Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Bhairava says ,

  1. Jeeva resides in moola , prana in heart , Taking jeeva to the heart and prana to dwadashanta [sahasrar] , and dharana of this moment will give completeness and fullness of existence .
  2. When apana and prana merge into one another and that instance if it is mediatated upon , one experiences shakti [ bhairavi] in the body .
  3. If one holds his focus on the moment where prana does not arise in the heart and apana has merged and this moment is held and expanded in the madhyanadi and no other thoughts flow then one becomes a yogi .
  4. When one practises , rechak , bahya kumbhak , purak and antah kumbhak regularly , one gets peace of mind because shant namak shakti manifests .
  5. If a small ray which becomes finer and finer as it rises from mooladhar , to dwadashant such a dharana arises kundalini .
  6. If lightning is meditated in every chakra one after the other then kundalini arises superiorly .
  7. If twelve aksharas are meditated in janmagra , moola , kanda , nabhi , hrut , kanth , talu , bhrumadhya , lalat , bramharandra, shakti and dwadashant , one will have svatma anubhuti , realisation of presence of omnipotent LORD ,. when this meditation is carried out in three folds , sthula sukshma and para , jnyana , bhakti vairagya arises . [ homa , japa dhyan , mudra yantra mantra are all sthula , shatchakra sadhana is sukshma , and paroksha sadhan is para ]
  8. Raising prana from janma to murdhni [ aapurya] and then by the grace of guruupadesha raising it from murdhni to dwadashanta , in between cutting across bhrumadhya via a bridge towards the sahasrar again mitigating all the duality of thoughts in the mind , maing it steadfast in the mukhyaprana then all pervading qulaity will be known , one can be at various places without moving .
  9. Just like a mayurpiccha [ feather of peacock ] has five zeros in it in different colors , so also one must withdraw all the senses from eyes , nose , two ears and mouth by placing these zeros in these places [ shambhavi mudra ] , mind become completely still and stops reacting to senses .
  10. If these chakras are meditated upon in the picture [ body ] of the ishta devta , one attains vara [ boons ]
  11. One gets extreme will power if one meditates with closed eyes [ eyes brought together ] and completely focussing on the centre of the head .[ just below bramharandra in the centre of head ] one can purssue larger purpose in life .
  12. If one meditates in the centre of heart[ hrudayaakasha ] a lotus[ paramatma and mukhyaprana at the feet ] in the sushumna [ and prana enters chidakaasha ], bimba [ prateekalamba bimba akruti ] can be seen . [ complete vairagya towards siddhi is must in this dasha ]
  13. To get paramsthiti ,the granthi in the bhrumadhya must be cut , to cut this one must practise karan mudra with thumb and fingers [ close all the indriya dwaras ] and meditate upon a bindu prakash in the bhru . The prana reaches bhu madhya and relentless meditation cuts the granthi .
  14. All the thoughts of the mind calm down and one attains laya if one meditates upon a deepshikha in the heart or tej [ the sparks that are seen when eyes are pressed ] if one mediatates on this tej in the forehead .
  15. One attains meanings of all the words if one mediatates upon the sound emanating from the body , this sound is generated without collision of any objects and hence is knwn as ‘anahat ‘One gets the knwoledge of shabdabramha .
  16. If one meditates on pranava in various intonations , one understands all the eight aksharas of paranava and knows the Omkara rupi parmatma .
  17. One meditates on the individual aksharas of a mantra then mantra rupi Purusha is known .
  18. If one meditates on the sounds of various musical instruments in between the swaras , then one gains the knowledge of naadbramha . NAADa in paramaakaasha is known .
  19. One should keep meditating on pinda mantras to attain the knowledge of bindu . [ one must be aware of the shodamasha of matra in pinda mantra ]
  20. If one meditates on all directions chanting ghosha [syllable in pranav mantra ] everything in this world can be known . [ paroksha gyana ]
  21. When one meditates on the pranava [ shanta syllable ] as present in dikpalajs , one becomes foremost among his kinsmen and achhadana breaks down .
  22. One who continues his pranava sadhana in the body even for a second meditating on [ atishanta ] attains the state of nirvikalpa .
  23. One attains stability in life if one meditates in skin blood , bones etc the presence of Lord .
  24. Meditating on skin as the wall encompassing the self , one knows everything inside the body and can enter any body .
  25. If one meditates the Lord as present in centre of lotus in heart with eyes like lotus and the same lord is present everywhere , one gets good fortune ,.
  26. Meditating on sahasrar will give knowledge of tattvas .
  27. If one remains in sahasrar and as the mind focuses on each of the issue , there special aspects of the subjects can be known . [ vibhuti rupa will be known ]
  28. One can burn self thru yoga [ yogagni laya ] by meditating fire emananting fom the toe of right leg and chanting the mantra ॐ र क्ष र य ॐ तनुं दाहयामि नमः । the body instantly turns into ashes [ yoga siddhi is required ,]
  29. dharana of above concept increases vitatlity .
  30. Dharana on tatvas in the body gives knowledge of bramhanda ,
  31. \one can become thin or fat as per his wish if one can hold prana in the hrudaya chakra .
  32. Bhuvan , tatva ,kala mantra pada ,varna are the shadadhva in tantrashastra . They are manifestation of shabda and artha . Shabda gives rise to varna pada and mantra , artha gives rise , tatva kala and bhuvan . Threefold meditation [ sthula sukshma and para ] gives rise to the knowledge of the world .
  33. Anuttar [ a] iccha [ e] and unmesh [ u ] one who knows this will know the shodashkalatmak purusha .


Comments on: "Dharana – Results of Yogasiddhi ![Bhairav Tantra]" (21)

  1. Viju Rao said:

    Namaskara Acharya,
    10. if these chakras are medtated in image(body) of ista devta then he attains vara(boons)…”
    this holds true in kali yuga also.. i mean even in kaliyuga varas can be got from devtas..??

    sri krishnarpana..


  2. Viju Rao said:

    Dear Sir,
    what is anuttar and unmesh? shodashkalatmak purusha is one who regulates the shodasha kalas of linga deha? kindly enlighten..thanks..

    sri krishnarpana.


  3. Dear Sir,
    rudra’s third eye is symbol of mystic powers, gyana, etc. but here its virup-aksha……….distorted eye…..so does it mean..this form of rudra gives only vipreet/mithya gyana??

    third eye (agnya chakra) is harnessed by kundalini so sadhan with bhairav as ishta devta raises kundalini destructively. am i right here?

    bhairav is also associated with vamachara but does he bestow same results even if prayed by dakshinachara?

    asking these ques bcoz my star being purvabhadra is presided by a horrible form of rudra, ‘ajaikpada’.may be thats these rupas interest me…..damn!!

    by the way it will be interesting if u write on such rupas of rudra like virabhadra,sharabha, ajaikpada etc. coz there is lot of misinfo regarding them in general. one must know exactly why they shouldn’t be prayed………..pardon, if ques is stupid. thanks.

    sri krishnarpana


  4. Dear Sir,
    we hear in ancient times a guru when highly impressed by his disciple just touched his head and the student is a great gyani instantly even without any prior abhyasa. so how is it? by instant jagruta of kundalini or sudden remembrance of past births or both ? or the former causes the latter?
    in case of sri jayatirtha mahan he remembered his past birth just by a ques of sri akshobhyaru.
    what to understand? pls clarify.

    Sri Madhvesharpana.


  5. Dear Sir,
    @p13, cutting of granthi and kundalini awakening, same? if yes then why call it paramsthiti if kundalini jagruti is first step in spiritual sadhana ??

    heard that only nirantar shastra shravana/manana is enough for waking kundalini….no yogabhyasa required…….true or dumb?? kindly shed light on above points.

    Sri Madhvesharpana.


    • cutting of granthi gives natural vairagya
      kundlini rises with shuchi
      nirantar shastra shravana gives siddhi …better than yogasadhana


    • Dear Vijuji,

      Just so that you know, your writeups are being missed. The depth you carry is worthy of learning for many of us here. Please do write more for us to learn, just like the kartrutva discussion.



      • Namaskars

        Very True, I wholly agree Kamal ji. Will be eagerly looking forward to more write ups and discussions from senior members. It really brings the best of Tatvavaad and best illustrations from Acharya. So Vijuji, Hariprasadji, Hrishikeshji, Pramodji, Vasanji, Raghuramanji, Kamalji and all other seniors are requested for this. It really has been a long time since any good discussion.

        Sincere Pranaams
        Hare Srinivasa.


      • Dear Kamalji,
        you remember the katrutva discussion even today !!!!! i’m more than obliged. thank u very much.
        the debate was left half way my fault. i’ll try few shots again. also hope to come up with few more topics to share. thanks again for ur interest.

        Viju Rao


      • Vijuji – I visit this blog everyday. Yes kartrutva discussion is fresh in my mind inspite of deficiency of vitamin b12. 🙂 … Things evolve as we learn new things everyday. It’s been long time and many members would have got probably distinguished ideas. There are other topics also being raised many a times. Your kind participation is anticipated to raise the bar of the discussion.



      • Keshavbhai,

        Taratamya breach hui gava. Hamra naam exclude kiya jaye ee list maaan se…. Truly speaking missing indepth discussions. I guess Shanidevaru will induce everyone now, being in exalted state and simultaneously aspected by Jupiter from today.



      • @ Kamal ji

        Am really looking forward to any contribution from the seniors. Aap bhi humare senior hain aap sab kaafi upyukta role models hain hum juniors ke liye !!



      • @Kamalji,
        yeah bro’ know what ur talkin’ about. dont worry by acharya’s grace serious discussions will be back ………..with a vengeance!!

        viju rao.


      • Indeed Kamal ji….even Shri Hrishikeshji who is a relatively regular member don’t seem to be writing anything these days 😦

        And Guruji MISSING U TOO ON THE BLOG 😦


  6. respected guruji pranama
    guruji which of bhairava is known as kala and gora bhairav
    humble pranama


  7. Respected Acharya Namaskars,

    Your articles give spritual Trans.
    Trust me reading your articles activate the Kundalini.
    Its wondeful information for sadhakas.



  8. Sir,
    this article must be really applauded not only for its esoteric nature but also for what it explores i.e. the profound depth and the particularity of our shastras. i hope the readers of this post to appreciate the knowledge itself than the merits(phala) of gaining it.
    man!!your posts are just getting bolder from last month.can’t choose the best. sab ek se badhkar ek hai!!till now you tasted us the milky ocean called madhava shastra now you’re digging the pearls in it for us!! i think this is a very good time for all the readers.though this post was of a high calibre and not directly meant for laymen like me it was enough to boost the faith/interest in our shastra which is very difficult to maintain in today’s life.

    request you to further explain terms like shatchakra and paroksha sadhan,pinda mantras,prateekalamba bimba akruti etc. if possible as i’ve never even heard of them. thanks once again for such a wonderful article.

    Sri Madhvesharpana.


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