Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Swara Gnyana !

Parvati asked ” Oh lord bless me with the shastra which gives all types of siddhis and knowledge [ gnyana ]

Rudra deva answered :” The secret among secrets , essence of all auspicious , this science of swara is like crest jewel , i shall describe it as present in the body and moves like hamsa the reailsation which gives rise to knowledge of past present and future ”

  • athiests pose wonder towards it and theists [ believers ] make it a fundamental base .
  • one who is peaceful , pure , full of austerities , gurubahkti ,and restraint mind , firm ,resolute and grateful will learn this science else not !
  • adulterous people do not understand and should not be given this  knowledge
  • mere practise and proper application one becomes allknowing
  • Astrologer without knowledge of swara is like body without a head , a home without a protector  .
  • Lord is manifest in swara
  • Nothing is more powerful than swara
  • enemies can vanquished , friends acquired  and wealth accumulates , fame and happiness occurs with help of swara
  • one can obtain a good wife , meet great people [ without appointments ] , attain devtasiddhi and attract everyone with the help of swara
  • one can overpower strong , eradicate illness with swara
  • This shastra should not be used merely for answering questions , but should be used for self mprovement and spiritual development .
  • one adept in swara need not look out for day , time tithi vara nakshatra yoga karana , swara helps him achieve success .
  • No yoga or kuyoga hampers the pure strength of swara and everything every moment is auspicious to swara yogi .
  • There are many nadis in the body , the wise should know them in their body every now and then for his spiritual pursuits .
  • from navel to shoulder and above there are seventy two thousands nadis  all through the body,
  • Kundalini shakti exist in these nadis lying in the form of a snake .
  • Sarpa mantra : ” ‍ॐ आयंगो पृष्रिक्रमि दसदं मातरं पुर पितरं च प्रयंत्स्व “
  • TEN nadis upwards ten downwards and two -two each criss cross horizontally . totally 24 nadis hold like a wheel . of these ten are dominant .
  • of Ten, ida pingala sushumna are important.
  • the others are gandhari hastijivha poosha yashaswini alambusha kuhu  and shankhini .
  • Ida is on left of the body , pingala is on right , and sushumna in the centre ,gandhari in the eye [left]
  • hastijivha in right eye , poosha in the right ear , yashasvni in left ear , alambusa in the mouth .
  • kuhu in linga  , shankhini in moola , in thia manner all the openings have been pervaded by nadis .
  • ten nadis are presided by ten vayus , prana apana vyana udaana samaana , naga kurma ,krukala devadutta , dhananjaya ,
  • prana is in the heart , apana in moola , samana in navel , udana in throat , vyana all over ,.
  • naga is for udgara [ belching ] , kurma for opening closing eyes [unmilan] , krikala for sneezing , devadutta for yawning , dhananjay is allover body and stays even after death .
  • moon is in ida , sun is in pingala , agni [sankarshana ] in sushumna . in the form of Hamsa .
  • on exhaling sound is Ham , on inhaling its Sa .
  • when dana is made in sakara it becomes infinite .
  • With steadfast swara in tattva dhyana gives fulfillment of desire ,victory gains etc.
  • left is sustainance and right is creation . middle is destructive .
  • in all auspicious left channel gives success .
  • Leaving the house with ida is auspicious . entering with pingala is also auspicious .
  • Roudra karma should be carried out in surya nadi and enjoyments bhukti bhoga is good in sushumna
  • in shukla paksha on wednesday , friday ,thursday monday , if ida flows it brings success .
  • all movable changeable undertakings in pingala on sunday ,tueday and saturday are successful
  • pingala at sunrise ending with ida at moonrise all undertakings will be successful
  • All difficult and unknown can be known during solar flow .
  • If morning the opposite swaras flows for one day it creates disturbance in mind , two days loss of wealth , three days travel , four days destruction of liked thing , five days destruction of kingdom [home] six days destruction of belongings , seven days diseases ,misery and eight days death .
  • All these happen if swara is opposite for all the three sandhyas [ morning afternoon and evening ] if one period any change is observed there will be break in misery and some solace .
  • Stepping forward with the foot of active swara gives success .
  • giving with the hand on active swara does not give loss or failure in vyavahara .
  • moon swara is good for distant travel , solar swara is good for short travel
  • Getting up early in the morning and touching the face with the palm of active swara gives desired goal
  • Always keep guru minister King and other powerful people on the side of active swara .
  • All negative people whom you wish to punish like thieves corrupt , keep them on inactive swara .
  • Swara comes by karma , it imparts power to weak and makes powerful weak ,thus one should act according to swara .
  • Ida is nectar nullifies poison , pingala brings poerful under control , sushumna gives moksha .
  • works in ida :
  • Stable , longlasting work should be done on ida .
  • construction of  temple , purchase of jewelry , collection .
  • digging wells , ponds , devata pratishtha , travel , donation , marriage , clothing fashion ,decoration . etc
  • shantikarma , poushtika , medicine , rejuvenation, meetings , business
  • grihapravesh , taking charge of service , sowing seeds , alliance , moving out all these are successful in ida .
  • vidyaarambha, relatives , birth death , dharma and mantra deeksha in ida is good  .
  • studying astrology , bringing home a new car , meeting a master  , treating a disease in ida is good
  • riding elephant horses etc , new vehicle , going in space , release of satellite , practising archery , keeping wealth in secret place is good in ida .
  • singing , dancing , arts , entering a new destination , tilak or acquiring lands building property in ida is successful
  • arrival of rain , worship and remedies are good in ida .
  • ida brings perfection siddhi in yoga .
  • works in pingala:
  • Maran , mohan ,vidweshan stambhan vashikaran , copulating with women , enticing women , prostitution , boarding a ship .
  • mean actions , corruption , drinking , vir mantra prayog , kshudra upasana , terrorism , giving poison , burning houses blasts , cheating enemy , destroying the country .
  • shastra abhyasa , hunting , selling cattle , grinding , pasting , cutting stones , polishing gems will be successful in pingala
  • yantra  tantra , speeding , gambling , scaling fort mountain ,expedition , controlling planes spaceships ,conveyances etc ,
  • exercise , gymnastics , spellls , uchchatan , shatkarma , overcoming powers of yakshini . employing bhut preta pishacha . snakes etc .
  • riding donkey camel buffalo, swimming rivers , writing letters
  • murdering , attracting , paralyzing , inspiring , disturbing , kraya vikraya , war , sensual pleasure ,feasting , bathing accomplishing excellent deeds all will be successful in pingala .
  • wise should always do the following in solar flow , eating , stimulating appetite , captivating women and going to bed
  • all cruel harsh works and those involving dynamism should be done in solar flow .
  • Sushumna
  • Shunya swara is destroyer of all actions .
  • fire in sushumna burns up all karma
  • if for a second ida and then pingala flows its irregular , it gives opposite results .
  • when both flows its like poison , no results occur .
  • Praying Hari is the only option in such situation .
  • In such situation people desirous of  auspicious results must engage in yogic pursuits only .
  • when solar flows and sushumna immidiately take over ,whether one curses or blesses all goes in vain .
  • during sushumna if one remains without food and with austerities one attains knowledge of bramha .
  • Womans’ ida is active and is absorbed by man through his pingala ,if man retains it in anahata then the woman is captivated forever [ she falls in love with him forever ],so say tapasvis.
  • if after holding the prana in anahata if the prana is put back into the woman then woman is controlled throughout her life .
  • if sushumna of the woman is drunk my man in the last three hours of night when woman is asleep he takes her youth away .
  • if after a brief sushumna , ashtakshara japa is carried out then , instantly ida is flown towards women , love develops between them
  • During sex if lunar swara of woman is captivated by solar swara of women , man looks like cupid himself to woman .
  • if opposite swaras flow during dakshinya [ dating ] one can attract upto hundred women .
  • one must copulate odd number of times in pingala and even number of times in ida to satisfy a woman .
  • one must kiss a woman drawing both ida and pingala simultaneously like a serpent , and it should last till the last stretch of prana , this puts the woman to sleep , when she gets up , one must kiss on the throat and eyes .
  • after the mensturation , woman should drink shankhavalli mixed in cows’ milk , and pray her husband for a son , if husband enters her when his solar swara is active one gets a brave child . woman should have lunar swara .
  • But if man puts his solar swara in woman’s sushumna then crippled child is born .
  • union on uneven days after mensturation in solar swara of man and lunar swara of women , even sterile woman would give birth to a son .
  • while ejaculation moons swara becomes active then no birth will occur .
  • Devi asks ” who is the greatest friend  of the human. “
  • Shiva says “Prana is the greatest friend of the human . there is no companion closer than prana in the universe “
  • Maruti , residing in the centre of body is rakshapalaka ie guard . On entering body prana vayu is ten angulas and while exhaling it is twelve angulas .
  • While walking 24 angulas , running 42 , copulating 65 , sleeping 100 .
  • eating it will be 18 angulas .
  • If yogi succeeds in reducing length of this prana by one finger he becomes desireless . two fingers less he gets ananda , three angula less he becomes sex virility personified .
  • reduction by four angulas vaksiddhi [ whatever one says becomes true ]
  • by five angulas he has telepathy [ doordrishti ]
  • by six akaashgamanam [ can move in air ]
  • by seven angulas chandvega [ moving with enormous speed ]
  • reduction of vayu by 8 angulas ashta siddhi
  • nine angulas nava nidhi
  • ten will give ability to change forms of the body in ten ways
  • 11 angulas will leave no shadow of the body
  • with twelve angulas one attains amruta .
  • One  who knows this shastra gains three ghatika of longevity everyday
  • One must sit in padmasana , close the apana and take apana to flow upwards and merge it with prana and take it upwards and release it into air through bramharandhra ,
  • No amount of practise or study gives success in this shastra , it can be attained only through agrace of GURU .

krishnarpanamastu .

Comments on: "Swara Gnyana !" (30)

  1. Acharya,
    “with twleve angulas one attains amruta”..amruta means moxa or aproxa or something else…?? kindly tell….thanks.

    sri krishnarpana


  2. namaskara acharya

    recently read that we can change the swara by keeping hand or book or towel etc under the arm pit (book should touch the place betwen armpit and elbow—sages were using danda to change swara ..they used to keep the danda between arm pit and elbow). Keep a book under left arm pit …. swara changes from right to left.. keeping a book under right arm pit… swara changes to right…. . If one writes exam when swara is in pingala.. he will pass the exam??

    can we change the swara by this technique??
    We can feel the breathe in ida and pingala… but how to know swara is in sushamna



  3. Please help me reduce length of prana..


  4. Pramod said:

    Acharya Namaskars,

    Since last 15 days iam feeling very light especially in my centre of chest and abdomen.The peripheries are not as lighter feel a bit heavy.And also my ida nadi runs most of the day since 15 days,what should i being Grastha do to get maximum benifit according to my yogita.How to clear my peripheral nadis.


  5. pranaams chiraanji ,

    I am able to control the flow of prana by concentration in the ajna chakra without closing the nostrils or changing sides.how to proceed further safely chiraanji ?

    one more thing is when chandra nadi flows, mind is very calm and contemplative but when surya nadi flows I get severe sneezing and restlessness. how to purify the surya nadi ?



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