Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Daitya Taratamya !!!

In the previous post we had elaborated hierarchy among the muktiyogyas [ those eligible for moksha ] i.e  satvik jeevas . Similarly there are Nityasamsaris [ those ever engaged in mixed experience of happiness and misery at a time ] i.e rajasik souls . Similarly there are tamasik jeevas who are eligible for nitya naraka [ permanent hell ] andhatamas .

Just Like Bramha is highest among the muktiyogya with 100 kalpa sadhana so is KALI is evil with similar longevity .

just like devtas hold tattvas so also daityas and as manushyottama exist in the similar correspondence naradham exists .

  1. kali                                    infinitely evil
  2. Alakshmi [kali’s wife ]  100 times less evil than kali                                                 [ manthara in Ramayana  ]
  3. Viprachitti                         100 times less than previous category
  4. Kaalnemi                             100
  5. madhukaitabh                     5
  6. Aila viprachit                       5
  7. narakasur                              5
  8. hiranyakashipu                   100
  9. hiranyaksh ,manimanth    3
  10. bakasur                                  1-1/6
  11. tarakasur                                20
  12. shambarasur                          6
  13. salva sankar                           10
  14. hidimbak ,banasur                                                                                                 dwapar [ shakuni] keechak  6
  15. namuchi ilval paak                  10
  16. vatapi                                           100
  17. dhenukasur                                100
  18. vaman                                          40
  19. keshi                                              40
  20. trinavart lavanasur                     11
  21. arishta                                            5
  22. hansa                                              5
  23. dibik  ven paundrak                    80
  24. dushyasan vrushasen jarasandh 100
  25. vikarna kuhanda                               100
  26. kansa koopvikarna rugmi               100
  27. mahasur shatdhanvi kirmir            100
  28. madirapani kalikeya                          100
  29. saindhav                                                100
  30. indriyaabhimani daityas                  100                                                                           [eyes ear nose speech etc ]
  31. karmabhimani daitya                        100
  32. daitya bhritya                                       100
  33. anakhyaat daityas                              100
  34. pishachas                                              100
  35. aprasiddha daitya                                100
  36. Manushya adhama                           100
  37. dushta pashu pakshi trina              100


Nitya Samsaari: manushyamadhyam

  1. swarga prachur
  2. bhuprachur
  3. narakaprachur

the qualities of nityasamsaari are mixed in nature and they think as follows

  • Hari is just like any other Kings of the world ruling over the devatas
  • Hari is one among the trimurtis BRAMHA VISHNU RUDRA
  • these three also have dukh agyana bhaya krodha etc
  • All the devatas are equal and HAri is one among them
  • Surya ganapaty etc are greater and Vishnu is subservient
  • Vishnu is sarvottam but all others devtas  are equal
  • Vishnu may be Greater is a doubtful concept others may also be greater later
  • There is no taratamaya ,
  • they make show of bhakti and acharana and regard themselves as righteous
  • with mixed knowledge and qualities these attain santanik loka .

Daityas are tamoyogyas ,

kali etc are eligible to attack manasindriya . the next set also attack gyanendriyas and karmendriyas , Rudra onwards all the devatas are susceptible to Daityaavesha .

ALl the good karma is done deva tattvadipatis , all the evil karmas in a humans are inspired by devtas into daityas and daityas later induce it into humans ,.

BRAMHA SARASWATI VAYU AND BHARATI never suffer from Daitya avesha even in Avataras .

Narayana is present in daityas as well ,but he never protects them and gives them misery only thus one must never Pray or worship NARAYANA as present in daityas or lowly creatures like pigs etc . The knowledge of presence of LOrd in them is all required , namaskaara pooja etc is not allowed ,

Daityas must be condemned this is appreciated by the HARI and Such Daitya ninda does not attract naraka but gives much punya ,Daitya ninda is akin to dushta pashu vadha . as snakes and scorpions death gives pleasure to the people as a relief from their fear and is  a act of punya so also daitya ninda is an act of punya .

The above is an extract from bramha kanda of garuda purana ,




Comments on: "Daitya Taratamya !!!" (35)

  1. Namaskara Acharya

    We cannot see gods because they are avyaktha. But why can’t we see daityas in our body who control indriyas.. are they also avyaktha?



  2. RAM RAM
    Dear Sir,
    Please clear my ignorance withthe light of your Knowledge-
    Kali was born as Duryodhana in Dwapara yuga. He got killed at the hands of Bheemsena. So he should had gone to andhatamas after death. Then how again he came back after death ( His encounter with Parikshit) And How does he rule a full Yuga (KALIYUG)? Also why is there constant degredation in individuals yuga by yuga? Why cant SATYUGA continue for ever? I mean this chtauryuga concept must been devised by Shri Hari, does it mean wants this constant degradation ? One last question sir all jevas belonging to andhatamas , emerge out of it at the time of pralaya or after it to be reborn?

    RAM RAM|


    • Duryodhan is KALI amsha .. so this amsha goes to andhatamas .. but KALI has several amshas , just BHEEMSENA is VAYU amsha …Duryodhan was KALI amsha .. tamoyogya go with every amsha to andhatamas … MUKTIYOGAS go all together with all amshas at atime to MOKSHA . that is a differenece …

      KALI with another amsha becomes adhipati of KALIYUGA … …
      There are trividh jeevas , muktiyogya mishra and tamoyogya … all these need to have sadhana appropriate to their nature ..so in every Tretayuga .. muktiyogyas have fullfledged scope to attain mukti … treta yuga begins scope of sadhna for mukti dwapara gives sadhna scope for tamas /// and kaliyuga gives fullfledged scope for tamas … they infact get away with belief of being athiest ..here in all other yugas such beliefs get brickbats immediately ..

      so this chaturyuga system [which is applicable only to BHARTAVARSHA and not to any other lokas ] is devised to give scope of sadhana for all types .. in sandhi of yugas mishraguni get complete scope to reach full udaaseenta ./.

      no after pralaya jeevas do not return from andhatamas ..


      • Chiraanji

        Sri Lakshmi Nrsimha Para Brahmane Namaha!

        I have a query based on your post. You had mentioned that “treta yuga begins scope of sadhna for mukti”. So what happens when one has been born in krita yuga? Is it that all of them are eligible for mukthi straight away at the end of their life or yuga? Kindly clarify.

        Sri Krishnarpanamastu

        Humble pranaams and sashtang namaskarams



      • RAM RAM
        Dear Sir,

        1)i am devoid of even any basic knowledge of shastras so please forgive my ignorance.

        Please elaborate on ” in sandhi of yugas mishraguni get complete scope to reach full udaaseenta ./.”Sandhi of yugas- does it means the period of transition from one yuga to another? What is Mishraguni?

        If only amsha of kali is in adhipati of Kaliyug? Who is KALI? is he a daitya?
        Who created KAli?? Does it mean he will live for eternity? Because only amsha of Kali is born eachtime. KALi in totality ….where is he? If his amsha does so much damage than why does Shri not Punish him(not just his amsha) in kaliyug also with Kalki avatar will Shri HARI kill only his amsha?
        2)And who created Rakshas ?
        Pardon me if i am wrong, but i read in translated version of Shri Bhagwat Mahapuran, that all beings including Rakshas were created by Bramha. I do-not understand pupose of this creation?
        Are the three gunas -Satogun, Rajogun & Tamogun also creations of Shri Hari? What is again the purpose of creating tamogun?

        I am someone caught in darkness of agyan..Sir i have many such questions…. Please be kind to dispel my doubts.

        RAM RAM


      • Respected guruji pranama
        guruji lord parshurama is avatar of lord hari itself than what is the concept behind atul daitya present in shri parshurama .guruji please forgive me for my limited knowledge.
        Humble pranama


  3. karthik said:

    poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,
    kindly forgive my ignorance.. bhimasena did know that duryodhan was kali and most evil but still he called him suyodhan can you kindly clarify on this since the acts of jeevottama sri vayu and sarvottama sri hari and their teachings provide a path for the satwik souls to reach their destination i.e. vaikuntha


  4. brigga223 said:

    Sir, does any of the puranas mention about Islam’s god . i have a strong feeling that the religion is of asuras. Islam’s god is nitya samsari or daitya? Otherwise where do they stand in all of this. I dont have any personal hatred but i just want to know where do they stand..?


    • sudhindra said:


      the Mohammed is refered in the Bhavishya Purana refers as an incarnation of the demon Tripurasura (pratisarga, part III, 3, 3 5-27).

      to read full article visit:


      or read bhavishya purana.



      • the bhavishya purana that you have read is not original . the parts you mention are added ones .


        • sudhindra said:

          Dear acharya

          then Can u tell who was mohammad ?

          can a bhakta order such things which are mentioned in quran?(70 % is taliking about voilence)

          can Sri vishnu order merciless killing of goats ? no…

          can god prohbit idol worship? noooo

          Not only in bhaviysha purana but also it is mentioned in tattvavada that a demon will
          orginate nar peshacha religion during same time when mohammad was there.

          plz reply.



      • karthik said:

        poojaneeyamaina gururgariki,

        guruji you have told that scolding daityas gives enormous punya and also pleases lord hari.. so can we use all the bad words in our arsenal ?? 🙂


  5. sudarshan said:

    Dear Acharya

    If Sayujya mukti is for satva satva soul

    Then what type of mukti is for satva rajas , satva tamas and rajas satva souls?



    • sarupya samipya salokya


      • sudarshan said:

        Dear acharya


        plz bring a post regarding them in future.

        ashtang pranam


      • Raguraman said:

        Om Om namo Narayanaya Om
        Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha
        Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha

        Dear Acharya,

        In one of the posts as n answer to my question you said all moksha yogya souls are 100 % sAtvika.

        Can you please clarify this classification again?

        1. satvik-satvik
        2. satvik-rajasik
        3. satvik-tamsik
        4. rajasik-satvik

        What is rajasik or tamasik in these moksha yogya souls as they are all 100% sAtvika?


  6. What should the anusandhaana when we say Krishna/ Bheema killed these demons ? That the negative qualities (represented by these daityas) inside our pindanda are killed ?


  7. Chiraanji

    I just have a few doubts on this. Please clarify and throw light on this:

    – It is said that hiranyaksh/hiranyakasipu, ravana/kumbakarna are all amsas of jay and vijay – the two dwaraka balakas of Sri Vaikuntam – and they had to take these births on account of the curse of the rishi. since these asuras were just born on account of this curse, are they also daithyas not eligible for moksha. I have read that Narayana himself gave them two options – multiple births in bhuloka as satvik souls or 3 births in bhuloka as asuras – and these two dwara balakas chose the latter option so that they can quickly come back to vaikuntam and be close to Narayana.

    – In Srimad bhagavatham, we have read that Sri Krishna kills the asura Kesi (one of the main reasons why HE has also got a name Kesava) as well as other asuras like Hansa et al that are listed here. When some one gets killed by Sri Krishna, wouldn’t that also be considered as a sure way to attain moksha?



    • jay vijay were as amshas in the daityas . when daitya gets killed he goes to andhatamas . only when one remembers hari with full devotion and knowledge at the time of death is one gets moksha ,


  8. shreenatham said:



    Does these tamas souls go to andhatamas and then in then the
    pralya kaala emerge into the body of lord ?

    It said that sayujya mukti is of too types:

    1.Brahma jyoti mukti : where a soul emeges in lord’s effluguence.

    2.Hari jyoti mukti : where a soul emerges into lord’s body.

    first one is for impersonalist and second one is for demons.

    my question is what is criteria for these does tamas souls only aquire
    these muktis of even nitya sansaris can also fall into it?

    plz reply


    • andhatamas does not get destroyed even in pralaya . once in andhatamas tamas souls dont come back or emerge ,


      • shreenatham said:


        but then who are the souls which emerge ? does sattva or rajas also have

        possibility of emergence?

        By what KARMA a soul gets hari jyoti and by what karma brahma jyoti mukti?



      • Praveen Anand Nagesham said:

        Namaskaram Shri Chiranji,

        “andhatamas does not get destroyed even in pralaya . once in andhatamas tamas souls don’t come back or emerge”

        Sir you say that andhatmas or asuras never emerge due to being Tamsik Souls. They remain in hell eternally. You have more knowledge in this concern. We have one doubt, if this is the concept of destiny of Asuras and Tamsik souls then their association with Lord Hari even by chance will prove fruitless.

        In Shrimad Bhagwat purana, when Shishupal abuses Lord Krishna, the latter slays him. In the eyes of the world this may be a punishment but for Shishupal it is a boon that is unable to be attained easily even by greatest yogis. Due to being killed by lord hari, soul pf Shishupal merged in the lotus feet of lord. Yudhisthir who was performing Rajsurya yagya was amazed to see this. He asked Rishi Narad that how could a sinner like Shishupal who abused Krishna from his childhood get union with Lord Krishna. Narad replied “It is not necessary with what intention you are thinking about god. Instead of not remembering hari, it is better to remember him all time with whatever feeling like love, devotion, friendship, family relations, fearm for fulfillment of any desire or even enemity. Though Shishupal, Kansa and other enemies of krishna bore hatred towards him. But they kept on thinking about him day and night. Due to this behavior they unknowingly followed the devotional path though in a tamsik way. God punishes all creatures for their benefit. So he also punishes asuras for their benefit so that they may be released from the cycle of sins. This is the greatness of lord. We have never heard that lord hari has punished any asura by sending him to hell forever. The word Hari means the one who takes away sins after coming in contact. However one thing I agree that those persons who try to do prove the presence of god as myth through scientific and mental speculations, the lord definitely sends them to hell. Many human beings can be seen in the present age who advise others to be practical and stop believing in the concept of god. They deserve to be in hell. Asuras never denied the existence of Lord Hari, they refused to worship him due to their ahamkar or lack of spiritual enlightenment. Being sons of sage Kashyap they too were Brahmins. They knew the strength of lord hari, but they believed him to be the supporter of devtas, their rival party. For this reason many of them didn;t worship him. But what about many humans of this age who deny the existence of god.

        God just wants devotion and love irrespective of the type of body attained by jiva due to his previous karmas. Prahlad, Bali and Vibishana were daityas. Yet they earned the merit of being great devotees of lord hari.

        Prahlad became the cause due to which hari took incarnation of Narsimha dev to protect prahlad his devotee from Hirankashyap.

        Bali was indeed intoxicated with pride due to winning all the worlds and performing 99 ashwamed yagyas. But he was a noble soul so he realised the greatness of lord hari who took away his entire wealth and kingdom in two steps. To keep his promise Bali asked lord vishnu to keep his third step over his head. Lord Vishnu was pleased with Bali due to his devotion towards truth. He gave Bali the boon to live in Sutal Loka which is far more beautiful than the heaven of Indra. Lord Vishnu also promised him that from now onwards no one will be able to defeat bali because he would be his personal palace guard, armed with his weapons. It is said that still Lord Vishnu protects the palace of Bali in Sutal Loka from his enemies due to his love for him. According to Shrimad Bhagwat Lord Vishnu gave boon to Bali that he would become Indra during Savarni Manmavantar. No one has got such a fortune except bali of being under personal protection of lord hari.

        Vibhishana was the brother of Ravana, he too had a tamsik yoni, but he had an enlightened soul due to which Lord Brahma granted him the boon to be immortal till pralaya. Such boon was sought by many asuras but vibhishana was lucky to get it. Even Lord Ram blessed Vibhishana to live on earth till final dissolution.

        Sir I agree that Kali is infinitely evil, the greatest sign of influence of Kali is changing original text of Puranas by highly influential people for bringing one party in good light and showing other party in bad light due to personal hatred.

        Sir kindly correct me if I am wrong. But this is really interesting that abusing daityas brings punya and appeasmenet of lord hari. But I think we shouldn’t abuse those daityas like Bali and Prahlad who were noble souls. They had got blessings from Lord Vishnu, abusing them would bring wrath of Lord Hari because he doesn’t bear insult of his dear devotees.

        Thank You

        Best Regards



        • We must not abuse anyone for that matter , as i said BHEEMSEN called duryodhan always as Suyodhan , sweet and cultured talk is nature of satvik .
          But daityas should be given a khandana , obstruction and opposition and criticism in most fierce manner . This brings punya . DAITYA means tamas vishnu dweshi or udaseen .
          PRAHALAd was shanku karna , bali was son pourochan , vibheeshana is KANVA muni , shishupala is jaya , why even there are others like mayasur banasur etc who are satvikas .
          Though Bhagavata says SHishupala merged with KRISHNA after slaying , it was only JAYA who merged means went to amukta vaikuntha . [ end of third birth ] . BUT daitya JAy went to andhatamas , so it was actually two people in shishupala .
          three in hiranyakashipui NARSIMHA purana says so .
          SO hating HARI is what these daityas did but the other soul which is satvik remembered hari in fear .
          SO it is bhava which fetches the result and not the speech or taking names or seeing . if that were true then everybody saw KRISHNA in dwapara and Duryodhan and others took his name almost on daily basis while discussing various schemes . did they reap moksha . or does that enable them to moksha . NO , bhava that Paramatma is supreme and we are his dasa and only devotion towards him and then seeing taking his name with this amala bhakti gives moksha after prarabdha .
          Otherwise , ARJUN being so perfect soul has still not got MOKSHA , nor did he merge with KRISHNA , but SHISHUPALA did more sadhna than ARJUN [ by abusing ] would be farfetched .

          Coming to BALI , he was not vanquished by VAMANA for having pride , no never , He was aspiring to get the yogyata of INDRA and not just Indra padvi . this is not allowed by LORD . but when a jeeva does satvik sadhana more than his yogyata , then he enjoys the bhoga of the excess punya . Like LAXMAN SUGREEVA and abhimanyu and MANDHATA all these did excess punya and everybody enjoyed and suffered on account of it ,. LAXMAN became BALRAAM and commanded Krishna[ opposed Krishna in subhadra vivaha , taught duryodhan , became upset with Bheema after war all antibhagavat acts ] , SUGREEVA became KARNA [opposed Krishna , befriended kali , raised weapons against bheema abused draupadi , all anti bhagavat activities ] angad became abhmanyu had a very bad day without support of LORD and bheemasena , became a cause of sorrow to all , mandhata wanted to become vashishtha and instead cursed YAMA to be born as vidur [ anti bhagavat act of cursing good people ] gandhar cursed KRISNA , excess punya !

          BALI got his excess punya exhausted by occupying savarni INDRA padvi [ not PURANDAR INDRA PADVI ] , and sutal is not more beautiful than SWARGA . BUT getting guarded by HARI is again like BALRAAM getting namaskaara from KRSIHNA .
          exhausting unwanted punya .

          Vibheeshana is satvika soul he is kanva muni and bramhin and never did anything wrong or antibhagavat . So his being chiranjeevi is a lesson when u r on the path of dharma to perfection[ like opposing RAVANA ] longevity keeps on increasing along with fortune , he is still LANKADHEESHA even after 8 lakh 75000 years .

          If you dont oppose evil like VALI or KARNA then you will lose your longevity and abruptly you face apamrutyu without aid of of any fortunes and existing one is forcibly taken away .

          JATAYU for opposing evil RAVANA gets the creamation from the hands of SRIRAAMA .
          All those who did not oppose evil RAVANA completely got wiped off .


    • Raguraman said:

      Om Om Namo Narayanaya Om
      Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha
      Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha

      Namaskaram Acharya.

      Hope yo do NOT mind me answering here.

      Dear Shreenatham,

      Where did you get this information about sayujya mukti being of two types?

      What is this “lord’s effluguence” alias “Brahma jyoti”?

      Who told you “first one is for impersonalist and second one is for demons”?

      I know all these concepts are most probably from ISKCON and/or Gaudiya lineage.

      The entire conception is viparita Jnana…i.e. wrong knowledge..for the following reasons..

      1. If you do NOT have correct knowledge about Shri Hari, you do NOT get moksha period.

      => “impersonalists” whatever this means do NOT get moksha, as they are on wrong path, similarly demons.

      2. Bhagavad Gita (….adhamam gatim) and Isavasya Upanishad (andhamtama pravishanti…) makes it very clear that demons or asura jIvas go to andhatamas, eternal hell and never return. They suffer there eternally. There is no moksha of any kind for asuras or demons period.

      3. The ISKCON threefold classification of Shri Hari’s Being as Brahma jyoti, paramatma, Bhagavan svayam and introducing taratamya within Shri Hari is erroneous and wrong knowledge.

      Anybody who believes in such wrong teachings and those who teach such wrong teachings will end up in hell.

      There is absolutely no difference in any Forms of Shri Hari. All Forms of Shri Hari are absolutely identical in essence and all of them are eternal. The Vedic term “Eka (one)” is very apt in this context.

      4. Sayujya mukti is the highest form of Moksha, any jIva can get. Only Devatas are eligible for this kind of mukti to my knowledge. In this mukti, jIva enjoys through the aprakrita sharira of Shri Hari Himself.

      I don’t think Manushya jIvas are even eligible for this kind of moksha.

      Acharya please correct me if I am wrong anywhere.


      • There are four types in moksha , sayujya, sarupya , salokya , samipya


        • Raguraman said:

          Om Om Namo Narayanaya Om
          Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha
          Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha

          Namaskaram Acharya,

          Can you please elaborate on what kind of jIvas are eligible for what kind of moksha, from the categories of sAtvika jIvas?

          Thank you AchArya..


          • shreenatham said:

            @ raghuraman and all

            TATTVAVADA itself says that putana (having 2 souls , urvashi attained mokhsha

            and main putana was tataki) emerged in body of lord .

            so there is punishment for them in a form of emergence.

            but this concept is still not clear as two types of emergence is only mentioned.

            so i again request to clear my doubt.



            • @Shree

              When putana dies, Urvashi was sent to heavens and tataki was sent to tamas. The way the curse works is that Satvik souls are trapped in a body with a asura soul. All the Hari – dwesha work done by the tamsik soul creates immense displeasure and suffering for the Satvik soul.

              Because the tamsik soul does the sin, it is punished whereas the satvik soul is released from this bondage and sent to the higher lokas.


              The jivas are classified as
              1. satvik-satvik
              2. satvik-rajasik
              3. satvik-tamsik
              4. rajasik-satvik
              5. rajasik-rajasik
              6. rajasik-tamasik
              7. tamasik-satvik
              8. tamsik-rajasik
              9. tamasik-tamasik

              The first 4 categories are elgible for moksha; hence the four types of moksha.

              Jai Bharateesha,


  9. Dear Sir,

    Please excuse all the shortcomings, I was wondering could it safely be concluded that the Tamas jeevas are andhatamas yogya since the hold dwesha against Sri Hari and Hari bhaktas on purpose or they consciously decide to be against Sri Hari. Since a normal Vishnu Bhakta is endowed with extraordinary patience gyaan, mercy etc so we cant even imagine how auspicious Sri Hari must be. Also somewhere Sri Krishna says ” if you take a single step towards me I take ten towards you”. So it is can be hard to believe that they were never given a chance in any of their lives. Hence they harbor VishnuDwesha as a natural instinct and knowingly continue to do so.

    Similarly, in reference to Nityasamsaris can it be said that they suffer such a fate as they make no conscious effort to know Sri Hari and they harbor a conscious indifference towards Sri Hari and Hari Bhakti.

    Also can it be said that one who really strives towards Satvikta, real gyaan and respects Sri Hari and Vishnu bhaktas may eventually get divine guidance by Lord Venkatesha himself.

    Humble Pranaams,
    Hare Srinivasa.


  10. Praveen Anand Nagesham said:

    “18 -vaman”

    Who’s this vaman we haven’t heard the name of this daitya. We know about lord Vaman, the dwarf incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Kindly tell us about this daitya Vaman?

    “all the evil karmas in a humans are inspired by devtas into daityas and daityas later induce it into humans”?

    If you say that devtas induce bad karmas in daityas, how can daityas be eligible for hatred? they are just transferring those evils induced by devtas into humans. Means they are carrying the duties prescribed to them by nature, Kindly expain this verse.


    • its वमन and not वामन
      all the souls carry out karma with their bodies which have panch karma gyanenriyas manas . these tattva are under the control of devtas . even evil has these karmendiyas and gnyanendriyas , these indriyas of evil tamas souls are also controlled by devatas . for humans , these demons inspire evil acts , when demons inspire they themselves act and their indriyas are inspired by devats . The niyaman of the indriyas is accroding to their karma . Devatas do not have attachment to these they carry out as per the ordersof NARAYANA . demons have dukh parampara as they have intense hatred towards Hari and hari bhaktas they tend to do evil and inspire evil . their sadhana is carried out by devatas themselves . that is vigyana yoga !


Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . [take your hands off keyboard ] TOUCH a BODY part and kindly mention which part of the body Your hand is touching [ sprishtanga ] .... state your problem clearly , let us know what is it that your are looking for without ambiguity ! start and end with salutation to HARI ! If above procedure is not adhered to ,then no answers will be given !

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