Hitherto Unknown Secrets !


दधि मधुरं मधु मधुरं द्राक्षा मधुरं सुधापि मधुरैव ।

मधुरादपि तन्मधुरं मधुरानाथस्य नाम यद्गीतम ।।

VASUDEV in the form of TURIYA alongwith SRIDEVI  and BHUDEVI resides in the 72000 nadis of the human body accepting the service of MUKHYAPRANA alongwith TATTVA DEVATAS and their wives . Those who do this nadi UPASANA  of LORD in this form are like the swargavasis on the earth.

[ swargavasi means  1.devatas living on the earth  , 2. those who enjoy swarga like enjoyments on this very earth . 3. who can attain the higher swarga[ maharoka etc ] through this sadhana .]

Nadi is tejomay rashi [ a channel of light ] within the body . They are 36000 in the right side of the body and 36000 to the left side of the body .

There are eight rupas of LORD

  1. Vishwa
  2. Tejas
  3. Pragnya
  4. Turiya
  5. Atma
  6. Antaratma
  7. Paramatma
  8. Gnyanatma

Each set of eight is grouped by LORD’s Moolarupa .

So total 9 rupas . each forms eight sets . 9×8= 72

IN each of the 72 sets Lord expands into 1000 rupas . Thus making it 72000.

Thus says BHEESHMA to YUDHISTHIR in shanti parva .

These Rupas of eight Vishwa tejas pragnya etc enter in the eight prakruti

  1. Bhu
  2. jala
  3. agni
  4. vayu
  5. akaash
  6. mahattatva
  7. ahankara
  8. avayakta

So NADI is composed of primary prakruti with eight VISHNU rupas expanded to 72000.

Lord along with prakruti exists in these NADIS inside the human body and makes the jeeva act asper his yogyata into satkarma and dushkarma .

These nadis further classify themselves into 12 shaktis .[ every six thousand is governed by 12 shaktis ]

  1. shakti
  2. pratishtha
  3. samvit
  4. sphurti
  5. pravritti
  6. Kala
  7. vidya
  8. mati
  9. niyati
  10. maya
  11. kaal
  12. purush

There are six tastes[ rasa ]

  1. salt
  2. sour
  3. chilly
  4. sweet
  5. astringent
  6. bitter

LORD resides in each taste with the same name . EACH taste has four more rupas of HARI namely

  1. suruchi  [ excellently tasty]
  2. ruchir     [ visually appealing rasabharit look ]
  3. sugandha [ aromatically appealing tasty ]
  4. shuchi  [ looking clean and pious sacred pavitra ]

Then Lord stays in this tastes in three forms alongwith SRI as VISHNU  alongwith BHU as BRAMHA and alongwith DURGA as Rudra giving it a distinction of

  1. satvika ras
  2. rajasik ras
  3. tamasik ras

6x4x3 = 72 [ a 1000 rupas expansion  like vishwam vishnu of vishnusahsranaam] = 72000

36000 to the right and 3600 to the left , one must meditate VASUDEV in every nadi .

  • There are 12000 + 12000 in the foot to waist
  • 14000 + 14000 in the middle body waist till neck
  • 4000 + 4000 in the arms
  • 6000 + 6000 in the head
  • total 72000 nadis .
  • 36000 to the right are presided by AJANAJ devatas presiding deities of DAY
  • 36000 to the left are presided by their wives presiding deities of Night
  • Each set of days is headed by MUKHYAPRANA
  • each set of night is presided by BHARATI devi
  • Each nadi bramha etc all devatas are present These must be worshiped everyday
  • Such a worship will make one as pure as SNANA in all the rivers of the universe .

The longevity of a human is 100 years . each has 360 days so 36000 days and nights is what a human lives . Each day is presided by the devatas present in the nadi presided by BHARATIRAMAN MUKHYAPRANANTARGATA SRI BHU SAMET TURIYA NAMAK VASUDEV .

With this understanding if one feeds even one bramhin he gets phala of feeding 72000 dampatis .

One must feed satvikas only and not tamasikas because , when you feed fooder to cow it gives milk , but even if you give milk to snake it gives poison only .

There are 24 Devatas [ tattvedevats in each nadi ] each devata is accompanied by his wife . so there are 48 devatas . each devata also has a HARI RUPA in it .

Thus a human body is supported by 72000x 48 = 34,56,000 thirty four lakhs fifty four thousand forms of LORD NARAYANA . IS not this body a temple in itself ? Is not human body under total control of LORD .

Lord protects a human body as per his yogyata with 34,56000 forms .

This lord is in the form of BIMBA to every jeeva and all jeevas are spewn by this bimba like a twine that binds the manis [ preciosu stones ] in a garland . So all the jeevas are bound by BIMBA.

  • The central NADI is known as Sushumna .
  • This sushumna is  made up of arya vajrika prakashini , viadhruta and sushumna
  • Each upanadi of sushumna has 25 branches
  1. ARYA =       25
  2. Vajrika =      25
  3. Prakashini = 25
  4. Vaidhruta =  25
  5. Sushumna =  1
  6. Total =          101

the sushumna is surrounded by

  1. IDA = 25 branches
  2. PINGALA = 25 branches
  3. ARYika =   25 branches
  4. Vajrika  = 25 branches
  5. total                 100
  6. Each hundred further consists of 100 branches
  7. so total is 100 x 100 = 10000 + 101 = 10101

Out of these  10100 are nadis [ 101 is sushumna branches together they form one sushumna ] sub-bramnches rise to make up 72000 nadis

  1. 100 nadis of 9 sub- branches  = 900
  2. 300 nadis of 8 sub-branches = 2400
  3. 9600 nadis of 6 sub branches = 52600
  4. 100 nadis of 10 sub branches  = 1000
  5. Total                                            = 61900
  6. original 10100                           = 72000

Lord as present in these nadis and secondarily MUKHYAPRANA gets the JEEVA soul to do the sadhana , it is lord who gets the sadhana done and not jeeva who does it independently . HOW let us see .

NADI                 INDRIYA         HARI RUPA                    TATTVA DEVATA

  1. Sushumna nadi  controls manas . LORd as GOVINDA  through INDRA
  2. shabda grahya      auditory [ear]        Vishnu                                   DIGDEVATA
  3. Rupa nadi             chakshu eye         Madhusudan                         SUN
  4. sparsh nadi             tvaga [ skin ]        trivikram                               ahankarik prana
  5. rasa nadi                 jeevha [ tongue]   Vaman                                  varun
  6. gandha nadi          nasika   nose           Sridhar                                  ashwini devata
  7. hastijivha/alambusa hands                   Hrishikesh                           Daksh
  8. yashasvini                  speech                 padmanabh                          Agni
  9. gandhari pusha          feet                      Damodar                                Jayant
  10. shankhini                    Anus                   Sankarshana                          Mitra [sun]
  11. Kuhu nadi                   upastha                   Vasudev                         swayambhumanu

SUSHUMNA runs from vrushana to head shira without any deviations , LORD VAYUDEV with his five prana etc rupas and five naga etc rupas ten rupas safeguards this nadi and prevents daityas to enter these .

Each nadi consisting of these devatas and LORD gives samsaara to the souls and evil souls during evolotion sometimes do good satvik karma like yagnya etc , but they do not submit it to LORD aand thus HARI snatches away their punya as present in this nadi and gives it to SATVIKAS ,

Other nadis consist of both DEVATAS and DAITYAs . DEVATAS in the nadi threaten DAITYAS constantly .

All the activities of jeeva takes place through NAdi only .

Sushumna of manas is divided into four as

  • manas – shiranadi
  • ahankar – asuranadi
  • buddhi – surynadi
  • chitta – bhasviti nadi

101 nadis are distributed in the body as

  • 1 navel
  • 1 penis
  • 1anus
  • 5+ 5 legs
  • 5+5 hands
  • 2 back
  • 32 heart
  • 2 tongue [ speech = taste ]
  • 2 eyes
  • 2 ears
  • 2 nose
  • 2 chest
  • 1 skin
  • 33 head

Like a cloth woven vertically and horizontally by a threads of cotton/silk , similarly human body is held by nadis by vertically and horizontal nadis . Being in this nadis LORD protects DIVIJ named muktiyogya and gives hell to DANUJ named daityas . Yet LORD is untouched by the prakruti and its variations .

Krishnarpanamastu .


Comments on: "NADI SADHANA !!!" (14)

  1. Poojyulaina Guruvugaariki pranamamulu.

    Guruvaryaa I have a few doubts here… kindly explain them….

    1. Since LORD in different rupas controls indriyas through various Tattvadevatas….. if a person is has a handicap in an organ, does that mean the Tattvadevata responsible for that indriya is not present in that person?
    2. What does it actually mean by a person being blind, deaf, mentally retarted etc.?
    3. We hear about situations like someone losing eyesight after an accident, etc. how is this explained in this context?

    Humble pranams


    • when we desire to use our senses ..TATVADEVATAS instatly carry out our wish .. when this does not happen due to prarabdha then impairment occurs .. but in sll cases TD s are always ppresent .. whether they do our work or not is karma .. so if a limb is not working .. but sudenly if TD of limb decides to grace … limb will work … thats how VIKRAMA got back his limbs even though they were physically cut by chandrasen … HOW ? that too in kaliyuga itself … so anytime anywhere TD ko kaam pe laga dalaa [ HARI BHAKTI AUR ANUGRAHA SE ] toh life ooo lala !




  3. Acharya Namaskars,

    Remembering Guru and Param Guru,i started to do Nadi Sadhana to my capacity.I would like to share my experience.
    I just started to examine the Nadis of my close relatives while meditating,one of my relaive i saw that the Nadi above the umbilicus was not proper.2 days later i got a call from the same relative that he has pain abodmen. Some other relatives nadi showed Clogging.
    I have tried for healing also.Should i continue this for betterment.



  4. Namaste Acharya,

    Fantastic POST !!!! I could draw a lot similarities to the SSG on Brahma Jignyasa !

    It Sri Hari’s Karuna and your blessings that we can read such brilliant material. !!!!

    Could you please tell us which upanishad and who have written the commentaries ( along with Sri Madhvacharya )?

    Also could you please tell us where it is possible to get Sanskrit copies of the commentaries of Madhwa sampradaya.

    Jai Bharateesha,


  5. Praveen Anand Nagesham said:

    Hello Mr Chiraan,

    This is an excellent and nice post. Some of the information in this account is also given in Shrimad Bhagwatam in the 2nd and 3rd Skanda. I have a doubt who is the tatva devta of shabda grahya. Here you have mentioned Digdevata as its presiding diety. In Bhagwatam the deity of shabda grahya serving the auditory organs is Vayu. Sir, I may also be wrong in this concern as I had read about it long before. Who are Digdevatas? Kindly tell me in this concern.

    Thanks and Best Regards


    • VAyu is also digdevata of Northwest . Tattva devatas are in three strata , while primary ownership is VAYU [ prana apana rupa ] secondarily brihaspati , thirdly ganapaty .


  6. respected sir,

    can you throw more light on the practise of nadi sadhana ? i mean how to practise when… and also from whom to learn?


    • These are secret sadhanas ,it is said that humans generally do not understand these as Lord exists in exhibits himself like a growing moon in shukla paksha , but the beauty of this moon cannot be known or enjoyed by the blind , so also even though HARi does all the work in nadi , tamas jeevas think they are eating working and achieving like a blind men oblivious of full moon . Gurupadesha is very important . I have written and elaborated only first two lines of UPANISHAD .


Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . [take your hands off keyboard ] TOUCH a BODY part and kindly mention which part of the body Your hand is touching [ sprishtanga ] .... state your problem clearly , let us know what is it that your are looking for without ambiguity ! start and end with salutation to HARI ! If above procedure is not adhered to ,then no answers will be given !

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