Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

yantra !

“Poojyascha Bhagavan nithyam chakraabjamandale.”

In course of consultation we have found that most of the readers / solution seekers have failed to procure proper yantras advised to them , .

Starting from wednesday , I am sitting in vishesha anusthana , I will be making some yantras myself , and samarpana to saligrama will be done .

These yantras will be freely distributed kindly fill the below form and let us know your postal address and type of yantra required . along with other details . the form will automatically send us a notification and yantra will be sent to your postal address .Kindly note NO FEES will be CHARGED .

NOTE : if you are pious and in a state to maintain purity wear the yantra on the body and reap good results , if not negative results is not to be ruled out . These are energised by powerful mantras . so do not wear one on the body . others can keep it pooja room and worship it with dhoop deep naivedya just they do for  idol ,. YANTRA is manifestation of LORD himself . it gives ulterior protection and fulfillment of desires .

For those wearing it for any reason if ashuchi occurs , you can give give ksheerabhishek to yantra and then dhoop offered to salgrama to the yantra to reenergise it .

HOpe this will give some solution to those troubled by diffculties beyond their capacities , and for those who cannot perform remedies themselves . Kindly allow 30 days time to properly complete the mantra japa and yantra anushthana and to reach your homes .

Let Lord give all the yantra dharis shuchi and satva to fulfill their desires .

kindly fill the form below

Comments on: "yantra !" (55)

  1. Respected acharya Namaskars,

    I have received the Yantra today afternoon.
    Many thanks.I will give it to my mother.



  2. pranam chiraan ji
    Today i recieved courier containing yantra sent by u, really astonished & speechless. To be Frank i didnt believed & expected that u will send yantras really, until i recieved it. Great you are . Even in todays materialistic world if its raining , its because of people like you. Recently i visited MANTRALAYA after 25yrs gap, i remembered u a lot inside temple premises near Sushameendra guruji photo . Your yantra is first gift after my MANTRALAYA darshan. I think yantras may give turning point in my Life. Thanks a lot for ur moral support


  3. naveenkala said:

    Dear Guruji,
    I had filled the form for Dhanvantari yantra as you said you will send the arogya yantra. i did not receive any parcels / courier’s till now. when will i get the yantra? waiting for your response.

    Regards kala


  4. guruji
    When we get these yantras ?


  5. Guru brahma guru vishnu gurudevo maheshwara
    Guru saakshaat parabrahma tasmai sri guruve namaha.
    Chiraan ji
    This MANTRA is what i can utter regarding u for ur dedication courtesy whole heartednes sympathy moral support towards people who are facing problems and in confuse state what to do ?


  6. guruji
    Which yantra makes to earn fame, wealth in quicker period as i am present doing real estate agent field . I am struggling hard for success in this field for past more than 4 years . Please show me a way to get 100% success in all my business fields.


  7. […] an example yantra: (Kali Yantra) Additionally you can look at this related post: https://chiraan.wordpress.com/2010/12/28/yantra/ Tags: kali yantra, yantra, yantra art, yantras, yantras […]


  8. Acharya Namaskars,

    I had requested Runamochan yantra from you,i had to clear some of my debets,with your blessings i have got two opportunities, during my free time i have joined them sine monday.Its true Lord Sri Hari answers when an ordinary person like me, prays through a true devotee that is you Acharya.Thank you very much.I dont know in what way i should give you Guru dakshina.



  9. Swetha Gangadharan said:

    Can I take Durga yantra for my 11 month old. I want her to grow up with spiritual awareness and not to get lost in this thick materialistic world. Would Durga yantra help or should I go for something else. Also if not worn properly you said negative impact might follow. How can I ensure that my little one is saved from such negative impacts.


  10. Hari Raghavendra said:

    Great work.


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