Narsimha

  1. There is no element living or non living which attracts the heart and mind of Srimahalaxmi in the entire world , thus she is supremely desirable in the universe and is superior to all ., But LOrd NARSIMHA is the only one who attracts her attention and she completely surrenders herself ,There is none who attracts your mind and heart  thus You [ Narsimha ] are supreme .
  2. Laxmidevi is lord of all beings in the universe , you are LORD to LAXMI herself thus You are supreme .
  3. I tried to search the entire universe to see if anything is Superior to you, but I found nothing , then I tried to find anything similar to you , but I was unsuccessful .
  4. Okay may be in present time there may be none equal or superior to you . So I searched for superior or equal in the past . But answer was negative . With gnyandrishti , I tried to peep into the furture , but I found none ever existing equal or greater than YOU .,
  5. I tried to inspect Vedas , vedanukulya purana and shastras , but everywhere You are extolled as , ” na tatsamshchabhyadhikashch drishyate ” we can see nothing equivalent or superior to NARSIMHA .
  6. There is none even equal to you so how can there be anyone superior to YOU .
  7. You are in everyone and everyone is dependent on YOU . therefore at all times and at all places in all shastra you are the only one mentioned as SUPERIOR and Greatest .sarvottam .
  8. In chandogya upanishat , there is mention of PRITHVI etc as superior , this doubt may arise in the minds of devotees . thus Acharya uses the word , ‘ rasoyoashtama;” . In chandogyaupanishat Prithvi is known as superior and then VARUN is given to be superior than prithvi , chandra is shown as superior to Varun , thus seven deities are shown to be superior to one another , and the [ ashtama:] eighth one is superior most that is YOU .
  9. NArsimha you are the eigth deity . Thus prithvi and and their relative superiority in chandogya only assists in establishing supremacy of Lord and is not an objection in itself .  The eigth most supreme LORD is NARAYANA it is you only that is what I conclude as there is none equal or greater than you already established so chandogya is infact refering to NARSIMHA .
  10. ” If NARSIMHA is LORD than what about SHIVA and others who sometimes claim supremacy “. ” the answer lies in raso yo ashtama: ! there are six rasa in the world , sour sweet salt astringent chilly bitter there is no seventh rasa . All these rsas are like deities SHIVA INDRA etc , the seventh could have been someone equal to you but there is no seventh , [ ie none equal ] thus You are the EIGHTH the SUPREME having control over all the six rasas with seventh not in existence .
  11. YOu are the destroyer of the UNIVERSE oh NARSIMHA . when in the end You express anger of pralaya , first your right eye and then third eye and lastly all the three eyes open with [Akrosha]  and by the side glance alone full of ferociousness flames emerge from the eyes . Than the bodies of BRAMHA , RUDRA and INDRA onwards all of them get charred to ashes . flames of lager size akin to SUN and smaller size akin to firefly simultaneously emerge and burn down the bodies of BRAMHA etc , none survives this total annihilation , thus it proves You are the supreme and burn down every being and as none survives this pralaya except NARSIMHA himself YOU ARE THE SUPREME .
  12. Thus YOu are responsible for srishti ,palan ,gnyan , agnyana, samsaar ,MOKSHA  of all the JEEVAs , Thus YOU ARE THE SUPREME GOD !!!!!!!!!

Thus SRIMADANANDTEERTHA describes LORD with adjectives

  1. pratat – OMNIPOTENT Auspicious , without any blemishes [ paripoorna]
  2. bhavita nakivrundai:  – Worshiped by BRAMHA etc for well being, gaining wishes [abhisTapradayak ]
  3. puruhutvairi – one who  removes  sins and obstacles[ anishTanivarak]
  4. yadroshotkar –  Sarvasamharak
  5. Laxmikanth – swami To LAXMI herself

Thus HE LAXMINARSIMHA IS sarvottam .


Comments on: "Naarsimha Nakhastuti – 2!!!" (8)

  1. brigga223 said:

    Sir you said lord narsimha destroys everything in pralaya. You also said earlier that narsimha is ever present in Shiva(Rudra). Can we deduce that Narsimha ‘s avatara is taken from Sankarshana roopa of God? Or is it some other rupa of God?


  2. Respected Sir,

    Today was a very important day for me. After observing the four conditions that you have narrated in the articles to keep dhyana on Shri Narasimha, I finally could comply with the same after weeks of perseverance. Read through entire translation word by word and then did dhyana on the two shlokas with utmost concentration and succeeded. Prayed Shri Laxmi Narasimha, Shri Hanumanji and Shri Rayaru before chanting the two Shlokas.

    Thanks a ton for including the detailed understanding of the two Shlokas.



  3. Dear Sir,

    Regarding the 11th point where Lord Narsimha’s aggressive roop is being described it seems very harsh aggressive and intimidating form as we are generally used to see lord as extremely compassionate, forgiving and full of love kindly elaborate if possible.

    Sir can it be said there is no difference between any roopas of lord ie all the avtaras of lord are same and praying lord Narsimha is same as praying Sri Vishnu himself.

    Humble Pranaams.
    Hare Srinivasa.


    • Praying Narsimha is praying VISHNU


      • Dear Sir,

        Thank you for the reply.
        Please excuse my persistence. I would like to ask again.

        1. Why is Pralaya important and necessary?
        2. Why does total annihilation include Brahma Rudra and Indra etc. since they are also
        param vaishnavas and epitome of mukti yogyata?
        3. Why is lord angry at the time of annihilation?
        4. Does this annihilation include souls in vaikuntha also?

        Humble Pranaams
        Hare Srinivasa.


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