Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Pravrajya YOGA !!!

There are many types of sanyasis :

  1. yati
  2. dandi
  3. tridandi
  4. ajeevaka
  5. sakya[baoudhak]
  6. charak
  7. kutichaka
  8. nirgrantha
  9. vivasa
  10. vanyasan
  11. vanaprastha
  12. bhikshuk
  13. naga
  14. kapali
  15. chakri
  16. vriddhashravak
  17. hansa
  18. paramhansa


When there are four or more than four [ five six seven ] planets in a single rashi than the person becomes a sanyasi of the order of the planet which is stronger among the four .

if sun is stronger he becomes a tapasvi, moon  a kapali , mars one wearing red robes , mercury one becomes a dandi [ staff holder] , jupiter a yati [ hansa paramhansa ] , venus a chakri , saturn a digambar [ Nirgranthika ]

similarly when more planets are involved , or aspects are cause of ascetism , mars gives  shakya , mercury  ajeevak , jupiter a bhikshu[dandi ] , moon a yati hansa etc , venus , charak, saturn a nirgrantha or vivasa , sun  a vanyasan or vanprastha .

tapasvi engages is penance , vanprastha lives in nearby jungles with wife and  disciples , vanyasana lives in deep jungles , vivasa dwells on hills and deep forests with a deerskin , naga is naked sanyasi, nirgrantha is digambar inside society , bhikshu is always engaged in study of scriptures and has a bowl and a staff .  charaka is roaming sanyasi , shakya is baoudha sanyasi with tonsured head , a yati is sanyasi attached to a institution which teaches and is endowed with royal attributes like pallaki etc . ajeevak is glutton and is given to feeding his stomach and senses .

hansa and paramhansa are the sanyasis of highest order .A hansa bird when given a bowl of milk mixed with water , it drinks only milk filtering the water out of it . SO also this world and its events are ever mixed with acts of LORD the divine  [ milk ] and materialistic or the wordly [ water ] , when a person only partakes the divine and is unaffected by the wordly , he is known as paramhansa .

one must always seek knowledge , every incident is engrained with a knowledge that we must learn and also it is just a worldy event , most of us get lost into success and failure of wordly events and its result of happiness or unhappiness but rarely we try to seek a knowledge or divine tattva hidden in our day to day events .  one who does that is hansa .

When a planet is combust among the sanyasa giving planets , one gets into the order withour initiation , if the same planet is defeated in planetary war , one leaves sanyasa after the initiation .

if the combust planet is strong and also ravi is strong than one becomes  tapasvi .

if the planet owning the house where moon is placed [ janma rashi adhipati ] if aspects saturn without being aspected by any other planet , will enter the order signified by rashyadhipati or saturn whichever is stronger .

if rashyadhipati is weak and is aspected by saturn than one becomes a digambar .

one becomes a naga if moon is in saturn or mars navamsa / dreshkana aspected by saturn

Saturn in ninth with strength gives sanyasa even if one has rajyoga , after becoming a king one becomes a sanyasi .

One will establish a new system of philosophy if jupiter moon and ascendant are all aspected by saturn and jupiter is in ninth

Madhvacharya established TATVAVADA .

As a child when he decided to gain sangatyaga [ and regain permanent sanga with LORD ] he decided to enter sanyasa ashrama . The opponents of HARI must always be punished , but as HANUMAN , BHEEMA he had done all that , now opponents o hari were present as bramhins ,these were not fit for physical punishments , and also , for others who were fit for punishments , DURGA DEVI had decided to take avatara on the banks of river payasvini .

SO to make people understand the real meaning of vedas , VAsudevacharya decided to take up sanyasa . BUt Father was very upset with the decision of the son . SO father MAdhyageha bhatt said , oh son , one who takes up sanyasa should not have a father , mother or anyone , but must have to rely only on LORD .

your decision is wrong why do you trouble me at this age , please change your mind , I beg you i bow to you , and Father makes  a namaskara . VASUDEVA [ MADHVACHARYA ‘s name before taking sanyasa ] says , one must only bow to elders or sanyasis, look BRAHMA the creator himself has given the permisiion by making you bow , father you have bowed to show I can become sanyasi [ elders aged bow before a young sanyasi ] as your child I am not eligible to be made namaskara by YOU !!!!!

Father anguished at the childs’ adamancy laments , I would end my life with suicide if you persist .

VASUDEV tearing a piece of linen and making a kaupin setting aside with a firmness says ” let me see how you dare that suicide ”

[ the inner meaning is VASUDEV is MUKHYAPRANA , the life breath of all the souls , only if he leaves than does a person dies , so technically without his permission or will his father cannot die ]

Father says , people bear children so that he can look after them and also shastras say one must always protect and lookafter the aged parents , pativrata wife , a child even if one has to carryout akarya [ prohibited karma ]. You are the only child and earlier children have died ,

VAsudeva says , one should abandon the life and take up sanyasa as soon as one becomes virakta [ unattached ] towards the worldly issues so say vedas , anyhow I would wait till another baby is born to you to take care [ VISHNUTEERTHA is the brother of MADHVACHARYA who is still praying in the KUMARPARVAT of subramanya ]

FAther said I have heard these and i can convince myself but how will you convince if Your mother . VASUDEV said , you give me the permission first OH father than I woud convince mother too .

FATHER permistted with heavy heart , After the another son was born , VAsudev told his mother , MA , if you wish to see your son always in front of you permit me to take up sanyasa and don’t be a roadblock for the work of HARI . if you still do not give permission than I would leave this place and go away and you will never see me again , NOT seeing again is akin to death for a child . SO better I become a sanyasi and be before your eyes .

MOTHER permitted .

Vasudeva performed the timely acts of jeevashraddha etc the activities to be accomplished before taking up Sanyasa . Than on a given day ACHYUTPREKSHA swamy initiated VASUDEV into sanyasa and MADHVACHARYA who was given the name PURNAPRAGNYA by his guru was aptly known so as he is the knower of all the shastras even before he declare “sanyastam ” I offer all my senses and body and soul to you the LORD of all My lORD HARI .

WHen Achyutpreksha offered to initiate in the activities of sanyasa to be carried out for the first time , The teacher himself felt that is disciple is doing things in a extra perfect manner which is worth noting and imbibing .

ADVAITA was prevalent in those days and thus ACHYUTPREKSHA to make his disciple proficient , decided to teach him the grantha ” ISHTASIDDHI ” , MAdhvacharya never had any interest in such books , yet as an order from guru he opened it and pointed out a 32 defects in the evry first shloka of the grantha ,

AChyutpreksha could not give satisfactory answer to the questions raised as reagrds the defects neither did the book address them .AGAIN in the evening when ACHYUTPREKSHA took POORNAPRAGNYAcharya to ANATESHWAR temple as acharya prostarted before the LORD , ANANTESHWAR entered a nearby devotee and with a deep voice took the acharya into his arms and produced him before ACHYUTPREKSHA and proclaimed ” HE is the answer to all your questions in the mind “. THUS ACVHYUTPREKSHA understood that a new teacher has come down to show the path of salvation .

Acharya srimadacharya santu me janmajanmani

krishnarpanamastu .



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  2. Chiraanji: Madhyageha dampatigalu must have been quite old when their second son (Vishnu thirtha) was born…..how old were they?


  3. Narayana said:

    Namaskara Shri Chiraan,

    How close should the planets be to the Sun for combustion to be valid?

    I have also heard that while in general combust planets lose their strength, mercury is good when it is combust. Is this correct?

    Additionally, what happens if there are 5 planets in karma bhava with 3 of them being combust and aspected by a full moon. Is that still considered Pravarajya yoga? If so, does the strongest of these 5 planets bestow Pravarajya yoga on the individual?

    Kindly clarify my doubts.



  4. respected sir,

    is it possible to take sanyaasa without parent’s permission?

    if not what to do if one’s interested in taking sanyaas and parents are against it?

    are sanyaasins allowed to fight ( i mean martial arts ) ???


  5. my wife has five planets in third house (scorpio) – sun, moon, jupiter, venus and mercury. we are having a tough time each other and our 8-year old daughter is caught in between. my wife is an athiest too. both my wife and daughter have kemadruma also. what can we do to lead a best-possible peaceful life?


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