Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Vijayadasaru !!!

Vijayadasaru has a unique place in madhvaparapara especially Dasa parampara . Dasa parampara is unique to Madhvasampradaya > here on one hand there were great saints renouncing all the worldy comforts have educated satvik subjects about srimadanand teertha’s philosophy , and also on the other hand are Dasa like Purandar dasa Vijayvittaldasaru who have composed excellent songs in kannada to bring out the essence of MAdhva literature to common man irrespective of birth and status and gender to carry out Sadhana . Before the advent of Dasa culture the philosophy was restricted to only Sanskrit scholars now even women and others were dancing to the tume of DASA rayaru’s melody singing the glory of HARI in simple prakrut language .

Vijayadasaru was born in a very poor Brahmin family in Chekalaparvi of Manwi Taluk in Raichur District. He went to Kashi (Varanasi) for four years for studies and later returned to his native land.

He married at the age of 16 . He went back to Kashi (Varanasi) after his parents’ death. He became a renowned sanskrit scholar

Vijayadasaru is known to be an incarnation of BHRIGU RISHI , Bhrigu rishi is higher in tartamya to spatarishis and shishya to NARADA , Purandar dasa is NARAD himself and from him mantle was passed to Vijayadasru to carry the flame of bhakti .

From the life of Vijaydasaru we come to know that BHRIGU is chief instrument for acquisition of KNowledge and without his grace one cannot achieve great academic success or scholastic aptitude . All the devatas surround BHRIGU rishi to gain the knowledge and attain siddhi , Even in the great gathering in Naimisharanya when it was discussed as to who the greatest LORD was among the TRINITY , it was BHRIGU who was designated to inspect different LOKAS and arrive at comclusion for the human welfare ,

Bhrigu was instrumental in bringing LORD BALAJI  to TIRUPATI and MAHALAXMI to KOLHAPUR . [ all the devotees should be indebted to him ]

Most of astrological treatise owes its origin to BHRIGU SUTRAS . BHrigu NADI is famous in PUNJAB and NORTH INDIA . BHRIGU NANDI NADI is famous in south INDIA . BHrigu is the originator of two impostant gotras , BHARGAV [ SHUKRACHARYA ] and PARSHURAAM .

MARKANDEYA was given upadesha of VASUDEV  mantra by BHRIGU Rishi and he overcame death .

Such mighty BHrigu Rishi descended on earth as Vijayadasaru . The greatness of Vijayadasru can be seen from the fact that When dasaru went to Tirupati to have  a darshan of the LORD VENKATESHA , he somehow could not get it . frustrated Vijayadasaru went far away from the temple and sat on a small pedestal resolving he would see Venkatesha only if he calls him else he would just sit there forever .

In the evening when utsav moorty of Lord Venkatesh was brought out for RATHOTSAVA chariot , the chariot did not move at all . many a elephants were pressed into the service yet the chariot did not move /. This was very surprising as chariot would normally move with few persons in front dragging it but that day even elephants could not drag the chariot . Immediately astrologers were pressed into the service to find the reason . The REASON Lord wishes for a special devotee to be present and carry out the seva . The direction was noted and also there  was a AKASHvani  . Thus people ran towards the pedestal and requested VIJAYADASARU to appease LORD VEKATESHA and carry out Rathotsava . Surely LORD could not have ignored the very person who was responsible for his descent ON the BHUVAIKUNTHA TIRUMALA .

Vijayadasaru with tears in his eyes composed a beautiful song on LORD HARI which then made the chariot MOVE .

His songs on VAYU as pavamana is simply a deva gana and songs on rudra inspire many madhvas to pray Rudra with fullfledged devotion , He has wriiten 25000 songs and suladis which enumerate the rare secret knowledge of  deha vivar , nadi sadhan , bramhanda vivar and srishti suladi are all very deeply ingrained in shastras .

Vijayadasru was a beacon light for great dasaru like GOPAL DASARU and JAGANNATHA DASARU . who has written HARIKATHAMRUTSARA . Together all these dasaru have special affinity to RAYARU GURUSARVABHAUMA and make no secret that they reached the said position in life with his seva to the Brindavan , making RAYARU a deity of the order of BHRIGU though RAYARU belongs to karmaj devata kaskha in tartamya .

In one of the incidents a scholar of very high intellect was carried away by the pride of scholarly achievements , In one of his lectures , Vijayadasaru entered the gathering as a cook and called upon a person who was a known idiot and metally retarded . He placed his palm onto him and the man of less intellect started delivering a scholarly discourse which even the scholars present had never heard of or could decipher easily  .

This went on to show that Vijaydasaru’s grace was enough to be a great scholar and not rote learning or years of sadhana in sanskrit literature .

Thus VYASA VITTAL DASARU wrote a beautiful kavach in praise of VIJAYADASARU : which I try to translate for the benefit of  readers to the best of my capacity although I am not capable of describing the prowess of grace of VIJAYADASARU .

  1. The smarana[ constant remembrance ] of Vijayadasaru’s name and his sacred feet is all that is required to get rid of miseries coming in day today affairs .
  2. Vijadasaru has seen the blemishless complete auspicious  LORD and his grace through other dasa greats.
  3. Vijayadasaru is highly knowledged and gyani with complete peaceful appearance with a gait of orators and honourable saints .
  4. Vijayadasaru is everengaged in Hari bhajan and yajan of Narahari ,constantly tackling the miseries of the devotees and pouring them with happiness such that joy overflows.
  5. Filled with joy and having clear knowledge of panchbhedha ,with a lifestyle of  a sadhu /hermit untouched by mental distortions .
  6. Believers of Vijayadasaru do not have rebirth , this is the point of view of our sampradaya .
  7. crores of sins do not attach by his smarana and tensions in the life all vanish by the grace of this kind hearted ocean named vijaya dasaru
  8. He worships Lord hari  in KAVAN rupa he saw lord Madhav in the form of VAMAN
  9. Vijayadasaru has capacity to bring back the people from clutches of the death and is very auspicious and fulfills wishes just by knowing the mind of the devotee [ one need not ask at all ]
  10. He has obtained grace of VYASA in the city of KASHI , all this he has witnessed himself in excitement .
  11. Just forget your depressions and get free of tense miserable thoughts ,and keep engaged in the faith of lotus feet of serene GURU Vijayadasaru
  12. You will be out of miseries and pain and only joy will flow and also you will get the grace of ADIDEVA [ VISHNU ie MOKSHA ]
  13. He will dismantle the worldly heat [ misery] and cut down the sins and will place you near the lotus feet of SRIPATI [ VISHNU ]
  14. One will not be able to find means of reading VEDAs or debating shashtras without bowing to feet of Budha [ wise] Vijayadasaru
  15. DIpping in GANGA may only be helpful in reducing the mala sins of the body but RANGA [ KRISHNA ] will grace only if one aspires for the sanga [ presence /company ] of great devotees like VIJAYADASARU
  16. If one roams in all the pilgrimages it will only give tiredness and pain but will not give any increase in BHAKTI
  17. The knowledge to give dana or sing a  divine [ gana] song will not cross the mind without the subservience to Vijayadasaru .
  18. Why all the pain ,trouble and hardwork in maintaining NISHTHA ,just why dont you touch the feet and sing the glory of Vijayadasaru [ bhajan ]
  19. What can be had with continuous pooja and every form of remedies through mantras [ beeja] all these can be had in simple way ! Worship Vijayadasaru
  20. Because then  all the Devatas will protect and  extend their helping hand and all demons run away from devotees of VIJAYADASARU .
  21. All the planets with helpful and friendly infact they will aid the devotee , and will give only happiness day and night .
  22. Diseases will not strike and Physical pain/discomfort  will not occur and yet ADIDEVA ‘s grace will occur .
  23. Being patit pamar [ fallen and less ] and mandmati [ stupid /moorkha ] i am not capable  describe more and more or completely  though Vijayadasaru is great Dasavarya .
  24. Yet I know with a kind heart and deep affection and pity on us he drives away crores of  miseries quickly .
  25. Fools do not understand him and critics will definitely experience hell
  26. Indirapati [ Krishna ] dances before him and will bring to truth all that has been said till now .
  27. Reciting this in the morning even a fool will become a scholar
  28. This is truth and VYASAVITTALA knows this . This can be recited by SATVIKAS .

tommorrow is VIJAYADASAR ARADHANA , let us all worship his lotus feet to attain our desires and gain knowledge of shastras and reserve the GRACE of ADIDEVA .


krishnarpanamastu .


Comments on: "Vijayadasaru !!!" (15)

  1. When I went to Cheekalparvi I was given rice kept on sanekallu. They say that has medicinal/ healing property….. how does it get that ?


  2. sudarshan said:


    i always had doubt about sri brighu muni like –

    how can he kick lord vishnu ?

    why his position in TATATAMYA is above saptrihis?

    Sudarshan ss


    • it is all due to prarabdha and daity avesha .


      • sudarshan ss said:


        what should be done to avoid daitya avesha ?

        can we escape?

        sudarshan ss.


        • always be in meditation of vayu


          • Namaste Acharya,

            Is there any way to measure how much we are affected by daitya avesha ?

            I know there are sufferrings etc, but like a quick check. Like Pranayama, Japa, or some Asana ?
            For Ex. if a person starts smoking he can measure that he was able to walk 3 flights of stairs without going out of breath and now he can manage only 1. Can we measure how much close/far we are from Vayu ?

            Jai Bharateesha,


            • when in daitya avesha you forget the very issue of closeness to issue , belief in tartamya or even that you wanted to measure something . its only after the incident has caused damage in the form of curse or losses then you realise that there was daitya avesha , shashtiamsa gives the idea of daitya avesha akshaveda gives permanent presence . trimshamsha gives meausre of damage


  3. Acharya Namaskars,

    Let this Sri Hari Bhakti movement spread all over.let all satvik souls be benefited by blessings of Sri Vijayadasaru. Let Das sahitya grow and spread all over Let there be Sri Hari Namasmarane and let all sajjans be blessed by Lord Sri Hari.



  4. Chiraanji,

    Thanks for a very informative note on Sri Vijayadasaru1 On this auspicious day, with your continued guidance, blessings of Sri Vijayadasaru and Sri Satyaveerya Teertha (whose aradana is also coinciding today) and with the grace of Sri Guru Rayar antargata mukhya prana antargata Sri Lakshmi Nrsimhar, we would be taking some small steps to move towards Sri Hari Bhakthi..

    Please continue doing this yeomen service of educating all of us…. Many thanks and Regards


  5. shiva kumar said:

    Shri Gurubhyom namaha,

    Nice blog… It will increase the haribhakti among people. Spreading Knowledge about dasaru is wonderful

    Thank you Sir,
    Shiva Kumar,


  6. Dear Sir,

    One cannot be more thankful to you for introducing first Rayaru and then Sri Vijayadasaru. Would you please elaborate further how can we make most of the very auspicious VIJAYADASAR ARADHANA tomorrow can we undertake a fast or what else can be done also there is also ekadasi coming on 17th. Sir do guide what can be done to be blessed by Sri Vijaydasaru for Hari vayu guru bhakti for upcoming auspicious days.

    Humble Pranaams,
    Hare Srinivasa.


Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . [take your hands off keyboard ] TOUCH a BODY part and kindly mention which part of the body Your hand is touching [ sprishtanga ] .... state your problem clearly , let us know what is it that your are looking for without ambiguity ! start and end with salutation to HARI ! If above procedure is not adhered to ,then no answers will be given !

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